Chapter 1

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Snow and Emma already were in FTL but Daniel comes back and dies afterwards. Otherwise most things will be like in the show but just in a different time order.

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Regina just sat in front of the box where she had to kill Daniel. Where she had to watch Daniel die a second time. She just sat in front of it and stared at the spot her fiancé had died not even three days ago. She hadn't moved since then. Even when David and Emma had tried to convince her to return home she just sat there and stared at the spot.

You could still see the ashes back then, when he had freshly died. The last remains of her true love. When the wind had blown through the stable the ashes flew away and left Regina with nothing but a numb feeling behind. The people had looked at her warily at first but soon looked at her with sympathy when Emma had told them about her condition. Emma had sat on straw while she watched over Regina but eventually had fallen asleep.

It was now 2 am of the third night when Regina started to move again. She just moved because she had heard something being afraid. She was sore from sitting on the ground all the time and not moving but she didn't care. She just moved on autopilot until she had turned around a corner and walked to the last box where the sound came from.

Regina looked into the box and gasped. A dapple-gray horse stood in the corner of the box and looked at her wide-eyed. She studied it. It was clearly underweight. It's hipbones were dangerously visible as well as it's ribs. It had some wounds on it's shoulder blades which hardly bled anymore but still caused pain. She saw that it was a stallion and looked at the little card on the door.

"Nasir. 5 years old. Arabian.",she mumbled and looked back up. "What is scaring you?" She asked Nasir who pressed himself further into the corner. Regina looked around before she slowly opened the door and stepped in. He neighed loudly and slammed his hoof on the ground. She watched him unimpressed. "You have to do more than that to scare me." She said with a calm voice and closed the door behind her.

She stepped a bit more into the box and then sunk down at her knees and conjured an apple in her hand. "Hungry?" She asked him and held the apple to him. He watched her doubtfully but soon his curiosity won and he slowly approached her. She smiled when he reached her fully. He tried to bite into the apple but whimpered when the fruit touched it's teeth. Regina carefully put her hand on his nose and stroked it. "Are your teeth hurting?" She asked him and he looked into her eyes.

He saw the pain in her eyes. The sadness. But he also saw the caring side in her. She smiled at him softly and then her eyes got purple. He stepped a step back afraid but suddenly felt a warm rush through his teeth and then how the pain faded. "It's alright, Nasir. I don't mean harm. I want to help you." Regina whispered and picked the apple up again. He tried another time to bite into the fruit to see that he wasn't in pain anymore.

He snorted and nudged her stomach softly. "You want more apples?" Regina asked him with a grin but he shook his mane. He nudged her stomach again. Then Regina remembered her hunger the first time for three days. "You want me to eat something?" She asked him surprised and he nodded. She smiled and conjured herself an apple. She slowly started to eat and offered him her apple a few times but every time he nudged her hand back to her mouth. She chuckled slightly and finished the apple. She gave him the stalk and he ate it happily.

"May I groom your fur?" She asked the horse and slowly stood up. He nudged her again and she smiled. She conjured a brush and slowly started to brush his filthy fur. "Soon you will look all handsome again." She said with a smile and he huffed. "Yeah, you look already handsome but you will be more handsome once the filth is gone." After she had groomed him and cleaned his hooves she started to heal his wounds and placed on every healed scar a soft kiss.

She wrapped her arms softly around his long neck and buried her face in his mane. He felt how she slowly drifted off to sleep and started to sink down on his own knees and soon laid on the ground with Regina half on his legs. Both finally feeling secure enough to rest and in that position they laid the whole night.

The next morning both woke up through a panicked scream. Regina blinked a few times to adjust before she slowly sat up. Behind her Nasir quickly stood up and pressed himself back in the corner. She was pulled on her feet by a strong hand and pushed out of the box which was slammed shut. "What the hell do you think are you doing?" David shouted at her. "I…" "He could have killed you!" David shouted and now Emma turned up. "Well, I laid on him the whole night and he didn't attacked me!" Regina shouted back. "He is a dangerous horse. He almost killed two stable boys." "Probably because they have beaten him." Regina hissed and Emma looked at her in awe.

"They have not! Or where are his wounds?" "I've healed them! All 29 of them." Regina was beyond furious now. "Stay away from him." David just hissed. "Who is his owner." Regina asked him when he walked away. David stopped and turned. "Mr. Gold, but I don't think that he will sell you him." He spat and Regina looked back to Nasir. Emma looked at him too. "He is rather skinny." Emma said and Regina nodded. "His teeth were hurting. He couldn't eat. That made him aggressive. He was in pain. He was hungry. He got beaten. He was alone." Regina answered.

"And his box smells disgusting." "I was too tired to clean that too…" Regina mumbled and looked around until she found some hay. She grabbed a big arm full and walked back to the box. She put it into the feeding trough and he slowly left his corner and started to eat. He lifted his head a few times to blew some air into her face and she actually giggled. "I didn't knew that you are that good with horses." Emma said and Regina looked at her sadly.

"My fiancé…he was our stable boy back then… Until his death I used to ride almost every day.",she said and Emma looked at her sympathetically. "Well. How about we clean his box and then ask Gold to sell you his horse?" Emma asked her with an encouraging smile. "No. Your father is right, Emma… Gold won't sell his horse to me… Why would he? I kept him away from his true love for over 30 years." Regina said defeated. "Well, asking won't do any damage." Emma answered. "It can… I… I don't know if I can take another defeat…" Regina said and Emma looked at her sadly.

Regina cleaned the box with a wave of her hand before Emma drove her home. What Regina didn't knew was what Emma's next destination would be. Emma drove to Gold's shop and entered it. "Miss Swan." He said with a surprised face which he quickly covered with a sly grin. "What do you want for your horse?" Emma asked him. "Well. I can't sell him. Not with the laws against me." "Which laws?" Emma asked. She tried to keep her anger at bay. "The laws which forbids me to sell a dangerous animal. And when I think about it I should call the vet soon to free him from his lonely fate." "I dare you." Emma hissed. "You can't." He answered. "Well, Miss Swan. Tell me why I shouldn't let him get killed."

"Regina… Your horse seems to be the only thing which keeps her alive and away from the citizens. Away from your precious Belle." Emma answered and he studied her. "Well, why doesn't she ask me?" "Because she is afraid of you saying no. Fully aware that that would crush her. I know that you hate her but I also know that you promised Belle to become a good person. That's what a good person would do."

"Well. There are still the laws." Gold answered and Emma growled unhappily. "I AM the laws!" She said and Gold shook his head. "No. Albert Spencer could call outsiders. Before you ask… he is a rather anti-magic person. He wouldn't mind to bring us in danger." Gold answered. Emma looked down defeated. "Nasir… he isn't dangerous when Regina is around him. She slept next to him last night." Gold raised an eyebrow. That was weird. In the Enchanted Forest Nasir had tried to keep everyone away from him and attacked people who got too close for his liking when he sensed that they were evil. Regina was the Evil Queen and still he let her to him.

"Well, I'm sorry but if he can't behave around others than Regina than I can't sell him." He didn't knew why he wanted to keep Nasir a bit longer in his possession. Probably to torture Regina a bit more. Emma just shook her head. "We both know that you could easily defeat Mr. Spencer… you are just too much of a coward." Emma whispered and walked out of his shop. Her words hung in the air.

He watched Regina for a few hours through a mirror. He chuckled when he thought about it. She always had done the same to her victims. Anyway, he watched how she took a pencil and a sketchbook before she started to draw. He saw how she started to draw Nasir on a meadow eating grass. He gasped when he saw how good her drawing was and thought about it. He wanted to see for himself how good Regina was with his horse and knew that she would go back to the stables as soon as the sun would set.

Finally in the evening Regina got up, quickly conjured herself more comfy clothes and poofed herself into the stables. She looked around before she quickly crept to the box. Nasir was standing in the corner again but neighed quietly when he saw her. He walked to her and she cupped his big cheeks with her small looking hands. "Hey. How was your day?" She asked him softly and kissed his nose. He snorted softly and she chuckled. "I should stop speaking and groom you again, shouldn't I?" She asked him and opened the door to his box.

She entered and picked up the brush she had hidden. While she groomed him she hummed a soft tune. He started to relax and she smiled at that. "Maybe I can find your bridle and saddle or a halter for you so you could get some exercise." She said to him and he nodded. She smiled. "You don't actually understand me, do you?" "He does." Gold said and Regina froze. Nasir seemed to feel her discomfort and walked in front of her. His ears pressing against his head. He threatened Gold until Regina softly laid a hand on his chest and stepped next to him.

"I thought that you would act more like the grown-up you are." Gold said and she bit her lip like a scolded child. "Do you know who visited me this noon?" Regina shook her head. "Miss Swan. She desperately tried to convince me to sell this horse to her. Probably to give it to you." "And how did you dismissed her?" Regina asked him and turned to Nasir. He saw how she clutched at Nasir's neck. It looked like she said goodbye to him. "I told her that I can't sell him…" He answered and saw how her shoulders crumpled. He strangely felt sympathy for her. "Yet." Regina shot around surprised.

"Why not?" "Because to do that he has to be a social horse." Gold answered and Regina looked at him skeptical. "He is a social horse." She started but Gold shook his head. "He threatened me when I spoke up. Just when he doesn't threaten me anymore I will sell him." Regina looked down defeated and Nasir softly nudged her. "But… you are the first person since probably ever who he trusts and I offer you a riding participation." Regina looked up. "W-why? Why would you want to help me?" "If I would know I would stop myself. Probably your stable boy's death making me all sentimental. At least for now." Gold answered and took the card of the box. He quickly wrote something on it and then left.

Regina quickly ran to the door and looked at the little card. "Nasir… he… he noted me as your rider as your trainer… I… I can take care of you now…" She said shocked but turned around with the biggest smile on her face since the day she had gotten Henry. He snorted at her and nudged her again and she wrapped her arms around him and just laughed. Finally laughed freely. "I…I think I should thank Emma tomorrow, shouldn't I?" Regina asked him and finished cleaning him up. He nodded and she kissed his neck happily.

"I'm coming back tomorrow morning around 8, okay?" She walked to the door and grinned at him. "Thank you for trusting me. You are probably the best friend I've ever had in my life." He had followed her to the door and now blew air in her face. She gave him one last kiss on his nose before she poofed back home. Gold had still watched her with an cloaking spell and now dropped his spell. He saw how Nasir jumped shocked and was back in his corner again. "Well, maybe you can tell me someday why I did this." Gold said to the horse who watched him curiously before he vanished too.