Chapter 1

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Regina and Emma slept with each other when Emma brought Henry back to Storybrooke. Both don't act that hostile like on the show.

Emma sat on the toilet with a pregnancy test in her hand. She was shocked. Surprised. Regina had impregnated her. "Holy shit... how am I supposed to tell her that?" She cursed and stood up. Emma walked out of the bathroom and to her bedroom where she put on some new clothes and then brushed her hair. "Fuck it, I have to tell her either way..." She mumbled and grabbed her phone and car keys before she headed out.

She sat in her car in front of the city hall. Emma was nervous. Would Regina shout at her? Would she blame her for not thinking of protection? Would she be surprisingly happy? "I can't hide here forever." She said to herself and got out of the car. She walked with shaking legs to the office. "You can't enter, Deputy Swan. She has a meeting." The secretary said and Emma nodded. She sat down and hid her face in her hands.

The secretary looked at her surprised but didn't say anything. 10 minutes later the door opened and Regina led Granny out of the room. "I will handle your report directly, Miss Lucas." She said with a warm smile she just had for Granny and Henry. "Thank you, Mayor Mills.",Granny said with a bright smile and left the building. "Regina? I need to talk to you." Emma said and Regina looked surprised to the waiting seats. "I'm impressed. Alright. Come in." Regina gestured to her office and Emma walked in.

The moment Regina had closed the door Emma started talking. "I'm pregnant." She blurted out and Regina froze but caught herself quickly. "And how does this interests me?" She asked her. "It's yours..." Emma answered and Regina gasped. "W-what?" "You are the only I slept with for the last 6 months." Emma explained and Regina sat down and ran her hand through her hair.

Emma looked at Regina nervously. "Well, when is your first appointment?" Regina then asked her and Emma was the shocked one again. "I...I..." Regina looked at her. "You wanted to abort it?" Regina said furiously and Emma shook her head. "No...I... I just thought that you would want that because you hate me." Emma said quietly and Regina looked puzzled. "I don't hate you, Emma... You are just always annoying me." Regina said and came to her.

Emma smiled slightly and looked down. Regina cupped her cheek and sighed. "I want to be part of it's life." Regina said and Emma nodded. "I want that too." Emma answered and wrapped her arms around Regina and pulled her closer. "I won't let it grow up in a filthy apartment if it really is mine. I'll search a nicer apartment for you." Regina said and Emma looked at her surprised. "Really?" "Like I said, I don't hate you. You are just annoying me. A trait Henry luckily didn't inherit." She said and grinned at Emma.

"And I want to be with you at your first appointment." "I have one question though." "Okay." "Were you a man or are you a hermaphrodite?" Emma asked. "Hermaphrodite. Sadly, it makes life a lot harder with people who aren't educated..." Regina said and Emma nodded slowly. "Should I make an appointment for you?" Regina asked when she saw Emma's hesitant gaze. Emma nodded quickly and Regina stepped away to her phone.

She sat down on her desk and grabbed her phone, quickly dialing Dr. Whale's number. She waited some seconds until Whale answered. "Good Morning, Dr. Whale. I would like to make an appointment for Emma Swan." "For what?" He asked her. "Pregnancy. She has no time to make the appointment herself and I need to confirm her pregnancy so I can plan the next few months." Regina answered and Whale looked in his files. "Tomorrow 11am. Does that works for her?" "Yes, that will work just fine." Regina said and they hung up.

"Tomorrow 11am. Be on time." She said and Emma nodded. "Thank you, Regina." Emma said. "Well, I have to care for it either way. When it's mine and if it isn't but that won't change the fact then that it will be his half-sibling." Regina answered and Emma nodded. "Will you be there?" "I promise." Regina said. Emma left and walked back home.

The next morning Emma sat alone in the waiting room. She was nervous and angry. Regina promised to be there and now they had 11.10am and Regina still wasn't there. "Miss Swan?" Whale asked her and she looked up. She stood up and walked nervously when she heard a familiar clicking. She turned to see Regina hurry to her. "Sorry, Mr. Gold paid me a visit..." Regina said annoyed and Emma smiled relieved. "S'alright." Emma answered and Regina looked at Whale who was surprised but led them into the room.

Emma laid down and rolled her shirt up. Regina sat down next to her and felt how Emma grabbed her hand. She watched amazed how Whale prepared everything and then looked at the ultrasound machine. They both saw the little "bean" in Emma's stomach and grinned equally. "It's so small." Regina said smiling and Emma nodded. "Jelly bean." Emma giggled and Regina raised an eyebrow. "You won't call it that." She warned and Emma smirked. "Right..." "So Miss Swan. You are in the 12th week. Congratulations." Whale said.

Whale also checked it's heartbeat and they both directly fell in love with it. After Emma cleaned herself up Regina led Whale outside. "I suppose you produced the baby?" He asked her and she shrugged. "That's what I wanted to know. Can I really be it's "father"?" "We could make a test, checking if your sperm is healthy." He said and Regina thought about it before she slowly nodded. "Yes." "Okay, follow me then." He said. She held up a hand and opened the door to the room again. "I'll just need to check something. Either you wait or you already go." She said.

"I'll wait at your car, Regina." Emma said when she got the pictures. "Okay, won't need long." Regina answered and followed Whale quickly. He gave her a magazine and a bottle before he 'shoved' her in a room. "Have fun." He just said and Regina sighed. Emma had followed them and smirked. She waited for Whale to disappear before she entered the room where Regina paced up and down. Clearly feeling uneasy. "I think you could need help." Emma said and Regina turned around. "I just want to be sure..." Regina said and Emma shrugged. "Don't care because I know you are it's other mother but if you really want to make sure, I'll help you." Emma said and walked over to Regina.

She unzipped Regina's slacks and slipped her hand in. Regina groaned and melted into Emma's touch. "Sit down and enjoy." Emma said and pushed Regina on a chair. Regina sat down and Emma pulled the cock out and spread Regina's legs to kneel between them. Emma pumped him a few times and Regina bit her lip contently. She started to thrust up in Emma's warm hand. "Mhm, so good." She mumbled and Emma smiled. She let her tongue circle the top of the dick. "Emma..." Regina breathed out. Emma licked over the little slit and grinned when she heard Regina's breath hitch.

"You like it, don't you?" Emma purred and Regina nodded. "Who wouldn't? A blow job in a hospital by a beautiful woman." Regina answered and Emma looked at her surprised. "You think I'm beautiful?" She asked her and Regina nodded. "You always seem so surprised when I compliment you. I know we had our differences but I'm not a monster." Emma smiled and locked eyes with Regina. Slowly she wrapped her lips around the dick and Regina moaned. "Oh god, yes." Regina softly thrusted up into her mouth but never took her eyes away from Emma's. It intensified her pleasure.

Emma still pumped Regina's dick while she also fucked it with her mouth. She released the dick with a 'pop' and licked a line from the balls to the tip which she circled again. She felt Regina's delicate hand on her own and understood the message. Regina was ready and Emma grabbed the bottle and gave it Regina before she crawled backwards and waited. Regina quickly pumped herself a few times before she spilled her seeds into the bottle. She came with a loud moan and sighed satisfied.

She zipped her slacks again and closed the bottle before she gave the nurse the bottle who nodded and walked away. Emma linked their arms and led her outside. "I decide to trust you and offer you the guest room in my house." Regina suddenly said when they were at her car. "Really?" Emma asked surprised and Regina nodded. "Yes. Like I said yesterday. I won't let this child grow up in a filthy apartment." Regina said and Emma smiled. "It's not that filthy." Regina raised an eyebrow and Emma grinned.

"I bet Henry would be happy." Regina said and Emma nodded. "I'll just get my things." "Okay." Regina gave Emma her spare key. "I have to work until 6pm, so be a dear and bring Henry to his appointment with Archie and after that bring him home. I'll bring something from Granny's so write me if you don't want your usual." Regina said and Emma smiled. "Okay. When does Henry has his appointment?" "3pm to 4pm. Make sure that when you get home, he does his homework before he does something else. And no candy before dinner." Regina answered. "Got it." They both smiled and then got in their cars.

In the evening Regina came with to-go-bags from through the door and was greeted by a happily smiling Henry. "Hey, Henry. How was your day?" Regina asked him and put her purse on a shelf and her keys into the key shell. "Great. What did you got for me?" He asked and she revealed a big milkshake for him. He smiled brightly and hugged her. "Set the table Henry while I'll speak to Emma." Regina said and handed him the things. "Okay."

She hung her coat up and then walked to the living room where she heard the TV. She opened the door to see a completely exhausted Emma sleeping on the couch. She chuckled and walked to her. Softly she sat down next to her and shook her shoulder. Emma woke up and looked at her. "Wake up, sleepyhead. I've bought food." Regina said with a smirk and Emma sighed. "How do you handle this every day?" Emma asked her groggily and Regina chuckled. "Training." She said and pulled Emma on her feet.

"You can sleep enough but now we eat." They walked into the dining room where Henry already waited impatiently. "Well, you worked her up pretty much." Regina said smirking and Henry giggled. "It's not my fault that she eats too much unhealthy things and doesn't get the energy." He said and Regina laughed. "That's my son." She patted his shoulder while she walked to her chair and sat down. "I got you a burger with fries and a really really little spot salad." Regina said and Emma sat down.

When they started eating Henry couldn't wait any longer. "Mom? Why does Emma live with us now?" He asked her and Regina put her fork down and looked at Emma as if to say 'ready?'. Emma nodded and she turned back to Henry. "Well, Henry... You know that I'm not a typical woman, right?" She asked and he nodded. "Ehm... well, somehow I impregnated Emma..." Henry looked at her surprised and then at Emma. "So she lives here so both of you can take care of it?" He asked and Regina nodded. "And the apartment is too filthy." Emma mocked with a grin and Regina smirked at her.

"Would you like to see it?" Regina asked and Henry nodded. She got up and came with the pictures back and handed them to Henry who looked at them amazed. "It looks like a bean. Can you already say what it is?" He asked and Regina shook her head. "Probably around 14 to 19 week if Emma makes an appointment." Regina explained and he slowly nodded. "And how far are you, Emma?" He asked. "Third month." "Wait... that was when you arrived in Storybrooke..." He said and Regina blushed.

"It was an accident. A good one." Emma said and Regina nodded. "We both had a little bit much cider and well." Regina said and looked at her food. "It's really a good accident. It brought you closer and me a whole family." He said and took Regina's hand and squeezed it softly. They shared a soft smile before they ate again. They had a pleasant conversation until the bell rung and Regina groaned unhappily. She stood up and walked to the door where Mary-Margret were. "What do you want, Miss Blanchard?" Regina asked annoyed and Emma and Henry came into the foyer.

"What are you doing here, Emma?",Mary-Margret asked surprised. "Living." Regina hissed and Mary-Margret laughed until she understood that it wasn't a joke. "Why?" "Because..." Emma started but Henry cut her off. "I wanted both of them getting civil and mom suggested a living arrangement so she doesn't feel left out and I still could spend time with Emma." He said and Regina nodded. "Right. So could you please leave now? I'm already on the edge of snapping and don't need you to push me over."

Mary-Margret looked at Emma who nodded and then sighed. "Good bye. Sorry for the interruption I was just worried." She walked away and Regina closed the door. "Ugh... this voice..." She growled and Emma grinned. "She sounds like she is on helium all the time." Henry giggled and Regina walked back into the dining room. "Good solution by the way, Henry." Regina said and he smiled proudly. "Well, I thought that you guys didn't wanted her to know yet." "You are one of the smartest people I know." Regina said and kissed his forehead.

They started eating again. After they had eaten Regina cleaned the dishes and Henry changed into his bed things while Emma unpacked. When Regina was finished she went to Emma's room to hear her softly sobbing. "Emma?" She asked softly and entered the room. Emma sat on the ground with her baby blanket clutched in her hands. Regina kneeled down and hugged her softly. "What if I fuck this child up like I did with Henry?" Emma asked and Regina cupped her cheeks and wiped the tears away. "Even if you would try you wouldn't succeed because I would kick your ass." Regina answered and took Emma's hands.

"It's perfectly normal to freak out, Emma. But don't forget that you aren't alone this time. I'm here and I will stay. I will help you through everything. Even if it means to endure Miss Blanchard's helium voice." Regina said and Emma looked deep into her eyes. "Okay..." She sniffed and Regina smiled warmly. "Come on, sleepyhead. Tomorrow you have to work." Regina said and got up. She pulled Emma on her feet and turned to go when she felt Emma's hand on her arm. "Wait. Look." Emma said and lifted her shirt. She turned to the side so that Regina could see the really small bump.

"That's..." "Yeah, that's the jelly bean." Emma said and Regina playfully smacked her arm but placed a hand on the bump. "It's beautiful." Regina said and looked up in Emma's face. Emma closed the distance between them and pressed their lips together. "Sleep." Regina whispered against Emma's lips after their kiss and Emma pouted. "Tomorrow maybe but now sleep." Regina said and left the room.