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A/N: Happy summer vacation readers! Whether you're old or new in this website, comes a major crossover with Guilty Crown as the main focus. Here is my longest A/N.

This is a co-author story with Kanius (the author of YuYuGiDigiMoon (a crossover of Sailor Moon, YuYu Hakusho, Yugioh, and Digimon) and Digimon Fusion Kai (Retelling Dragonball Z with Digimon characters)), taking place in a shared corner universe where we alongside other contributors did these 'party skit' specials for our decent fanfics and popular culture to celebrate. This is the fourth party corner, yet despite references from previous stories, we're still making this feel stand-alone each time for old and new readers to feel the experience.

While my Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms serves as a AU retelling, this fanfic will be my (and Kanius') own take of taking place after the canonical anime as a special 23rd episode with many subplots. With unlimited freedom, I can finally do whatever I want for this special. We will also see various anime, western animation, films, and other pop culture appear.

As a mega crossover, I'm aware that there are some readers that find this hard to follow (Like I witness some readers like stand-alone stories than crossovers). I'm going to make this easy for you. Besides being loosely base on Guilty Crown, some of you readers don't have to know about this anime nor anything else, just have fun with this story (Like 'Just Here For Godzilla' like tropes said) since it will be one of these crossover tropes that stand out. No continuity lockout here, which I'm telling the brief summaries below.

The fanfictions (and the Original Characters (OCs) of course) used in this special are:

Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms - An AU retelling of Guilty Crown with the Puella Magi Madoka Magica characters as guests. This is set in 2022 instead of 2039 due to Lost Christmas happening in December 2012. Sword Art Online exist in this universe and the events happen after the story. In Shinnen:New Year, this is where the AU versions of said characters will meet their canon counterparts.

YuYuGiDigiMoon - Ongoing since 2003, it is a mega crossover fic of Sailor Moon, YuYu Hakusho, Yugioh, and Digimon (initially with Tamers/Frontier, then Adventure/02 and Data Squad are added). This is one of the best fanfic series to history that it tells grand adventures and sidestories for these fictional characters, both canon and OC.

Digimon Fusion Kai - Retells the Dragonball Z/Kai series only with Digimon characters (Adventure/02) taking over the roles (ex. Tai is Goku, Kari is Gohan, Leomon is Piccolo, and Matt is Vegeta). It is actually a remake of an old fanfic made in 2001 (simply called Digimon Fusion, till in 2013 the title became official for Xros Wars' english dub).

Digimon Accel Stream - It's about a Digidestined with a Digimon army similar to Xros Wars and can transform into a warrior that looks like a Gundam set out to have various developments.

Although the 'abridged versions' of the characters retain memories from the canon fanfics they originated, they are separate non-canon characters and are aware of the fourth wall.

And here is a brief recap of Kanius Production Abridged's previous stories that lead to this:

First and Second Corner Segments/Siege of GranDracmon and Digimon Fusion Movie: Yagami's Second ComingThe first two corners started off as segments/omakes in two fanfics that shows the characters having parties and wearing costumes. Yes, characters cosplaying are one of the main points use in our Abridged series.

House of Madoka: Halloween NightThe third party corner which is the first time it becomes a special story. This is about the magical girls from Puella Magi Madoka Magica have their grand opening of a dinner theater club paying tribute to Disney's House of Mouse and inviting the heroes, villains, and other characters to a big Halloween party. However, the villains decide to take over the house by midnight, so its up to the magical girls and their new allies to save their business, in which they did by the end.

3.5 Party Corners/Kuipers' Party and Villains' Welcoming ReunionBetween House of Madoka and Shinnen:New Year are these two short 3.5 corners. One focuses on an OC Sailor Senshi team having a small party with a few side plots, while the other focuses on the villains.

Again, most general readers don't have to know all of these above in details since continuity references still happen such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe getting bigger each year (Like I know there are people who saw the Avengers don't recommend seeing the previous movies) and other franchises that have continuity follows. Just enjoy the fanfic crossover.

Although I myself contribute things online, this is sadly going to be my final story. This is the point I go all out by blending in different writing styles I experienced to this one fan-piece, making Shinnen:New Year the biggest story to date and a timeless legacy. Also, 2015 is halfway the 2010s decade, so life reminds me to explore more roads rather than doing fanfics as a hobby. Shinnen is the Japanese meaning of 'New Year', 'conviction' and 'belief', to which in 2016 will be Guilty Crown's 5th anniversary.

The first chapter has a long introduction, but subsequent chapters that follow are split to smaller pieces for better flow.

This story now has its own TV Tropes page: tvtropes dot org slash pmwiki slash pmwiki dot php slash Fanfic slash ShinnenNewYear

Please enjoy my swan song.

Grand Central Terminal/New York City/Universe: Character Corner

(Cue Guilty Crown - EGOIST – Euterpe (Silence version))

A beautiful melody from a certain song is heard in the atmosphere. Euterpe is the Greek meaning of 'rejoicing well' or 'delight' from one of the Muses. This voice is familiar coming from a pink aura.

The Grand Central Terminal, one of the busiest train businesses in the world, is at Midtown Manhattan for most civilians and travelers to come by New York. The vast area of the Main Concourse is open and with signs of noises filled with people wandering and having conversations.

There is a particular Japanese family seen near a kiosk waiting for some people. They are the family of the kind-hearted magical girl with pink hair and pigtails, Kaname Madoka. Madoka herself is wearing a cosplay of being Yuka Endo from Beatless. There is her mother: Kaname Junko, her father: Kaname Tomohisa, and her baby brother: Kaname Tatsuya.

"I wonder when will they show up?" Madoka looks at the busy surroundings in waiting for a few acquaintances.

"Well you did invite these people, Madoka." Madoka's dad reminded his daughter.

Junko then adds while holding Tatsuya's hand, "Besides, I feel they just already in a shuttle bus after they made it from the JFK Airport."

"I know, but this New Year's Eve is going to be special for them." Madoka said to her mom.

There is once again a moment of silence for the good-hearted family while random people continue to passing by them. Just then, Madoka and her family notices that a few figures are heading to their location.

"Their here!" Madoka cried out with a positive smile.

There are two young women approaching to the family. One is a dark blue haired girl with an electronic headband that resembles a cat and wears a black/dark brown dress. She is carrying a wheelchair with another woman sitting. That woman has reddish-brunette hair with a ponytail and wearing a red dress.

Then, there is a third figure coming walking with a white cane, but in a different view, his face is not fully shown.

One could say that this person is going to get involve in a grand expedition.

(End Theme)

"I'm dense? Maybe it's true that my mind works out of step with everyone else's. It's just that I don't know what to say to other people. So I hide my nervousness and try to go along with what they say. That's how I've made the pseudo friendships in my life."

-Ouma Shu, Guilty Crown (2011)

Chapter I

Festivities of Manhattan (Part I)

New York City/Time Square/December 31st

(Cue Imagine Dragons – Radioactive)

In the shared world that is across the corners, this is the notorious city of Manhattan, filled with lively skyscrapers and a diverse American culture.

Between 4:30 - 5:00 pm, this is the final day to celebrate the New Year's Eve. A crowd of New Yorkers and diverse tourists across the states and countries have come to the major commercial area called Time Square for that purpose. There are many concerts, games, parades, and so forth. A few people are seen playing Duel Monsters with their Duel Disks. Security and law enforcement are seen as well for lots of crowd control.

There are also three movie showcases to movie viewers. One shows Western Animation that displays: Toy Story 1, CyberWorld 3D, Powerpuff Girls: The Movie and How To Train Your Dragon. Another is Anime that shows: Spirited Away, Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods - Extended Edition, Dragonball Z: Resurrection 'F', and The Wind Rises. Finally it's Live-Action that has: The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

New York City/Time Square Restaurant

The area switches to one of Time Square's fanciest restaurants, which there is a reservation for a large group. They are the main characters, other Puella magical girls, and alternate versions of Funeral Parlor (known as the Undertakers) from Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms, as they sit around the wide table. Back then, the magical girls have support the Undertakers against GHQ, and have decide to live or adopted with them ever since.

The Puellas alongside Kyubey have own a dinner theater club in Manhattan called, The House of Madoka. Last year, it celebrates a grand opening for most of the fictional characters to have a Halloween party. Today, the magical girls close their business in spending time with their friends and family.

The main characters are dressing up as characters from a Japanese novel called Beatless. Ouma Shu is Arato Endo. Yuzuriha Inori is Lacia. Tsutsugami Gai is Ryo Kaidai. Ouma Mana is Kouka. Akemi/Keido Homura is Shiori Kaidai.

Funeral Parlor dresses as random anime characters. Shinomiya Ayase is Aoi Asahina from Dangan Ronpa. Tsugumi the Nekomata is Tomoko Kuroki from WataMote. Momoe Shibungi is Sebastian from Black Butler. Tsukishima Argo is Ryugi Suguro from Blue Exorcist. Tomoe Oogumo is Batou from Ghost in Shell. Kido Kenji is Accelerator from A Certain Magical Index.

The other magical girls have costume theme of Touhou. Miki Sayaka is Sakuya Izayoi, Sakura/Tsukishima Kyoko is Hong Meiling, Tomoe Mami is Alice Margatroid, and Momoe Nagisa is Rumia.

Lastly are the other characters. Keido Haruka is Sumeragi Lee Noriega from Gundam 00. Ouma Kurosu and Shijou Saeko are Rintaro Okabe and Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate respectively. Tomoe Kurachi is Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in Shell. The rest do not wear costumes that they are: Fyu-Neru, Kyo, Mrs. Momoe (Shibungi's wife), and Argo's girlfriend named Aki Katsumi. Kurosu himself also has a brown beard since his son is a teenager at that time.

"Can't believe it guys, it's another New Years Eve." Shu said in relief after all he and his friends have been through.

"You sure are bringing everyone of us, Shu." Kurosu stated.

"Thanks dad, for I can tell, New York sure brings a lot of cool stuff." Shu nodded at his father about the city.

Argo interjects, "Now you're speaking my language, I can bet all those Americans with their Brooklyn accents."

Katsumi blinks at her boyfriend, "Really, Argo?"

"That's exactly my point." Argo replied to Katsumi.

"Tell me about it." Ayase added.

"People, haven't we forgot something." Gai is getting everyone to turn their attention towards the Funeral Parlor leader, "We're just reserve in the restaurant in not just having dinner, but Madoka and her family are bringing in three special guests."

"Oh right, I wonder who they are." Shu questioned himself about these guests.

"Who cares, I'm starving!" Kyoko cried out with a smirk, always felt ready for food.

Sayaka looks at Kyoko dumbfound, "Do you care about that much?"

Meanwhile, the playful Mana is seen holding Homura.

"Don't worry Homura, we will all go out together after we get a bite." Mana smiled at the raven-haired magical girl.

"Okay." Homura nervously replied to the salmon-haired girl before thinking, "Madoka, where are you?"

New York City/Time Square

Just outside of the Time Square restaurant, the New York and tourist crowds come alive and recognize the group of familiar faces. These familiar faces are the Japanese heroes that have flown over to visit America's largest city. Onlookers start snapping photos from their cameras and phones. Standing at the forefront are the YYGDM (YuYuGiDigiMoon) founders decked out in their cosplays. They are the leaders that alongside their allies have save the universe from evil forces.

The founders that consist of seven anime and original characrers: Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon, Urameshi Yusuke, Matsuda Takato & Guilmon, Muto Yugi, Osaka Karin/Sailor Sedna, Kanbara Takuya, and Ayami Kotori/Valkyrie Brunhilde, are dressed as founding members of the Justice League.

Usagi comes dressed as Superman (or Supergirl depending on one's perspective). Yusuke comes dressed as Batman. Muto Yugi cosplays as Martian Manhunter. Karin poses in her Wonder Woman cosplay. Kotori comes dressed as Hawkgirl. Takato is garbed in a Green Lantern costume. Takuya comes dressed as The Flash.

Chiba Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen, Hino Rei/Sailor Mars, Hiei, Meioh Setsuna/Sailor Pluto, Inuki Hina/Sailor Gao Pluto, Chibi-Usa/Sailor Neo Moon (or, simply Usa since she's now longer a child), Luna, Artemis, Diana, Yukimura Keiko, Urameshi RJ, Hino Ryuuhi, and Hino Koori/Sailor Blue Mars survey the excited New Yorkers. Some of the less recognizable heroes (RJ, Ryuuhi, Koori, Hina) also get cheered.

Osaka Karin is a brunette girl with shoulder-length hair, beautiful azure eyes, and healthy flesh-colored skin. Ayami Kotori has long blue hair that's shoulder length.

Ryuuhi looks like Hiei except he's slightly taller. While Koori has long sea green hair similar to Hino Rei's with a light complexion passes her shoulders and red eyes. In the YYGDM stories, Sailor Mars and Hiei are a couple. Hina is a young dark-haired girl that she also has the ability to become a Lycan.

RJ, full name as Raizen Jr. looks identical to Yusuke except his black hair is longer and bushier. He is the son of Yusuke and Keiko.

Mamoru, Rei, Setsuna, and Usa are dressed together (along with the other Sailor Senshi) in a Dissidia Final Fantasy Heroes group theme. Mamoru is dressed as the Warrior of Light. Rei comes crossplayed as Squall Leonhart. Setsuna is dressed as Zidane Tribal. Usa crossplays as Cloud Strife. The Mooncats don't wear costumes and stick close to Usagi, Mamoru, and Usa.

Hiei comes cosplayed as Yukitaka Tsutsui from Level E. Hina is dressed as Mao Nome from Macross Zero. Koori comes dressed as Marisa Kirisame from Touhou. RJ and Ryuuhi cosplay as Hunter x Hunter Zodiac characters; RJ dresses up as Ging Freecss and Ryuuhi dresses as Botobai Gigante. Keiko cosplays as Catwoman.

Usagi poses to the crowd, "They dig our Justice League costumes, guys! Heh, I can get used to wear red tights!"

Yugi poses too, "At least you didn't have to paint your whole body like I did."

Yusuke poses and indifferently said, "I couldn't have found the best Batman costume."

Keiko sighs at her husband, "You couldn't have done it without me or you'd order the wrong suit. Otherwise, you'd end up with the one with the Bat nipples."

"Glad mom saved you from dressing up as that Batman abomination?" RJ reminded about the worst Batman film in history.

Hiei gruffly said, "Your woman should've made you wear that one if you ask me."

Rei sweatdrops, "Oh, that's suck for Yusuke."

"Keiko always saving my ass. Don't know what I'd do with you, babe." Yusuke grinned.

Takato shows off his Lantern cosplay, "They love my costume, Guilmon!"

"You put a lot of work into it, Takato!" Guilmon said to the Tamer.

Takuya smiles of something, "Hoo boy. I wonder if the actor who stars in the ongoing Flash TV show doesn't get mad for stealing his fans today!"

"I seriously doubt it, Takuya. Grant Gustin's probably too busy to care." Kotori shrugged about it.

Karin poses with her lasso, "Yeah, hey at least that Flash doesn't look as ridiculous as the Wonder Woman costume from that failed TV pilot."

Mamoru said to Karin, "You're really going to pay homage to Lynda Carter, huh?"

"Well, I kinda already do that. Between my tiara throw and my Sailor Moon boots, that's total homage." Usagi referenced it.

"I hope I homage Lynda's Wonder Woman well." Karin said.

"You're honoring her well, Karin." Rei gives her a compliment.

Hina then brings up another question, "Isn't Funeral Parlor at the restaurant?"

"Yeah, they're supposed to be at the Time Square Restaurant." Koori answered to her about their location.

Usa smiles of their new allies, "It'll be good to see Shu, Inori, Madoka, and the others again."

"Likewise, but let's show these New Yorkers our badass cosplays!" RJ grinned about the costumes.

"I hate crowds." Ryuuhi grumbled about his opinion of civilians getting together.

Artemis sighs, "I hope Minako is ok."

"Don't worry we'll be meeting with her and the others soon." Luna said to her husband.

Diana realizes about Sailor Venus, "Wait, last I checked Mina was with the Chinatown group!"

Artemis cries out, "Now we'll never find their group! How far off is that?"

Usa giggles, "It's ok, guys. Like Luna said, we'll catch up with the others soon enough. We can do that by touring the town!"

"Miss Setsuna, this is our second time in New York." Hina said to her adopted mother.

"Yes, but we're actually going to be exploring parts of the city." Setsuna stated about their expanded vacation, "Don't let the crowds intimidate you. I know how shy you can be around them."

Hina nods, "Yeah, I want to have fun with all of you."

"All right! Let's do more meet and greet with our fans in Time Square!" Usagi continues posing with the others.

Nonaka Rika & Renamon, Henry Wong & Terriermon, and Tea Gardner are also seen with the YYGDM founders and company. Rika cosplays as Aya Brea from Parasite Eve and Henry dresses up as Balto. Tea Gardner cosplays as Rose Wilson.

"Takato and Guilmon just love the attention, don't they?" Henry commented to his friends.

Terriermon gives a huff, "I should be the one getting attention!"

"Probably best you don't." Renamon shrugged at the terrier rabbit Digimon.

Tea smiles at Yugi, "Atem would be proud of you now, Yugi."

Rika interjects to Tea, "Yeah if Atem doesn't mind Yugi painting his whole body green."

New York City/Koreatown

At the Koreatown section of Manhattan, the Korean civilians and tourists are celebrating with their parades and shows. The famous musician himself, Gangnam Style, has come to visit much to his fans' delight. It is wonderful for people to embrace the Korean culture.

Koreatown/Kunjip restaurant

One of the restaurants still opens for business, in which it is crowded with customers to eat. A table is reserve for the Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms incarnations of the Kuhouin family: Arisa, who dresses as Queen from Final Fantasy Type 0, and her grandfather Okina, who dresses as Isaac Netero from Hunter x Hunter. Sitting beside Arisa is a younger boy who looks like Kaiba Seto with less thick expressions, his name is Kaiba Helio, who is actually the son of Seto and his wife.

"I'm so proud to have the Kaiba family to join us, grandfather." Arisa said to her grandparent.

Okina nods at his granddaughter, "Indeed Arisa, I knew we have things to discuss for this New Year."

"Can't believe I get to see my father in person." Helio stated as he never get a chance to see Seto since he was born.

Arisa holds the younger boy's hand and gently smiles while Helio looks and smiles back at the Tennouzu student president. Both of the young heirs of rich companies are having a relationship.

At another table is seated with four people, in which they are friends of Kirito and Asuna and dress as Final Fantasy summons. A young girl named Ayano Keiko/Silica does not wear a costume, but her small, light blue feathery dragon named Pina is Carbuncle. An older girl named Shinozaki Rika/Lizbeth is Alexander. A young man named Tsuboi Ryotaro/Klein is Ifrit. Lastly, an African American man named Andrew Gilbert Mills/Agil is Titan (a bodysuit) from Final Fantasy XV.

"Man, we finally get ourselves a vacation in the United States." Klein stated.

"This is the first time I came to experience it." Lizbeth quipped.

"Don't mind me, I remember the times in the US before I came to Japan." Agil said to his younger friends.

Lizbeth forms a playful smile and knows about Kirito's special experience, "Gee, Kirito is lucky of invited to that house party in New York."

Silica then ponders, "Oh, where is he along with Asuna, Leafa, and Sinon?"

"There at somewhere called Greenwich Village. Heh, Kirito is surrounded by his harem." Lizbeth answered to Silica.

"You know him, he's a lucky dude." Klein commented about the legendary MMO player.

"Let's still eat some dinner before we got out exploring, people." Agil said to the group.

New York City/Greenwich Village/New York University

At Greenwich Village is the college area of New York University, one of the top and expensive colleges in the United States. This is the place where college students in diverse backgrounds and other people are celebrating since Time Square is crowded. The Washington Square Arch and a large fountain is seen.

In one group shows five of the Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin characters as Final Fantasy Type 0 characters: Eren Yeager is Ace, Mikasa Ackerman is Seven, Armin Arlert is Trey, Levi is Machina Kunagiri, and Zoe Hange is Rem Tokimiya.

"Alright guys, we get to explore the city for the New Years!" Eren hollered.

Zoe happily shouts, "And I'm here to feel the sights!"

"It's too bad that not all off us are joining." Armin said about the other 104th Trainee Corps.

Levi said to Armin, "Heh, you know what they say that this group is still fine to keep an eye on you three."

"You don't have to babysit us all the time, Commander Levi." Eren said with a slightly annoyed tone.

Mikasa calmly said, "Less talk and more sight seeing to calm my mind."

Eren nervously chuckles, "Okay Mikasa, don't get too serious about it."

Then shows the four people based around Sword Art Online being Final Fantasy summons. Kirigaya Kazuto/Kirito and Yuuki Asuna/Asuna do not wear costumes, but they recently have two Charizards that dress as Bahamut ZERO (Kirito) and Neo Bahamut (Asuna). Yui dresses up as Sylph, Kirigaya Suguha/Leafa is Siren from Final Fantasy VIII, and Asada Shino/Sinon is Shiva.

Asuna is holding her 'husband's hand, "It sure is great for coming to New York, Kirito."

Kirito smiles at the strawberry blond-haired girl, "Yeah Asuna, the same goes to our Charizards ever since that man named Slade Matrix gives the eggs to me last year."

"Now I know how Silica feels." Asuna responded while petting her Charizard's forehead.

"Big brother, New York is great but it feels so crowded!" Leafa said about the campus' surroundings.

"I wouldn't mind about the surroundings, especially this university." Sinon commented.

"Me neither." Kirito simply stated.

(End Theme)

Elsewhere, there is a young Thai-American man with black hair and wearing glasses and cosplay as Akira Takizawa from Eden of the East. He shares a positive expression in looking at his iPhone and is waiting for someone.

(Cue Psycho-Pass Soundtrack - Trigger Finger – Shoko)

At another area, there are cheering audiences watching a Japanese band performing a song from Psycho Pass.

Five of them are the Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms version of Shu's classmates from Tennouzu High School cosplaying as Final Fantasy Type 0. Menjou Hare is Deuce, Samukawa Yahiro is King, Samukawa Jun is a Moogle, Tamadate Souta is Eight, and Kusama Kanon is Cinque.

"Shu and Funeral Parlor have all the fun in Time Square while Arisa is getting to meet KaibaCorp, but we get to see this cool band!" Souta shouted in joy.

"Tell me about it, Souta." Yahiro responded to the easy-going student.

Jun said to his older sibling, "It's great I get to experience this, big brother."

"I'm by your side, Jun. Just remember it." Yahiro said with a protective tone.

"I know I saw Eren Yeager, so I hope we can see each other." Hare said of remember meeting him before.

"How is that guy, Hare?" Yahiro asked the kind-hearted girl.

Hare answers to Yahiro, "Well he's brave and can turn into this Titan."

"You're kidding me!" Souta is flabbergasted about Eren.

"Wow, Hare." Kanon stated.

Suddenly, the Tennouzu classmates hear a loud girl voice that gets their attention.


The group saw four people walking nearby much to their scorn. They are the school bullies that bother Shu and his friends, which ironically they dress as Final Fantasy Type 0. Nanba Hirohide is Nine, Sudou Takaomi is Jack, Takarada Ritsu is Cater, and Herikawa Miyabi is Sice.

Apparently, it is the tomboyish Ritsu who is the source of saying that while holding the annoyed Miyabi. Ritsu singing reminds her that she once dress up as Akane Tsunemori in last Halloween, likewise for Nanba being Nobuchika Ginoza. Nanba then notices the Tennouzu classmates as he and his goons come to face them.

"What the hell do you assholes want wearing the same costumes as us?!" Souta yelled at the bullies before turning to Ritsu without hostility, "Don't mind me."

Ritsu sarcastically snickered, "Look guys, 'soda' just called us assholes."

"What else, we four are enjoying the New Year." Nanba answered with disdain.

Sudou gives a mocking smile, "No surprise that you losers are here."

"For your information, we're not." Yahiro glared.

"Yeah, so bug off you jerks!" Hare angrily tells the Tennouzu bullies.

"Cute, but not good enough." Miyabi emotionlessly replied.

Sudou is holding Ritsu much to Souta's frustration, "In case you didn't notice, she's still my girlfriend so you can't have her for the fireworks."

"Why you-?!" Souta tries to lunge at Sudou, only that Yahiro and Jun grabs Souta behind.

"Souta, calm down!" Yahiro shouted at his fellow friend.

The Tennouzu bullies then walk away to ignore their enemies.

"We'll be leaving to explore more of this university and the rest of Manhattan." Nanba coldly stated.

Ritsu then said to her gang, "My younger brother is at Toys R Us hanging out with some Digimon weirdoes or whatever."

"Really now, babe?" Sudou wondered.

"Yeah, what is that place doing right now." Ritsu shrugged.

As the situation clears up while the Psycho Pass song continues playing, Souta remains saddened of not having a potential love interest.

"Poor Souta.." Hare sadly said.

Souta is feeling let down, "Guys, I don't know what I can do."

"Maybe just move on or find someone else?" Yahiro asked a suggestion.

"You're not helping there, Yahiro." Souta gloomily muttered.

"I'm just asking." Yahiro shrugged.

(End Theme)

New York City/Time Square Restaurant

Back at the fancy restautant in Time Square, Funeral Parlor and their cohorts are waiting for Madoka and her company. By then, they just begin to take their orders.

"I can't believe Keido decide to not join with us, what is up with him?" Kurosu wondered about his former college classmate.

Haruka gives a playful shrug, "You know my older brother, he is competing against your research."

Both Gai and Homura are listening to the mention of Keido Shuichiro, he is Gai's father while Homura view him as a step-uncle.

"I just hope the group is coming with all this traffic outside." Sayaka said.

"I agree with you, Sayaka." Ayase said to the aqua-haired girl.

As there is a moment of silence, they then see some people coming to their relief, Madoka and her family.

"Hey guys!" Tomohisa waved at the group.

Junko smiles to the group, "Glad we make it, Haruka."

"It's not a problem, Junko." Haruka replied to Madoka's mother.

"Great news friends, we just bring in three special people as promise." Madoka announced.

(Cue Guilty Crown - Another Side 01 - Track 2)

After Madoka said that to get their attention, she and her family introduce the main Guilty Crown: Lost Kingdoms group the three people. The least their reactions are shocking. To Ayase and Tsugumi's surprise, two of them they see are none other than their canon selves. Ayase (canon) is sitting on a wheelchair while Tsugumi (canon) as a human is by her side. LK!Ayase know that her legs are normal rather than her canon self's physical disability.

Just then, the third figure walks in with a white cane, a white shirt, harvest gold vest, brunette hair, and wearing sunglasses. Shu cannot believe what he is seeing, he is meeting himself, his rather original self.

"So fate has been destined." Homura stated of this unexpected turn.

Junko amicably said to the three canon!GC people, "I hope you three are having your seats to eat dinner together."

Canon!Ayase responds in a polite tone, "Thank you, it's nice to have company."

And just like that, Madoka, her family, and the canon!GC people are joining in the Lost Kingdoms group. Junko is helping Tatsuya to sit in his baby chair.

"I finally get to meet my real counterpart!" LK!Tsugumi smiled at her human self.

Canon!Tsugumi smiles back, "Yep, your literally the cat girl for what I can tell!"

Kenji groans, "If there's an annoyance of one Tsugumi, then there's two."

The two Tsugumis comically shout at Kenji, "What's that suppose to mean?!"

LK!Shu starts to look at Canon!Shu, "I've heard of you, never expect to see myself."

Canon!Shu turns to LK!Shu and notices Inori with his AU self despite his blindness.

"It's just okay to spend time with something different, which your with the girl I once had, before she resides in my empty mind." Canon!Shu gloomly responded.

Canon!Ayase sadly mutter, "Shu.."

"Oh, I'm very sorry about it." Inori said if herself triggers Canon!Shu's reminder.

"Don't worry about my husband." Canon!Ayase said to the pink-haired singer.

LK!Ayase said in surprise, "Whoa, your married to Shu?"

"Yeah, we begin to share something in common ever since GHQ's first defeat a few years back." Canon!Ayase said to her Lost Kingdoms counterpart.

"That we recall before ourselves are taking over the roles." Gai interjected about some brief history.

"But the laws of this corner universe are different since some of us like Shu's parents remain alive and lacking our canonical storyline." Homura explains about this sole dimension.

"I see." Canon!Ayase stated.

It is understandable that the events of the Guilty Crown already happen back then, to which the Lost Kingdoms setting are replacing the past events. Then, Canon!Tsugumi begins to recognizes Fyu-Neru and interjects the conversation.

"I see you guys have founded our pet robot." The petite blue-haired girl reveals this information much to Funeral Parlor's surprise.

"You mean, Fyu-Neru is yours?" Inori asked Canon!Tsugumi.

"Yep, after it went missing, the robot seems to be founded by you guys and decided to stay for a while." Canon!Tsugumi explained with a smile, "It must have took a liking to you similar to our Inoreen."

The pink-haired singer smiles at the relief of her little companion. Just then, food orders have arrived and put on the table besides the drinks before with water, soda, and shakes. There's well-cooked sirloin steak, steam broccoli, avocado (guacamole) and basil pesto sauce with three cheese nachoes, salmon, mash and sweet potatoes, Caesar salad, and some soup.

"Finally, let's chow down!" Kyoko smiled at dinner.

"I'm with you little sis!" Argo joins her side.

As the diverse group begins to have their dinner, Canon!Shu silently thinks a lot in mind. Although he once saves the world, the young man fails to be with his lost lover, in which he is traumatized of the past consequences. He ponders of whether it is worth to celebrate with his old and newfound acquaintances.

(End Theme)

Koreatown/Kunjip restaurant

At the Korean restaurant, Kaiba Seto finally arrives accompanied by his wife Lyn Stromberg-Kaiba (a young girl that looks like a modern version of Kisara, in which Lyn is actually her reincarnation), his brother Mokuba, and his two brother-in-laws Max & Sam Stromberg. Seto, Lyn, and their family formally greet the Kuhouin family. Helio stands up seeing the parents he hasn't met yet (in either present or future).

"Mr. Kuhouin Okina. Ms. Arisa. Good evening to you." Seto introduces to his business partners.

Lyn bows to the guests, "It's a pleasure to be here to see you. Especially you, Arisa."

Helio approaches Seto and Lyn. The young boy tears up a bit, "Father, mother..."

Seto and Lyn look to one another as the boy addresses them like he was their own. Helio surprises them with a hug.

Mokuba gasps, "Seto, Lyn, this is your alternate future son!"

Max and Sam are taken aback seeing the boy that is their nephew.

Arisa smiles at Seto and his group, "It's a pleasure to meet you all, I'm glad that Helio is happy."

"Yes, let's have the feast. We're going to discuss important things pertaining to the New Year." Okina said to the Kaiba family.

Elsewhere in the restaurant, Kino Makoto/Sailor Jupiter and Mako Tsunami are having dinner together. Makoto is dressed as Tidus and Mako Tsunami is dressed as Aquaman.

"This was a perfect choice, Mako. I like the setting here." Makoto said to the aquatic duelist.

Mako smiles at his wife, "Glad you like it, honey. Say, wasn't that Seto Kaiba, Mokuba, Lyn, and her brothers I just saw?"

Makoto nods at her husband, "Yeah, sounds like they're meeting some important people... but that boy hugging Seto and Lyn. Who is he?" The Senshi of Jupiter wonders.

At the same time, the SAO gang witnesses the Kaiba family reunion.

"Look guys, it's the Kaiba family." Lizbeth pointed out.

Silica is petting Pina while stating, "Mr. Kaiba is famous for his Blue-Eyes White Dragons, I got what it takes to be the next dragon master."

"He did own Kaibacorp. Not to mention Maximillion Pegasus has Industrial Illusions, I hear he's located at Wall Street." Agil lets out the information.

"Not to mention some rumor that Kayaba is in that same place." Klein added.

Lizbeth's face gives some dread upon hearing the name of the game master, "You mean that Kayaba who trapped all of us in SAO?"

"Yeah he is, it just takes way back in joining guilds to survive." Klein recalls his past experiences in Aincard.

"At least we're already having our freedom." Lizbeth shrugged.

New York City/Greenwich Village/New York University

Walking over toward the Thai's boy's direction is an attractive Native American girl with long, dark brown hair. This is Jessica Nightwood, a member of the Navajo and one of Brunhilde's Valkyrie Maidens. She comes cosplayed as Sara Nome from Macross Zero. She is looking around for the Thai boy. With luck, she notices him.

"Ford! Is that you?" Jessica waves and runs over to him.

"Jessica!" Ford walks to meet with his girlfriend, "It's great to see you here, I just recently made new acquaintances in NYU, so here's hope too meet them. Let's not forget that there's a Birthday Massacre concert approaching."

Jessica smiles at him, "I wish to meet your acquaintances, Ford. Yes, I heard about the Birthday Massacre concert. Before we go to concert, let's see these acquaintances."

The Native American girl then holds Ford's hand and walks with him to their destination.

Within the same university, Mizuno Ami/Sailor Mercury and her husband named Vega James Hunter walk toward the main library called, Elmer Holmes Bobst Library. Ami comes dressed as Cecil Harvey and Vega cosplays as Cyborg 008.

"Wow, this is the New York Library?" Vega asked.

"Indeed, and I've always wanted to come here." Ami answered about the place. "I even had thoughts of attending this university. But, since we're here, I want to take advantage and see their vast catalogs."

"Think Amaya and Daiki will be ok?" Vega wondered.

"Yes, they'll be ok. But, we do have each other's numbers just in case of emergency." Ami said to her husband.

Vega nods, "Right."

"Let's get going." Ami becomes mesmerized as they enter the huge library together.

Inside New York University, the Attack on Titan group is visited by many anime fans. The Survey Corp took the time to take advantage of their popularity by having autographs and greet their fans.

"Is this seriously cool or what?" Armin asked.

"Of the fact that we're popular by killing Titans Armin, yes!" Eren unsurprisingly said about their franchise's economic prestige.

Armin gives a nervous laugh, "We've been swamped by fans everywhere."

Zoe then said to the fans, "Let's take it easy people."

"I doubt they'll listen to us." Levi muttered.

Just then, the Survey Corp saw the Tennouzu Students coming to their area.

"Eren!" Hare happily gets his attention.

"Hare!" Eren recognizes the school girl.

Both Eren and Hare run toward each other to embrace, they first meet last year during the House of Madoka hosted by the magical girls and are having a crossover relationship. The other Tennouzu classmates meet the Survey Corp.

Zoe introduces herself to the Tennouzu classmates, "Hey kids, you're looking at us scouts that fight the Titans! I'm that chick researching the behavior."

"No way, we meet the heroes beneath the walls in person!" Souta cried out in excitement.

Yahiro knows about them based on the hit manga, "I never knew the fact that their fearless."

Levi crosses his arms, "It's the face of survival for humanity."

"But it's hard work isn't it?" Jun asked the older man.

"Indeed." Levi firmly answered.

"All I have to say that you're cool." Kanon compliments the Survey Corp.

"Thanks." Mikasa nodded with a smile.

"It's not a problem." Armin added.

Then, another group of fans are meeting Kirito and his harem. The two Charizards are admired of being real by Pokemon fans.

"Daddy look, these people sure love you!" Yui smiled.

Kirito gives a chuckle to the fairy, "Hehehe, I'm the only guy who has all the girls and glory."

Asuna gives an obvious jealous look, "Oh really, Kirito?"

"You seriously had all that in your thick head." Sinon said to the black-haired MMO player.

Leafa then mentions something, "I hear you slay a powerful demon lord, brother."

"Oh that Japanese demon named, Arago?" Kirito recalled of facing him for real back in the House of Madoka, "Well I just act like Samurai Jack on him and impress the Spirit Detectives."

Hearing this from fans makes them feel surprise about Kirito's experience.

Stark Tower

(Cue Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy (Ruckus Roboticus Remix))

A huge party was being thrown over at Stark Tower. Tony Stark had put out an invite to every Marvel Cinematic Universe hero to join the festivities and watch the New Years countdown from the tower. The entire Avengers assembly was in the tower drinking and celebrating. Tony and Pepper share a drink or two together, but Pepper makes sure Tony doesn't overdo it. Captain America, Bruce Banner, Thor, Rhodey Rhodes, and Sam Wilson/Falcon are celebrating with them. Each man take turns trying to lift Thor's hammer. Only Steve was barely able to budge it, albeit just an inch much to Thor's surprise.

"Guys, remember that huge guest surprise I mentioned? Well, here they are!" Tony announced to his 'audience'.

A door opens and in comes the biggest assholes in the entire galaxy - the Guardians of the Galaxy! Star-Lord, Drax, Gamora, Rocket the Raccoon, and Groot come in.

"They helped us reclaim the House of Madoka. So, I thought why not invite them to the celebration?" Tony convinced the group about extraterrestrial visitors.

Star-Lord looks around and gives a compliment, "Nice place you got here, Tony."

"Guardians of the Galaxy, good meeting you, friends." Thor greeted the team.

Rhodey sees the commotion of Marvel's ideas, "A talking raccoon and a walking tree? What are they gonna think of next?"

"What? You were expecting a talking duck?" Rocket coughs in referring to Howard the Duck.

"I am Groot." The tree alien said in his frequent catchphrase.

"Yeah, humans are judgmental jerks, aren't they?" Rocket agreed with Groot.

"We're not all that bad." Captain America reassured to the mutant raccoon.

"So you say." Drax calmly stated.

"Let's just take it easy because tonight's a big celebration." Bruce said to the superhero group.

"Drinks are all on me! Get wasted to your heart's content!" Tony cheered.

The Avengers and Guardian of the Galaxy quickly go forward with their celebration.

"Looks like we got the best seats in the house. Thanks for the invite, Tony." Star-Lord said to the head of Stark Industries.

"No problem. And yeah, this beats the New York crowds." Tony said about the demographic place.

Gamora and Black Widow lock eyes as they're sitting close to one another. Sam senses slight tension between the two assassin ladies and backs off.

"You look deadly and deceptive." Gamora examined.

Black Widow responds, "Same with you. Black Widow."

"Gamora." The green-skinned alien girl introduced.

"Come! Who wishes to challenge thee to a drinking contest?" Thor dared his friends to do so.

"You're on, Odin's son." Drax accepted the challenge.

"Bitch please, I'll take you both on!" Rocket gives a sarcastic quip.

"I am Groot." Groot stated with the party continuing.

(End Theme)

Toys R Us

(Cue Andrew W.K. - Star Children)

In the biggest Toys R Us in New York, Coop, Jamie, and Kiva walk in touring the video game section. These are the main characters from the western animation mecha parody called, Megas XLR. Granted, Kiva only came to avoid boredom. Coop is dressed as Amuro Ray (Char's Counterattack attire). Jamie cosplays as Vincent Valentine. Kiva is dressed as Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop.

Coop and Jamie try out the latest Nintendo 3Ds, Playstation 4 and XBOX One games. Unfortunately, most of the games they want to get are sold out due to popular demands.

"See? Told you we should've hit this place up earlier, man." Jamie said to the obese gamer.

Coop explains to his skinny friend, "I was dead ass tired from flying MEGAS and needed some shut eye at the hotel. Even an ultimate fighting pilot like me needs to rest and refuel."

"So, what now?" Jamie asked.

"Is there anything we can do here?" Kiva wondered the same thing.

Jamie then said to the futuristic red-haired woman, "Ever rode on bouncing balls?"

"Bouncing balls?" Kiva wonders what it meant.

Later, Coop and Jamie find three big bouncing balls to ride on. Kiva pushes one over to Kiva. Jamie shows Kiva how to ride a bouncing ball. At first Kiva is hesitant, but starts to enjoy it even just a little. Coop tries riding his, but he keeps falling off. Jamie and Kiva bounce away laughing while Jamie takes pictures of Coop.

Coop scoffs, "Haha, very funny. We'll see who gets the last laugh. Wonder if Goat's having fun here."

Goat is over playing guitar and drums in the musical section.

Elsewhere inside the store, Kamiya Tai, Ishida Matt, Motomiya Davis, and Ichijouji Ken (YYGDM) are exploring the toy store. They're out looking for games to play and possibly buy.

"Sucks this place doesn't carry our Digimon Adventure for PSP." Tai shrugged about the game released back in 2013.

"They can just always import our game." Matt said to Tai.

"Hey, who wants to ride those bouncing balls like those two?" Davis points to Jamie and Kiva bouncing away on the other side.

Ken raises an eyebrow after Davis said that, "How awkward would we look doing that?"

"Not unless the others were here with us. Ah, what the hell? I could use the fun!" Tai said.

"Let's just make sure we don't get caught." Matt stated.

Davis realizes about the two on bouncing balls, "Hey, wasn't that Jamie and Kiva from MEGAS XLR?!"

Ken sighs, "You just noticed, Davis?"

"I think I saw Kazu and Guardromon here with some girl." Tai mentions to the group.

"Man, Kazu's got a girl now? Good for him." Davis commented about the Tamer.

In another section of the store, Shioda Kazu, dressed as Rick Deckard from Blade Runner, and Guardromon check out various toy models.

"The prices on some of these toys are pricey and they ain't even collectibles!" Kazu complained.

Guardromon speaks up, "I think I saw one of me."

"Really? Where?" Kazu looks around.

Guardromon nods, "I forgot."

Kazu turns to a brown-haired teen girl with him, "Having a good time with me, Kiyoko?"

Sasaki Kiyoko is dressed as Leeloo from The Fifth Element. She smiles and puts arm around Kazu's, "I'm always having fun with you, Hiro."

Kazu blushes and grins, "Glad you are, Kiyoko."

Guardromon see it coming, "Your face is turning red, Kazu! Need some water?"

"No!" Kazu cried out before he notices Jamie and Kiva bouncing away on the bouncing balls, "Hey, Kiyoko, I just thought of a fun game we can play."

"Ok, what do you have in mind?" Kiyoko asked.

Upon arriving inside the store were Yuki Jaden & his Neo Duelists team (Chazz Princeton, Alexis Rhodes, Syrus Truesdale, Tyranno Hassleberry, Aster Phoenix, and Blair Flannigan) from Duel Academy, Marcus Damon & Agumon and the Digimon Data Squad team (Thomas & Gaomon, Yoshino & Lalamon, and Keenan & Falcomon), Tsukino Yuma, Sakaki Yuya, and Takarada Taiyou & Hackmon.

"All right, we're in the biggest Toys R Us in the US! Let's have fun and get our game on!" Jaden cheered with a smile.

"This place is huge!" Syrus is amazed.

"This should be fun." Chazz simply said.

Marcus shouts out with a grin, "I'm in the mood to play some Punch Out!"

"I'm right with ya!" Marcus' Agumon said to his partner.

"Just don't break the controllers. I don't want to have to pay for damages." Thomas warned his two friends.

"You're worried about these two breaking games?" Yoshino pondered.

On the other hand, Yuma sees the Slifer Red duelist, "Hey, isn't that Jaden?"

"Looks like it. C'mon, let's go and follow them." Yuya said to the Zexal title character.

"Ok!" Yuma nodded.

Takarada Taiyou & Hackmon themselves dress as Kurasame Susaya & Tonberry from Final Fantasy Type 0. Taiyou's brown hairstyle and facial appearance looks like Tsuna Sawada from Hitman Reborn!

"Did you see that Hackmon, tons of Digimon pals to see." Taiyou said to the small white dragon.

"Not to mention hearing Omegamon, Imperialdramon, and Athenamon arriving." Hackmon stated the names of three Digimon leaders.

Taiyou compliment, "It's so good to being a Royal Knight."

"I would have dress as Huckleberry Finn, but whatever." Hackmon shrugged.

Outside Toys R Us, two Digimon named Omegamon and Athenamon are enjoying the night view of New York. Another one named Imperialdramon looks over MEGAS, which is parked in between vehicles. The three digital rulers then see a group called the S-Force from MEGA XLR arrives and park.

"Who are they?" Omegamon observed the new visitors.

Athenamon comment upon seeing them, "They look like Voltron and Gatchaman parodies."

The S-Force themselves are named Argo (Red Hawk S-Force), Mac (Gray Rhino S-Force), Duchess (Pink Cat S-Force), Sloen (Green Gorilla S-Force), and Jax (Purple Kangaroo S-Force).

"We made it in time, team." Argo (S-Force) announced.

"Can't wait to meet up with Coop and the others." Mac is eager for the reunion.

"Yeah, except for that guy (Jamie)." Duchess said.

Jax is speaking in gibberish to his teammates.

"You heard what Jax is saying, fans are hype to see us." Sloan agreed.

"Not to mention a Power Rangers movie reboot is announced." Mac let out the information.

"In that case, let's move forward." Argo (S-Force) ordered his team.

As they begin to walk to Toys R Us they notice another giant mech standing near MEGAS and their Zorps. It is gray and somewhat old fashioned despite looking futuristic.

"What kind of robot is that?" Duchess points at the giant robot.

Argo (S-Force) explains to the pink S-Force, "According to what Targon said, it's called the Gipsy Danger, said to be one of these mechs called Jaegers use to fight Kaijus."

"Aren't the pilots around?" Mac wondered about the Jaeger pilots.

"Not quite this time, it's just been use for display with credit coming from the United Nations." Argo (S-Force) answered.

Nevertheless, the S-Force are heading inside the biggest toy store in the US.

(End Theme)

Jacob Javits Convention Center

(Cue Blood Stain Child - Merry Go Round)

In the Javits Convention Center is where more people attending certain events. This is where New York Comic Con takes place every Fall season. The Blood Stain Child band is performing Merry Go Round to the audience. Wiz & Boomstick are seen taking autographs to their Death Battle fans.

In a corner shows three figures. One is a pink-haired female soldier named Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. Another is a dark-haired man with a black outfit named Noctis from Final Fantasy XV. Lastly is a white-skinned angry looking Spartan named Kratos from God of War.

"This place is huge for us to gather here." Lightning quietly noticed.

"No kidding, my game still hasn't come out yet, but there's a demo soon bundle with Type 0 on the PS4." Noctis gives his obvious statement.

Kratos scowls, "Hmph, I have no mood to attack someone..much."

"I did hear that these 'Anime Shield' are coming here in celebrating as well." Lightning said to her other two cohorts.

"Guess we're looking forward to see them." Noctis stated.

Tomoe Hotaru/Sailor Saturn walks into the Javits Convention Center. She comes dressed as Terra Branford. She is mesmerized by the size of the convention center and finds a girl cosplaying as Sailor Saturn.

Hotaru smiles at the crow, "Good to see I have fans."

Hotaru then notices Lightning, Noctis, and Kratos and gladly said, "I'm not the only famous face here."

She then turns around to see Toonami host, TOM, and his AI assistant, Sara, at a panel signing autographs for fans. Moltar, the first Toonami host, surprises everyone by coming out of retirement to sign autographs. She also sees TOM's Anime Shield greeting fans. Anime Shield are an anime group with members consist of Suzumiya Haruhi, Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop), Alucard (Hellsing), Doraemon, Jimmy Kudo/Conan Edogawa (Case Closed), and Monkey D. Luffy.

"Wow, the Toonami hosts, TOM and Moltar, are together?!" Hotaru said in surprise.

Towards that location, TOM signs his autographs, "They're happy to see you again, Moltar."

"I was the one who helped upstart the block. I deserve come credit." Moltar muttered.

"And they appreciate it." TOM said kindly.

"And you've definitely helped carry the weight." Moltar replied back.

TOM sighs about his channel's fate, "Even though Toonami was recently downsized because of declining ratings. But, at least we've condensed keeping premieres. Reruns just aren't going to cut it anymore."

"People have turned to the internet for their repeated viewings. But, we're adjusting to the changing times." Sara explained of the economic views.

"Despite the reduced hours and setbacks, we're not going anywhere, Toonami Faithful!" TOM cried out.

The Faithful crowding around the panel cheer in unison.

Haruhi is yelling through megaphone, "You heard him, Faithful! Keep tuning in or you face my wrath!"

"Shame my show got cut from the line-up, but it's been rerun." Spike shrugged, "Oh well, I needed the break, but the guys in charge of the block love my show too much and will restore it."

"You seem awfully confident." Alucard wondered to the bounty hunter.

Spike grins at the vampire, "My show never dies."

Luffy yells, "My show's still on the air!"

"Lucky you, but your show will never end. I would know." Doraemon said about his franchise, "My series has been running since the '70s."

"My manga and anime has been running since the '90s and shows no signs of stopping. But, you have us beat, Doraemon." Jimmy Kudo said to the earless robotic cat.

Hotaru approaches the Anime SHIELD table with a polite smile, "Greetings."

"Hey, Hotaru! Long time no see! How's it going?" TOM greeted the Senshi.

Hotaru nods at the Toonami host, "Good. I'm just remembering when me and my friends' show used to be on your block."

"Good ol' days, huh? You hope Viz's redub of the original and Crystal airs on our block?" TOM asked.

"Yeah, either one would revive interest in Sailor Moon on TV again." Hotaru positively said.

Moltar then interjects, "Did you know the Crystal version of Sailor Moon is in TOM's Anime Shield?"

"Yes and she's going to meet with my Sailor Moon." Hotaru answered to Moltar, "She's hoping to give advice to her Crystal counterpart."

"You'll be happy to know Sailor Moon is one of our highly requested shows." TOM announced, "Who knows, Hotaru? You just might see the show back on Toonami."

"I hope so." Hotaru smiled before she turns and notice the Signers, "Oh, Yusei and his group are here, too?"

The Signers are on the opposite end greeting their fans. Yusei cosplays as Dimebag Darrell. Jack is dressed as Mr. Lordi. Crow comes dressed as Brett Erickson of the band, Breaking Point. Akiza cosplays as Kallen from Code Geass. Leo comes dressed as Minun. Luna cosplays as Plusle.

"Our fans still love us despite our show no longer being on the air." Yusei said to his friends.

"These fans know I'm the King." Jack poses and takes pictures with his fans.

"You're loving this, aren't you, Jack?" Crow asked.

Jack gives a cocky grin, "Damn straight!"

Leo then said to Akiza, "Hey, Akiza, these fans actually mistook you for being the real Kallen."

Akiza blushes and signs autographs, "It's an honest mistake."

Luna giggles, "Of course."

(End Theme)

New York City/Time Square Restaurant

(Cue Guilty Crown – Home in This Corner)

At the Time Square Restaurant, the canon Guilty Crown and Lost Kingdoms crew is eating halfway through their dinner. It is like having a sweet home cooked meal in a peaceful setting.

"It's so good to have that fancy meal." Mami remarked about the New Year's dinning.

"This is receptive." Oogumo stated while munching.

"You can say that again." Kurachi agreed to her husband.

Nagisa cries out while eating, "Food taste great!"

Shibungi lectures to Nagisa as a responsible parent, "Please don't talk with your mouth full."

The two Tsugumis are seen playing patty-cake just to annoy the heck out of Kenji, much to Argo, Kyoko, and Kyo's laughter. Canon!Tsugumi is glad that she still has her spunky attitude while interacting with her counterpart. Junko is seen feeding Tatsuya. Mana has herself, Homura, and Gai to take a picture within themselves.

LK!Ayase and Sayaka are seen talking to Canon!Ayase.

"So what is it like to be confined in a wheelchair?" LK!Ayase wondered in not offending the older Ayase.

The Canon!Ayase answers to her AU counterpart, "Well the creators didn't put my backstory of how I'm in that state, nor mentions about my parents being alive or not, but I remember I was angry of people viewing me as a burden. That is why I take the advantage of being the sole Endlave pilot to help my comrades and be something special."

"That's why you gain a lot of respect from here on." Sayaka said about the Canon!Ayase is seen as an equal.

"It must have been rough, I even had double time with school and living with my sole mother." LK!Ayase mentions her lifestyle.

"Exactly, overtime, I come to respect my physical disability as one to the point that Shu helped me put on my Endlave cockpit before the final battle against GHQ." Canon!Ayase tells more to the two girls of her changing experience.

Next, LK!Shu is talking to Canon!Shu. Canon!Shu is helped by Madoka to eat his food a little.

"Hope the food suits fine, but I just wonder why you didn't loosen up." LK!Shu stated.

Canon!Shu says nothing for that matter.

"I know I made mistakes before, yet again resolve them." LK!Shu connects his own experiences.

Canon!Shu snaps out of it and replies, "Oh, I just have some cooling off in my mind. Making these new friendships would say I should not make them 'quasi-friendships'."

"Once we finish dinner, we'll go outside and hope to meet more people around." LK!Shu suggested to his canon counterpart.

Madoka then said to Canon!Shu, "Didn't I remember that the name Shu means 'group', something that has close friends?"

Canon!Shu seems to recall it a little about his name meaning, but isn't that the former king himself has taken responsibility of the social norm?

Koreatown/Kunjip restaurant

At the Korean restaurant, Seto, Lyn, Mokuba, Max, and Sam sit down with the Kuhouin family.

Max whispers to Mokuba, "Kinda cool we're uncles now, huh?"

"Yeah." Mokuba nodded.

Sam then said, "Is it just me or is Arisa really infatuated with Helio?"

Mokuba, Max, and Sam watch Arisa feeding Helio with a spoonful of food.

"I wish Koori could do that for me." Sam complimented about Rei and Hiei's daughter.

"Say, aren't we supposed to meet with Koori and Amaya?" Max said to his brother.

Sam answers to him, "I'm sure we'll see them. I did make sure and tell them about this restaurant."

Seto then speaks to the head of the Kuhouin Group, "Mr. Kuhouin, Arisa, I understand you have full control of your Kuhouin group."

"Why yes, Kaiba Seto." Okina firmly answered. "It happened ever since years ago, when my original self is killed during the first conflict against GHQ, while his own granddaughter dishonor the Kuhouin group by siding with Da'ath."

The Kaiba family is somewhat surprise about the past events. Arisa listens to this and is uncomfortable about hearing her canon counterpart's unspoken actions. Likewise for Helio's curiosity of what the real Arisa is like.

"And that is why we eventually took over in restoring our prestige." Okina concludes.

"That's wonderful to know, Mr. Kuhouin." Lyn then sees Helio again, "I can't believe that's going to be our boy, Seto."

"He almost looks like me." Seto commented.

"I actually like the thought of having a son personally." Lyn smiled.

Helio turns and acknowledges Seto and Lyn.

"I'm very glad to get to know my parents. I just wish you two were still alive in my time."

Lyn has a sad look and smiles. Seto and Helio show each other's Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards.

"I see you have my card. Yes, you're definitely my son." Seto said with proudness.

(End Theme)

Koreatown/Outside Kunjip restaurant

Meanwhile, a girl named Amaya-Mizuno Hunter stands outside the Kunjip restaurant. Amaya has long blue hair that passes her shoulders.

"Well, here it is. Max's in there waiting for me." Amaya pulls out her cellphone, "Gotta let Koori know I'm here. Where the heck is she?"

At the same time, a weird looking robot is staring at the window glass of the restaurant. His forehead has a hoplite-like shape and has a beak mouth. One can say that he is showing an interest to Kaiba.

A young boy named Daiki Mizuno-Hunter, dressed as Saccho Kobanyakawa from Hunter x Hunter, stops after running a few blocks. Daiki has spiky light blue hair, and his left arm is entirely mechanical. He's finally caught up to his sister, Amaya, dressed as Reimu Hakurei from Touhou. He sees her standing at the front. As some people notice, Daiki and Amaya are the children of Sailor Mercury.

"Sis, could you have slowed down?" Daiki asked.

Amaya respond, "No way, I wanted to get here as fast as I can. Besides, what's taking Koori?"

"Did you get the memo? Koori and Sam have arranged to meet somewhere." Daiki explained to her.

"What?!" Amaya checks her phone and flips through her messages, "Crap, you're right, but good thing I'm here to remind Sam. Besides, Max's inside."

"Hey, there's a robot over there." Daiki points to the weird-looking robot peering through the restaurant window glass.

Amaya rolls her eyes, "Oh yeah totally not suspicious. Hey, robot! What do you think you're doing there!?"

Amaya and Daiki run over to investigate the robot's suspicious activity.

The sentient robot turns to see Amaya and Daiki.

"Oh, hello there humans! I am the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future!" The robot introduces to the two. "I come to see my 'son', Kaiba, or at least Kaiba's a robot whose real father is Freeza while Mokuba is the son of Ghost Nappa!"

Daiki shouts out of recognizing the robot, "Wait, I've seen him before, sis! He's from that one crazy Adult Swim show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force!"

Amaya becomes baffled, "Wha...? And he says Kaiba is Freeza's son!"

"And apparently Mokuba is Ghost Nappa's son." Daiki then summons a robotic girl that looks like a Brazilian Kuiper Sailor Senshi named 'Helbot' from a compacted container, where he got that android remains unknown, "Helbot, scan him and tell us if he's telling the truth."

Amaya facepalms, "You brought that thing with you?"

"Hey, I modified her some. She's been very useful for me." Daiki said to his sister.

Amaya gives a snide comment, "It's because of that thing why you'll never get a girlfriend."

"Well, she kinda is... I'm just considering a new name for her since I plan to give her cosmetic upgrades." Daiki tells his proposition.

Helbot then finishes scanning, "He's telling the truth."

"At least my lie detector program works for her." Amaya commented.

Daiki then ask the Cybernetic Ghost, "What else did you come to see Kaiba for?"

"I come in ready to face off his adopted father, Gozaburo Kaiba!" the Cybernetic Ghost answered, "We will see who the real father is!"

Amaya and Daiki both look speechless at the Cybernetic Ghost. Helbot shows no reaction.

Inside the restaurant, a dark figure hides her face behind a menu. She looks to her left where Makoto and Mako are laughing together licking whip cream off each other's noses. The sinister figure snickers evilly and waits for the right moment to interrupt their dinner date.

New York University/Inside

Inside the campus, Ford and Jessica are walking in the hallways where they encounter three students. One is actually an old high school friend who is a blond-haired girl named Olivia. Another is a Caucasian young man. And the third is an African American man.

"Hey, Ford!" Olivia cried out to him.

Ford smiles back to his high school classmate, "It's been years, Olivia."

The Caucasian Man ask, "Say, who is this girl your with?"

"She seems pretty much of a decent visitor." the African American Man commented.

Ford introduces his girlfriend to the three NYU students, "Why this is Jessica Nightwood, guys. She's from Arizona in the Navajo community."

Jessica introduces herself to Olivia, Caucasian man, and the African American man.

"Pleased to meet you all. I'm fascinated to tour through New York. I'm excited to be with good company." The Native American girl said to them.

"Thanks, Jessica" the African American man nodded.

If you're interested at this, I also did some traditional artwork as a hobby." Olivia said to Jessica, "My mom is once a staff from an art school at Boston, Massachusetts."

The Caucasian Man concurs, "We're always here to celebrate in the campus."

"Yeah Jess, New York is a diverse bunch for college and beyond." Ford explained about a reminder of what comes after the high school years.

"Say, now that we're gathering up, the concert is coming soon." The Caucasian Man announced.

"Wonder how we're going to get there?" Olivia asked.

Ford answers to he group, "Don't worry, it won't take long once we walk there."

New York University/Outside

After getting through their fans, the four Sword Art Online teenagers, Yui, and the two Charizards make it outside. They give themselves a reliever before deciding what to do next.

"It looks like we can fly around ourselves in the city." Leafa suggested to the group.

Kirito sighs about what's next, "Man, I never had the chance to reunite with Eren alongside his friends. If only we can meet up with Shu and the rest at Time Square next."

"That sounds like a good idea, Kirito." Asuna said to her boyfriend about their acquaintances with Funeral Parlor.

"I wonder what's happening in Midtown Manhattan." Sinon questioned, "I heard there are four young men that piloted those Gundams."

Kirito is then riding his Charizard, "Guess we'll just have to scout ahead."

"I'm with you, daddy!" Yui happily cried out.

Then, Asuna rides her Charizard and took off to the skies with Leafa materializing her wings to go with her. Sinon rides behind Kirito before they took off as well with Yui follow them.

Theater District/Outside Broadway Theatre

At the district close to Time Square, this is where a lot of movie theaters, whether it's cinematic and performing arts are located. This is also the location of the three showcases to celebrate the New Year.

Seen in the crowd of locals are Nanba and his pack of ruffians.

Sudou look at the Broadway theatre with disgust, "Damn, we come all the way to look at this crap?"

Nanba gives a sarcastic tone to his henchmen, "You think it's that important to you?"

"The traditional arts look okay enough." Miyabi stated.

"At least we can see some fun movies instead of being bored at watching a play." Ritsu shrugged.

Time Square Restaurant

Back at the Time Square restaurant, the Guilty Crown group is wrapping up their dinner party. Kyoko, Argo, Nagisa, and Oogumo are seen being full and relax a bit. As for the three canon!Guilty Crown folks, they seem to be glad that they never expect a dinner this good.

"God, I'm stuff." Kyoko groaned.

Sayaka gives playful tone to the fiery-haired girl, "You can always eat an apple pie for dessert."

"I'm full Sayaka, I'm not buying on eating anymore." Kyoko replied to her.

Then, the two Shus are finishing their dinner as well.

"I hope you don't mind about the end." Inori said about the dinner's conclusion.

Canon!Shu answers before switching to the next topic, "It's alright, but you seem to be a different version of her."

"Oh right, I was actually a second clone inspired by my original self, taking over her EGOIST band and previous positions." Inori answered to him and continues explaining. "I also escape on my own from Da'ath's clutches unlike the original that was rescued by Canon!Gai. You can say I am known as Yuzuriha Inori 2.0."

The LK!Undertakers and magical girls are impressed of their Inori's backstory. Gai and his cohorts found her as the clone offer to join their cause, meeting LK!Shu and vice-versa.

LK!Shu then references to his original self, "Gotta wonder if anything by chance that the canon!Inori is still within you."

Canon!Shu feels the same thing for what his AU self is saying, even Madoka wonders if her powers gain some spiritual contact.

Just then, Kurosu stands up and announce out loud, "Well gang, it looks like we're about to head outside."

"Finally!" Argo cried out.

Canon!Tsugumi is standing up and holds Ayase's wheelchair, "These people sure are a nice bunch, Aya-ne!"

"They sure are." Canon!Ayase smiles at her close friend.

Madoka politely offers to Canon!Shu, "I'll help you out."

"I'm with you, Madoka. Myself needs a little hand here." LK!Shu supports as well.

And so, the rest of the group is about to stand up from their chairs. They are finally eager to head out the outskirts of Time Square, where the other character groups are awaiting their presence.

Time Square

Once they made it outside, the Guilty Crown group remains amaze of seeing thousands of civilians walking. Canon!Shu is uncomfortable with crowds due to his condition, but Canon!Ayase, LK!Shu and Madoka stay beside him. Suddenly, they unexpectedly bump in two young men. Both of these random civilians begin to react upon seeing someone familiar.

Person 1 said in shock, "Hey, wait a minute! Isn't that Ouma Shu?"

Person 2 looks confuse for the moment, "But there seem to be two Shus."

"No, not him." Person 1 looks at LK!Shu before pointing to Canon!Shu with contorting anger, "I'm talking about our 'student president' here!"

The Guilty Crown group reacts at the conflict going on. Canon!Shu is surprise at the accusations that these two men are from Tennouzu High.

"What is going on here?" Homura questioned about the issue.

Gai then explains to the magical girl, "From what we remember back then, there was a school leader that became a tyrant and implemented the Void Ranking System. He did this to initiate an exodus mission, so that Tennouzu High can escape. But it's not without a cost and casualties, as the student body turn on him."

"And that tyrant must be him." Homura realized.

LK!Shu, Madoka, and Inori hears this and feels bad of how LK!Shu's original self is responsible for his past deeds, even though Canon!Shu did it as the only reason for Tennouzu to survive. Canon!Shu can't seem to fight back from his former classmates.

Canon!Shu's blind eyes glare at the students, "What did I do to deserve this.."

"Mind your own business with my husband, pricks!" Canon!Ayase angrily yelled at both men.

"Oh boo hoo, wheelchaired bitch!" Tennouzu Student 2 taunted to irked Canon!Ayase. "Shu already loses an arm as a cost for being high and mighty, while we remember a few of our friends that died from his so-called exodus mission!"

Person 1 growls, "This is his regret for putting both of us into F-Ranks."

The former Tennouzu Student 2 is cracking his knuckles, "Yeah, all of you move out of the way so we can deal this fucker. How we waited for the New Year to see him dead."

Just then, a few people like Madoka, Kyoko, LK!Ayase, Argo, Haruka, and Kurosu defend Canon!Shu from the former Tennouzu students.

Kurosu crosses his arms with a disappointing look, "Look boys, I don't know what problem it is, although he's not my related son, it's not nice trying to accuse him for what he's done."

"Same here, I feel the same way whenever I protect my kids." Haruka agreed with LK!Shu's father.

"Leave him alone please." Madoka pleaded.

Kyoko smirk, "I'm not going soft like pinkie, I can kick your asses if I wanted too!"

LK!Ayase clenches her right fist and glares, "You like to see my fist going to your face?"

"Back off, or things will get ugly." Threatened Argo.

The former Tennouzu men begin to back off from the people that are protecting Canon!Shu, much to the former king's surprise that they are protecting him the hour since they met. Hell, these two obviously will not stand a chance against the mercenaries and magical girls.

Person 1 growls at the group, "Fine, keep him. This trash is gonna continue to live in pain anyway."

Both of the men immediately leave afterwards.

Inori quietly said to Canon!Shu, "Shu?"

Canon!Shu is talking to himself while the group listens, "Even if I save the world at the cost of my powers and eyesight, and people view me as a hero, there are those that resent me for committing my self-decisions. I live for so long in bottling my guilt to this day."

Some of the people like Madoka, Inori, and Canon!Ayase feel bad for the brunette-haired man, nothing ever changes.

"But look of the bright side, there are a lot of new friends around New York, despite your not my real son." Saeko reassured to the real Shu.

"There are more gifted people?" Canon!Shu questioned to LK!Shu's mother.

"Indeed, the YYGDM Founders and their companions are around Time Square." Homura said about their locations. "It's best we need to keep together whenever we're going to find them."

Mana smiles at the raven-haired girl, "I like your idea as me, Homura."

Homura sighs at Shu's older sister, "Please give me some space, Ouma Mana."

"I hear there are some 'Hunters' coming to this destined place, alongside two women coming from Honnouji district." Mami mentions some new people.

"Not to mention the Z-Warriors and those ninjas from that anime everyone knows!" Kyoko said about the two, well-known Shonen anime.

"I'm just hoping the villains will not show up again." Sayaka warned to the group, "Last year, they once take over our Halloween party."

LK!Ayase shrugs, "I doubt that, the New Year is gonna attract them anyway."

The canon Guilty Crown characters are interested to say the least. There is more to come once the group has step to the center of Time Square.

(Cue Madeon – The City)

Shifting to the main location, the YYGDM founders, Tuxedo Kamen, Rei, Hiei, Setsuna, Hina, Rika & Renamon, Henry & Terriermon, Tea, Usa, RJ, Keiko, the Mooncats, Ryuuhi, and Koori continue touring through the congested streets. They are continually greeted with hordes of fans wanting autographs and photographs.

"Hell yeah, we're totally like rock stars!" Yusuke cried out smiling.

"We sure love the attention, don't we?" Usagi said to the heroic group.

Karin gives a nervous chuckle, "I wasn't honestly expecting this many people."

"What do ya expect? This is New York!" Kotori positively explained.

Usa gets the group's attention, "Guys, look! It's Shu, Madoka, and their friends!"

"Hey, guys! Over here!" RJ cried out.

The multi-cultural Guilty Crown group notices the YYGDM founders and the rest of their friends.

Rei notices something, "I'm seeing two Shus."

"And two Ayases?" Tuxedo Kamen said the similar thing.

"Are they doublemint twins?" Terriermon wonder in curiosity.

Renamon sighs to the rabbit-earred terrier, "Obviously not. They're dressed differently from the Lost Kingdoms versions and they appear slightly older."

Madoka steps in to greet her crossover friends, "Hi everyone, we found you at last!"

LK!Shu sees the YYGDM folks as well, "Man, it's getting together with Japan's famous superheroes."

"Triton, look at all these people!" Mana cried out while pointing at them.

"I'll say." Gai firmly said.

"This is a wonderful reunion." Inori calmly smiled.

Tomohisa notices them as well, "So these are the heroes you're talking about, Madoka."

"Momma! It's the good guys!" Tatsuya happily cried out.

Junko smiles at Tatsuya, "Yeah, sweetie. These are the nice people that help save the day."

"Wowzers, they sure look cool up close!" Canon!Tsugumi awed at the YYGDM founders.

LK!Tsugumi smiles at her human counterpart, "You can say that again. Me being a cat demon, I admire the Spirit Detectives."

Canon!Ayase is please to see these new acquaintances, "For a second, they are great admirers, right Shu?"

Canon!Shu remains silent, yet gasp a bit and has the same reaction as Canon!Ayase and Tsugumi. These are the Japanese heroes that have the essence of idealism.

LK!Shu meets with the YYGDM founders. Usagi, Yusuke, Takato & Guilmon, Yugi, Karin, Kotori, and Takuya chat with him.

"You've done well being the hero of your world." Takato smiled.

Takuya adds, "Tackling all those obstacles is no easy feat."

"At least you got to meet an alternate version of me." Karin said to Shu about the boy recall meeting another version of herself.

"Me, too, even if my AU self was more serious and less fun." Kotori said while hearing about LK!Shu meeting her alternate counterpart. That's right, the Lost Kingdoms versions of Funeral Parlor and the Puellas have went to an alternate Asgard in stopping alternate versions of Jotunheim back then.

"We're proud of what you've accomplished as a hero, Shu." Yugi positively commented.

Yusuke grins, "And kicking ass along the way."

"But, most of all, you didn't go down a dark path and never gave up." Usagi gladly concludes.

LK!Shu smiles at his inspirers, "Thanks, you seven. I did what I have to do to help the Undertakers and Magical Girls."

Madoka joins in the reception, "I have enjoyed my time with Shu as a good friend and an 'older brother' figure."

The YYGDM founders are glad to hear about LK!Shu and Madoka's 'sibling/friend' bond.

"That's wonderful, Madoka." Usagi smiled at the pink-haired magical girl.

Homura, Haruka, Kurosu, and Saeko meet up with Setsuna/Pluto and Hina/Gao Pluto. Setsuna herself greets Homura, Haruka, Kurosu, and Saeko.

Homura walks to Pluto, "We meet again, Senshi of Time."

Haruka introduces as well, "You must be Meioh Setsuna, I'm Keido Haruka, Homura's adopted mother."

"We meet again, Miss Homura. I see you've adapted well in your new home." Setsuna greeted the younger girl and faces Haruka, "Pleasure to meet you and I'm glad you're taking responsibility of Homura."

"The name is Ouma Kurosu, Shu's father." Kurosu gives Setsuna a bright smile before turning to Saeko, "And this is my wife, Shijou Saeko."

Saeko waves at them pleasantly, "Hello there."

Setsuna bows to Kurosu and Saeko, "A pleasure to meet you, Kurosu and Saeko."

Homura is satisfied of adult acquaintances between Setsuna, Haruka, Kurosu, and Saeko. Suddenly, the Puella of Time senses a chaotic vibe. She is shocked of sensing their appearance, Meioh Setsuna will eventually have the same reaction, yet Homura is keeping her mouth shut in letting Sailor Pluto know herself.

After the king of games greeted LK!Shu and Madoka, Yugi and Tea notice Bandit Keith with some boisterous man wearing an American-themed jacket.

"Look, Yugi! It's Bandit Keith with... um some guy I'm not familiar with?" Tea said of wonder who the other person is.

"Whoever he is, he's obviously very patriotic for his country." Yugi commented.

Bandit Keith, who dresses up as Owen Wilson, is talking to Dan Eagleman.

"Hehe, I am the American duelist to celebrate my country's special day." Bandit Keith proudly stated.

Dan Eagleman loudly responds, "I got the guts to do so! Well I quit working with GHQ so I can have the freedom to come here."

Bandit Keith crosses his arms and smirks, "You made the right choice. Some people see me as a Canadian, but I'm still an American! In America!"

"I guess we share the same boat with guts!" Dan Eagleman cried out.

Just then, a young girl named Tsubasa Yui and her Digimon partner named DarkGabumon show up meeting with Yusuke. Yui comes dressed as Cheadle Yorkshire. DarkGabumon cosplays as Mizaistom Nana. She comes accompanied by her fellow Neo-Spirit Detectives. Each of them dressed as members of the Zodiacs from Hunter x Hunter. Hino Cammy (Rei's younger sister) cosplays as Cluck. Inuki Aoshi cosplays as Kanzai. Tsukino Shingo/Moonlight Knight comes dressed as Saiyu.

"Yusuke!" Yui shouted.

Yusuke sees Yui's group and grins, "Hey! Glad you and the gang came!"

Yui gives Keiko a hug and greets RJ.

"Sis, we're here." Cammy said to Sailor Mars.

Rei smiles at Cammy, "Glad you can come. New York is pretty big, huh?"

"About as big as Tokyo I'd say." Cammy said.

"Tokyo's more densely populated, but hard to say which city is actually bigger." Aoshi said to Cammy before he sees Hina, "Sis, having a good time?"

"I am, big brother!" Hina nodded at Aoshi.

Just then Gon, Killua, and Hisoka are unexpectedly spotted touring through Time Square.

"Look, I see familiar faces, father!" Ryuuhi pointed out.

Hiei sees them as well, "Yes, I know them. Gon, Killua, and Hisoka. They're from my creator's other popular series Hunter x Hunter."

"Yeah, me and RJ are cosplaying Botobai and Ging." Ryuuhi references them.

"Don't you mean to say Hiatus x Hiatus?" Terriermon said while snickering.

Henry rolls his eyes, "That's the running gag that's plagued the series."

"Togashi's a lazy ass that's why." Yusuke sarcastically insulted his author.

"Just like you sometimes." Keiko complimented.

"Hey!" Yusuke humorously snapped.

Setsuna introduces herself to these guests, "Greetings, Hunters."

Yusuke, Rei, Hiei, Koori, and Ryuuhi meet Gon, Killua, and Hisoka.

"What's up, Gon?!" Yusuke casually greeted.

"Nice to finally meet you Gon. I'm Yusuke's successor, Yui Tsubasa." The Neo Spirit Detective leader introduced.

Yusuke points to RJ, "And this is my boy from the future RJ!."

"Finally get to meet you, Gon!" RJ positively introduced to the Hunter. "Hey, your story needs to get out of hiatus!"

Gon notices the Spirit Detectives and gives a cheerful smile, "Hey guys, I finally get a chance to meet you! It's going great, Yusuke, and please to meet you Yui and RJ!"

"Killua." Hiei simply stated his name.

Ryuuhi and Ryuuhi greet Killua.

"Finally nice for us to meet the HxH characters." Rei said about the turn of events.

Killua gives a calm and fearless smile, "Hello, you must be the legendary demon swordsman, Hiei."

"Oh, if you guys are wondering where Kurapika and Leorio are, they are somewhere around Midtown Manhattan." Gon explained. "I'm sure they'll meet Kuwabara and Kurama."

Elsewhere, Hisoka is seen by flipping his cards and gives a creepy looking smile to the crowd in distance.

Then, Sailor Moon (Crystal) walks around and sees Usagi.

"Oh my gosh! It's the other me from that YYGDM universe!" Crystal!Moon jumps in joy.

Usagi notices Crystal!Moon, "Hey, it's the Crystal version of me!"

"From the reboot series, huh?" Rei sees this about Sailor Moon Crystal, "She's drawn closer to the manga. Heh, she's skinnier than even you."

In destiny for these two senshi, both old and current, Usagi and Crystal!Moon greet each other.

"Wow, this is so cool." Usa said in surprise.

"Two Sailor Moons. This is crazy." Guilmon stated.

"Tell me about it, boy." Takato added.

"Could our Usagi be passing her blessings to the other one?" Rika wonders to herself.

Crystal!Moon grabs Usagi's hands and smiles, "It's so good to finally meet the YYDGM version of me! Maybe you can give me advice. Since I'm kinda a newbie compared to you."

"Don't sell yourself short." Usagi responded to her modern counterpart.

The New Yorkers are mesmerized seeing two Sailor Moons in one location. If that wasn't enough, fans cheer as two young women named Matoi Ryuko and Kiryuin Satsuki from Studio Trigger's first hit anime called Kill la Kill appear.

"Hey, it's Ryuko and Satsuki!" Kotori noticed them and cried out.

Seadramon ask his partner, "Doesn't Ryuko share the same English VA as you?"

"Yep, but can you believe Ryuko is way more hotheaded, louder, and brash than me?" Kotori honestly explained to the sea serpent Digimon.

Seadramon gulps, "Someone crazier than you?"

Kotori walks over to meet Ryuko and Satsuki.

The Honnouji ladies: Ryuko and Satsuki turn their attention to Kotori.

Ryuko grins at Kotori, "Hey, what's up? Are you that Valkyrie leader we're hearing about?"

"If you are, then it's an honor to meet you, Ayami Kotori." Satsuki respectfully introduced.

"We're here to give you something that'll kick ass." Ryuko offered.

Ryuko and Satsuki are giving Kotori a special school uniform.

"We named it after your Valkyrie team called, Valketsu." Satsuki announced.

Kotori is surprised with receiving Valketsu. She examines it and smiles.

"Thanks! I'll wear it with pride. Maybe it can merge well with my Valkyrie armor." Kotori thanked the two Honnouji girls and wondered about her new equipment.

(End Theme)

Elsewhere within Times Square, the notorious Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool is celebrating with fans dressed like him.

"Y'all love me, don't ya?!" Deadpool hollered to the crowd.

"YEAH!" All the fans shouted in return.

"How about me finally getting a movie that respects my character?!" Deadpool asked them.

"They better not fuck up." A fan answered to the mercenary.

"You're telling me. My movie needs violence mixed with comedy. And they better let me keep my mask. Those suits at Fox will be hearing from me!" Deadpool takes out his katana in proudness.

A female humanoid with green skin named Nagah is passing on by and notices the YYGDM founders. She comes dressed as Neferpitou from Hunter x Hunter and is the leader of the Reformed Rajita, a faction with some of the reptilian humanoid race wishes to redeem themselves from their past sins.

"Finally found them." Nagah tries to fight through crowds, "But Leviathan help me I don't blast these people away. I heard the city of New York was rowdy, but this is ridiculous!"

(Cue Super Mario Galaxy 2 OST - Road to Bowser)

Also somewhere in Time Square, a cast of major villains make their presence felt. Crowds recognize them as the villains that helped nearly ruin the House of Madoka Halloween event. One is a brown-haired woman secretary while the other is a blond-haired businessman. Sharon Rivers and Jeremiah Grand, known as the Paradais duo, walk down the street side by side laughing. They're both cosplayed as Final Fantasy villains. Sharon is dressed as a gender-bender Chaos and Jeremiah is dressed as Garland.

"Isn't it great to be back in New York, dear?" Jeremiah asked his lover.

Sharon chortles, "Yes and to see such fear from these lowly humans, it brings much joy to me."

"Come, let's go find your sister and the other heroes. We'll raid on their parade." Jeremiah stated.

"Indeed, we will. We have a big surprise to show my sister and her Senshi." Sharon then turns around, "Rajita Warlords, it's time to give them hell."

Three warlords that look like the Shredders named: Ghidorah, Gamera, and Gyaos appear in front of the Paradais couple. Ghidorah cosplays as Darkseid, Gamera dresses as Kalibak, and Gyaos dresses as Doomsday. Indeed, the Rajita Warlords dress up as Superman villains.

"Raid their celebration we shall." Ghidorah responded.

Likewise, a giant, golden three-headed dragon named King Ghidorah makes his grand appearance. The kaiju himself is a willingly member of Paradais instead of being brainwash from previous alien factions. The Shredder-like Rajita Warlords are standing at the dragon's three heads each, does the reverse arm-fold to show the crowd whose boss(es), as King Ghidorah begins to fly upward.

At the same time, an odd blond-haired cat boy wearing a Nazi uniform named Schrodinger is seen. He is part of the Paradais organization.

Elsewhere, a gigantic humanoid demon Digimon with bat-like wings, a crown-like helmet, and a third eye on his forehead named Valmarmon materializes from out of a portal. He's dressed as Taurus Bulba from Darkwing Duck.

Valmarmon is laughing, "Don't think you get to hog the fun, Paradais."

A large Japanese demon with samurai armor, a demonic red mask with a gaping mouth, long white hair, and six metal protrusions in his back named Arago appears as well, looking at the crowds backing away from him. He comes dressed as Oda Nobunaga.

"Likewise, the Demon Brotherhood isn't missing the festivities." Arago greeted.

The Paradais duo take notice as Jeremiah said, "It appears we have a reunion of the main Dawn of Chaos villains." Yes, that sole event is a huge gauntlet for the YuYuGiDigiMoon heroes of stopping the chaotic duo and those mentioned villains.

"Except Professor Frank, but who cares about that idiot." Sharon mentioned about a certain minor villain in Yugioh 5Ds before she gives an evil smirk to the dark beings, "Come, let's have fun, fellow villains."

Out of nowhere, the Legendary Pictures version of Godzilla makes his epic appearance much to the crowd's surprising reaction. At the same time, Mothra appears as well. Both kaijus have sense Ghidorah's presence despite they are celebrating the New Year instead of fighting their arch-nemesis.

As the four SAO players on their Charizards fly towards Time Square, their eyes widen of seeing Godzilla, Ghidorah, and Mothra.

"Whoa, giant monsters, here in New York?!" Leafa sees the three kaijus closely.

"I doubt their going to wreck the city." Kirito cautiously said, "Japan even decides to compete with Legendary Pictures in doing another Godzilla movie."

"Guys, I think we saw Shu and the others!" Yui alerted the group.

Kirito begins to see them below as well, "Wait, I see them as well! Alongside Japan's superheroes."

"Let's go meet them shall we?" Asuna said to her friends.

The MMORPG players then descend down to the crowd location.

(End theme)

Next Part: Festivities of Manhattan (Part II)

A/N: Here we are, this is the longest introductory chapter and I hope it balance just fine.

As we see here, Canon!Shu, Ayase, and Tsugumi have finally meet the Guilty Crown: Lost Kingdoms group. In this shared corner universe, the events of the canon!Guilty Crown happened years ago while the Lost Kingdoms versions are taking over, though with differed events than my actual GC Lost Kingdoms fanfic. Well it feels more sense than my previous story since we have freedom in the corner verse. :P

Like Kanius and his friends, I have been a big fan of Final Fantasy VII. In fact, I see a lot of connections to that and Guilty Crown. Here in this story, Canon!Shu acts like Advent Children!Cloud of being blind as he is misses Canon!Inori and sulks of his past mistakes. Think of it as a shell-shocked veteran coming out of the war to live peacefully, only to interact with people that don't have the harsh experiences as he was. This crossover pays tribute to the 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, one of the most entertaining movies back in the day that inspired adventurous and action-packed ideas.

I see a symbolic meaning: Canon!Inori represents the past/having artificial hair/somewhat emotionless in development, while Canon!Ayase shows the present and future/natural hair/strong development (no wonder why some viewers enjoyed her than Inori). Canon!Inori and Ayase also remind me of Aerith and Tifa respectively.

We have various side plots besides the main Guilty Crown group. Some of which are the YuYuGiDigiMoon heroes celebrating with the crowd, the Kuhouin group meets the Kaiba family, Toys R Us, Deadpool's antics with his new upcoming movie (the creators finally did it right, and it's R-rated), Toonami (especially they remind us of the changes of viewing anime online instead of television) and the Marvel Cinematic Universe celebrating.

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