This is my seventh chapter of Alpha and Omega.

Pairings: Humphrey/Garth, Hutch/Candu, Winston/Mooch, Marcel/Paddy, Salty/Shakey, Scar/King (Slash)

Rated: M

The sun had rise causing Humphrey, his mate, and the others to wake up and stretch. Nars came running towards them as Humphrey saw with his blurry vision, and the rest growled. Garth knew the wolf and saw how the growling affected Humphrey, so he howled to silenced his pack. Winston and his mate told the others to stand down, which they did. Nars stopped in front of him as well as his kid. "Please, I need to talk to Humphrey," He said to the leader. Nar and his son were exhausted. The wolves turned their attention to the Omega, Garth, especially since he will be a father. "You want me to tend to the problem? He asked. Humphrey tried to get up but seeing as he is in labor and it wasn't safe out here in the open to have his puppies. "You might as well," He said in a weak tone. Garth licked his cheek and smiled before going up to Mooch. "Watch Humphrey for me," He said as he continued. "I'll be taking his place...what seemed to be the problem? 'Garth, I need you to take of Fleet; somebody scared him," Nar said as Fleet came in front of him. "Well, we haven't got a place to stay, especially with Humphrey's pregnancy. "You do now" Everyone in the pack looked to see Scar and King.

"I changed my mind; the group will live here as long as they please. Link and Lyle here will accompany you all," He said as they came behind him. Fleet saw the gray wolves and coward behind his father. That's them? He said in a low voice. Nars made sure it was them by ended up volunteering. "Ahh, a helper, I see, very well" He smirked. Both Link and Lyle looked at the Brown and White Gold was eyed her from every angle. "She's fine," Link whispered. "I saw her first," his brother whispered back.

Magril ran to be with her brother for safety. The pack was very excited they get to stay. "You have my word,' The Alpha said before going with his pack to their home. King offered to carry Humphrey with the help of his mate and best friend, Scar. They went over and slowly and carefully lifted him and got him on their backs. "Okay, let's move out," King shouted. 'Come on, guys," His mate said after. The packs followed, and as they were walking, Lyle was checking out the female's ass as it swayed back and forth.

He smirked a licked his lips; his brother noticed. "Seriously, bro, you are one perverted wolf," Link disgustingly said. "Oh please, you're more perverted than I am," Lyle replied. The two continued to fight over Nars until he spoke for one of them to walk with him. That triggered both to stop when they heard those words. 'Coming," Lyle said before walking up next to the attractive wolf. "Hi, allow me to introduce myself, I am Lyle, and you are? He tried to sound as charming as possible.

"Nars" once Lyle heard a word come out of the wolf's mouth, he was shocked to find out that she was a male, but it was probably just something on her throat, so he brushed it off. Well, what is it you wanted to talk to me about? He asked. "Well *He remembered what his son told him* let's meet alone in a cave, and I'll tell you," He said. He stopped, stunned while Nars walked on; he couldn't believe he was going to mate on their first date. Nars looked back at him and smiled as well as use his feminine charm by winking at him. Lyle blushed until his brother caught up to him. "You see that... I got a date with her," He said happily. "Sweet, what's her name? Link asked. "Her name is Nars, and she's perfect in every way possible except for something in her throat that makes her voice sound like a male.

'Oh, that's disappointing to hear," Link said, giving his concern. "It's alright bro, either way, I still get to bang her," H said as the only thing on his mind now. Link saw her and licked his lips when he noticed her butt swayed. "Lucky bitch" Link thought as he watched the way her cake moved.

Marcel was waking up; he yawned and cracked his back as well as scratched his stomach. He looked at his boyfriend; he touched him with his wing and smoothed him out. "He's beautiful" He smiled. "What did I do to make him love me? He asked himself. Suddenly, Paddy woke up and was greeted by his boyfriend. "Morning, sweetie," He said after blinking twice and sat up in a sexual position. Marcel couldn't take his eyes off of his display and look directly at his perfect form, then gulped. "Uhh, what do you mean? I'm aiming to be the mother to your child," Paddy sexually said as he was crawling to his boyfriend. The goose was nervously shaking, and his heart began beating. 'Paddy, isn't this a little-The duck silenced him with one wing as he got close enough. Marcel was very vulnerable that it was impossible to rightfully defend himself after seeing how lovely, attractive, young, and beautiful he was; why would he want to. He allowed his caddy to take advantage of him by being steady fully.

Paddy wanted nothing more than for him to be a parent and could tell that he wanted it. The duck made sure he was good and ready before beginning sexual intercourse. Marcel felt so relaxed from the second his boyfriend's wings make content with his body. "You okay, my stuffed goose? He asked, trademarking it as a nickname. Marcel only smiled. "Never better" He pulled Paddy into a passionate kiss then got up on his stomach for a much better angle. Marcel started rubbing his ass the way around. Paddy, in turn, blushed until he felt a tight squeeze, making him gasp. He looked at his partner's green eyes; both smiled as they made their eyes were locked on one another.

"I love you," Paddy said, and they kissed then went right into the intercourse. Marcel's heart soon lit up. Paddy must have the magic cause he found his sweet spot within an instant. Marcel may be older, but he's not brittle, so he can get his boyfriend's full permission to penetrate him. Once fully in, he began thrusting while Marcel was feeling the intense pain. "I'm not hurting you am I, love? the duck asked after hearing the sound of murder. "Non, I'm okay...keep going," The goose said, trying to get the words out. Paddy blushed and kept going as requested. Both started to feel wet pretty soon, but they pushed forward, but both were tired as another minute took over.

"You there? Marcel said as he repeated his breathing. I think so," Paddy said as he was regaining his and gave one final blow before fainting onto Marcel's chest. Paddy couldn't speak; Marcel had but three words before falling asleep "That was Magnifique.

Guess, who's back? Yep it's me, and It was my intention to start off this chapter with how I feel about the DVD sequels; I will admit, it had some legit characters, but I still don't get how it's not consistent with the movie, and the animation dropped, I get it's got a different studio, but seriously, think about the fans

Anyways, I took it upon myself to change things around like King ruling all over, his daughter wanting the pack to stay, and using his father's lovesickness for Scar to her advantage. Lyle and his brother thinking Nars is a female cause they share a single brain and Marcal giving up golfing to start a family with his caddy. I really like to see how far Nars is willing to go for this, after all... raising a son as a single father is hard, no offense. Drop names down for Humphrey and Garth's puppies as well as Marcel and Paddy's family, I'll choose the best ones and give credit.

I might mix them up so be careful.