Chapter 8

It's fluff in this chapter. Or rather... just a normal day :)

Emma bought the candy bars and then walked out of the shop after kissing Rose's head and Regina's lips. She hurried out of the shop and glanced towards her parents. Her parents saw her and called her name. Emma started walking faster and the two followed her. Regina watched them before she hurried out the shop in the other direction. She made her way back to the restaurant and got into the car with Rose. She drove back to her home and carried Rose into the apartment. Regina sat down on the couch with Rose on her lap and sighed. "Were that Snow and David?" Rose asked her mother and Regina nodded saddened. "They ruined this perfect date." Regina said and Rose hugged her tightly.

They heard a knock and Regina put Rose on the couch and looked through the peeping hole. Emma was alone on the other side. Regina opened the door and Emma stepped in. "Hey." Emma said and Regina hugged her relieved. "Thank god." She whispered and Emma smiled lovingly. Emma closed the door behind herself and kissed Regina softly. They sat down on the couch and Rose settled between them. "We can watch a movie." Rose suggested with a grin. Regina looked at the clock and chuckled. "Oh, my dear. It is way past your bedtime. You are going to bed." Regina said and Rose huffed. She stood up and walked to the bathroom. "She is already so mature." Emma said and Regina nodded.

"You raised her well." Emma added and kissed her neck softly. Regina hummed contently and snuggled closer to Emma. How she loved these strong arms around her. They sat in silence and cuddled together on the couch. Rose came back a few minutes later with her teeth brushed and in her pajamas. She jumped onto the couch and grinned brightly. She opened her mouth and showed Regina how clean they were. Regina laughed amused and kissed her head. Then she picked Rose up and carried her to bed. Emma followed them and watched how Regina tucked Rose in. Regina read Rose a bedtime story and then kissed her head softly. Emma entered the room too when Rose looked at her and leaned down to kiss her head.

Then they left the room and closed the door quietly. Regina turned to Emma who kissed her and pressed her against a wall. Regina grabbed her hair and moaned. They parted and Emma smiled softly. "We need to stop." She said and Regina nodded softly. "I don't mind another kiss." Regina answered and Emma smiled. She kissed her again lovingly. They slowly walked to the couch and turned on the TV while kissing again. A few hours later Regina fell almost asleep. Emma picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. She softly placed her on the bed and covered her with her blanket. She left the room and laid down on the couch tiredly.

The next morning Emma woke up because of a heavenly good smell in the room. She sat up and looked around. Rose was sitting on the ground and played with her dolls quietly. "Good morning." Emma said softly and Rose turned her head happily. She quickly grabbed her things and crawled up on the couch. Emma wrapped her arms around Rose and hugged her contently. "Morning, Emma." Rose said and smiled. Emma kissed her head softly and then shifted her on her lap so Rose's back was to her front. "What are you playing?" Emma asked and Rose smiled. "A normal day." Rose answered and Emma hummed. "I played war all the time as little child." Emma told her and Rose tilted her head. "I don't like war. Mama had to went through too much already. I rather have a peaceful day." Rose answered and Emma nodded.

Regina left the kitchen with plates and smiled at the two. "Morning, Em." Regina said and Emma turned her head to her. "Morning, beautiful." Emma answered and Rose rolled her eyes. Regina placed the plates on the dining table. "Come eat." Regina said with a loving smile. Emma picked Rose up and tickled her softly before tossing her in the air and catching her again. She sat Rose down on a chair and ruffled her hair. She joined Regina in the kitchen. Regina just filled her own plate when Emma wrapped her arms around her waist. "Why did you let me sleep? I could have helped you." Emma told her softly and Regina turned her head. "You carried me to bed. You respected my wish of doing this slow... I thought one or two minutes more sleep would do you good." Regina answered and pecked her softly.

Emma caressed her hips and smiled lovingly. "You want to get out of town today? So there is no chance into running into them." Emma asked and Regina contemplated it. "We could go to an Amusement Park. I guess Rose would enjoy that." Emma said and Regina smiled. "I think so too. But I rather would do that tomorrow. Today I just want to curl up on the couch and enjoy the peace." Regina answered and turned around to Emma completely. Emma kissed her softly. "Okay." Emma answered and took Regina's plate with one hand. The other was placed on her lower back and she led her out of the room. Rose waited patiently in the dining room and looked over to them. Emma pulled Regina's seat out and then pushed a bit back to her when she sat down. Then she placed the plate in front of her and sat down on her own spot.

They ate breakfast and then watched Rose playing with her toys while a movie was running in the background. Regina sat on Emma's lap and had her arms tightly around Emma's neck. Miri and her boyfriend came back a few hours later with take-out and Ruby and Henry. They looked at Emma warily but they saw how relaxed Regina was around her and kept quiet about it. Emma didn't say much during lunch. She mostly studied her food and looked at Rose or Regina a few times but otherwise she was unmoving. Regina took her hand and squeezed it softy. Emma smiled at her softly and Regina blushed. After dinner they decided to play some board games together. Ruby pulled Emma to the side when they had a break.

"What is your plan?" Ruby asked and pinned Emma against a wall. "To get her back. I want her as my wife. As the mother of our children. I love her with all my heart. She is my one and only. My rain in the desert. My light in the darkness. My everything. I was a fool to believe my parents... I was a fool to help them. I hate myself for it. But she gives me the chance to show that I changed. I will take it. I will make her the happiest woman on earth. No matter what." Emma hissed at Ruby who studied her before slowly letting her go. "You did screw up. You don't know how much she suffered. How much I had to suffer because you were a coward. That little girl out there... she grew up without her 'father'. You always said that you wanted to be different than your parents. But you weren't. I swear to god if you screw up another time I'll rip open your throat and leave you to die in the woods where no one will find you." Ruby hissed. "I'll help with that." Miri said from the doorframe and they turned around.

"Me too." Emma said and they stared at her surprised. "Regina is my second half. It's the reason why I acted irrational. I acted out of anger and sadness. I felt like a child again. A child that got abandoned once again... I felt that sliver of happiness I got slip out of my hands... I know it doesn't excuse anything... but I didn't know how to react. But that will never happen again. I promise." Emma said and the other two slowly nodded. Ruby let go of Emma who hurried out of the room. Regina looked at her sympathetically. Rose ran into Emma's arms who caught her quickly. "Hey, little one." Emma said and kissed her cheek. "Aaaaand Up!" She threw her up and caught her again. Rose giggled and wrapped her arms and legs around Emma. "Love you." Rose mumbled and Emma smiled lovingly. "Love you too, little one." Emma answered and she looked to Henry who was engrossed talking to Regina.

"Can we go into my room?" Rose asked Emma quietly who looked down to her surprised but nodded. She carried her to her room and sat down on her bed. Emma caressed her back softly while waiting for Rose to tell her what bothered her. "Will Snow and David cause us problems?" Rose asked and looked at Emma. The latter sighed and nodded slowly. "I guess... but I try my best to protect you from it. No one will touch you or your mother." "Why can't they leave us alone? I mean we are not bothering them. We just live here. They seek us. Not the other way around... Why can't they just vanish and never come back?" Rose started crying and Emma hugged her tighter and rocked her in her arms.

"Because they envy us. They are jealous and they want to punish your mother even though she is not to blame for what happened to them. She may did bad things but it all happened because my mother and other people manipulated her... They can't admit that they are fault... they are trapped in their righteous thinking... but don't bother with them. You... you are with your five already more of an adult as they will ever be. You are so precious and adorable. So smart... you are almost completely like your mother. The only difference is your endless stomach. Which you got from me." Emma said and Rose smiled slightly. "I love you, Rose. I won't let anyone close to our family." "I love you too, Ma." Emma smiled at Rose and they hugged again.

Rose settled further into Emma's arms and hummed contently. Rose fell asleep and Emma rocked her softly. Regina poked her head into the room and smiled lovingly. Emma looked up and blushed. "She seemed upset. I talked to her." Emma whispered and Regina nodded. "I'll leave you two alone. She'll ask for food in a few hours." Regina answered softly and Emma smiled. "Not just her." Emma whispered back quietly and Regina chuckled. She softly left the room again.