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Summary: Somewhat of an AU (alternate universe) very much a Kagome/Inuyasha love story*
Warning: There will be lemon themed scenes within this story, but they will be separated for peeps who wish not to read them. 

Untamed Heart
PG-13 (subject to change - for Inuyasha's cuss mouth and a few heated scenes)

 On another note: I've been reminded to credit the movie I based this fic on. So this is the only other way of letting peeps know and obviously don't really read my notes on 'Untamed Heart' being a movie I based this on. Its not 100% following that story - I'm well aware of crediting. I make no claim on some of the plot I borrowed. My bad!
So now that's cleared up read on.


Some chapters will be rated R readers are to take that rating seriously. I chose to separate the lemon/lime scenes for those who wish not to read them and miss them out as they read so I'll warn you before they're uploaded. Think R rated movie though, because they are not NC-17 so to speak.

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Spoiler Scene: Taken from Chapter 4.4 - In the beginning - Together we make sense.

Sango's grin got bigger upon hearing her friends news. "Who is he?" she asked.

"Well…its Inuyasha"

"Inuyasha?" Sango gasped but soon recovered. "Why?"

Kagome shook her head and shrugged. "I got to know him and we make sense."

"What you mean you make sense?"

"He doesn't make sense, I don't make sense- together we make sense" Kagome replied.

"Oh…so tell me what's he like?" Sango asked curiously.

"Well he's nice when you get to know him and he likes me"

Sango screwed her face up in confusion and sighed. "Don't sell yourself short, Kagome"


Spoiler Scene two: Taken from Chapter 5.5 - In the beginning we all make sense

Kagome gaped at the scroll in her hand. "You mean that the girl mentioned in this scroll is me?"

Kaede nodded in agreement. "Inuyasha has been looking for you, Kagome. You and he are bound, mind, body and soul. Even if he can't remember his past he will always come back to you."

"But Kaede, I don't believe in this stuff. Its just fairy-tales right?" Kagome scoffed.

"Believe what you want, Kagome. Take heed my words child, you are the chosen."

Kagome sighed before leaving a rather stunned looking Sango and Miroku. Learning about your so-called past was interesting, but to find out you were together even in past, present and future was a lot to handle.

Hope this gains more of your interest! Read on…

A/N: Do I have to repeat this ^^; umm..yes this is based on a movie. I made the disclaimer to let ya's all know this. I don't plan on ending it like the movie and it takes a different approach to the original in character Inuyasha series toward the end, but I have simply followed the plot but never word for word. I'm sorry if I offended you D. Kai as you wrote that review very suspiciously accusing. Thank you.