A/N: Here we are, the epilogue at last. It has been a wild ride for me, my co-author, and to you contributer/readers/etc. This is to show what happens to some of the characters, and to Canon!Shu.

(Cue Thomas Bergersen - Remember Me)


A Few Days Later

(Cue Hiroyuki Sawano - From Sunset to Sunrise)

"Hey guys, this is your one and only Ford speaking. It's been days since the New Years. I'm already married to Jessica that we had our honeymoon, and since then, we begin to settle down in Memoria alongside a normal house back on Earth. I pretty much refer myself as 'Ford Nightwind'."

Manhattan/Universe: Character Corner/January

"It's really a new beginning to us all."

The whole view of New York City is seen with the sky about to have its new morning. Many crowds of automobiles, civilians, and audio noises are in the usual daily lives. Some are texting and looking at their phones. There are some workers that are cleaning up the past celebration.

Outer Space

"Somewhere, they are gonna explore parallel universes. Same goes for their digital counterparts."

In outer space, a fat-version of Beerus with red garbs of clothing named Champa (Beerus' twin brother), alongside a female version of Whis (who is his sister) named Vados, are observing the cosmos.

Standing beside them are their digital counterparts: Champamon (Beerusmon's brother) and LadyWhismon (Whismon's sister). Both pairs give each other looks and accept their acquaintances.

Guesses have something to do with the Super Dragonballs/Digicores and a kind of multiversal tournament.

Roppongi District, Tokyo/LK!Menjou Hare's House

At a house in the bathroom, Hare is seen with a towel around her body in looking at the mirror in a dazed expression. She feels something in her tummy when waking up as she takes some kind of a test. Hare fully blushes in embarrassment to find out she's pregnant and bearing Eren's child.

"Hehe. Looks like she's having a surprise."

The Digital World

It is a sunny day at the Digital World's field of grass. On top of a hill steep stand a young teenage boy alongside an Agumon as his partner.

He has bluish black hair, gray eyes, a black skirt with an orange 'x', long gray shorts, orange circuit-vertical lines in the collar and sleeves, orange/black shoes and orange/gray bike goggles.

His name is Taiga, that he's part of the new generation of Digidestined to have his journey, Redigitize style.

Above the skies, two young Saiyans that are humans named Beat and his girlfriend, Note from Dragonball Heroes flies in remembering their adventures with their admirers.

A Forest

Back in the Real World, somewhere in an unknown coniferous forest, a huge sasquatch-like Titan is seen with a group of Titans under his control. Referring to himself as the Beast Titan, he makes himself known in the Attack on Titan franchise.

France, Paris/Theater

Sasha D'Anjou is having another performance to the audience. Philippe and some of his friends: Saya, Tsukimaru, Garman, and Jaguarmon watch her. Though Philippe is shuddered of his first experiences of 'love making' with Sasha during the New Year celebration, he remains happy that his lover is going well.

At the top of one of the balconies, a lone vampire girl is seen in the dark watching the play. She is a pink-haired girl garb in black petite clothing and a high ruler of the vampire clan named, Krul Tepes. She gives a bored looking smirk while observing.

Walt Disney World, Animal Kingdom/Orlando, FL

At Disney World's Animal Kingdom, there is a wonderful time for all the tourists to have fun in the park to see live animals. It shows one of the famous attractions called Kilimanjaro Safaris of a single safari vehicle moving for the riders to see African animals such as elephants, lions, zebras, hippos, rhinos, and gazelles. Three of these tourists sitting are: Kara Summers, Ayanna Nazawi, and Arashi.

Isla Nublar/Jurassic World

"We all stick together for survival."

At the southern part of the abandoned island, there is a helicopter carrier that the sun rises. Rexy the Tyrannosaurus rex slowly walks to reach the top and looks at the whole view of the abandoned Jurassic World. The T. rex gives a mighty roar to the ruins of the park; signify her reclamation to her kingdom.

Izu Oshima Island

Finally, it switches to Izu Oshima Island with all the tourist places and beaches, this is the area when Canon!Shu's childhood memories are written with Canon!Gai and Mana during their last beloved summer vacation before Lost Christmas.

Before that though, this is when the Heisei!Godzilla was involved, and how Cinnabar Island of Pokemon is based on this island. No wonder why the events with the creation rock that contain the Apocalypse Virus and Canon!Kurosu/Keido's discoveries of Genomic Resonance remind of the researches from Cinnabar Island's Pokemon Mansion.

A statue of the original Ouma Shu holding the Singer's Sword above, and with Yuzuriha Inori side-by-side is seen with some tourists passing by. This is to finally prove that after over twenty years of ostracized, Canon!Shu gain the sole recognition he has hope for the public to remember.

"Enough of my small talk, let's show what happens to our beloved fictional characters."

(End Theme)

Shinjuku, Tokyo/Legend Headquarters

(Cue Birthday Massacre –Trinity)

The setting switches to Shinjuku, Tokyo, where it shows a large modernized headquarters similar to the Hall of Justice in DC Comics. This is the place that was formerly HYPNOS Headquarters. Larry and Marty Stonebagel are seen walking through in the streets chatting amongst themselves like cousins.

It is revealed the roster roles of the seven founders have change to commence the coming of heroes across the world besides Japan: Senshi, Digimon, Spirit Detectives, Duelists, Kuipers, Valkyries, and Metas.

Inside one of these rooms is a large conference with people sitting: Tsukino Usagi, Urameshi Yusuke, Tai Kamiya & Agumon (Kai), Kensuke Rainer & Veemon, and Max Kamiya.

There is a diagram shown in a large board showing three universes designated: DF-616, YYGDM-01, and XLR-8.

"Oh god, what a New Years that was!" Usagi let out an exasperated sigh.

Yusuke added with a playful smirk. "I don't know. I had a good time... punching a few heads in."

"Yusuke, you punch crazy freak!"

"Just joking, Usagi! Hey, I wanted a relaxing New Years, too!"

Just as Usagi was about to pull on Yusuke's cheek, she sat down and calmed.

"Sorry about that, everyone."

"Hey, it's ok. I think we need to get all that stress outta us after last night," Tai replied.

"Tell me about it! Let's we can start 2016 fresh and to a good start!" Agumon added optimistically.

"I'll tell you what dying sucks... and for real that time," Kensuke remarked. "Never thought that'd happen to me."

X added. "Just goes to show none of us here are truly invincible. What destroys us..."

Yusuke finished. "...makes us stronger. We know that ol' cliche, but it's true. Look at me! I'm living proof! No knows dying better than me!"

"Well, now that Da'ath's been defeated for good, the Cornerverse can continue to entertain millions," Usagi said with hands together. "Team Four Star can continue to do what they do best. Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged can keep going as long as LittleKuriboh is able. Death Battles can keep running more shows. And we can continue to have our fun entertaining our fans."

"And no jerks to rain our parade anymore!" Agumon chimed in.

The Bearer of Courage concurred while patting Agumon. "You said it, buddy."

"What's for the future?" Veemon wondered.

"Maybe hope our counterparts from the other dimensions will explore more of the multiverse?" Kensuke turned to the board.

Usagi and Yusuke said together. "YYGDM-01, where our counterparts live."

Tai and Agumon eyed the DF-616 diagram. "Where ours live."

Kensuke and Veemon eyed XLR-8. "And where ours live."

"Hopefully they can get the chance to explore the endless possibilities of other dimensions. Though, I imagine they already have after the Dawn of Chaos incident. But, now they can explore these other realms by their free will," Max hinted at a future event yet to come, which had its preview released by its author. "Anyway, I think we can call the meeting adjourned?"

Usagi nodded. "Yep, official business is over. But, man am I hungry. Who's up for some Chinese buffet?!

Tai and Agumon both raise their hands. "Oh, here! Here! Here!"

"You read my mind, Usagi!" Max said elatedly.

Yusuke added. "I say amen to that!"

Kensuke sighed. "Well, us Ascendants can't go without a full meal, right?"

"Yep! I'm gonna try out eat Agumon!" Veemon said.

"So, who's buying?" Usagi asked.

Right away, she and the others shift over to Max, who waved his hands out and backed off.

"Whoa, I don't got the cash on me now. Hmm, maybe I can ask Simms, he's a loaded."

With the, the leaders head out for a big Chinese buffet as a prelude to the upcoming Chinese New Years celebration and to kick off a fresh new year.

Shinjuku District/CainCorp

Cain Bearer is seen watching over the glass windows in one of the top floor rooms and it's darkened. He gives a slight grimace look while he reverse arm-folds. The united forces have already clean up his mess of ridding his competitors, but it still doesn't change the fact that his xenophobic abhor towards them remains.

"One day, that law will be passed when that time comes. I will restore the cornerverse's balance and make a better future."

(End Theme)

Gates of Time

(Cue Fran Soto - Timeless Place)

In the wide emptiness lies a large white doorway of space-time. There is a silver chair next to it, and that someone sitting the furniture is Valkyrie Skogul. Today is one of her days as a time guardian, she's wearing a wooden ring with a small emerald. This means she is married to her soul mate.

Then, there are four colored orb screens appearing in the vast ceiling to contact the new guardian. These figures are quadru-representations of space and time, though Lord Chronos & Ananke are above them.

The blue orb representing Heaven shows a light brunette-blond bearded angel with a red tattered cloth, his wings are white and snowy owl like, and bronze Hoplite-like armor named Cassiel, a watcher of the cosmos with little interference. It is revealed that after Ragnarok, Cassiel sends a familiar named Chilali to watch over the reincarnated Skogul as a family pet until her reawakening in the modern world. It is presumed that Cassiel is the ancestral father of Skogul while the mother was a mortal native woman.

The red orb representing Hell shows an 11-ft tall greater sooty owl demon with long legs like a stork, four wings, eyebrows similar to a great-horned owl, and wearing a mitre headgear. His name is Prince Stolas, a teacher of astronomy and 'father' of Geirskogul that resides in a library with hourglasses (similar to Stolas' Clock from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2).

The yellow orb representing Eldritch shows a massive four winged (two close to its neck, while the other two at the end of its body, making its body like an 'I' shape) amphiptere abomination whose maize yellow centipede/millipede body is made out of tendrils and carnivorous mouths. It is surrounded by conglomerations of glowing spheres with eyes inside. Its legs are centipede/millipede-like and some have gecko-like feet. Its horned serpentine head has no eyes and main mouth, giving it a faceless visage. Its height is 77'66" ft tall. It is Yog-Sothoth, the entity gateway of all time-space.

The green orb representing the Earth is a young woman that has long curly straight auburn-brunette hair, grayish green eyes, light skin and wearing a Greek pistachio dress. Her name is Mnemosyne, the Titan personification of memory and mother of the Muses (one of them is Euterpe that the music inspires Guilty Crown). She is also the one that makes Ford her successor.

"Congratulations of receiving this position after such training." Cassiel gives his gratitude. In fact, Skogul was the first of the Valkyries to fully learn her ancestral birth. Cassiel then adds, "Though you already know your true memories, your sisters have yet to go further. Brunhilde is still learning."

"For a mere Valkyrie, you are not too bad." Stolas stated in a stern voice, "Are you hearing this to begin with, spear-Skogul (Geirskogul)?"

Yog usually speaks in its native language till a special translator allows it to speak in English of a raspy male, "It's very engrossing to glean this event. I expand my admiration to you like the primordial Senshi of Time, both this and the YYGDM-01 universes. Too bad I am lock outside of the nexus because we want and wanna a celebration! Oh well…your YYGDM-01 counterpart's story has just begun."

"And your husband is doing well in his first days as a memorial guardian." Mnemosyne informed with a smile. "Memoria is his and your new home."

Skogul smiles in the presence of her good company congratulating.

"No, thank you all. I just hope I can live up to being a guardian of the time gates just like Sailor Pluto did. I'll do my best not to disappoint her," Skogul faced the Gates of Time. "I just hope I can cope with the loneliness she has to go through."

Geirskogul's voice reaches Skogul's mind. "Oh, but you're not alone. I'm here. Ok, I'm not physically here, but we are one now as long as we continue to love our favorite Thai man. And the ring is proof of our wedded love for him."

Skogul looked down at her wooden ring and smiled. "Yes, you're right. I'm not alone. I do have good company." She looks up at the four colored orbs. "And you're all here to ensure I'm not truly alone."

She turns to the blue orb of Cassiel. "I've come to understand my ancestral birth and past. Although my memories have all returned to me, I expect my sisters will soon follow. I have good faith in each of them. And as for Brunhilde, she will surprise you."

She faces the red orb of Stolas. "And don't you worry about Geirskogul. She's fused with me whether she likes it or not."

She pivots and addresses the yellow orb of Yog. "Yes, I know you want to get out and celebrate my graduation as a Time Guardian. And yes, I'm very curious how fate goes for my other counterpart. I wish her well."

She then faces the purple orb of Mnemosyne. "I knew Ford could do it. And yes, thank you for granting us Memoria to be our new home."

With that said in mind, Skogul recollects why Huginn & Muninn came back to her side. It is revealed that after they left following the Second Ragnarok and since Nightwind is her real surname to begin with, the ravens changed it to Nightwood and her human hair color to dark brown between that and Shinnen because the other Valkyries have to wait for a long moment. Now that her real last name/hair color changed back for good, she and the maidens will have an equal fair share to learn more of their backgrounds when the time comes.

She faces the Gates of Time once again. "Ford, let's fulfill our duties well, my love." She then looks down at the Time Keys that Pluto bestowed her. "And Pluto, take as much time as you want with John. Since after all, time doesn't flow here."

London, England/Time: A.D. 1837

Shortly after the Da'ath conflict resolved, Meioh Setsuna bid farewell to the Sailor Senshi and the others (yes, including her sister Charon). In need of a vacation for the longest time, she passed her Time Guardian duties to Valkyrie Skogul as a test to determine her qualifications. She left with John Smith/Volodramon in his own variation of the TARDIS. Their first stop across time was in Victorian England in 1837, approximately around the time Queen Victoria ascended the throne and when Great Britain became a world power.

This was also the setting for the arranged meeting with the other Doctors.

Sitting together in a fancy restaurant table were Setsuna, John, the 10th Doctor, and the 11th Doctor. The three men were dressed in fancy tuxedos and Setsuna was dressed in an alluring dark purple Victorian dress.

"I must say don't you look quite stunning, Miss Setsuna!" 11 said cheerfully, captivated by Setsuna's presence.

"Agreed. You never looked better, old friend," 10 acknowledged the Time Guardian.

"Thank you," Setsuna smiled, acknowledging the two Doctors.

"Isn't she great?" John concurred with them. "So, where's 12? Isn't he supposed to be here?"

"Here he comes now," 11 pointed to an older gentleman dressed very sharply in a black tuxedo. "Over here, 12!"

The 12th Doctor approaches the table with his two predecessors, Setsuna, and John.

"Good evening, previous mes," 12th Doctor referred to 10 and 11. He glanced over to John. "So, you're the clone of my 10th self?"

"Indeed, and also part-Digimon. Oh, where are my manners, I'm John Smith."

12 raises a brow. "That's the generic human alias I go by. You're really using that name?"

"Sure, why not? I'm part-Doctor after all. I have all the memories of all the previous yous prior to 10. My, don't I have such dashing good looks?"

Setsuna giggles over John's last remark. "John, that's quite enough."

"And you must be, the one that guards the Gates of Time," 12 acknowledged Setsuna, who looked up right at him. "You know the previous mes, but not me. Not this face."

Setsuna smiled and stood, surprising the older gentleman with her 5'10 height. "I'm only of the only few that has met all the previous Doctor incarnations. All of them have their good and flawed qualities, but yes this is our first meeting." She shook 12's hand. "I am Meioh Setsuna, or as your previous faces know me as... Sailor Pluto. Let us get to know each other."

"Yes, I remember seeing you when I helped that Native American woman and her Thai companion ward off the Master and Davros. We never had the chance to meet then, and we missed each other during the big battle with Da'ath. However, now we made our proper introductions, Miss Setsuna."

"Likewise, the honor is mine. Come and join us for tea we have a lot to discuss."

As 12 sat down, a waiter arrived to bring the five guests of honor some English tea.

"You're on vacation now, Miss Setsuna?" 12 asked her.

"A long overdue time away from my duties. My princess honored me that after the stressful war we've been through. Not to mention to finally get away from my dysfunctional family. That Native American woman you helped is my successor and will be watching the gates in my place."

11 smiled. "She'll do a wonderful job, Miss Setsuna. I wouldn't worry too much."

"Yes, Skogul is very determined to carry on my duties."

"Where are you and John plan to go next after this?" 10 asks his look alike.

John turns to Setsuna and nods. "We've looking at going back to Ancient Greek, Roman, and Egypt. Some of times of antiquity. Maybe explore other planets. And I believe that Kingdom Hearts world she's wanted to revisit."

"Sounds splendid. Hope you enjoy your vacation, Miss Setsuna," 11 said, raising his tea cup. "A toast."

10 added. "A toast."

12 nodded and lifted his teacup. "A toast."

"To a wonderful couple!" The Doctors' raised and tapped their teacups with Setsuna and John's.

Setsuna and John drank their tea together. This was the beginning of their adventures across time and space. The next day, the couple would journey back into Ancient Greece to explore the Greek mythology that helped shape many modern tales, including its influence on the Sailor Moon mythology. Then, they went to Ancient Rome to do the same and explore the culture. After that, they went way further back into Ancient Egypt to meet Prince Atem and help thwart a Cybermen invasion. After some visits across the stars, they along with the 12th Doctor helped Sora and his friends fight a new breed of Heartless sent by a revived Organization XIII, who were revived as mere puppets by the Missy/Master and the Daleks.

Of course, all this could easily be told in a spin-off story. Perhaps one day, but that'll be for another time.

(End Theme)

Tokyo, Japan/Prison

(Cue Mnemosyne OST - 02 - RIN's Morning)

At some prison, Asada Shino in her civilian appearance (brown hair and glasses) is visiting a prisoner between glass rooms that she's familiar with before. A young man named Shinkawa Kyouji.

"Asada? You come here again?" Kyouji asked in concern.

"Yeah, I'm stopping by since that New Year event." Shino answered to her former friend, "I remember what you did before with the Death Gun incident, you can't forgive yourself about it.."

"There's nothing to me, I thought back then that we're going to be together." Kyouji sadly murmured.

"But, that's not going to happen." Shino firmly responded before her lips form a mix between a smile and sadness, "Though I still seem to forgive you, fate has yet to decide on the other hand."

Kyouji can understand what she meant. He was the one that introduced Shino of Gun Gale Online in helping her to overcome her fears. Once he was part of the Death Gun incursion, alongside the fact that he loathes the real world, his feelings at Shino became unstable to the point they would rather kill themselves to be free from real-life's curse. Now he's in jail for who knows what.

Also in the same prison, Ayami Kotori is seen sitting on a chair and on the opposite side of a glass barrier is a worn-out rugged woman that resembled an older Kotori. Kotori faced her with apathy and pushed a small gifted box through a slot.

"Here, happy holidays," Kotori muttered, not caring what her mother does. She doesn't even bother calling the woman her 'mother'.

The woman took the box. Instead of opening it, she asked. "You still refuse to call me your mother? What I did to you... that was so long ago."

"Physical and emotional scars that won't go away. You don't think I'll ever forget all those times you came home drunk and abused me? You want me to pretend all that shit never happened? Hate to break it to you, I'll never forget or forgive you for what you did to me! If my dad were around, he'd locked your ass up sooner!"

Taken aback by her daughter's tone, the widowed woman remembered her husband died on duty and her other daughter, Ayami Hitori, run down and killed by a drunk driver, which led to her drunken and abusive nature. Instead of coping with the loss, she took her issues out on their daughter.

"Kotori, dear... I never meant for us to be severed apart like this. Your father was the glue that kept us together. Even today, I'm still grieving he's no longer here with us."

Kotori noticed tears in her mother's eyes. "Hey, you don't have to cry. I should be crying. You know I loved dad and Hitori, too. The holidays were always bright when they were alive. And how could I forget the joy they brought?" She sighed. "Just hurry up and open your gift. It's the most you deserve."

Hesitant, Mrs. Ayami unwrapped the gift. She opened the box, which had a locket with a picture of her, her husband, and two children Kotori & Hitori inside.

"Just a reminder of what our life was like before dad and Hitori passed. Those are memories of us I want to cherish, not what happened after their deaths."

"And you're doing your father proud by training to become an officer yourself, sweetie," Mrs. Ayami teared up, grasping the locker in her hands. "And I know Hitori would be proud, too."

Kotori got up from the chair. "I won't die the way they did. I'm a lot stronger than they ever was." She picked up her jacket and prepared to leave. "Their spirits will guide me."

"Kotori, my little bird... when they finally release me, perhaps if there's a chance we can mend our differences?"

"This little bird left her cage a long time ago," Kotori replied of how her name means 'little bird' in Japanese, putting on her jacket and dark shades on. "And I've taken to the skies. I don't need you holding me back anymore." She smiled. "But, maybe we can talk about dad over some coffee or something." As she walked out, Mrs. Ayami smiled with tears.

On her way out, Kotori waved to fellow academy cadets she's trained with. She received word that she passed her exams and would qualify to be a police officer. She would find herself placed in the Metropolitan Police Department.

She stopped halfway down the hall and bumped into Shino.

"Ayami Kotori, it's good to bump into you."

"Asada Shino! Hey! Came to visit someone?"

"Yeah, you can say that," she sighed in disappointment. "Say, where are you going now?"

"To the Shinjuku Family Cemetery. You're welcome to come if you want, unless gravesites make you depressed?"

"No," Shino nodded. "It's a good to get my mind off things now."

"Well, all right. We'll be meeting a few folks there."

"I see."

"Let's go, c'mon don't want to keep them waiting!" Kotori smiled, walking out with Shino.

(End Theme)

Shinjuku, Tokyo/Shinjuku Family Cemetery

(Cue Two Steps From Hell –Meant to Be)

The cemetery, a specific one that people are buried in their final resting place. Visitors come here to pay their respects.

Ayami Kotori and Asada Shino are walking to the entrance of this place. Kotori remembered that this is the place where she was buried after her death by a specific circumstance of an 'underworld saga' years ago. After that for some time, she is brought back to life and makes use to the living world again in her young adult years.

Both girls then see a group of people: Osaka Karin, Dimitri & Faith, Athena & PinkPatamon, Tsubasa Himura & Inumon, and Tsubasa Yui & DarkGabumon. They come to visit a specific gravesite with the name of a beloved contributor. Here lies that person…

Youkai Yoko, 1980s – 2005

"Have anything else to say?" Karin asked while Athena and PinkPatamon placed flowers near the grave.

Athena and PinkPatamon both pray for one of the original contributors for an author's successful crossover series.

"Can't believe it's been already over 10 years since that day," Himura muttered. "Her cousin, Belletiger, has managed to keep going in life."

"To think Youko missed out on the growth of our series," Inumon sighed sadly.

Yui disagreed. "No she hasn't. I bet she's still reading how our tales have been weaved. She has to be very proud of where her cousin and Kanius have taken us."

Kotori nodded. "Well said, Yui." She placed flowers next to Youko's grave. "Thanks you for helping to create us in the first place. Your cousin and her friend have helped make our dreams possible by becoming full-fledged characters in a long-running crossover. And maybe one day, we'll be in a series of our own."

Karin added. "And my creator created me in your honor, Youko. I hope I'm living to your expectations." She feels Dimitri's arm over her shoulder.

Dimitri reassured his girlfriend. "I'm sure you exceeded her expectations, Karin."

"Me and Kotori both know what it's like having loved ones pray their respects to your grave," Karin said as she and Kotori exchange looks. "Right?"

"Yeah," Kotori replied.

(End Theme)

Both Karin and Kotori once died before and were revived given a second chance to fight against evil. Both are now two of the seven YYGDM founders. Karin's counterpart died in the DF-616 dimension only to be reborn as a dimensional Sailor Senshi for dimension YYGDM-01. Kotori's counterpart died during her adventures in the Underworld, but was later reborn as a Valkyrie Maiden. Much like Karin, Kotori formed her own team.

The group prayed one last time for Youko.

(Cue Two Steps From Hell -Clair Voyant)

One has to wonder if the author thought of these ideas before Youko's passing. Only the author known as Kanius knows that answer.

Just then, the group turns and to their surprise they are met with three spirits: a girl a lighter shade of blue hair than Kotori's and worn in a long ponytail; she was seen wearing a light purple kimono. She exuded a more feminine presence compared to Kotori's tomboyish and masculine persona. This is Kotori's twin sister, Ayami Hitori. Next to her is hers and Kotori's father and lastly Odin.

"Hey, who's that?" Yui pointed to the girl.

"Hi...Hitori," Kotori smiled with tears. "And dad. And Lord Odin."

"That's Hitori, huh?" Himura asked. "She would've made a good friend."

"She looks nice," Inumon commented.

"They've been watching us this whole time," Karin smiled.

Shino observes this and finds herself admiring Kotori.

The three spirits stood together nodding akin to Return of the Jedi.

"I'll do you three proud," Kotori vowed to the spirits.

(End Theme)

Fields/Universe: PMMM-011

It is nightfall in an outside dimension. The place is a field of grass glittering to feel the moonlight. Standing in the glass is none other than Akemi Homura, however, this is actually the canon native in her universe. Homura (PMMM-011) senses someone behind her in distance. Though she does not look, the person reveals to be Akemi Homura (Character Corner), coming to visit the Puella's canon dimension.

"You fare well in ruling this universe?" Homura (Corner) asked her canon self.

Homura (PMMM) forms a small smile and responds while not turning, "Why do I get this feeling that my own voice is talking to me?"

"But, is it worth it? Perhaps I do not interfere with your decisions." Homura (Corner) stated.

"Hmm, we share the same destiny then to protect Madoka." Homura (PMMM) reminded her alternate version.

"Your right, but we did it in different ways." Homura (Corner) said.

"Suit yourself on your opinion then." Homura (PMMM) concludes.

Homura (Corner) sees enough and decides to end the conversation. After which, Homura (Corner) disappears from the area, leaving Homura (PMMM) alone.

(Cue Puella Magi Madoka Magica Rebellion - Not Yet (Post-Credits))

As the audio seems quiet, Homura (PMMM) begins to dance across the fields, and keeps on doing it until she reaches the edge of the cliff. Smiling without concerns to her well-being, Homura (PMMM) begins to let herself fall off. Back in the grassy area, it shows Kyubey (PMMM) with bruises from his white fur and quiver.

The Rebellion Story has been concluded with the Devil ruling her universe. A utopia without the corrupted Magical Girl system for the girls to be free with normal lives. But, what sadness and happiness does Homura (PMMM) count?

Guess this leaves things open-ended.

(End Theme)

Nishitokyo, Tokyo/SAO Survivor School/Universe: Character Corner

Returning back to the Character Corner dimension, Kirigaya Kazuto and Yuuki Asuna are seen walking since they finish their classes at school. They then stumble and bump upon two blond-haired people: a young boy and girl.

"Who are you two?" Kazuto questioned.

The blond haired boy answers, "My name is Eugeo from the world of Alicization, known mainly as the Underworld."

"And the name is Alice." The blond haired girl responded.

"Hmm, it's nice to meet you two and all but we wonder why you mention something of Alicization?" Asuna asked.

Eugeo answers, "Well, the light novels are currently at that long arc, but the anime has yet to adapt it to the general audience. So you two will find out soon."

Kazuto and Asuna look at each others eyes in pondering whether the blond haired boy's words are valid. They know about their creator's work, but still.

Roppongi District, Tokyo

(Cue Guilty Crown – Departure)

The area quickly shifts into the city district of Tokyo. Civilians are doing the usual walking to work and other activities in this calm audio. There is a tall building showing a video of Canon!Inori singing "Departures" on an LCD panel. Even though most people don't personally pay attention to it, they still hear it to remember the beautiful memories of a forgotten voice.

Roppongi District, Tokyo/Restaurant

It then shows a dining restaurant that one of the tables shows LK!Shu, Inori II, and LK!Gai sitting.

"Been a few days since Manhattan." LK!Shu recalled.

"And coming here after school helps to ease some stress." Inori II calmly stated.

LK!Shu smiles at his pink-haired girlfriend, "You can say that again, we have months left before our graduation."

"I wonder what fate stores for our canon selves?" LK!Gai asked his two companions.

Both LK!Shu and Inori II hears what Gai has to say. It was a unique experience of helping their canon selves to defeat the faux Yuu, even though Da'ath is still on the loose and in hiding. Nevertheless…

Roppongi District, Tokyo/Apartment Building

"Well wherever they are for sure, their somewhere to enjoy their lives." LK!Shu's voice concluded.

Returning inside the building that is displaying the original Inori's song, there is some kind of a small birthday party. A birthday cake is seen in the table that's implied to celebrate the late Canon!Hare's birthday. At the floor, Fyu-Neru is seen with his new 'family' moving around, which is one robot similar to his appearance followed by smaller ones as their 'children'.

Sitting around the table, except two empty seats, are Canon!Shinomiya Ayase, Tsugumi, Souta, and Kanon with warm expressions and wearing formal uniforms for this special day.

"Hey, Yahiro!" Canon!Souta smiled upon seeing his friend appearing wearing his business suit.

Canon!Yahiro smiles back and responds to the group, "Wow, you guys are out early! Pretty busy since I just got out from work. Ayase, mind if I sit here with you?"

"Be my guest." Canon!Ayase accepted as she allows Yahiro to sit next to her.

"Ayase, you're alright with Earl Gray tea?" Canon!Tsugumi asked her longtime friend.

"Why thank you, Tsugumi." Canon!Ayase smiled at her in allowing her cup to be filled.

"Just for today, mid-term exams are coming up for my students, so I'll just study my butt off again in home." Canon!Tsugumi grinned, "We'll see who the inner demon lets out."

"Good luck with that." Canon!Yahiro stated.

"Ah, same for me, but least we have Shu coming to see us." Canon!Souta said about him.

"He'll come to celebrate Hare's birthday." Canon!Kanon added.

Canon!Souta then begins to turn and gives a big smile, "Speaking of which, he's just in time."

Just then, Canon!Shu has arrive to the place with his civilian clothes and carries a white cane. He is back to his blind self, the days of being a savior have passed.

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late." Canon!Shu calmly smiled at his old friends.

With that said of Canon!Shu sitting down with them, everyone is celebrating the late Hare's birthday together.

"All together now!" Souta cried out in raising his glass.

"To the New Year!" Everyone said in unison of raising their glasses before they begin the small celebration.

Ouma Shu is home at last.

Roppongi District, Tokyo/Park

It is now sunset. There are some people hanging out to relax and see the view.

One of them is the Kaname family with Madoka, her parents, and her baby brother, to which they are having a picnic. As Madoka plays with Tatsuya, she notices in distance of someone sitting in a bench behind her. The pink-haired girl smiles of allowing him to live peacefully without interferences.

That's right, it is Canon!Shu sitting that he closes his eyes and is listening to his favorite song on his phone. He begins to envision himself as his mindset shifts…

Canon!Shu's Dreamscape

…to a dream-like place with him and the original Yuzuriha Inori embracing one another. Both close their eyes, as Shu can still feel her soul inside him.

The scars had not pained Ouma Shu for years, all was well.


Pictures of all of the Guilty Crown anime and the author's final story:

1.) (Guilty Crown – Departure continues)

-(Nightfall, Inori runs from the Endlaves while having the Void Genome in her hands. The anti-social Shu Ouma in Tennouzu High School with his friends and classmates, all about pseudo friendships from the train to his classroom. Shu's first encounter with Inori in the warehouse studio before the songstress is kidnapped by Anti-Bodies. Shu meets Gai that the latter scared off the thugs. Shu's involvement with Funeral Parlor's skirmish fight against GHQ. Shu uses the Power of the Kings for the first time, in which he draw out the Singer's Sword from Inori to take down the Endlaves.)

-(Gai grabs Shu by the collar of two paths: left out of this world, or adapt to make a change. Shu uses Daryl's void to reflect the lasers and destroy the Anti-Bodies. Gai sees this and offers to join his organization. Despite this, Shu refuses to join the Undertakers and is at his school only he's shocked to see Inori transferred. The conflict with the true identity of Sugar and a fan of slasher fics, Yahiro, in the gymnasium. At the trains, Yahiro secretly pushes Shu out, leading to his encounter with Segai and under arrest. During that time, Shu receives a pen transmitter for his doubtful purpose.)

-(Gai and the Undertakers came to rescue Shu and Kenji, but not before Gai dresses up as Mason. Shu reluctantly decides to join because of Inori. Shu's spends his first time with Ayase Shinomiya alongside his training with Argo, Tsugumi, and Oogumo, leading to the mock battle with Ayase's Steiner that Shu eventually passes with the help of Argo's void. The Leukocyte mission. At first, Shu refuses like usual, but Inori urges him to do so once he sees Gai's regretful choice of having his comrades, especially Kyo, to have their misfortunate deaths. After a brief fist fight, Shu and Gai agrees to work together. Segai is involved alongside the transmitter, Shu uses Inori/Kenji's voids to destroy the falling satellite. Shu and Gai watches the night's sky.)

-(Shu returns to his school and meets the student president, Arisa Kuhouin. The next mission is having Funeral Parlor and the Kuhouin Group form an alliance at a cruise ship, while Shu uses Arisa's void to protect the ship from dragoon missiles. Likewise, Arisa gets acquainted with Gai.)

-(At a seemly beach vacation turns out to be another mission where Shu has to use Souta's void to unlock GHQ's secret facility to find a special item, 'the rock that started all of this'. However, it is stolen by the time Shu, Inori, and Gai get there. Shu and Souta patch up after their misunderstanding with Inori.)

-(Shu's dark encounter with Yahiro's little brother, Jun, being infected and control and Endlave. There, Shu learns about the dark aspects of the Void, including the part that Yahiro sees his brother as a burden, and mercifully kills Jun with Yahiro's void.)

-(Since that day, Shu decides to quit the Undertakers much to Gai, Ayase, and Inori's dismay. Funeral Parlor is having the important mission to retrieve the creation rock that started the events at the airport. But, it was a trap by the Anti-Bodies that they are causing another Apocalypse Virus infection. Shu decides to go there in saving Funeral Parlor with the help form his classmates, only that Inori is captured by the Grave Keeper of Da'ath, Yuu.)

-(The day of Lost Christmas, Shu remembers his past with Gai as his childhood friend, and Mana being Shu's older sister. Mana is revealed to be the patient zero of the virus. Shu made that mistake in causing that disaster with Gai leaving him. They do not meet until today at the crystal tower, where Shu and Gai are saving Inori, but not before Gai sacrifice himself along with Mana. The crystal tower crumbles.)

2.) (Cue Egoist – All Alone With You)

-(Two weeks after, GHQ is quarantined Loop 7 in finding survivors. Shu, Ayase, Tsugumi, and Shu's classmates have taken refuge at Tennouzu High School and set up a Culture Festival. Shu and Ayase team up to drive off armed refugees as Ayase uses her own void. They are shocked to see Keido as president announcing that Loop 7 is sealed within the walls.)

-(Shu becomes student council president to the school, only to find out the Void Ranking System by Yahiro. Because of this, Souta and the F-rank students try to get more vaccines in an abandoned clinic, in which Shu tries to stop them. Hare is caught off guard that she is killed thanks to this act. The furious Shu forcefully use Inori's void to destroy an Endlave painfully and later beats the fearful Souta. All this time that kindness is a meaningless farce, from this day forward, Shu has become king and give the student body the rule they deserve.)

-(Under the impression of Lord of the Flies, the tyrant's kingdom with his Secret Service by finding more vaccines and planning the Exodus. Shu and Inori spend their time together for the tyrant regrets his actions. After a brief conflict with Argo in the school gymnasium, Shu finds out that a person can die when their Voids are destroyed. Shu and Yahiro's brief fall out after the latter accuse Inori. On the day of the Exodus, the school has made it out of the walls, but most of the students have turn against Shu while an infected Souta pushes Shu to the crater, much to Arisa's cold sadism. Suddenly, Gai returns from the dead with an albino appearance and chops Shu's right arm, claiming the Void Genome.)

-(Three days since Gai's announcement, Shu and Inori are on the run and hide in an abandoned building, with Shu once again in despair. Inori confronts Mana's conscious inside her. Inori develops her feelings and protects Shu from the Endlaves by turning into a monster before she is captured once more. Shu is going to atone and rescues his friends from Segai and using the Void Genome by unlocking his own void, the King's Heart. The next day at the cruise ship, after learning crucial information of Kurosu's diary, Shu and Souta apologize one another before Shu leaves for the final battle. Shu's name means together.)

-(Shu's final battles with Yuu/Envoy of Da'ath and confronts Gai alongside a resurrected Mana. Ayase and Funeral Parlor's final battle with Daryl. Inori's spiritual flower eventually turns the tide for Shu to slay Gai, but not before Gai explains the real reasons behind his purpose to let Mana fulfill his role and allowing them both to die peacefully without Da'ath using them. Eventually, Shu uses his powers to absorb all of the virus and voids and plans to die alongside Inori, but Inori uses the Cat's Cradle to make Shu continue living, and thus, Shu becomes blind.)

3.) (Cue Wir fliegen - Xenoblade Chronicles X OST (Overdrive Theme))

-(Years later, this is where the New Years Eve take place in the Big Apple itself. Canon!Shu, Ayase, and Tsugumi are pick up by Madoka's family at the Grand Central Terminal. Canon!GC group meets the Lost Kingdoms versions of the Guilty Crown characters alongside the other Puellas. After eating dinner, they went to Time Square and meet the YYGDM heroes, the SAO cast & Charizards, Gon/Killua, Ryuko/Satsuki and Sharon/Jeremiah. Canon!Shu could not believe that there are fictional characters to get acquainted with. Many Heroes/Villains are enoying their time such ass: The Avengers meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool and his fans, Kaiba family's time with the Kuhouin family, Ford's time with Jessica, Phillipe/Sasha's group, the Toys R Us scenes, Digimon Fusion Kai meets Dragonball.)

4.) (Cue Jurassic World – Jurassic World Suite)

-(The Nightfall of Da'ath. Yuu, Kriemhild and Keido presents the whole League of Extraordinary Da'ath organization. Many rumbles are heard throughout Manhattan that Ward 24 II teleports above the ocean, GHQ/Da'ath arrive to invade the city with Yuu's mugshot is seen throughout Time Square's screens. Trespasser Kaijuu is seen bellowing. Heroes and Villains unite to wage war against GHQ/Da'ath. Skuld brutally kills Anti-Bodies in Broadway Theater. The Bijuus are released. Flocks of Da'ath Microraptors and Tropeogopterus appear from Ward 24 II's tower to fly towards the city, alongside an Indominus rex is seen roaring. Dragonball and Digimon Fusion Kai characters team up to engage the Shadow Dragons and Time Breakers. Canon!Shu has regain his lost powers thanks to Madoka and is taking a leadership role in leading the main group towards Ward 24. Signer dragons vs Malefic Signers. Anime SHIELD facing Makishima and Toonami villains. Sigrun vs Reginleif. Sinon backs up Brunhilde. Gon, Killua, Yusuke, and Hiei are convincing Kiryu & Long. The main group storms through the bridge in breaching Ward 24 II's gates. Duelists/Signers vs Paradox and Da'ath Knights. Geirskogul attempt to rape Ford only she comes to a fierce duel with Skogul. The UN Headquarters siege with Soujas are fighting Endlaves. Eren/Gipsy Danger/Godzilla destroys Otachi/Leatherback. Avengers/Guardians vs Thanos/Ultron. Group defeats Skull Reaper. Silica becomes her adult self. Omega Shenron becomes Darkness Mode as he and the Time Breakers de-age their enemies. Assault on Ward 24 scenes such as Kirito/Sinon vs Death Gun, Lightning vs Fafnir, Thor/Loki (MCU) vs Loki (YYGDM), Brunhilde & Honnouji Sisters vs Ragyo/Nui/Mist/Indominus rexes, Skuld/Asuna/Leafa vs Oberon/Rota, and Main Group vs Keido and 999 Magicians. Rexy and Blue's debuts.)

5.) (Cue Neurotech – The Ophidian Symphony)

-(Dai-Valkyrie Skogul vs Dai-Erinye Geirskogul. Duelists defeat Paradox. Sigrun defeats and patches up with Reginleif. Dragonball/DFKai group defeats Omega Shenron/Time Breakers in epic style. Avengers/Guardians defeats Ultron/Thanos. Makishima is defeated by Anime SHIELD. The UN Headquarters is liberated. Thor (MCU & YYGDM) and Loki (MCU) defeat LoR Loki in both his base and dragon forms. Ragyo's defeat. Dai-Erinye Brunhilde vs Dai-Erinye Mist before the Valkyrie wins. Kirito's group destroys Death Gun. Skuld kills Rota and Oberon. Main Group defeats Keido and Magicians. Zeed X's appearance. Ward 24 II become a twisted version thanks to the Da'ath duo. Neo Zeed X revives Canon!Mana and Gai. Forces fighting Neo Zeed X and Ultimate Kriemhild. Crimson Ayase vs Transcendent Mana battling out with all they got. Kaiser Shu & Kirito team up to face Meister Gai in both his human and wyvern forms. Blue vs Big One before Blue wins. Rexy vs the Spinosaurus, but the T. rex is victorious and throws her opponent off the platform. Canon!Mana's anger that she spreads the Apocalypse Virus across the universe. Calling All Party cameos are seen. United forces vs Inkarniete Mana and two Transcendent Mana clones. Forces defeating Ultimate Kriemhild and Neo Zeed X. Canon!Shu and Ayase defeat Canon!Gai and Mana. The final battle with Zeed X/GranZeed X and his forces such as Houou vs Yami Houou, almost all of it.)

6.) (Cue Ivan Torrent – Chasing The Dream)

-(Celebration after the final battles, going from characters hanging out, the concerts, Canon!Shu's final meeting with the YYGDM/relate characters, and the groups returning home/visiting other parties. Few days after the New Year scenes, leading to the part with Canon!Shu returns to being normal and blind, walks to meet his friends (Canon!Ayase, Tsugumi, Yahiro, Souta, and Kanon) for the late Canon!Hare's birthday party. They sit together to celebrate. Canon!Shu is last seen sitting on a bench listening to the song.)


Ford1114 (formerly AnimatedFord)

Kanius (formerly SSJ4Takeru)







Haruhi Suzumiya s0s

Others that support/review the crossover.

Honorable Mentions:




Max Acorn


Youkai Yoko

Dark Warrior




OCs/Parody OCs owned:

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LukeLC: Katsumi Aki

Voice Cast:

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Tsugumi (canon) – Monica Rial (EN), Ayana Taketatsu (JP)

Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms

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Funeral Parlor

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YuYuGiDigiMoon Characters

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Bacchus the Lightning Cheetah - ?

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Hippocampus the Seahorse - ?

Thanatos the Wraith Horse - ?

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Jaarin Wong – Wendee Lee

Sam Joseph - ?

Vega James Hunter – Will Friedle

Norn Mikihara – Hynden Walch

The Duelists

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Duke Devilin – Marc Thompson (EN), Ryo Naitou (JP)

Miho Nosaka – Alexis Tipton (Fan EN)

Mokuba Kaiba – Michael Sinterniklaas (Fan EN)

Mako Tsunami – Andrew Rannells (EN), Daisuke Namikawa (JP)

Flint the Jerboa - ?

Mirage the Chameleon - ?

The Spirit Detectives

Hiei – Chuck Huber (EN), Nobuyuki Hiyama (JP)

Kazuma Kuwabara – Chris Sabat (EN), Shigeru Chiba (JP)

Kurama – John Burgmeier (EN), Megumi Ogata/Shigeru Nakahara (JP)

Maya Kitajima – Trina Nishimura

Brimstone – Travis Willingham

Mizuno – Stephanie Young

Tsukimaru – Kyle Hebert

Rio Kuroshishi – Yuri Lowenthal

Kyo Kuroshishi – Crispin Freeman

Kuiper Belt Senshi

Tyra Vanderbilt/Sailor Varuna – Stephanie Young

Helena Fernandes Souza/Sailor Quaoar – Tara Strong

Christina Denton/Sailor Orcus – Luci Christian

Jami Waziri/Sailor Ixion – Caitlin Glass

Taylor West/Sailor Eris – Colleen Clinkenbeard

Flash the Rabbit – ?

Flora the Maned Wolf – ?

Razor the Bat - ?

Bane the Cobra - ?

Zephyr the Falcon - ?

The Digidestined

Tai Kamiya – Joshua Seth (EN), Natsuki Hanae (JP)

Matt Ishida – Michael Reisz (EN), Yoshimasa Hosoya (JP)

Omegamon – Lex Lang

Davis Motomiya – Brian Donovan (EN), Reiko Kiuchi (JP)

Ken Ichijouji – Derek Stephen Prince (EN), Romi Park (JP)

Imperialdramon – Neil Kaplan

Sora Takenouchi – Colleen O'Shaughnessey (EN), Suzuko Mimori (JP)

Biyomon – Tifanie Christun (EN), Atori Shigematsu (JP)

Mimi Tachikawa – Philece Sampler (EN), Hitomi Yoshida (JP)

Palmon – Anna Garduno (EN), Kinoko Yamada (JP)

Izzy Izumi – Kirby Morrow (EN), Mutsumi Tamura (JP)

Tentomon – Jeff Nimoy (EN), Takahiro Sakurai (JP)

Joe Kido – Michael Lindsay (EN), Junya Ikeda (JP)

Gomamon – R. Martin Klein (EN), Junko Takeuchi (JP)

TK Takaishi – Doug Erholtz (EN), Junya Enoki (JP)

Patamon – Laura Summer (EN), Miwa Matsumoto (JP)

Kari Kamiya – Lara Jill Miller (EN), MAO (JP)

Gatomon – Edie Mirman (EN), Yuka Tokumitsu (JP)

Yolei Inoue – Tifanie Christun (EN), Rio Natsuki (JP)

Hawkmon – Neil Kaplan (EN), Koichi Tochika (JP)

Cody Hida – Tom Gibis (EN), Megumi Urawa (JP)

Armadillomon – Robert Axelrod (EN), Megumi Urawa (JP)

Willis – Bob Glouberman (EN), Nami Miyahara (JP)

Willis' Terriermon – Mona Marshall (EN), Aoi Tada (JP)

Willis' Lopmon – Wendee Lee (Lopmon), Paul St. Peter (Digivolve Forms)

Athenamon – Monical Rial


Marcus Damon – Quinton Flynn (EN), Soichiro Hoshi (JP)

Marcus' Agumon – Brian Beacock (EN), Taiki Matsuno (JP)

Thomas H. Norstein – Crispin Freeman (EN), Hirofumi Nojima (JP)

Gaomon – Skip Stellrecht (EN), Kazuya Nakai (JP)

Yoshino Fujieda – Colleen O'Shaughnessey (EN), Yui Aragaki (JP)

Lalamon – Dorothy Elias Fahn (EN), Yukana (JP)

Keenan Crier – Brianne Siddall (EN), Rie Kugimiya (JP)

Falcomon – Steven Blum (EN), Chie Kojiro (JP)

Neo Senshi

Usa/Sailor Neo Moon – Sandy Fox (EN), Misato Fukuen (JP)

Hina Inuki/Sailor Gao Pluto – Emily Hirst (EN), Yuuka Nanri (JP)

Koori Hino/Sailor Blue Mars – Bridget Hoffman (EN), Hisako Kanemoto (JP)

Ai Aino-Kuroshishi/Sailor Summoner Venus – ?

Umi Kino-Tsunami/Sailor Battle Jupiter – ?

Amaya-Mizuno Hunter/Sailor Cyber Mercury – G.K. Bowes (EN), Eri Kitamura (JP)

Shingo Tsukino/Moonlight Knight – Nicolas Roye

Daiki Mizuno-Hunter – Adrian Petriw

Helbot – Tara Strong

Diana – ? (EN), Shoko Nakagawa (JP)

Helios the Pegasus - ?

Frostburn the Wyvern/Swan - ?

Kelpie the Water Horse - ?

Ford the Thunderbird - ?

Giant Arisa - ?

Ratatoskr the Squirrel – Holly Franklin

Neo Duelists

Jaden Yuki – Matthew Charles (EN), KENN (JP)

Syrus Truesdale – Wayne Grayson (EN), Masami Suzuki (JP)

Chazz Princeton – Marc Thompson (EN), Taiki Matsuno (JP)

Alexis Rhodes – Emlyn Morinelli McFarland (EN), Sanae Kobayashi (JP)

Tyranno Hassleberry – Christopher C. Adams (EN), Hiroshi Shimozaki (JP)

Blair Flannigan – Liza Jacqueline (EN), Eri Sendai (JP)

Aster Phoenix – Pete Zarustica (EN), Akira Ishida (JP)

Atticus Rhodes – Jason Griffith (EN), Koji Yusa (JP)

Max Stromberg – Derek Stephen Prince

Sam Stromberg – Kyle Herbert

Neo Spirit Detectives

Yui Tsubasa – Caitlin Glass

DarkGabumon – Wendy Powell (DarkGabumon), Dan Green (Digivolved Forms)

Cammy Hino – Stephanie Sheh

Aoshi Inuki – Todd Haberkorn

RJ Urameshi – Justin Cook (EN), Nozomu Sasaki (JP)

Ryuuhi Hino - Chuck Huber (EN), Nobuyuki Hiyama (JP)

Kohana Kuroshishi – Tabitha St. Germain

Adam Sagara – Todd Haberkorn

Deedee/Demona – Eileen Stevens (Deedee), Luci Christian (Demona)

The Chimeras

Larry Stonebagel – Johnny Yong Bosch

Sara Shinobu – ?

Mika Hayashi – Kari Wahlgren

Hayata Harusame – ?

The Signers

Yusei Fudo – Greg Abbey (EN), Yuya Miyashita (JP)

Jack Atlas – Ted Lewis (EN), Takanori Hoshino (JP)

Akiza Izinski – Bella Hudson (EN), Ayumi Kinoshita (JP)

Crow Hogan – Tom Wayland (EN), Shintaro Asanuma (JP)

Leo – Eileen Stevens (EN), Ai Horanai (JP)

Luna – Eileen Stevens (EN), Yuka Terasaki (JP)

The Valkyries/Norns

Sasha D'Anjou/Valkyrie Skuld – Karen Strassman (EN), Ayako Kawasumi (JP)

Jessica Nightwind (Nightwood)/Valkyrie Skogul – Annie Wood (EN), Sanae Kobayashi (JP)

Kara Summers/Valkyrie Sigrun – Colleen O'Shaughnessey (EN), Marika Matsumoto (JP)

Ayanna Nazawi/Valkyrie Gondul – Karen Dyer (EN), Megumi Toyoguchi (JP)

Saya Sagara/Norn Urd – Kelly Sheridan (EN), Chiwa Saito (JP)

Kiyoko Sasaki/Norn Verdani – Erica Harte (EN), Saori Hayami (JP)

Garm/Garmen – Fred Tatasciore (EN), Jouji Nakata (JP)

Chilali the Snow Owl – Jim Sturgess

Huginn & Muninn – David Wenham

Tanngrisnir & Tanngnjostr – Matthew Wolf

Geri & Freki – Kevin Bacon

The West Coasters

Lance Canebrook – Ben Diskin

Pharaohmon – Robin Atkin Downes

Andrea Bickens/Psyclone – Michelle Ruff

Nick Banks/Surgebinder – TJ Miller

Penny Banks/Coinshot – Brittney Karbowski

Carmen Santiago/Songblade – 'Siri'

Scott Montgomery/Bridge – Will Friedle

Reformed Rajita

Nagah – Grey DeLisle

Morpheous – Phil LaMarr

Lien – Olivia Hack

Melancholia – Tony Oliver

Blitzkrieg – David Vincent

Wolk – Wendee Lee

DemiDevimon – Derek Stephen Prince (EN), Koki Miyata (JP)

Ztreko-Li – Laura Bailey

Rhea – Cricket Leigh

Supporting Spirit Detectives Cast

Keiko Yukimura – Laura Bailey (EN), Yuri Amano (JP)

Yukina – Jessica Dismuke (EN), Yuri Shiratori (JP)

Shizuru Kuwabara – Kasey Buckley (EN), Ai Orikasa (JP)

Hinageshi – ?

Kuronue – ?

Yasha – Wendee Lee

Tsukiyomi – Grey DeLisle

Selipa – Cricket Leigh

Shiro – Jillian Michaels

Supporting Digimon Cast

Mitsuo Yamaki – Steven Blum (EN), Susumu Chiba (JP)

Riley Ootori – Tifanie Christun (EN), Ai Nagano (JP)

Talley Oondera – Peggy O'Neal (EN), Fumiko Miyashita (JP)

Janyuu Wong – Jamieson Price (EN), Yoshiyuki Kaneko (JP)

Calumon – Brianne Siddall (EN), Tomoko Kaneda (JP)

Impmon (YYGDM) – Derek Stephen Prince (EN), Hiroki Takahashi (JP)

Ai – Wendee Lee (EN), Haruhi Terada (JP)

Mako – Doug Erholtz (EN), Miwa Matsumoto (JP)

Alice McCoy – Philece Sampler (EN), Yuka Imai (JP)

Rottweilermon/Dobermon – Michael Sorich (EN), Hiroki Takahashi (JP)

Ryo Akiyama – Steve Staley (EN), Junichi Kanemaru (JP)

Cyberdramon – Lex Lang (EN), Ikkei Seta (JP)

BlackRenamon – Jad Saxton

ShineInumon – Micah Solusod

Yusuke Katsuya – ?

Kazuma Katsuya – ?

Supporting Yugioh Cast

Ryou Bakura – Ted Lewis (EN), Rica Matsumoto (JP)

Marik Ishtar – Jonathan Todd Ross (EN), Tetsuya Iwanaga (JP)

Ishizu Ishtar – Karen Neil (EN), Sumi Shimamoto (JP)

Odion Ishtar – Michael Alston Baley (EN), Konta (JP)

Solomon Muto – Wayne Grayson (EN), Tadashi Miyazawa (JP)

Rebecca Hawkins – Kerry Williams (EN), Kaori Tagami (JP)

Maxmillion Pegasus – Darren Dunstan (EN), Jirou Jay Takasugi (JP)

Arthur Hawkins – Mike Pollock (EN), Saburo Kodaka (JP)

Kemo – Eric Stuart (EN), Masahiro Okazaki (JP)

Raphael – Marc Thompson (EN), Yoshihisa Kawahara (JP)

Valon – Marc Thompson (EN), Takeshi Maeda (JP)

Alister – Ted Lewis (EN), Yukinara Iemura (JP)

Siegfried von Schroeder – Pete Zarustica (EN), Eisuke Tsuda (JP)

Leon von Schroeder – Andrew Rannells (EN), Seiko Noguchi (JP)

Noah Kaiba – Andrew Rannells (EN), Chisa Yokoyama (JP)

Yasmin – Lisa Ortiz (EN), Yuko Mizutani (JP)


Cain Bearer – Richard Doyle

Grace Groves – Lisa Edelstein

Viktor Trask – Phil LaMarr

Sensui and Beryl's Group

Shinobu Sensui – Robert McCollum

Itsuki – Jerome 57 (EN), Koji Tsujitani (JP)

Queen Beryl – Cindy Robinson (EN), Misa Watanabe (JP)

Queen Nehellenia - ?

Rubeus – Steve Staley (EN), Hiroki Takahashi (JP)

Esmeraude – Rena S. Mandel (EN), Houko Kuwashima (JP)

Jadeite – Todd Haberkorn (EN), Daisuke Kishio (JP)

Nephrite – Liam O'Brien (EN), Kosuke Toriumi (JP)

Zoisite – Lucien Dodge (EN), Masaya Matsukaze (JP)

Kunzite – Patrick Seitz (EN), Eiji Takemoto (JP)

Sniper – Travis Willingham (EN), Eiji Sekiguchi (JP)

Seaman – Justin Pate (EN), Rica Matsumoto (JP)

Other Supporting Cast

Nate Escobar – ?

Bandit Keith – Ted Lewis (EN), Hajime Komada (JP)

Zimmy – Richard Steven Horvitz

Anton – Matt Levin

Bruno – Scott Menville

Aya Tsuki – Grey DeLisle

Zagato Laharl – Jonathan Adams

Chaos Magician Girl - ?

Digimon Fusion Kai Characters

Tai Kamiya/Omega X – Sean Schemmel (EN), Tetsuya Kakihara (JP)

Agumon – Tom Fahn (EN), Chika Sakamoto (JP)

Yamato Ishida/Metalla X – Richard Ian Cox, Chris Sabat (Metalla X) (EN), Yuichi Nakamura (JP)

Gabumon – Kirk Thornton (EN), Mayumi Yamaguchi (JP)

Kensuke Rainer – Brad Swaile (EN), Mamoru Miyano (JP)

Kensuke's Veemon – Derek Stephen Prince

X/Max Kamiya – Matt Embry

Kari Kamiya/Mystic Celesta X – Lara Jill Miller (EN), MAO (JP)

Gatomon – Edie Mirman (EN), Yuka Tokumitsu (JP)

TK Takashi/WarAngemon – Doug Erholtz (EN), Junya Enoki (JP)

Patamon – Laura Summer (EN), Miwa Matsumoto (JP)

Dimitri Ishida/Angemon X – Eric Vale (EN), Takeshi Kusao (JP)

Faith the Patamon – Brina Palencia

Davis Motomiya/Ultima X – Brian Donovan (EN), Reiko Kiuchi (JP)

Veemon - Derek Stephen Prince (EN), Junko Noda (JP)

Ken Ichijouji/Zodiark X – Derek Stephen Prince (EN), Romi Park (JP)

Wormmon – Paul St. Peter (EN), Naozumi Takahashi (JP)

Sora Takenouchi – Cynthia Cranz (EN), Suzuko Mimori (JP)

Biyomon – Tifanie Christun (EN), Atori Shigematsu (JP)

Mimi Tachikawa – Monica Rial (EN), Hitomi Yoshida (JP)

Palmon – Anna Garduno (EN), Kinoko Yamada (JP)

Izzy Izumi – Kirby Morrow (EN), Mutsumi Tamura (JP)

Tentomon – Jeff Nimoy (EN), Takahiro Sakurai (JP)

Joe Kido – Michael Lindsay (EN), Junya Ikeda (JP)

Gomamon – R. Martin Klein (EN), Junko Takeuchi (JP)

Yolei Inoue – Tifanie Christun (EN), Rio Natsuki (JP)

Hawkmon – Neil Kaplan (EN), Koichi Tochika (JP)

Cody Hida – Josh Grelle (EN), Megumi Urawa (JP)

Armadillomon – Robert Axelrod (EN), Megumi Urawa (JP)

Keke Ishida – Parisa Fakhri

David Motomiya – Kara Edwards

Tike Takashi – Laura Bailey

Kara Takashi – Kara Edwards

Sam Ichijouji Jr. – John Burgmeier

BanchoLeomon – Chris Sabat (EN), Toshio Furukawa (JP)

BW – Steven Blum

Pikkan – Kyle Hebert

Sonja – Meredith McCoy (EN), Miki Ito (JP)

Sheila – Colleen Clinkenbeard (EN), Tomoko Maruo (JP)

Jax – Chuck Huber (EN), Shigeru Nakahara (JP)

Mummymon – Chris Rager (EN), Unsho Ishizuka (JP)

Arukenimon – Mari Devon (EN), Wakana Yamazaki (JP)

Meryl - Christine Marie Cabanos

Salamon - ?

D-Reaper – Josh Martin (EN), Kozo Shioya (JP)

Dorothy Kaimodosu - Brittney Karbowski

Avengemon - J. Michael Tatum

Athena Osaka-Ishida – Carrie Savage

PinkPatamon – Jessie Flower

Juri – Bridgett Hoffman

Rena – Mari Devon

Ogremon's voice – Beau Billingslea (EN), Hisao Egawa (JP)

Marsmon's voice – ?

Mercurimon's voice – Sean Schemmel

Babimon – Phil Parsons (EN), Tetsu Inada (JP)

Impmon (DF-616) – Derek Stephen Prince (EN), Hiroki Takahashi (JP)

Dragonball Characters

Goku – Sean Schemmel/Colleen Clinkenbeard (Child) (EN), Masako Nozawa (JP)

Vegeta – Chris Sabat/Laura Bailey (Child) (EN), Ryo Horikawa (JP)

Gohan – Kyle Hebert/Colleen Clinkenbeard (Child) (EN), Masako Nozawa (JP)

Piccolo – Chris Sabat/Regina King (Child) (EN), Toshio Furukawa (JP)

Goten – Robert McCollum/Kara Edwards (Child) (EN), Masako Nozawa (JP)

Trunks – Eric Vale/Laura Bailey (Child) (EN), Takeshi Kusao (JP)

Future Trunks – Eric Vale/Laura Bailey (Child) (EN), Takeshi Kusao (JP)

Krillin – Sonny Strait/Laurie Steele (Child) (EN), Mayumi Tanaka (JP)

Yamcha – Chris Sabat (EN), Toru Furuya (JP)

Tien – John Burgmeier (EN), Hikaru Midorikawa (JP)

Chaotzu – Brina Palencia (EN), Hiroko Emori (JP)

Master Roshi - Mike McFarland (EN), Masaharu Sato (JP)

Android 18 – Meredith McCoy (EN), Miki Ito (JP)

Android 17 – Chuck Huber (EN), Shigeru Nakahara (JP)

Android 16 - Jeremy Inman (EN), Hikaru Midorikawa (JP)

Chi Chi – Cynthia Cranz (EN), Naoko Watanabe (JP)

Bulma – Monical Rial (EN), Hiromi Tsuru (JP)

Mr. Satan – Chris Rager (EN), Unsho Ishizuka (JP)

Videl – Kara Edwards (EN), Yuko Minaguchi (JP)

Oolong – Bryan Massey (EN), Naoki Tatsuta (JP)

Puar – Brina Palencia (EN), Naoko Watanabe (JP)

Fat Buu – Josh Martin (EN), Kozo Shioya (JP)

Bulla – Brina Palencia (EN), Hiromi Tsuru (JP)

Pan - Kate Bristol (EN), Yuko Minaguchi (JP)

Uub – Sean Michael Teague (EN), Megumi Urawa (JP)

Pikkon – Kyle Herbert (EN), Hikaru Midorikawa (JP)

Bardock – Sonny Strait (EN), Masako Nozawa (JP)

Tarble – Todd Haberkorn (EN), Masakazu Morita (JP)

Gure – Kumiko Nishihara (JP)

Goku (GT) – Colleen Clinkenbeard/Sean Schemmel (SSJ4) (EN), Masako Nozawa (JP)

Vegeta (GT) – Chris Sabat/Laura Bailey (Child) (EN), Ryo Horikawa (JP)

Pan (GT) - Elise Baughman (EN), Yuko Minaguchi (JP)

Trunks (GT) - Eric Vale/Laura Bailey (Child) (EN), Takeshi Kusao (JP)

Giru – Sonny Strait (EN), Shinobu Satouchi (JP)

Majuub - Sean Michael Teague (EN), Atsushi Kisaichi (JP)

Nuova Shenron – John Burgmeier

Freeza – Chris Ayres/Linda Young (EN), Ryusei Nakao (JP)

Cell – Dameon Clarke (EN), Norio Wakamoto (JP)

Broly – Vic Mignogna (EN), Bin Shimada (JP)

Cooler – Andrew Chandler (EN), Ryusei Nakao (JP)

Nappa – Phil Parsons (EN), Tetsu Inada (JP)

Captain Ginyu – R Bruce Elliot (EN), Katsuyuki Konishi (JP)

Jeice – Chris Sabat (EN), Daisuke Kishio (JP)

Recoome – Chris Sabat (EN), Seiji Sasaki (JP)

Burter – Chris Sabat (EN), Masaya Onosaka (JP)

Guldo – Greg Ayres (EN), Yasuhiro Takato (JP)

Raditz – Justin Cook (EN), Shigeru Chiba (JP)

Mr. Popo – Lanipator

Blue Popo – Lanipator

Kami's voice – Chris Sabat (EN), Bin Shimada (JP)

Nail's voice – Sean Schemmel (EN), Taiten Kusunoki (JP)

DBZ Narrator – Kyle Hebert

GT Narrator – Andrew Chandler

Kai Narrator – Doc Morgan

Dumplin – Takahata101

Naruto Characters

Naruto Uzumaki – Maile Flanagan (EN), Junko Takeuchi (JP)

Sakura Haruno – Kate Higgins (EN), Chie Nakamura (JP)

Kakashi Hatake – Dave Wittenberg (EN), Kazuhiko Inoue (JP)

Hinata Hyuga – Stephanie Sheh (EN), Nana Mizuki (JP)

Rock Lee – Brian Donovan (EN), Yoichi Masukawa (JP)

Gaara – Liam O'Brien (EN), Akira Ishida (JP)

Killer Bee – Catero Colbert (EN), Hisao Egawa (JP)

Minato Namikaze – Tony Oliver (EN), Toshiyuki Morikawa (JP)

Sasuke Uchiha – Yuri Lowenthal (EN), Noriaki Sugiyama (JP)

Itachi Uchiha – Crispin Freeman (EN), Hideo Ishikawa (JP)

Obito Uchiha – Todd Haberkorn (EN), Wataru Takagi (JP)

Madara Uchiha – Neil Kaplan (EN), Naoya Uchida (JP)

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Tony Stark/Iron Man – Robert Downey Jr

Steve Rogers/Captain America – Chris Evans

Bruce Banner/Hulk – Mark Ruffalo (Banner)/Fred Tatasciore (Hulk)

Thor – Chris Hemsworth

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow – Scarlett Johansson

Clint Barton/Hawkeye – Jeremy Renner

Peter Quill/Star Lord – Chris Pratt

Rocket Raccoon – Bradley Cooper

Groot – Vin Diesel

Gamora – Zoe Saldana

Drax – Dave Bautista

Agent Coulson – Clark Gregg

Nick Fury – Samuel L Jackson

Pepper Potts – Gwyneth Paltrow

Rhodey Rhodes/Iron Patriot – Don Cheadle

Sam Wilson/Falcon – Anthony Mackie

Scott Lang/Ant-Man – Paul Rudd

T'Challa/Black Panther – Chadwick Boseman

Peter Parker/Spider-Man – Josh Keaton

Loki (MCU) – Tom Hiddleston

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier – Sebastian Stan

Hope van Dyne/Wasp – Evangeline Lilly

Doctor Strange – Benedict Cumberbatch

Quicksilver – Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Scarlet Witch – Elizabeth Olson

Jessica Jones – Krysten Ritter

Luke Cage – Mike Colter

Iron Fist - Finn Jones

Captain Marvel - Brie Larson

Digimon Xros Wars

Taiki Kudo – Nicolas Roye (EN), Minami Takayama (JP)

Shoutmon – Ben Diskin (EN), Chika Sakamoto (JP)

Akari Hinomoto – Colleen O'Shaughnessey (EN), Ryoko Shiraishi (JP)

Dorulumon – Kyle Herbert (EN), Takahiro Sakurai (JP)

Cutemon – Ben Diskin (EN), Houko Kuwashima (JP)

Zenjiro Tsurugi – Derek Stephen Prince (EN), Daisuke Kishio (JP)

Ballistamon – Kyle Herbert (EN), Takeshi Kusao (JP)

Kirita Aonuma – Vic Mignogna (EN), Takeshi Kusao (JP)

Greymon – Kyle Herbert (EN), Takeshi Kusao (JP)

Nene Amano – Melissa Fahn (EN), Houko Kuwashima (JP)

Mervamon – Tara Platt (EN), Ryoko Shiraishi (JP)

Yuu Amano – Cindy Robinson (EN), Kanae Oki (JP)

Damemon – Michael Sorich, Richard Epcar (Digivolved Forms) (EN), Kikuchi Masami (JP)

Kotone Amano – Stephanie Sheh (Fan EN)

Sparrowmon – Michelle Ruff (EN), Kokoro Kikuchi (JP)

Tagiru Akashi – Marina Inoue (JP)

Gumdramon – Kumiko Watanabe (JP)

Ryouma Mogami – Tetsuya Kakihara (JP)

Psychemon – Takahiro Sakurai (JP)

Ren Tobari – Houko Kuwashima (JP)

Dracmon – Daisuke Kishio (JP)

Airu Suzaki – Megumi Han (JP)

Opossummon – Ryoko Shiraishi (JP)

Anime Shield

TOM – Steven Blum

Moltar – C. Martin Croker

Sara (Toonami) – Dana Swanson

Akane Tsunemori – Kate Oxley (EN), Kana Hanazawa (JP)

Haruhi Suzumiya – Wendee Lee (EN), Aya Hirano (JP)

Doraemon – Mona Marshall (EN), Wasabi Mizuta (JP)

Jimmy Kudo – Alison Viktorin (EN), Minami Takayama (JP)

Spike Spiegel – Steven Blum (EN), Koichi Yamadera (JP)

Alucard – Crispin Freeman (EN), Johji Nakata (JP)

Sailor Moon (Crystal) – Stephanie Sheh (EN), Kotono Mitsuishi (JP)

Tai Kamiya (tri.) – Natsuki Hanae (JP)

Agumon (tri.) – Chika Sakamoto (JP)

Monkey D Luffy – Colleen Clinkenbeard (EN), Mayumi Tanaka (JP)

TOM Legion – Steven Blum


Sharon Rivers/Sailor Charon/Sailor Chaos – Veronica Taylor (EN), Ai Maeda (JP)

Jeremiah Grand – Keith Silverstein, Paul St Peter (The Prophet), Steven Blum (Millenniummon)

Kaiser Ghidorah – Michael Ironside

Gamera – Mark Hamill

Gyaos – Scottie Ray

Schrodinger – Laura Bailey (EN), Ryoko Shiraishi (JP)

Evil Coop – David DeLuise

Gozaburo Kaiba – David Wills

Kuiiza – Dee Bradley Baker

Kujiko – Clancy Brown

Emag Oediv – Mark Hamill

Vipris – Michael Sinterniklaas

Babbi – Paul St Peter

Kitoss – Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Toad – Ben Diskin

Revenant – Michael McConnohie

Xian-Yuio and Ravan – Kevin Michael Richardson

Future Charon/Jishikitori X – Veronica Taylor (EN), Ai Maeda (JP)

Death Phantom/Jishikiaku X – Steve Kramer (EN), Hiroshi Iwasaki (JP)

Pharaoh 90/Jishikikumo X – N/A

Queen Metalia/Jishikiushi X – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (EN), Yoko Matsuoka (JP)

Igasu the Blood Moon – Stephanie Sheh (EN), Kotono Mitsuishi (JP)

Ier the Blood Mars – Cristina Vee (EN), Rina Sato (JP)

Okanim the Blood Venus – Cherami Leigh (EN), Shizuka Ito (JP)

Otokam the Blood Jupiter – Amanda C. Miller (EN), Ami Koshimizu (JP)

Ima the Blood Mercury – Kate Higgins (EN), Hisako Kanemoto (JP)

Akurah the Blood Uranus – Erica Mendez (EN)

Urihcim the Blood Neptune – Lauren Landa (EN)

Uratoh the Blood Saturn – Christine Marie Cabanos (EN)

Anustes the Blood Pluto – Veronica Taylor (EN), Ai Maeda (JP)

Legion of Doom

Burizalor – Chris Ayres/Linda Young (EN), Ryusei Nakao (JP)

Madoudramon – Geoff Dolan

Valmarmon – Tim Curry

Virus – Dameon Clarke (EN), Norio Wakamoto (JP)

GalacticNova X – Vic Mignogna (EN), Bin Shimada (JP)

Mutalior – Andrew Chandler (EN), Ryusei Nakao (JP)

Ginyumon – R Bruce Elliot (EN), Katsuyuki Konishi (JP)

Chaser – Jason Liebrecht (EN), Daisuke Kishio (JP)

Devilin – Vic Mignogna (EN), Masaya Onosaka (JP)

Brutemon – Chris Sabat (EN), Seiji Sasaki (JP)

Gurdmon – Greg Ayres (EN), Yasuhiro Takato (JP)

Cyrus Fujita – Johnny Yong Bosch

GranDracmon – Bill Rogers

ChaosGallantmon – Steven Blum (EN), Masako Nozawa (JP)

Gorrath – Clancy Brown

BlazeSuzakumon – Paul Dobson

QuakeGenbumon – Richard Newman

StormSeiryuumon – Matt Smith

AuroraByakkomon – Ward Perry

SoveignOuryumon/VoidOuryumon - ?

Duskmon – Crispin Freeman

Fuegomon – Dave Wittenberg

Fluorescemon – Steve Staley

Rotmon – Liam O'Brien

Rustmon – Daran Norris

NegaGolemon – Kyle Herbert

Strikemon – Steven Blum

Polarmon – Yuri Lowenthal

DeviHarpymon – Michelle Ruff

Tylowomon – Wendee Lee

Nirak Akaso/Sailor Andes – Laura Bailey

Aryt Tlibrednav/Sailor Anurav – Stephanie Young

Aneleh Sednanref Azuos/Sailor Raoauq – Tara Strong

Rolyat Tsew/Sailor Sire – Colleen Clinkenbeard

Halimaj Irizaw/Sailor Noixi – Caitlin Glass

Anitsirhc Notned/Sailor Sucro – Luci Christian

Digital Warlord – Kirby Morrow

Demon Brotherhood

Arago – Mark Hamill

Kiryu – Chris Sabat

Long – Dante Basco

Karasu – Kyle Hebert (EN), Ryo Horikawa (JP)

Suzaku – Jerry Jewell (EN), Nobuo Tobita (JP)

Murugu – Kara Edwards (EN), Chisa Yokoyama (JP)

Rando – Eric Vale

Vigor – Greg Baldwin

Loki Nekomata – Greg Ellis

Kiryu/Cecaelia's offspring - ?

Cecaelia – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Draco – Michael Rosenbaum

Ironclaw – John DiMaggio

Yeti – Clancy Brown

Shishi – Frank Welker

Madeira – Neil Kaplan

Relam – Dee Bradley Baker

Tokage Keroro – John DiMaggio

Other Characters

Main Supporting Cast

John Smith/Volodramon – David Tennant

Takeru Cage – Keith David

Tabaga (Coral) – Rachael Leigh Cook

Ford Nightwind – Jason Liebrecht

Survey Corp

Eren Yeager – Bryce Papenbrook (EN), Yuki Kaji (JP)

Mikasa Ackerman – Trina Nishimura (EN), Yui Ishikawa (JP)

Armin Arlert – Josh Grelle (EN), Marina Inoue (JP)

Levi – Matthew Mercer (EN), Hiroshi Kamiya (JP)

Zoe Hange – Jessica Calvello (EN), Romi Park (JP)

Megas XLR

Coop – David DeLuise

Jamie – Steven Blum

Kiva – Wendee Lee

Goat – Scot Rienecker

Argo (S-Force) – Scott Innes

Mac (S-Force) – Frank Welker

Duchess (S-Force) – Jennifer Hale

Jax (S-Force) – Alan Young

Sloan (S-Force) – Ronnie Schell

Magnanimous – Bruce Campbell

Gundam Meisters

Setsuna F. Seiei – Brad Swaile (EN), Mamoru Miyano (JP)

Lockon Stratos (Lyle Dylandy) – Alex Zahara (EN), Shinichiro Miki (JP)

Allelujah/Hallelujah Haptism – Richard Ian Cox (EN), Hiroyuki Yoshino (JP)

Tieria Erde – Samuel Vincent (EN), Hiroshi Kamiya (JP)

Hunter x Hunter

Gon Freecss – Erica Mendez (EN), Megumi Han (JP)

Killua Zoldyck – Cristina Vee (EN), Mariya Ise (JP)

Kurapika Kurta – Erika Harlacher (EN), Miyuki Sawashiro (JP)

Leorio Paradinight – Matthew Mercer (EN), Keiji Fujiwara (JP)

Hisoka – Keith Silverstein (EN), Daisuke Namikawa (JP)

Kill la Kill

Ryuko Matoi – Erica Mendez (EN), Ami Koshimizu (JP)

Senketsu – David Vincent (EN), Toshihiko Seki (JP)

Satsuki Kiryuin – Carrie Keranen (EN), Ryoka Yuzuki (JP)

Digimon Accel Stream

Beyond – Sean Schemmel

Paradixalmon – Grant George

Griel – David Vincent

Paradisomon – Marc Thompson

Other Characters

Yuma Tsukumo – Eli Jay (EN), Tasuku Hatanaka (JP)

Yuya Sakaki – Michael Liscio Jr (EN), Kensho Ono (JP)

Lightning – Ali Hillis (EN), Maaya Sakamoto (JP)

Noctis – Ray Chase (EN), Tatsuhisa Suzuki (JP)

Kratos – Terrence C. Carson

Caesar – Andy Serkis

Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future – Matt Maiellaro

Deadpool – Ryan Reynolds

David Whitaker – Himself

Appear during/after the Da'ath Conflict

Lieutenant Takarada – Daisuke Namikawa (JP)

Takashi Komuro – Leraldo Anzaldua (EN), Junichi Suwabe (JP)

Rei Miyamoto – Jessica Boone (EN), Marina Inoue (JP)

Saeko Busujima – Taylor Hannah (EN), Miyuki Sawashiro (JP)

Saya Takagi – Maggie Flecknoe (EN), Eri Kitamura (JP)

Kohta Hirano – Mark X. Laskowski (EN), Nobuyuki Hiyama (JP)

Alice Maresato – Brittney Karbowski (EN), Ayana Taketatsu (JP)

Shizuka Marikawa – Monica Rial (EN), Yukari Fukui (JP)

Zeke the Dog – Real dog sound effects

Riley Anderson - Kaitlyn Dias

Joy - Amy Poehler

Sadness - Phyllis Smith

Fear - Bill Hader

Disgust - Mindy Kaling

Anger - Lewis Black

Rick Grimes – Andrew Lincoln

Glenn Rhee – Steven Yeun

Carl Grimes – Chandler Riggs

Daryl Dixon – Norman Reedus

Maggie Greene – Lauren Cohan

Michonne – Danai Gurira

Woody – Tom Hanks

Buzz Lightyear – Tim Allen

Lord Zedd – Robert Axelrod

Rita Repulsa – Barbara Goodson

Goldar – Kerrigan Mahan

Rito – Bryce Papenbrook

Hellboy – Ron Perlman

Stan Marsh – Trey Parker

Kyle Broflovski – Matt Stone

Eric Cartman – Trey Parker

Kenny McCormick – Matt Stone

Butters Stotch – Matt Stone

Skuld (ALO) – Julie Ann Taylor (EN), Saki Fujita (JP)

Urd (ALO) – Karen Strassmen (EN), Houko Kuwashima (JP)

Verdandi (ALO) – Olivia Charles (EN), Mai Nakahara (JP)

Space Dandy – Ian Sinclair (EN), Junichi Suwabe (JP)

QT – Alison Viktorin (EN), Uki Satake (JP)

Meow – Joel McDonald (EN), Hiroyuki Yoshino (JP)

Neuromancer – Chris Sabat

Buzz – ?

Golem – ?

Tunnel – ?

Siren – ?

Mimic – Melissa Hutchison

Playdate – Cristina Ulloa

She-Hulk – Maria Canals

Blue Ranger/Billy - David Yost

Black Ranger/Zack - Walter Emmanuel Jones

Pink Ranger/Kimberly - Amy Jo Johnson

Red Ranger/Jason - Austin St. John

Yellow Ranger/Trini – Erika Fong (Fan VA)

Green Ranger – Jason David Frank

White Ranger – Jason David Frank

Superman (Death Battle) – It's Some Random Guy

Ichigo Kurosaki – Johnny Yong Bosch (EN), Masakazu Morita (JP)

Natsu Dragneel – Todd Haberkorn (EN), Tetsuya Kakihara (JP)

Leanne - ?

Sorbet – Jeremy Schwartz (EN), Shiro Saito (JP)

Endou – Yoko Hikasa (JP)

Minami Uehara – Stephanie Sheh (EN), Kotono Mitsuishi (JP)

LadyMyotismon – Laura Bailey

Lee – Crawford Wilson

Arashi Kaname – ?

Fairhair Man – Christian Bale

Fairhair Man's Fiance – Emily Mortimer

League of Extraordinary Da'ath


Yuu Grand – Leah Clark (EN), Yuka Nishigaki (JP)

Kriemhild Gretchen – Christine Marie Cabanos (EN), Aoi Yuki (JP)

Eon the Microraptor – Andy Serkis

Da'ath Heavenly Kings

Ragyo Kiryuin – Laura Fost (EN), Romi Park (JP)

Nobuyuki Sugou/Oberon – Todd Haberkorn (EN), Takehito Koyasu (JP)

Shogo Makishima – Alex Organ (EN), Takahiro Sakurai (JP)

Ribbons Almark – Michael Adamthwaite (EN), Toru Furuya (JP)

GHQ/Anti-Bodies Officers

Shuichiro Keido – Charlie Campbell (EN), Kazuhiko Inoue (JP)

Makoto Waltz Segai – John Swasey (EN), Nobutoshi Canna (JP)

Daryl Yan – Joel McDonald (EN), Koki Uchiyama (JP)

Andrei Rowan – Kyle Phillips (EN), Naoya Nosaka (JP)

Da'ath Knights

Paradox – Eddie Deezen (Fan EN)

Gus Payne/Zealoss – Ben Diskin (EN), Ohsaka Ryota (JP)

Hector Armstrong/Grapplo – Ben Diskin (EN), Ohsaka Ryota (JP)

Drake Savage/Dragoon – Johnny Yong Bosch (EN), Hanae Natsuki (JP)

The Lokar

Loki (YYGDM) – Troy Baker (Base), Daniel Riordan (Dragon Form)

Fenrir – Troy Baker

Jormungand – John DiMaggio

Fafnir – Corey Burton (Base), Michael McConnohie (Burning Fafnir)

Mist – Kari Wahlgren (EN), Ryoka Yuzuki (JP)

Geirskogul – Annie Wood (EN), Sanae Kobayashi (JP)

Rota – Lindsay Seidel (EN), Noriko Shitaya (JP)

Reginleif – Ashley Johnson (EN), Hiroe Oka (JP)

Geiravor – Nina Fehren (EN), Aya Hisakawa (JP)

The Nidhogg – Cree Summer

Surtur – Isaac C Singleton Jr

Arachne – Michelle Pfeiffer

Seth – Carl Lumbly

Kronos/Saturn – Lloyd Sherr

Gullinbursti the Golden Boar – Keith David (EN), Taiten Kusunoki (JP)

Dvalinn of the Spring – Steve Staley

Duneyrr of the Summer – Katie Leigh

Dainn of the Autumn – Fred Tatasciore

Durathror of the Winter – Neil Kaplan

Dark Chilali – Ryan Kwanten

Meikai Gods

Yakumo - ?

Majari - Yuji Mitsuya (JP)

Raigo - Nobuaki Fukuda (JP)

Kaiki - ?

Sailor Moon Movie Villains

Xenian Flower - Yumi Touma (JP)

Princess Snow Kaguya - Eiko Masuyama (JP)

Queen Badiane - Rihoko Yoshida (JP)

Digimon Villains

Medusamon/Najadramon/Gorgondramon – Cathy Cavadini

Euryalemon/Taipandramon/Gorgondramon – Tara Strong

Sthenomon/Mambadramon/Gorgondramon – E.G. Daily

VenomMillenniummon – Brian Drummond

CarnageMillenniummon – Michael Donovan

Time Breakers

Demigra – Josh Grelle (EN), Kosuke Toriumi (JP)

Mira – J Michael Tatum (EN), Hiroki Takahashi (JP)

Towa – Stephanie Young (EN), Masako Katsuki (JP)

The Shadow Dragons

Omega Shenron – Chris Sabat (EN), Hidekatsu Shibata (JP)

Eis Shenron – Jerry Jewell

Super Naturon Shenron – Christopher Bevins (EN), Shin Aomori (JP)

Rage Shenron – Chris Cason

Oceanus Shenron – Laura Bailey (EN), Masako Katsuki (JP)

Haze Shenron – Brad Jackson (EN), Chafurin (JP)

Yin-Yang Assassins

Nui Harime – Stephanie Sheh (EN), Yukari Tamura (JP)

Death Gun – Ben Diskin (EN), Soichiro Hoshi (JP)

Laughing Coffin

Kuradeel – Doug Erholtz (EN), Koji Yusa (JP)

Rikako Oryo – Brina Palencia (EN), Maaya Sakamoto (JP)

Senguji Toyohisa – Charlie Campbell (EN), Katsumi Chou (JP)

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Thanos – Josh Brolin

Ultron – James Spader

Ribbons' Cohorts

Ali Al-Saachez – Scott McNeil (EN), Keiji Fujiwara (JP)

Revive Revival – Cathy Weseluck (EN), Mitsuki Saiga (JP)

Hiling Care – Brenna O'Brien (EN), Miyuki Kawasho (JP)

Chimera Ant Royal Guards

Neferpitou – Ayumi Fujimura (JP)

Shaiapouf – Wataru Hatano (JP)

Menthuthuyoupi – Fumihiko Tachiki (JP)

Akame ga Kill

Seryu Ubiquitous – Kira Vincent-Davis (EN), Kana Hanazawa (JP)

Syura – Adam Noble (EN), Ryohei Kimura (JP)

Toonami Villains

The Intruder – Jim Byrnes

Swayzak – Brian Drummond

Orcelot Rex – Paul Dobson

Other Members

Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear – Ned Beatty

The Joker (Nolan) – Troy Baker

Koba – Toby Kebbell

Anubis (Yugioh) – Scottie Ray (EN), Koji Ishi (JP)

Kiba – Johnny Yong Bosch (EN), Mamoru Miyano (JP)

Harune Kanzaki – Julie Ann Taylor

Grand Deities Party

The Main Managers

Sailor Cosmos – Veronica Taylor (EN), Sumi Shimamoto (JP)

Shintomon - ?

Gozensomon - Kent Williams (EN), Ryoichi Tanaka (JP)

Shinmon - ?

Kibitomon - ?

Buddhamon - ?

The Dimensional Trio

SliferGigaSeadramon – Richard Ian Cox

RaPhoenixmon - ?

ObeliskMegaGargomon – David Vincent

Digimon (YuYuGiDigiMoon)

Granasmon - ?

Harbingermon - ?

Oraclemon - ?

Ancientmon - ?

Anubismon - ?

MahouGarurumon - ?

Canewomon - ?

Yugioh (YuYuGiDigiMoon)

Pharaoh Atem – Dan Green (EN), Shunsuke Kazama (JP)

Shadi – Wayne Grayson (EN), Nozomu Sasaki (JP)

Priest Seto – Eric Stuart (EN), Kenjiro Tsuda (JP)

Kisara – Carrie Keranen (EN), Rie Nakagawa (JP)

Dartz – Wayne Grayson (EN), Yu Emao (JP)

YuYu Hakusho (YuYuGiDigiMoon)

Koenma – Sean Michael Teague (EN), Mayumi Tanaka (JP)

Botan – Cynthia Cranz (EN), Sanae Miyuki (JP)

Jorge Saotome – Kent Williams (EN), Tomomichi Nishimura (JP)

Ayame – Elise Baughman (EN), Yoshiko Kamei (JP)

Sayaka – Susan Huber (EN)

Toshin Raizen – Chris Sabat (EN), Takayuki Sugo (JP)

Mukuro – Wendy Powell (EN), Minami Takayama (JP)

Yomi – Rick Robertson (EN), Masashi Ebara (JP)

King Enma – R. Bruce Elliott (EN), Nobuaki Fukuda (JP)

Sailor Moon (YuYuGiDigiMoon)

Queen Serenity – Wendee Lee (EN), Mami Koyama (JP)

Sailor Galaxia - ?

Other Characters (YuYuGiDigiMoon)

Lady Morrigana - ?

Sren - ?

Cysta - ?

Gythos - ?

Tomos - ?

Lycaon - ?

Lord Chronos - ?

Ananke (Sailor Pluto I) - Veronica Taylor (EN), Ai Maeda (JP)

Digimon Fusion Kai

Simms - ?

Otto - ?

Jean - ?

Russell - ?

Beerusmon – Jason Douglas (EN), Koichi Yamadera (JP)

Whismon – Ian Sinclair (EN), Masakazu Morita (JP)

Digimon Accel Stream

Slade Matrix - ?

Blazer - ?

The Norse Gods

Odin – Richard McGonagle

Thor – Rick D. Wasserman

Hel – Nika Futterman

Frigg – Jennifer Martin

Freyja – Jamie Marchi

Freyr – David Vincent

Sif – Nika Futterman

Heimdall – J. B. Blanc

Tyr – Fred Tatasciore

Baldr – Spike Spencer

Vidarr – Jason Spisak

Vali – Austin Tindle

Njord – John DiMaggio

Skadi – Jennifer Hale

Bragi – Nick Jameson

Iounn – Grey DeLisle

Forseti – Jeff Bennett

Haenir – Edward Asner

Utgard-Loki – Jamieson Price

The Greek Gods

Zeus/Jupiter – Steve Burton

Poseidon/Neptune – Rick Gomez

Hades/Pluto – Doug Erholtz

Athena/Minerva – Rachael Leigh Cook

Ares/Mars – Quinton Flynn

Enyo/Bellona – ?

Hera/Juno – Mena Suvari

Aphrodite/Venus - ?

Hermes/Mercury - ?

Apollo - ?

Artemis/Diana - Wendee Lee

Persephone/Proserpina – Andrea Bowen

Cerberus - ?

Eros/Cupid - ?

Morpheus - ?

Hephaestus/Vulcan – Beau Billingslea

Dionysus/Bacchus – Greg Ellis

Demeter/Ceres - ?

Hestia/Vesta - ?

Thanatos/Mors - George Newbern

Hypnos/Somnus - Alison Viktorin

Eris – Amelia Fischer

The Egyptian Gods

Ra – Daran Norris

Anubis – R. Bruce Elliott

Horus – Chuck Huber

Osiris – Mike McFarland

Isis – Caitlin Glass

Bastet – Leah Clark

Nephthys - ?

Sobek – Brandon Potter

The Japanese Gods

Susanoo – James Arnold Taylor

Amateratsu - ?

Tsukuyomi - ?

Kushinadahime - Hedy Burress

The Hindu Gods

Brahma – Brian George

Vishnu – Daran Norris

Shiva – Jason Spisak

Ganesha – Brian George

Other Gods

Sun Wukong – Sean Schemmel

Sedna - Hayden Panettiere

Sudsakorn - ?

Nang Kwak - ?

Quetzalcoatl - ?

Estsanatlehi - Irene Bedard

Pele – Tara Strong

Oshun – Gina Torres

Angra Mainyu – Josh Grelle

Ahura Mazda – Austin Tindle

Dragonball Characters

Shenron – Chris Sabat (EN), Ryuzaburo Otomo (JP)

King/North Kai – Sean Schemmel (EN), Joji Yanami (JP)

Kibito Kai – Kent Williams (EN), Yuji Mitsuya (JP)

Old Kai – Kent Williams (EN), Ryoichi Tanaka (JP)

Beerus – Jason Douglas (EN), Koichi Yamadera (JP)

Whis – Ian Sinclair (EN), Masakazu Morita (JP)

Supreme Kai of Time – Felecia Angelle (EN), Kanae Ito (JP)

Tokitoki – Sean Schemmel (EN), Tetsuo Goto (JP)

West Kai – Kyle Hebert (EN)

South Kai – Dameon Clarke (EN)

East Kai – Stephanie Nadolny (EN)

Grand Kai – Mark Britten (EN)

The Tori-Bot – Akira Toriyama

Other Crossover Characters

Ultimate Madoka – Christine Marie Cabanos (EN), Aoi Yuki (JP)

Kyubey – Cassandra Lee (EN), Emiri Kato (JP)

Grim – Greg Eagles

Eris – Rachael MacFarlane

San – Claire Danes (EN), Yuriko Ishida (JP)

Haku – Jason Marsden (EN), Miyu Irino (JP)

Neil Dylandy/original Lockon Stratos – Alex Zahara (EN), Shinichiro Miki (JP)

Scrooge – Takahiro Sakurai (JP), Eric Vale (Fan EN)

Carol – Kana Asumi (JP), Laura Bailey (Fan EN)

Pit – Antony Del Rio (EN), Minami Takayama (JP)

Palutena – Ali Hillis (EN), Aya Hisakawa (JP)

Konno Yuuki – Erica Mendez (EN), Aoi Yuki (JP)

Sachi – Xanthe Huynh (EN), Saori Hayami (JP)

Keita – Lucien Dodge (EN), Toshiyuki Toyonaga (JP)

Tetsuo – Tyler Shamy (EN), Kenji Akabane (JP)

Sasamaru – Bobby Thong (EN), Tsubasa Yonaga (JP)

Ducker – Erik Kimerer (EN), Takuya Eguchi (JP)

Bigger Bad and his Forces

Zeed X – Michael Emerson

Yami Houou – Cristina Vee (EN), Rina Sato (JP)

Yami Xicors – Chris Patton (Fan EN)

Yami Ghidorah/Gamera/Gyaos – Michael Ironside/Mark Hamill/Scottie Ray

Yami Superman – George Newbern

Guilty Crown (canon)

Inori Yuzuriha's spirit – Alexis Tipton (EN), Ai Kayano (JP)

Arisa Kuhouin – Caitlin Glass (EN), Aya Endo (JP)

Kenji Kido – Greg Ayres (EN), Nobuhiko Okamoto (JP)

Gai Tsutsugami – Micah Solusod (EN), Yuichi Nakamura (JP)

Mana Ouma – Alexis Tipton (EN), Ai Kayano (JP)

Yuu – Leah Clark (EN), Yuka Nishigaki (JP)

Yahiro Samukawa – David Trosko (EN), Takahiro Mizushima (JP)

Souta Tamadate – Corey Cleary-Stoner (EN), Daisuke Sakaguchi (JP)

Kanon Kusama – Apphia Yu (EN), Minako Kotobuki (JP)

Haruka Ouma – Martha Harms (EN), Chika Fujimura (JP)

Shibungi – J Michael Tatum (EN), Takehito Koyasu (JP)

Argo Tsukishima – Jarod Greene (EN), Anri Katsu (JP)

Calling All Parties

Enma Ai – Brina Palencia (EN), Mamiko Noto (JP)

Lucifer/Satan – Benedict Cumberbatch

Kal-El/Superman (DCAU) – George Newbern

Bruce Wayne/Batman (DCAU) – Kevin Conroy

Wonder Woman (DCAU) – Susan Eisenberg

John Stewart/Green Lantern (DCAU) – Phil LaMarr

Wally West/The Flash (DCAU) – Michael Rosenbaum

Shayera Hol/Hawkgirl (DCAU) – Maria Canais

J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter (DCAU) – Carl Lumbly

Robin – Scott Menville

Starfire – Hynden Walch

Cyborg – Khary Payton

Raven – Tara Strong

Beast Boy – Greg Cipes

Razer – Jason Spisak

Aya – Grey DeLisle

Michael – John Burgmeier

Barbatos – Kyle McCarley (EN), Kengo Kawanishi (JP)

Cthulhu – Steven Blum

Darth Vader – James Earl Jones

Lacus Clyne – Chantal Strand (EN), Rie Tanaka (JP)

Lelouch vi Britannia – Johnny Yong Bosch (EN), Jun Fukuyama (JP)

Yondu – Michael Rooker

Blossom (original) – Cathy Cavadini

Bubbles (original) – Tara Strong

Buttercup (original) – E.G. Daily

Blossom (2016) – Amanda Leighton

Bubbles (2016) – Kristen Li

Buttercup (2016) – Natalie Palamides

The Rock – Himself

Han Solo – Harrison Ford

James T. Kirk – Chris Pine

Simon – Yuri Lowenthal (EN), Tetsuya Kakihara (JP)

Kamina – Kyle Hebert (EN), Katsuyuki Konishi (JP)

Yoko Littner – Michelle Ruff (EN), Marina Inoue (JP)

Nia Teppelin – Bridget Hoffman (EN), Yukari Fukui (JP)

Honey – Alexis Tipton (EN), Yurin (JP)

Scarlet – Colleen Clinkenbeard (EN), Houko Kuwashima (JP)

Dr. Gel – J. Michael Tatum (EN), Unsho Ishizuka (JP)

Bea – Micah Solusod (EN), Kosuke Hatakeyama (JP)

Admiral Perry – Kent Williams (EN), Banjo Ginga (JP)

Spock – Zachary Quinto

Wolverine – Steven Blum

Cyclops – Nolan North

Jean Gray – Jennifer Hale

Mr. Fantastic – Dee Bradley Baker

Human Torch – David Kaufman

The Thing – Fred Tatasciore

Invisible Woman – Erin Torpey

10th Doctor – David Tennant

11th Doctor – Matt Smith

12th Doctor – Peter Capaldi

C.C. – Kate Higgins (EN), Yukana (JP)

Kallen Stadtfeld – Karen Strassman (EN), Ami Koshimizu (JP)

Nostalgia Critic – Doug Walker

Harut – Danielle Judovits

Marut – Heather Halley

Jokan Sagara – ?

Santine Sagara – ?

Cedric D'Anjou – ?

Alexandra D'Anjou – ?

Daenerys Targaryen – Emilia Clarke

Smaug – Benedict Cumberbatch

Valkyrie – Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Amora the Enchantress – Kari Wahlgren

Eowyn – Miranda Otto

Theoden – Bernard Hill

Faramir – David Wenham

Thorin – Richard Armitage

Kili – Aiden Turner

Fili – Dean O'Gorman

Sauron – Benedict Cumberbatch

Azog the Defiler – Manu Bennett

Wyrm – David Kaye

Zmey Gorynych – Bumper Robinson

Aerialvern – Tom Kenny

Brokk & Eitri – John DiMaggio

Skoll & Hati – Troy Baker

Helgi Harrison – Ellar Coltrane

Luke Skywalker – Mark Hamill

Leia Skywalker – Carrie Fisher

Bender – John DiMaggio

Fry – Billy West

Emmet Brown – Christopher Lloyd

CP3O – Anthony Daniels

Rey – Daisy Ridley

Finn – John Boyega

Kylo Ren – Adam Driver

Obi-Wan Kenobi – Ewan McGregor

Yoda – Frank Oz

Duck Dodgers – Joe Alaskey

Nobita – Johnny Yong Bosch (EN), Megumi Ohara (JP)

Shizuka – Cassandra Morris (EN), Yumi Kakazu (JP)

Gian – Kaiji Tang (EN), Subaru Kimura (JP)

Suneo – Brian Beacock (EN), Tomokazu Seki (JP)

Okami Inuki – ?

Suzuno Inuki – ?

Mako Mankanshoku – Christine Marie Cabanos (EN), Aya Suzaki (JP)

Ira Gamagoori – Patrick Seitz (EN), Tetsu Inada (JP)

Houka Inumuta – Steven Cannon (EN), Hiroyuki Yoshino (JP)

Uzu Sanageyama – Grant George (EN), Nobuyuki Hiyama (JP)

Nonon Jakuzure – Sarah Ann Williams (EN), Mayumi Shintani (JP)

Krista Lenz – Bryn Apprill (EN), Shiori Mikami (JP)

Jean Kirstein – Mike McFarland (EN), Kisho Taniyama (JP)

Sasha Blouse – Ashly Burch (EN), Yu Kobayashi (JP)

Connie Springer – Clifford Chapin (EN), Hiro Shimono (JP)

Yuichiro Hyakuya – Micah Solusod (EN), Miyu Irino (JP)

Mikaela Hyakuya – Justin Briner (EN), Kensho Ono (JP)

Shinoa Hiragi – Felecia Angelle (EN), Saori Hayami (JP)

Guren Ichinose – Dave Trosko (EN), Yuichi Nakamura (JP)

Yoichi Saotome – Chris Burnett (EN), Nobuhiko Okamoto (JP)

Shiho Kimizuki – Ian Sinclair (EN), Kaito Ishikawa (JP)

A Few Days Later

Shinkawa Kyouji – Johnny Yong Bosch (EN), Natsuki Hanae (JP)

Cassiel – David Wenham

Stolas – Joel Edgerton

Yog-Sothoth – David Lander

Mnemosyne – Elizabeth Maxwell

Kotori's Mother – Laura Post

Homura Akemi (canon) – Cristina Vee (EN), Chiwa Saito (JP)

Eugeo - ?

Alice - ?

Soundtracks Used:

-Guilty Crown – EGOIST – Euterpe (Silence version) (The prologue)

-Imagine Dragons – Radioactive (The beginning of Manhattan's festivities)

-Psycho Pass – Trigger Finger – Shoko (A concert with Tennouzu classmates' confrontations)

-Guilty Crown – Another Side 01 – Track 2 (The introduction of the canon!Guilty Crown trio)

-Muddy Waters – Mannish Boy (Ruckus Roboticus Remix) (Avengers/Guardians)

-Andrew W.K. – Star Children (Toys R Us)

-Blood Stain Child – Merry Go Round (Javits Center)

-Guilty Crown – Home in This Corner (The Canon and LK!GC Groups dining)

-Madeon – The City (Venturing outside in Time Square)

-Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Road to Bowser (The villains arriving in Time Square)

-Terry Da Libra – Enchanted Waters (Original Mix) (Toys R Us Ch. 2)

-W&W – Manhattan (Time Square)

-Double Dragon Neon – Track 4 – City Streets 2 (Mango Tango – Neon Jungle) (Midtown Manhattan)

-Lacuna Coil – Lost Lullaby (Midtown Manhattan)

-The Birthday Massacre – Beyond (Birthday Massacre Concert)

-Royksopp ft. Robyn – The Girl and the Robot (Midtown Manhattan)

-Blood Stain Child – Electricity (Javits Center)

-Dead Can Dance – Carnival of Light (Hilarity in Time Square)

-1966 Batman's sound (Ami and Vega pursuing Ima)

-Dragonball Z – Bruce Faulconer (Ch. 5's prologue)

-Dead Can Dance – East of Eden (DFK meets Dragonball)

-The Avengers – Arrival (The first appearance of the UN Headquarters)

-Dead Can Dance – A Passage In Time (The introduction of the mystery man)

-House of the Dead 4 – Garden of Rotting Flowers (Homura senses danger)

-Dead Can Dance – Ocean (The League of Extraordinary Da'ath)

-Super Mario Galaxy Main Theme (The Deity Party)

-Imagine Dragons – It's Time (Ch. 7 Opening)

-Two Steps From Hell – I Love You Forever (The bondings in Time Square)

-Eurythmics – Here Comes The Rain Again (Conversations in Time Square)

-W&W – Manhattan (Craving Remix) (Toys R Us)

-The Birthday Massacre – Leaving Tonight (Birthday Massacre Concert)

-Metric – Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix) (Accel Group/Gundam Meisters meet GranDracmon's Group)

-Guilty Crown – Ready To Go (Another concert with Spirit Detectives and Demon Brotherhood meet)

-Blood Stain Child – Stargazer (Javits Center. Team Satisfaction competes with Blood Stain Child)

-Dragonball Kai – Sanjou! Ginyu Tokusentai! (DB/DFKai Villains gather)

-Guilty Crown – Alpha (LK!Shu's group rescuing Canon!GC trio)

-Dragonball GT – Recap #1 by Mark Menza (GT cast debuts)

-Linkin Park – In The End (Dragonball knowing the band)

-Linkin Park – Crawling In My Skin (Naruto cast talking before Minako's interruption)

-Jurassic World - Indominus Wrecks (Ch. 10's opening)

-Two Steps From Hell – Sun and Moon (Inori II's concert)

-Guilty Crown – Apocalypse (The Nightfall of Da'ath)

-Dead Can Dance – How Fortunate the Man With None (Ch. 10's ending/Da'ath's Theme)

-Revolution VIVID – Temporal Shift (Ch. 11 and 12's opening)

-Guilty Crown – GHQ (Confronting GHQ/League of Da'ath members)

-House of the Dead 4 – Boss Raid (Confronting GHQ/League of Da'ath members)

-Aldnoah Zero – AZPV (Confronting Ribbons and company)

-The House of the Dead 4 – Dawn (Remix of Year Seventh) (Forces in separate locations fighting off GHQ/Da'ath)

-Jurassic World – The Dimorphodon Shuffle (Da'ath Microraptors and Tropeogopterus unleash)

-Lacuna Coil – Cold (DFK/Dragonball unite to fight the Time Breakers/Shadow Dragons)

-Jurassic World – Love in the Time of Pterosauria (More chaos)

-Chappell music – Great Ambitions (Heroes/Villains unite in planning to reach Ward 24 II)

-Guilty Crown – Bios (Canon!Shu regaining his powers. Ch. 13 – 19's opening)

-Two Steps From Hell – Friendship to Last (Ch. 12's ending)

-Dead Can Dance – In the Wake of Adversity (Deity Party observing the conflict)

-Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete – Those Who Fight Further (Canon!Shu and main group leading the charge)

-God of War 3 – March of Tartarus (Fighting Kronos)

-Blood Stain Child – Forever Free (Destroying Malefic Signer Dragons, fighting Makishima/Toonami Villains)

-Epica – Sancta Terra (Sigrun vs Reginleif)

-Guilty Crown – Bios Delta (Ch. 13 – 19's ending)

-Hiroyuki Sawano – Brave (Vs. Ribbons and his servants)

-Thomas Bergersen – Immortal (Battles at Broadway Theatre)

-Guilty Crown – Omega (Group fighting their way through in Manhattan)

-Two Steps From Hell – We Rule The World (Avengers/Guardians fighting Ultron Sentries)

-Metalstep – Gray Wolf – TheEnigmaTNG (Vs. Meikai Gods, Gobi and Kiba)

-Dragonball Z – Super Saiyan God Broly Theme (TheEnigmaTNG) (Dragonball Rumble)

-Dragonball GT – Step Into The Grand Tour (Haze Shenron's rapping)

-Dragonball Z – SS4 Broly VS SS4 Gogeta Theme (TheEnigmaTNG) (Dragonball Rumble)

-The House of the Dead 4 – Original Sin (Remix of Year Seventh) (Fighting Bijuus)

-Two Steps From Hell – El Dorado (Fighting Nibi and Yonbi)

-Two Steps From Hell – United We Stand – Divided We Fall (Battle at Wall Street/Main Group unites)

-Two Steps From Hell – Norwegian Pirate (Fighting off Sanbi/Breaking through GHQ's defenses)

-Two Steps From Hell – Machine Dreams (Entering Ward 24 II)

-Guilty Crown – Another Side 01 – Track 5 (Ch. 17's prologue)

-Pacific Rim – Main Theme (Fighting Kaijuus)

-Attack on Titan – EMA (Eren, Gipsy Danger, Godzilla vs Otachi and Leatherback)

-Toy Story 3 – To The Dump (Fighting Lotso)

-Two Steps From Hell – He Who Brings the Night (Fighting Yuu & Armamon and Gorgonmon Sisters)

-Jurassic World – Raptor Your Heart Out (Nanba's pack pursuing Tennouzu classmates)

-Cyberpunk – TheEnigmaTNG – Neon Tokyo (Battles throughout Manhattan)

-Witchblade – Sexual Panic Repeated (Kitoss' revenge)

-Nightwish – Siren (Skogul vs Geirskogul)

-Guilty Crown – Another Side 02 – Track 5 (Siege of the UN Headquarters. Gondul vs Geiravor.)

-Guilty Crown – Hills of Sorrow (Assault on Ward 24)

-Final Fantasy X HD Remaster – Challenge (Vs. Loki, Fafnir, Fenrir, Jormungard, Death Gun, Seth, Malefic BEWDs)

-Kill la Kill – Kill wa Ill (Brunhilde, Ryuko, Satsuki vs Mist, Ragyo, Nui, Indominus rexes)

-Guilty Crown – Genesis (Vs. Daryl, Segai, Seryu, and Syura)

-Neurotech – Infra Versus Ultra – 04 Unleashing the Dead (Skuld, Asuna, Leafa, Charizard Y vs Rota, Oberon)

-Hunter x Hunter 2011 OST 3 - 2 – Hegemony Of The Food Chain (Vs. Yakumo, Chimera Ants, Xenian Flower)

-The House of the Dead 4 – Chaos (Main group fighting their way through)

-The House of the Dead 4 – Chaotic Order (Paradais duo's purpose, Canon!Shu's rant, main group's resolvement)

-Jurassic World – Bury the Hatchling (The birth of Makishima)

-Guilty Crown – Another Side 02 – Track 3 (Ch. 20 – 24's opening)

-The House of the Dead 4 – Requiem (Ch. 20 – 24's ending)

-High School of the Dead – Pursuit (High School of the Dead cast's appearances)

-Attack on Titan – Eren's Berserk Theme (Forces destroy Kaijuus)

-Ivan Torrent – Leviathan (Valmerago obliterates Slattern. Paradox becomes Numerrox Truth Dragon to fight Duelists)

-The House of the Dead 4 – Give It All You Got! (Fighting Kaguya and Badiane)

-Two Steps From Hell – Winterspell (Defeating Kaguya and Badiane)

-MMPR OST – Lord Zedd's Theme (Ch. 21's prologue)

-Toy Story 3 – The Claw (Defeating Lotso)

-Neurotech – Decipher Vol. 2 – A Clouded Mind (Saving Yuu & Damemon)

-Jurassic World - Chasing the Dragons(vs. Gorgonmon Sisters)

-Guilty Crown – Another Side 01 – Track 6 (Gorgonmon Sisters strike back)

-Neurotech – Triumph (Defeating Anubis (Yugioh))

-Two Steps From Hell – The Fire In Her Eyes (Sigrun and Reginleif argue before the latter becomes a Dai-Erinye. Defeating Surtur/Lolth.)

-Hellboy – Main Title (Hellboy helps the group to slay Shichibi)

-Ivan Torrent – Forbidden Love (Skogul and Geirskogul's quarrel before the latter becomes a Dai-Erinye)

-The House of the Dead 4 – Endless Battle (Battles throughout Midtown)

-Sonic Symphonic – Sky Sentinels – Ivan Torrent (Defeating Ribbon's servants)

-Aldnoah Zero – MKAlieZ (Ribbons' counterattack)

-Two Steps From Hell – Rise Above (Fighting Ultron/Thanos. Defeating Set's Minions. Fighting Skull Reaper)

-Two Steps From Hell – Victory (Super Golden Kirin/SuperSusanoomon and Dark Kirin/NegaSusanoomon destroy Skull Reaper)

-Witchblade – Erotic Attack (Kitoss' revenge)

-Witchblade – Dazzling War (Varuna and Quaoar defeats Kitoss)

-God of War 3 – Rage of Sparta (Kratos and Saturn slay Kronos)

-Neurotech – Infra Versus Ultra – 03 The Longest Time (Defeating Toonami Villains, Makishima strikes back)

-Two Steps From Hell: Battlecry – Cannon In D Mirror (Defeat Yonbi. Fighting Nibi.)

-Lacuna Coil – Without Fear (Adult!Silica's theme. Nibi killed.)

-Sawano Hiroyuki – Destiny (Vs. Bijuu)

-Dragonball Z – Super Vegito VS Super Gogeta Theme (The Enigma TNG) (defeating the Shadow Dragons)

-Dragonball Absalon – Xicor's Theme (The Enigma TNG) (Omega Shenron and Time Breakers turn their enemies to tikes/weaker forms)

-The Crystal Method – Feat Filter – Can't You Trip Like I Do (Takeru Cage steps in)

-Two Steps From Hell – Magika (slay the Sanbi no Same)

-Two Steps From Hell – All Is Hell That Ends Well (Battle in UN Headquarters continues)

-Jurassic World – Costa Rican Standoff (Q. rex's ramage in Ch. 24. Rexy and Blue's debuts in Ch. 25's post credit. Tennouzu Classmates cornered by Nanba's pack in Ch. 26)

-The Birthday Massacre – Divide (Ch. 25's opening)

-Two Steps From Hell – Breathe (Ch. 25's ending)

-Two Steps From Hell – Dark Ages (vs. Jotunheim, Loki becomes the Lord of Realms)

-Neurotech – Stigma – 06 – Brighten (vs. Seth and defeating Malefic BEWDs. Defeating Seth in Ch. 28)

-Neurotech – Nex (vs. Mist, Ragyo, Nui, I. rexes)

-Neurotech – Uplift (vs. Dai-Erinye Mist, Shinra Koketsu Kisaragi Ragyo)

-Neurotech – Home (vs. Death Gun, Oberon, Rota)

-Neurotech – Infra Versus Ultra – 08 Transcendental (vs. Yakumo, Chimera Ants, Xenian Hive, defeating Segai & Daryl)

-Neurotech – Infra Versus Ultra – 07 Sacrifice (defeating Canon!Kenji, Syura and Seryu)

-Neurotech – Stigma – 03 – Of Adversity (fighting Keido and 999 Magicians)

-Two Steps From Hell – Skyworld (The deities decide to intervene)

-Neurotech – Infra Versus Ultra – 06 (Versus) You (Angra and Ahura's debuts)

-Neurotech – Epiphany (Ch. 26's Opening)

-The Birthday Massacre – Diaries (Defeating Nanba's Group)

-Xandria – Ravenheart (Skogul vs Geirskogul)

-Ivan Torrent – Underskin (Skogul/Geirskogul revives Ford, and Ford/Skogul's moment)

-Ivan Torrent – Glimmer of Hope (Defeating Gorgondramon)

-Ivan Torrent – Dandelion (Defeating Paradox)

-Xandria – Sisters Of The Light (Sigrun defeats and frees Reginleif)

-Dragonball Kai – Super Dragon Soul (DB/DFKai cast restored)

-Sawano Hiroyuki – Dragon Rises (Defeat the Shadow Dragons)

-Guilty Crown – Krone (Ch. 26 – 27's Ending)

-Neurotech – Compass (Ch. 27's Opening)

-Dragonball Super Opening – Chozetsu Dynamic (Defeating the Time Breakers)

-Dragonball Super OST – Recap (Chala Head Chala Ver.) (DFK/Dragonball aftermath)

-The Last: Naruto the Movie OST – 36 – The Last (Defeating Nue no Tri)

-Gundam Unicorn – Unicorn (Defeating Ribbons)

-South Park – Let's Fighting Love (South Park helping Beast Tamers)

-maNga – Fly to Stay Alive (Defeating the combined Meikai Gods and Kiba)

-Neurotech – Decipher Vol. 2 – This is the New Age (The union of the meta-triad: West Coasters, Chimeras, and Neuromancer's Group)

-Neurotech – Maelstrom (Defeating Ultron and Thanos)

-Neurotech – Decipher Vol. 2 – A Separate Way (Defeating Makishima)

-Pacific Rim – Hannibal Chau (Hellboy's group stumble upon Otachi's corpse…)

-Xandria – The Lioness (Gondul defeating Geiravor)

-Two Steps From Hell – For the Win (Liberating the UN Headquarters)

-Neurotech – The Resurface (Ch. 28's Opening)

-Two Steps From Hell – Riders (Defeating Jotunheim)

-GARNiDELiA – ambiguous (Kill la Kill's 2nd Opening) (Defeating Ragyo)

-Neurotech – Through the Divine (Brunhilde meets Odin and defeats Mist)

-Neurotech – Atlas (Defeat Death Gun and Oberon)

-Thomas Bergersen – Heart (Aftermath inside Ward 24)

-Hurts – Mercy (Defeating Yakumo and Xenian Flower Queen)

-Neurotech – Stigma – 02 – Fear The Fear (Defeating Keido)

-Puella Magi Madoka Magica Rebellion – Raise the Curtain (Confronting the Da'ath duo)

-Dead Can Dance – In the Kingdom of the Blind the One-Eyed Are Kings (The Da'ath duo's true endgame)

-Guilty Crown – Another Side 01 – Track 4 (Ch. 28's Ending)

-Adrian von Ziegler – Emotional Music – Eternal Ice (Ch. 29's prologue)

-Neurotech – I Desensitize (Ch. 29's Opening)

-Neurotech – Enter the Endless (The formation of Twisted Ward 24)

-Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Movie 3 Rebellion OST – Theater of a Witch (Kriemhild becomes Ultimate Kriemhild)

-Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 – The Dragon Returns (Stage is set for the final battles)

-Neurotech – The Tide is Rising (The return of Canon!Mana and Gai)

-Neurotech – Decipher Vol. 1 – The Cyber Waltz (vs. Canon!Gai, Canon!Mana, and Neo Zeed X)

-Two Steps From Hell – Starfall (vs. Ultimate Kriemhild, Homulilly, and Eon)

-Jurassic World – Our Rex Is Bigger Than Yours (Canon!Mana strikes back. Canon!Shu and Ayase fights back.)

-Ivan Torrent – Crystalline (Canon!Inori's intervention)

-Ivan Torrent – Human Legacy (The Key of Fate)

-Two Steps From Hell – Blizzard (Ch. 29's Ending. Canon!Mana's theme.)

-Death Battle Theme (Ch. 30's prologue)

-Neurotech – From Liquid to Solid (Ch. 30's Opening)

-Thomas Bergersen – Illusions (Paradais duo vs Zeed X)

-Ivan Torrent – TH3 AWAK3N1NG (Paradais duo vs Zeed X raising the stakes. Ch. 30's Ending)

-Thomas Bergersen – Starvation (Ch. 31's prologue)

-Neurotech – Evasive (Ch. 31's Opening)

-Neurotech – The Elysian Symphony (The gauntlet battles of Canon!Mana, Gai, and Da'ath duo)

-The Birthday Massacre – The Other Side (Canon!Mana spreads the virus)

-Neurotech – Infra Versus Ultra – 10 (Ultra) Us (The Calling All Parties)

-Two Steps From Hell – Unforgiven (The rise of Inkarniete Mana)

-Two Steps From Hell – Strength of a Thousand Men (United forces heading to the Mana construct)

-Two Steps From Hell – Flight of the Silverbird (United forces heading to the Mana construct)

-Xenoblade Chronicles X – Uncontrollable (First phase against Inkarnierte Mana)

-The Dumplin Strut – Remix (Dumplin and Inkarniete Mana)

-Ivan Torrent – Icarus (Casualties by Inkarnierte Mana)

-Goku vs Superman Theme – Screwattacks' Death Battle (DB!Superman's appearance)

-Ivan Torrent – One of Us (ft. Julie Elven) [Pandora Vocal Extended] (vs. Transcendant Mana clones)

-Neurotech – Stigma – 07 – Through Hardships (defeating the Da'ath duo, Canon!Gai and Canon!Mana)

-Jurassic World – Sunrise O'er Jurassic World (Victory against GHQ/Da'ath/Canon!Mana)

-Ivan Torrent – Before I Leave This World (The aftermath such as Canon!Gai's passing and the group realize there's one more conflict left)

-Two Steps From Hell – Blanket of Snow (Ch. 31's Ending. Canon!Inori's theme)

-Adrian von Ziegler – Emotional Music – Eternal Snow (Ch. 31's post credit scene)

-The Birthday Massacre – Last Daze (Ch. 32's Opening.)

-Neurotech – Between Wake and Sleep (United Forces gather their last plan)

-Two Steps From Hell – Star Sky (United Forces heading to space)

-Thomas Bergersen – Aura (vs. GranZeed X and army)

-Two Steps From Hell – Starfleet (Calling All Party reinforcements arrive)

-Ivan Torrent – SuperNova (New Version) (vs. Yami Houou)

-Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann OST - Sorairo Days - Tengen Toppa Edition (Universal X's arrival. Gurren-mechs fight.)

-Ivan Torrent – The Power of Will (Finishing off Zeed X)

-Thomas Bergersen – A Place in Heaven (United Forces's victory. Ch. 32's Ending.)

-Neurotech – Infra Versus Ultra – 01 (Infra) I (Characters celebrating the New Years. Ch. 33's Ending.)

-Frank Sinatra – New York (Characters celebrating)

-Ivan Torrent – In Aeternum (Characters celebrating)

-Monkey vs. Robot (Characters chatting)

-Two Steps From Hell – Lost In Las Vegas (Characters celebrating)

-Two Steps From Hell – Memories (Looking back of the Cornerverse)

-The Birthday Massacre – Movie (Ch. 34's Opening)

-Digimon: The Movie – Digirap (Concert's intro)

-Digimon: The Movie – Here We Go (Tamers/Demon Beast Generals plays)

-Jurassic World The Musical – Parody Song (Hybrid Dinosaur) – lhugueny (Concert plays)

-Moby – Lift Me Up (Concert plays)

-Avicii – Hey Brother (Concert plays)

-Pantera – Floods (Team Satisfaction plays)

-Birthday Massacre – Secret (Ford's revelation)

-5 Centimeters per Second – 10 – END THEME (Ford's breakdown)

-Two Steps From Hell – Frozen Moment (Ford/Jess meets Fairhair couple)

-Digimon Adventure tri. – I Wish (Setsuna's last performance)

-Jurassic World – Growl and Make Up (Parting ways)

-Jurassic World – Nine to Survival Job (Canon!Shu's resolvement with YYGDM and other characters)

-Thomas Bergersen – Promise (Parting ways and farewells)

-Avicii – Wake Me Up (Lance's final words. Ch. 34's Ending)

-Ivan Torrent - La Danse de la Lune (Ch. 35's Opening)

-Choral des Adieux - French New Year Song (Going to France)

-Two Steps From Hell – More Than Friends (France celebration)

-Sad Panda - Flight Of Fantasy - Suburban Knights (The Fantasy Party)

-Sad Panda - Crushin Boots (To Boldly Flee Ending) (The Sci-Fi Party)

-Thomas Bergersen – Homecoming (Returning to Shinjuku)

-Two Steps From Hell - Compass Feat. Merethe Soltvedt (The Tennouzu party. Ch. 35's Ending)

-Thomas Bergersen - Remember Me (Ch. 36's Opening)

-Hiroyuki Sawano - From Sunset to Sunrise (Ford's narration)

-Birthday Massacre – Trinity (Legend HQ and CainCorp scenes)

-Fran Soto - Timeless Place (Skogul the time guardian, Pluto/John's journeys)

-Mnemosyne OST - 02 - RIN's Morning (Shino and Kotori visit familiar people in prison before they meet.)

-Two Steps From Hell – Meant to Be (Tribute to Youkai Yoko)

-Two Steps From Hell – Clair Voyant (Tribute to Youkai Yoko 2)

-Puella Magi Madoka Magica Rebellion - Not Yet (Post-Credits) (The last scene of The Rebellion Story)

-Guilty Crown – Departure

-Egoist – All Alone With You

-Wir fliegen - Xenoblade Chronicles X OST (Overdrive Theme)

-Jurassic World – Jurassic World Suite

-Neurotech – The Ophidian Symphony

-Ivan Torrent – Chasing The Dream

(End Music)

(The final shot shows the spirit of the real Inori Yuzuriha, wearing a beautiful red dress and is smiling in the skies, thanking the beautiful world. The end titles below appear in each corner of the image.)

The End / Owari / Das Ende / Fin

(Guilty Crown: October 13th, 2011 – March 22nd, 2012)

(Shinnen:New Year: June 8th, 2015 – January 7th, 2016)

(Ford1114's Fanfiction Career: March 11th, 2007 – January 7th, 2016)

Final A/N: Congratulations readers (and me), we finally did it! We made it through the fan-continuation of Guilty Crown and my final fanfiction (and series finale of Kanius Production Abridged). This is my final commentary that is split to various parts.

Let's talk about the epilogue, after Ford's narrations, we see Skogul's first days as a time guardian alongside Pluto finally having the vacation she deserves with John and the Doctors. Shino and Kotori met the two people they once conflict with back then, before the two girls meet in heading to a certain gravesite (you can say that both Kotori/Brunhilde and Shino/Sinon have similar backgrounds). That's right, we have given tribute to one of my co-author's late contributors named Youkai Yoko. Right now, I can understand we cried of this scene of how she's one of the first inspirers and thank how the OCs reaches this far to be developed as characters. Yes, I remember YYGDM: Dawn of Chaos Ch. 55 of Kotori mentioned 'Hitori' as a suppose alias since she doesn't exist in YYGDM-01. How it happen in the Cornerverse when she does exist.

See the cameos of the Redigitize protagonist and Beat/Note (DB Heroes)? Back at the original D-Fusion's epilogue, it shows that the main heroes as 'Digital Fusion' passes over to the official introduction of heroes called 'Ascendants' with the D3s. In Digimon Fusion Kai as the reboot, the Ascendants and its term play many major roles of their fanfics. Shinnen's epilogue shows Taichi (Kai)/Goku and their friends passing the torch to these young heroes. Kanius' Cornerverse is also base on Dragonball Heroes due to tie-in anything recent in real-life (also tie-in K's ongoing fanfic run) and anywhere goes to this universe.

Homura meeting her canon self is decent stuff since I wonder what's next for the Puella series. Finally, Canon!Shu is living at peace by recapping the same epilogue scene in Guilty Crown's final episode. Yes, that last line pays tribute to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The last scene with Canon!Inori, this is where the bood ends.

For specifically my co-author's readers, alongside the two scenes of the Legend Headquarters and CainCorp, Shinnen is basically warm-up concepts to Kanius' two series finales for both his Digimon Fusion Kai and YuYuGiDigiMoon, some of the elements of our crossover will carry over.

Cross Generations: The series finale of Digimon Fusion Kai that has elements of Dragonball GT and Super. This crossovers with YYGDM, Digimon Accel Stream, and Guilty Crown Lost Kingdoms with many other elements of popular culture works. The first half covers more of dimension travelling to other universes as mostly seen in many other fanfics (but we're keeping it not overwhelming), the second half has some elements of Super Jax/Shadow Dragons arcs, before having an original finale.

The Wrath of the Defiants: The series finale of YuYuGiDigiMoon taking place months after Cross Generations. This is generally set in the YYGDM-01 universe, where the heroes are facing their final antagonists: the humans sworn to protect that conspires against them (not all humans, just there are groups that show prejudice). This can remind you of X-Men and Inhumans. This fanfic will be made after Cross Generations is finish, meaning it's officially Kanius' last fanfiction. It will have the biggest roster of heroes to date. There will be guests in other of the author's works.

I wonder how Kanius can top Shinnen with these two fanfictions? I just have to find out in the future. On the other hand, I feel I'm going to tearfully miss them once their franchises end.

Sooner or later, my co-author plans to finally release original, official stories outside of fanfics. Yes I mentioned the first details back in Ch. 34, just saying it again since he'll truly release something to the real world after many years of writing practice.

It goes by my co-author saying these words: I've enjoyed my long labors of building the DFK and YYGDM universe. But, now with The West Coasters complete, I'm looking at possibly taking my favorite and best OCs and placing them in a universe that's not totally restricted by canon rules. I wish to one day expand on that. I wish to transition to being a fictional writer than just being a fanfic one. So, who knows, West Coasters might be a precursor to that career.

Anything is possible that they will then be adapted to things like a TV series (I imagine it's likely than films so that they can have time/room for character developments, world building and such), comics, movies, and video games. I hope that I will buy his books (whether on normal or e-books for cheaper costs) and other related merchandises.

I decide to look back at my memory lane growing up in real-life up till today. Oh boy, this is going to be long.

I was born in November 1992, around the last decade of the 20th century and the last era of the second millennium. Lucky isn't it? This is before the third millennium that where we are at.

Like many destined fans that enjoyed various medias of popular culture, I remember some of the first I see are Disney (around the time of the Disney Renaissance), Pixar with Toy Story and A Bug's Life, Cartoon Network (Dexter's Lab, Ed Edd n Eddy, and Powerpuff Girls), Nickelodeon, Foxkids (my first exposure to Transformers was Beast Wars/Machines, and yep I remember a lot of memories of Digimon Adventure/02/Tamers), and Toonami (yep with Dragonball Z (before I know Goku's name, I thought of it as 'Jack' as a kid.), Sailor Moon and Gundam), not to mention mix with old things as well with Scooby Doo (and also the movies back in the 1990s like Zombie Island), Looney Tunes, and Tom & Jerry. Let's not forget about movies like Jurassic Park, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I usually don't say this, but I admit that being a 90s kid is special, though I'll hear similar speeches to people born in different generations/decades.

The first video game system I brought was a Nintendo 64 and the very first game was Pokemon Snap. I remember the first Final Fantasy game I get was Final Fantasy IX.

Around 2000-2001 was the era where I am expose to the wonders of the internet for the first time. It was AOL, Cartoon Network's official website (one honorable mention is Cartoon Orbit back then. I remember playing their old web games.), an old Powerpuff Girls website called Rowdyruff dot net (A fansite from 2001 – 2010 for people tributing the Rowdyruff Boys with their OC Avatars, fanart and fanfics. They succeeded in having the official creators to bring them back around 2003. Though the website is defunct, it is accessible in the Wayback Machine site). To think I go back to meet my childish kid self again. I remember looking at Yugioh, Dragonball Z (I use to go to Pojo dot com a lot) Kingdom Hearts, and Digimon old announcements and know more of the Japanese works than my casual fans.

March 11th, 2007, this is where I became a new member of this website (and March 14th, 2007 when I first came to DeviantArt). Before that important event, I read a lot of fanfics back then and not caring whether they are good nor amateurish (some examples: Digimon, Dragonball, Yugioh, these Know Your Stars fics, I recall reading a humorous Rurouni Kenshin/YuYu Hakusho one); some are enjoyable to this day (like that epic story crossovering Rurouni Kenshin and Lord of the Rings), others are weird/out of character (like characters saying 'baka' and so)/bad upon looking back today. I recall reading this Digimon Tamers fic called Not Real by Toxic Shade where Gallantmon fought J-Reaper to rescue Jeri and becomes this fan-made form called BiLeomon before sacrificing himself, kinda dark.

I obviously tell that my first stories are crap before I deleted those such as a Zatch Bell one-shot and a Cartoon Network crossover that the story parodies Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the Powerpuffs as the main heroes, and the CN villains becoming dragons. Why am I looking back at this? Up from 2007 to early 2011 that I rarely take part of contribute something on this website. Back in the day, some of the things I remember liking/use to like are Transformers Animated, Ben 10 (before Omniverse), Total Drama Island (before I dropped it during Action), and Marvel animated cartoons (such as Spectacular Spider-Man and Wolverine and the X-Men).

Between that time, I remember I use to hang out with specific people and also use to naivety admire in contributing on DeviantArt, but now I left them for personal reasons (such as some people hating canon couples, there are drama arguments that I usually never get involve, some of these people never 'truly change' if you know what I mean, and believe that their OCs are superior (but have little flavor)). It's like meeting different people online is always similar to real-life as different social statuses. I understand that my middle and high school years (late 2000s – 2011) to connect these online experiences are the Dork Age. I was also a transfer back in tenth grade with very mixed results (such as the anime club mentioned in Ch. 2), long story (even though there are good memories such as senior prom and all night graduation, alongside some respectful acquaintances/friends).

It is in 2011 that before and during the time my high school graduation happened and going to college (well I started off in a community college before transferring to a 4-year school in 2013), while I finally have the opportunity to contribute with one of my inspirers since I read his fanfics around middle school: SSJ4Takeru (now as Kanius). I think I once send a past email back when I use a Yahoo account, but didn't contact again until 2011 when Digimon Fusion Kai is at its second season.

To demonstrate my trust over the years and making a difference, I want to see myself as the second coming of Kanius and being the youngest member of his group, while desiring to improve more of my writing skills/personality. I once thought of putting concept ideas of both Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Guilty Crown (this looking back compares to Kanius' first use of Digimon Tamers (of both this and Puella have deconstructed themes) and Frontier (both this and GC are so okay average, yet we make them better) that shaped his first fics) to his series (also start of with elements of Final Fantasy XIII, God of War, Transformers Prime, and so), but wait as on hold till that comes, meaning I made an AU fic that crossovers both anime and set in YYGDM called Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms (besides GC and Puella, Sword Art Online is added later on. I remember around 2012 when SAO and AoT were not prominent since the former had an ongoing airing in Japan, comes 2015 that both became much noticeable.). Not to mention Kanius hasn't seen much of Guilty Crown until early 2014 when I was brainstorming my AU. Sometimes on PMs we take things slowly of what ideas we can use before I explore more sophisticated concepts. No wonder why 2010s in my young adult years have become better than my teenage years. This is the chance to do some things I never had the opportunity to do back then, 2011 – 2015 also meant the slow recovery age for me to develop more of my mindset and atone from the past mistakes slash sins in the 2000s. Though there are still private problems that affect me much further, and that I can understand as the real world becomes prominent (still find the 2010s better than my teenish 2000s).

I learn/remind at an early age of both the deconstructions and reconstructions of being a fanfic writer. I'm just simply a contributor nothing more, but glad that my contemporary ideas help out as practice for real-life. I remember how overtime, my reviews to K's fanfics become insightful and expressing more emotion.

Feeling almost like a reset button, my previous fanfics feel like a 'renaissance' of Kanius' stories. Across Fantasmic, which is a parody of Disney's Fantasmic! In Disney parks even though I put some original content, tributes the original D-Fusion fics (in the early 2000s) like The Conceptual Years, alongside a deleted one-shot of Imperfect Virus. Dawn of Ghidorah tributes YYGDM's ongoing, Naruto fics, and a Sailor Moon fanfic called Galaxy Stars of symbolizing The Dark Years (late 2000s), alongside two deleted stories of a one-shot of HiSuzakumon and the Red DD Girl and an attempted redux of Across Fantasmic (it kinda tributes that Kanius once attempt to do an Ultimate Uncut edition of his D-Fusion fics before they were deleted). Looking back makes me cringed, but I felt I like Across Fantasmic more than Ghidorah.

Now, how do I first got into Guilty Crown itself? The anime that inspired my previous AU fic, House of Madoka, and Shinnen. Before that, I saw some promotional pictures (the first one I saw is a group pic consist of Inori, Fyu-Neru, Gai, Ayase, Argo, Oogumo, Shibungi and Tsugumi) of the anime is done by the same people that did Code Geass and Death Note. I watch the first two episodes around October 2011 when it aired in Japan. I go like it was okay though the song of Bios is awesome when I first listen to it. The visuals and character designs are really nice. At some point, I catch up with all the rest of the episodes and wow. I felt when I first saw it in Japanese, its okay, but Shu is shown to be whiny and annoying at times. For starters, Gai is my most favorite out of all the three (to be honest, when I use to dislike Shu between 2011-13, I imagine replacing him as a better character while admiring Gai). The plot made little sense and the ending…unlike most animes I enjoyed and have good closure (such as Code Geass, Gundam 00, and Gurren Lagann) to be remembered, Guilty Crown leaves many questions unanswered like what happen to the other characters and most of all, where is Da'ath's status (Yes I know there are animes and shows that have unanswered questions, but Guilty Crown really takes the cake).

Then comes 2013, where Guilty Crown is having the English dub, courtesy of Funimation. I was actually enjoying the voices while rewatching the show and love the English dub more than the Japanese (I saw the first 12 episodes again, and have time to see the remaining ones at the end of 2013). I begin to like Shu more than his Japanese version for seeing a totally new perspective of him, thank you Austin Tindle. (Granted I'd say people find better perspectives when they saw YYH and Cowboy Bebop in English dub since they flesh out their voices more, and that both the Japanese/English versions of Digimon series are good in their own rights that fans combine both elements) This is actually one of the main reasons why I decide to get back into the seldom fandom for real and to do Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms as mention above around 2014 (It's another renaissance tribute to The Recreational Years era (2010 - 2015) of Kanius getting back to D-Fusion as Digimon Fusion Kai and renewing YYGDM with Dawn of Chaos and a revision of Wrath of Pharaohmon), as to show a reminded real example of what an anime crossover done right (alongside giving the anime more notice, just like Vindicated by History in TV Tropes). It is the first Guilty Crown fanfic crossover to be completed in history, that unlike many retellings I look, I abridged GCLK with nine chapters almost like a movie fic with various changes.

And then, we get to the kicker. The foundation of Kanius Production Abridged. It started off as two character omakes/segments by Kanius and Chaosblazer with their Siege of GranDracmon and Yagami's Second Coming fics. (What also started this concept is trace back in Ch. 13 of Digimon Fusion Kai of this omake with Yamato & Babimon (alongside Vegeta & Nappa) around 2010.) I first suggest of having the Puella Magical Girls in 2013 to invite the heroes, and the villains to their party in New York in tributing Disney's House of Mouse. During the House of Madoka me and Kanius co-authored in 2014 (after Dawn of Chaos is finished for him to be free first), we were just starting to transition this to a special story that we didn't bring any sophisticated and expanded ideas (It is also somewhat like a Halloween special for GCLK). Think of it as Meet Your Early Installment Weirdness and so (almost like when LittleKuriboh and TeamFourStar first do their abridged series before becoming more original over the years), but we finished it just fine and plan the outline of Shinnen (that like most fics, we thought of many drafts before obviously glad to have the final version).

Between that and the story's release, I did a few one-shots on my own such as a GC/Attack on Titan, GC/SAO set in my GCLK fic, and GC/FFXV (though it's incomplete even though its finish because I find it much hard to do). Their okay to kill time.

And then we get back to Shinnen:New Year's release, its progress, and completion in 2015. This is what I imagine for the renaissance a prophecy of what The Final Years (2016 – 19/20(?)) are like to Kanius' fanfics such as the official series finales in what Shinnen's elements will bring to and come full circle. Anyway for Shinnen, with the biggest character roster and number of franchises, it is the culmination of all the fan-writing experiences I've done to pure professional levels (though like most stories, there are some mistakes and of course there are scenes that are too much to handle). Unlike GCLK, this serves as a continuation of the canon Guilty Crown anime as our special 23rd episode in allowing me to have much enjoyable freedom. Meet the alpha (House of Madoka) and the omega (Shinnen), almost like Battle of Gods and Resurrection F (while Cross Generations/Defiants is the Super). Though it is a series finale to our Cornerverse series with elements of past works, we did try our best in making it stand alone for new readers. All those plot twists leading to the end paid off.

By the time I finish my final fanficion, Shinnen:New Year leads to the 5th Anniversary of Guilty Crown in 2016 (alongside Madoka Magica. There are many other specific anniversaries that I can't stir my excitement.).

This is the evaluation to my final story.

Fave Male Protagonists:

Fave Female Protagonists:

-Fave Valkyries in Order (most to least):

Fave Antagonists:

-Fave Erinyes in Order (most to least):

Fave Antagonists You Love to Hate:

Fave Partners:

Fave Dinosaurs:

Fave Fusions:

Fave Awesome Moments:

Fave Funny Moments:

Fave Heartwarming Moments:

Fave Tearjerking Moments:

Fave Nightmare Fuel Moments:

Fave Battles:

-Fave Final Battles:

Fave Unexpected Twists:

Fave Couples:

Fave Music:

Fave Calling All Parties/Few Days Later Cameos:

Overall Thoughts:

Here is mine for this magnificent mega crossover.

Fave Male Protagonists: Shu (canon)/Kaiser Shu, Takato & Guilmon, Henry & Terriermon, Ryo & Cyberdramon, Yusuke, Yugi Muto, Seto Kaiba, Yusei Fudo, Jack Atlas, Hiei, Kurama, Kuwabara, Jeremiah/Prophet/Millenniummon, Kirito, Charizard X, Tai & Agumon/Omega X, Yamato & Gabumon/Metalla X, Dimitri & Faith/Angemon X, Ken & Veemon/Dramon X, Tai/Matt & Omegamon, TK & Patamon (Kai and YYGDM), Max Kamiya, Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Tien, Hercule Satan, Majin Buu, Gon, Killua, Leorio, Kurapika, Hisoka, TOM, Coop, Eren Yeager, Levi, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor (MCU), Captain America, Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Agent Coulson, Batman (Nolan), Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Mr. Popo/Dumplin, Freeza, Cell, Cooler, Broly, Ginyu Force, Burizalor, Virus, GalacticNova X, Kiryu, Kaiser Ghidorah, Gyaos, Gamera, Ford, Takeru Cage, Noctis, Spike Spiegel, Taichi & Agumon (tri.), Loki (MCU), Winter Soldier, Deadpool, Shenron, Beerus, Beerusmon, Raizen, Grim, Haku, Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Glenn Rhee, Hellboy

Fave Female Protagonists: Ayase (canon)/Crimson Ayase, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Rika & Renamon, Sharon/Sailor Charon/Chaos, Kari & Gatomon/Celesta X, Kari & Gatomon (YYGDM), Sailor Sedna, Sailor Orcus, Inori II, Mana (LK), Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Sayaka Miki, Kyoko Sakura, Mami Tomoe, Nagisa Momoe, Asuna, Silica, Sinon, Arisa (LK), Mikasa Ackerman, Yui Tsubasa/Shaka, Brunhilde, Skogul, Skuld, Sigrun, Andrea/Psyclone, Carmen/Songblade, Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, Alice McCoy, Hare Menjou, Ritsu Takarada, Haruhi Suzumiya, Cecaelia, San, Koori Hino/Sailor Blue Mars, Lightning Farron, Maggie Greene, Michonne, Blue the Raptor, Rexy the T. rex, Jessica Jones

-Fave Valkyries in Order: Skogul, Sigrun, tie-between Brunhilde and Skuld, Gondul

-Kanius' Fave Valkyries in Order: Brunhilde, Skogul, Sigrun, Skuld, and Gondul

Fave Antagonists: Yuu, Kriemhild, Keido, Ragyo Kiryuin, Nui Harime, Death Gun, Shogo Makishima, Omega Shenron, Super Naturon Shenron, Haze Shenron, Thanos, Ultron, Schrodinger, The Joker (Nolan), Loki (YYGDM), Reginleif, Geirskogul, Indominus rex (the one from JW and not the other clones), Neferpitou, Paradox (AKA: Mandark), Zeed X, Mana (canon)/Transcendent Mana/Inkarnierte Mana, Gai (canon)/Meister Gai, Spinosaurus (Not a villain, though I like his menacing role), Yami Houou

-Fave Erinyes in Order: Reginleif, Geirskogul, Mist, Rota, Geiravor

-Kanius' Fave Erinyes in Order: Geirskogul, Mist, Reginleif, Geiravor, Rota

Fave Antagonists You Love to Hate: Oberon (The most hated character and piece of shit), Lotso, Kitoss, Ribbons Almark, Hiling Care, Eis Shenron, Kaiki, Koba, Kuradeel, Rikako Oryo, Toyohisa Senguji, Seryu Ubiquitous, Syura, Hirohide Nanba (not a villain, but he's a prick), Shaiapouf, Najadramon, Cain Bearer (not a villain, but he's a coward), Arisa (canon) (Not a villain, but her actions in the anime later on derailed her), Spinosaurus (At the same time, I only hate it because of the obvious controversy)

Fave Partners: Sleipnir, Suzaku, Byakko, Seiryuu, Genbu, Houou, Kairyu, Thanatos the Horse, Helios the Pegasus, Frostburn, Ford the Thunderbird, Garm, Chilali, Huginn & Muninn, Tanngrisnir & Tanngnjostr, Geri & Freki, the two Charizards, Pina the Dragon, Eon the Microraptor, Gullinbursti, Dainn, Mares of Diomedes, Red Dragon (D&D)

Fave Dinosaurs: Rexy the T. rex, Blue the Velociraptor, Indominus rex, Spinosaurus, Tropeogopterus, Da'ath Microraptors

Fave Fusions: Vegito, Gogeta (GT), Kaiser X, Omega Shenron Darkness Mode, Valmerago, Kohalien, FeralChaosMillenniummon, Ghyaomerah

Fave Awesome Moments: The heroes and villains teaming up (nuff said), the biggest crossover corner/story in general (has the biggest amount of franchises in my co-author's stories), Avengers meets Guardians, Tai (YYGDM) announce that he's reclaiming his throne (Ch 2), Digimon Fusion Kai meets Dragonball (Ch 5, glad that it makes Kanius happy because if it didn't, it would have haunt him for years), Babimon showing the House of Madoka movie (Ch 5), Beerus meets Beerusmon (Ch 6), Blood Stain Child playing their songs (especially Signers vs Malefics in Ch. 13), Minako's rant on Naruto (Ch. 9), "Ford! And you…GET OFF HIM!" cue the Valkyrie's berserk button "You dare try to rape Ford, you harlot?!" (Ch. 18), the Assault on Ward 24 (Ch. 19, 25, and 28), the Rajita Warlords' boastful speeches, "You can't force love on someone! You have to allow them to willingly accept!" (Ch 21, yes their fight for a man has some of the strongest dialogues), "Time to show who the real demon fox is, Naruto. Shove it up his ass!" (Ch 23 and a funny moment as well), Takeru holding the Time Breakers/Omega Shenron with his own wrestling moves (Ch. 24), "Nothing will ever surpass my love for Ford!" (Ch. 26), "Go ahead. Say what, what again, mutha fucka!" (Ch. 27), Skuld pwns Oberon (Ch. 28), "Then Da'ath is in for an ass-kicking. Guara-damn-teed!" (Ch 28), Crimson Ayase taunting Transcendent Mana (Ch 31), Everyone unite against Inkarnierte Mana (Ch 31), SSS Charlie's Angels killing Mana Clone II (Ch 31), Everyone unite against Zeed X (Ch. 32), The intro scene with the load of characters nuff said and Neurotech (Ch. 33), Lance gives his last words to the audience (Ch. 34), Fun times at the Fantasy and Sci-Fi Parties (Ch. 35)

Fave Funny Moments: Mentioning the bat nipples (Chap 1), Coop/Jamie/Kiva riding on bouncing balls (Chap 1), Avengers meets Guardians of Galaxy (Chap 1), Hiatus x Hiatus and Togashi is a lazy ass (Chap 1), Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future, Deadpool's moments, Spider-Man doing the 'not emo' dance (Chap 3), Gumdramon dogpiled by children (Chap 2), Senshi meets their clones (especially Christina meets Sucro) (Chap 4), The DBZ Narrator intervene, Two Popos teaming up (Ch 5), Sharon's Labor (Chap 4), Gosenzomon receive a bonk from Cosmos (Chap 6), the Kais chatting (Chap 6), TOBI, "Whatever you say Christopher." (Chap 11), Skuld's sing-a-long sadism (Chap 11), The gang fighting Shichibi remember their past career in a certain Naruto fanfic and how they need acting experience (Ch 14), the Shadow Dragons receiving new personalities such as Haze Shenron delivering the GT rap, Paradox's mandark laugh, Duke's last words are sexy back (Ch 17), Yuu Amano lashing out at Tagiru/Young Hunters (Ch 17), "Hi Skully, wanna play with me?" alongside the Valkyrie's remark (Ch 19), House of Madoka destroyed (Ch. 20), Jackoff Atlas (Ch 20), Freeza/Burizalor's voices sounded like Linda Young (Ch 24) and then glad they have their better voices back (Ch 26), "You'll pay!" "With credit or cash?" "Sorry, don't got the cash or credit for that." (bout time it's been parodied by Madoudramon and Brunhilde), "Getty up Rexy! NOW DIE!" (Ch. 25), The Rajita boasts that they are undefeated…except the Moon Kingdom follow by a sick burn and Ghidorah grumbling (Ch. 25), Dumplin's moments, Thor/Loki (MCU) and Thor (YYGDM) defeating Loki (YYGDM) with Utgard-Loki trolling the latter and ends with Loki (YYGDM) saying 'have we won yet' before falling asleep (Ch 28, both that and an awesome moment as well), Yuu's words to his dysfunctional family followed by "That's right, and she's going to give you a spanking, you hellspawn!" (Ch. 28), Zeed X's humor, Brunhilde's double take of Saiyans/Ascendants/Kirin/Susanoomon having blue hair "What the shit?!" (Ch. 31), Dumplin and Canon!Mana ("PISS OFF, FREAK!") (Ch. 31), Making fun of Death Battle!Superman (Ch. 31), Uranus hates monologuing pricks (Ch. 32), Sharon abusing LK!Yuu (Ch. 33 - 34), Loki (YYGDM) meets Beerusmon (Ch. 33), Lee feels rejected (Ch. 34), Fun times at the Fantasy and Sci-Fi Parties (Ch. 35), LK!Hare figures out she's pregnant (epilogue)

Fave Heartwarming Moments: The prologue, GCLK/Puellas having dinner with Canon!GC (Ch 1), Toonami Faithful (Ch 1), Pluto and Volodramon's times, Ford and Jessica's times, Kirito & Asuna talking to Canon!Shu/Ayase, the moments with Kotori and Sinon, Paradais duo showing their sympathetic sides (Ch. 19), Skogul/Geirskogul reviving Ford (Ch 26), Sigrun and Reginleif patch up (Ch 26), Sigrun and Gondul are a lesbian couple besides having a boyfriend, Characters watching the fireworks after the war (Ch. 33), Canon!Shu's final meeting with the YYGDM/associate cast (Ch 34), the final goodbyes by the characters especially Setsuna & Sharon (Ch. 34), Lance gives his last words to the audience (Ch. 34), Shinjuku reunion (Ch. 35), Canon!Shu's group's moments in the Tennouzu High School party (Ch. 35), Youkai Yoko's grave (epilogue), The ending with Canon!GC and the epilogue scene

Fave Tearjerking Moments: This is the series finale of Kanius Production Abridged, this is the final fanfic and last upload on my profile, Canon!Shu misses Canon!Inori, Canon!Shu being ostracized (Ch 2), The deaths of certain heroes/villains, Canon!Shu's rant on the Paradais duo (Ch 19), Ford struck down with Skogul and Geirskogul in shock (Ch 21), Sigrun and Reginleif patch up (Ch 26), the Triad Ascendants (Omega/Angemon/Dramon Xs) killed (Ch 31), Ford's breakdown "I'm nothing but a piece of BULLSHIT!" (Ch 34), Canon!Shu's final meeting with the YYGDM/associate cast (Ch 34), Shinjuku reunion (Ch. 35, at the same time since me and K love these characters so much), Youkai Yoko's grave (epilogue), The ending with tying in Guilty Crown's epilogue, The end credits (you know that this is my swan song)

Fave Nightmare Fuel Moments: This is the darkest corner in general, the biggest amount of named deaths (and especially for my co-author's stories to the point its Game of Thrones level), Sharon's labor (Ch. 4), the reveal of the League of Extraordinary Da'ath (Ch 5), Ward 24 appears in NYC (Ch 10), Yuu/Kriemhild/Nui's threeway kiss (Ch. 10), "Singing in the blood of my victims. They pour like raindrops and fill me with ecstasy! Which one wants to come next?" (Ch. 11), Da'ath Microraptors and Tropeogopterus unleashed alongside I. rexes (Ch. 12), Nanba's group controlled and raptors (Ch 18), the Skull Reaper's appearance, Geirskogul's attempt rape on Ford (Ch 18), Da'ath assaulting the UN Headquarters (Ch 18), Nui losing her virginity (Ch 19), Skuld and Rota summoning their undead army (Ch 19), Time Breakers/Omega Shenron DM deaging everyone (Ch 24), Oberon planning to overthrow LK!Yuu and controls Asuna (Ch 25), Garm becomes a zombie (Ch 25), "NOW I'M GOING TO RIP YOUR SOULS OUT AND FEAST ON EVERY PIECE OF FLESH OFF YOUR BODIES! BUT ROTA, YOU'LL HAVE TO WAIT YOUR TURN! YOU'RE DEAD FIRST, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" (Ch. 25), The Xenian hive and its Queen (Ch 25), Skuld killing Rota and Oberon (Ch 28), Zeed X, Ward 24 warps into a twisted location similar to Homulilly's witch dream labyrinth for the final battle location (Ch 29), Canon!Mana and Gai's revival (Ch 29), everything of Canon!Mana and "SHU'T' THE FUCK UP ABOUT HIM!", Canon!Mana's sheer anger that the Apocalypse Virus spreads throughout the universe "I'LL GIVE AN EXAMPLE TO THE UNIVERSE MY DESOLATE EXISTENCE!" (Ch 31), Yami Houou (Ch. 32)

Fave Battles: The Dragonball/DFK rumble (all of it), Valmarmon/Arago/Gamera vs Slattern, Eren/Gipsy Danger/Godzilla vs Otachi/Leatherback, Signer Dragons vs Malefic Signers, Skogul vs Geirskogul, Sigrun vs Reginleif, Avengers/Guardians vs Ultron/Thanos, Anime SHIELD vs Makishima/Toonami Villains, Lightning vs Fafnir, Thor/Loki (MCU) vs Loki (YYGDM), Brunhilde/Ryuko/Satsuki vs Mist/Ragyo/Nui/Indominus rexes, Kirito/Sinon/Charizard X vs Death Gun, Skuld/Asuna/Leafa/Charizard Y vs Oberon/Rota, United Forces vs Keido/999 Magician Type 0 Clones

-Fave Final Battles: Crimson Ayase vs Transcendent Mana, Kaiser Shu and allies vs Meister Gai, Rexy vs Spinosaurus, Paradais duo vs Zeed X, United Forces vs Inkarnierte Mana, United Forces vs Transcendent Mana Clone II, United Forces vs Zeed X, Houou vs Yami Houou

Fave Unexpected Twists: The League of Extraordinary Da'ath's debut (Ch 5), Kiba (Invasion of the Rajita)'s appearance (Ch 12), Raditz shows up (Ch 12), Ritsu and Taiyou have an older brother whose in the military (Ch 17), Kitoss' betrayal (Ch 18), Nanba's pack manipulated by Da'ath (Ch 18), Lotso kills Duke (Ch 18), Yuu Amano has Armamon and controlled by Da'ath (also killed Airu) (Ch 18), The Walking Dead/Highschool of the Dead's cameos (Ch 20), Buzz and Woody appear (Ch 21), Hellboy's appearance (Ch 21), The Super Golden Kirin (Ch 22), Omega Shenron Darkness Mode alongside Takeru Cage fights back (Ch 24), Daryl's Endlave is controlled by Canon!Kenji's conscious (Ch 25), Deities and allies helping the united forces (Ch 25), Silica becomes an adult self and can summon dragons from other media (Ch 23), Jaco and Space Dandy's appearances (Ch 24), One of the Malefic BEWDs reveals to be Canon!Arisa (Ch 25), the Xenian Flower Queen (Ch 25), Rexy & Blue show up (Ch 25 and 27), Shenron's intervention (Ch 26), Mr. Popo becomes Dumplin (yay!) (Ch 26), Dorothy & Avengemon have an Ascendent form (Ch 26), Loki (YYGDM) becomes a dragon (Ch 28), Zeed X's appearance (Ch 28), Yuu/Neo Zeed X revives Canon!Gai/Mana (Ch 29), the real 'you' (Canon!Yuu's appearance) (Ch 29), Canon!Mana frees herself from Yuu's control and desires to rule the cornerverse for herself (Ch 29), Canon!Inori's official presence (Ch 29), Canon!Gai becomes a dragon (Ch 31), Transcendent Mana becomes Inkarnierte Mana (Ch 31), The many cameos of calling all parties (Ch 31), Death Battle!Superman appears (Ch 31), final battle takes place at the Kuiper Kingdom ruins (Ch. 32), Some calling all party cameos help the united forces against Zeed X (Ch 32), the White Houou (Ch. 32), Universal X (Ch 32), Sailor Moon becomes the Sailor Cosmos aspect (Ch 32), Goku using the Spirit Bomb (Ch 32), Lyn becomes a mother (Ch. 33), the Namekian Frog reveals to be Tagoma (Ch 33), Skogul/Ford become time/memory guardians (Ch 33-34), Homura meets her canon self (epilogue), Kirito/Asuna meets Eugeo/Alice (foreshadow the Alicization arc) (epilogue)

Fave Couples: Canon!Shu x Canon!Ayase, Kirito x Asuna, LK!Shu x Inori II, Madoka x Homura, Homura x LK!Mana, LK!Ayase x Sayaka x Kyoko, Usagi/Sailor Moon x Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen, Yusuke x Keiko, Takato x Rika, Yugi x Tea, Sailor Mars x Hiei, Sailor Venus x Rio, Seto x Lyn, Dimitri/Angemon X x Karin/Sailor Sedna, Tai x Sora (Kai), Yamato x Mimi (Kai), TK x Kari (both Kai and YYGDM), Ken/Dramon X x Sailor Orcus, Setsuna/Sailor Pluto x John/Volodramon, Goku x Chi Chi, Vegeta x Bulma, Gohan x Videl, Krillin x Android 18, Naruto x Hinata, Yui/Shaka x Aoshi, Eren x LK!Hare, LK!Arisa x Helio, Ford x Jessica/Skogul x Geirskogul, Philippe x Sasha/Skuld, Kara/Sigrun x Ayanna/Gondul, Usa/Sailor Neo Moon x RJ Urameshi, Sam Stromberg x Koori/Sailor Blue Mars, Max Stromberg x Amaya/Sailor Cyber Mercury, Sharon/Sailor Charon x Jeremiah Grand, Kiryu x Cecaelia, LK!Yuu x Kriemhild x Nui Harime, San x Ashitaka, Haku x Chihiro, Lizbeth x Rowan, Glenn Rhee x Maggie Greene, Ryo Akiyama x Alice McCoy

Fave Music: Two Steps From Hell/Thomas Bergersen, Hiroyuki Sawano's music (includes Guilty Crown), Neurotech, Jurassic World, Blood Stain Child, Dead Can Dance, Lacuna Coil, Birthday Massacre, Imagine Dragons, House of the Dead 4, The Enigma TNG's songs, Ivan Torrent, Sad Panda songs, Adrian von Ziegler, Digimon: The Movie songs, Moby – Lift Me Up, Avicii songs, Pantera - Floods

Fave Calling All Parties/Few Days Later Cameos: Justice League Founders, Teen Titans, Razer & Aya, Lelouch vi Britannia, CC, The Doctors, Daenerys Targaryen, Smaug, Legolas, Aragorn, Gandalf, Theoden, Gollum, Witch King of Angmar, Sauron, Saruman, Azog the Defiler, Tyrion Lannister, Hiccup & Toothless, Vader, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, Palpatine, General Grievous, Duck Dodgers, Nostalgia Critic, Dexter, Mandark, Ed Edd n Eddy, Samurai Jack, Aku, Sector V, Numbuh 362, DCFDTL, Father, Courage, Eustace Bagg, Katz, Powerpuff Girls, Mojo Jojo, Billy & Mandy, Bloo, Cheese, Mordecai & Rigby, Bugs & Daffy (Looney Tunes Show), Avatar Aang, Korra, Zuko, Azula, Firelord Ozai, Zaheer, Kuvira, Amon, Jackie Chan Adventures cast, Elric Brothers, the other tri. Digidestined, Jean Kirstein, Sasha Blouse, Dot Pixis, The Elite Four (Kill la Kill), Seraph of the End cast, Valkyrie, Amora the Enchantress, Ruby Rose, Yang Xiao Long, Weiss Schnee, Mnemosyne, Stolas, Yog-Sothoth, Cassiel

Overall Final Thoughts: Now we understand that it's the mother of all corners. This is the fanfic that surpasses both Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms and House of Madoka: Halloween Night. As my final epic crossover story, the quality and storyline has exceed beyond expectations, and not to mention our take of taking place years after the Canon!Guilty Crown anime, only with a mega-verse filled with crossovers. It is also a deconstruction of corner series (and all my fanfics in general) that's taken seriously. I remember back then, I rated Guilty Crown a 3 to 4 out of 5, while I give both my Lost Kingdoms AU/House of Madoka a 4 out of 5. This time, Shinnen is given a 5 to 6 out of 5.

With my final writing prose behind me, and hopefully looking forward to my college graduation (Shinnen is like my fanfic version ticket out of here). Freedom… I'm free.. My destiny is just the beginning with many roads to take, whether its finding employment, take a few classes whenever there's time to prepare for graduate school in the future, and other personal goals. To the real world further and will contribute on official things is the next step. You guys understand that there's still life to handle as I get older, it is open end till I retire as an elderly and comes death at the end of my days.

I'm going to cry of how its part of growing up after one side-hobby ends. We understand that though we enjoy our labor of good fanfics that stand out, we don't wanna overstay their welcome once their series finales arrive. It's like what Christopher Nolan gave his commentary about The Dark Knight Rises saying "unlike comic books, these things don't last forever".

I miss these times and glad I enjoy the experience. Until then, this is my voice's final farewell to the computer screen with this song I'm showing.

(Cue Clash (a Thai band) - Pleng Soot Tai (Last Song)) (Release back in 2010 as their final song before they disband, 2015 is its 5th anniversary and with Shinnen:New Year that's appropriate. As the seventh song for the credits, another coincidence of the 'number themed' for K's stories).