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Chapter 1: Lost at Sea

T.K. gazed out the window. The sky was gray, and he could hear the rain on the water below the plane. It was a small hop, just from the middle of China to Tokyo, so the plane was just big enough to hold about fifty people, and it was only half-full with passengers, businessmen mostly, in black suits and ties. The seatbelt sign had been on the whole time, and there'd been a lot of turbulence.

Matt glanced over at his little brother. "See land yet?"

"Not yet." T.K. grinned back, leaning into his chair. "But, according to the captain, we're half-way over the Sea of Japan. We should be there in about an hour or so."

Matt nodded and leaned back. He and his brother were flying home from a short vacation in France, visiting their grandparents. It was the middle of August, school would start in a few weeks, and they were heading home.

T.K. bent over a letter in his lap, lips tight in concentration. "There." he muttered to himself, capping the pen. "Finished."

"With what?"

Matt leaned over his brother's shoulder. T.K. tried to cover it up, but he could read the top line. "Oh, a letter to Kar-ee huh?"

T.K. blushed pink and quickly folded the letter. "Don't say a word." he warned.

"What? Ashamed? I thought you…"

"Matt." T.K. said warningly, turning a deep shade of red. "Drop it."

Matt just laughed. Over the trip, he'd caught his little brother muttering in his sleep about the girl, and he'd recorded it just for a little blackmail. "Alright, Alright." he sighed, mussing up T.K.'s already-messy hair. "I won't say anything."

T.K. sighed and folded his note up into a small square, then put it in the front pocket of his plastic carry-on backpack. As he slid it back under the seat, the plane jumped suddenly and shook violently.

T.K. and Matt, as well as the rest of the passengers, gripped the sides of their chairs as they were shaken up so hard it was like riding a jackhammer. There was a sudden crash, and the plane sudden wiped into a downward spiral.

"We've lost all power in the right wing!" someone across from them yelled.

T.K. took a wild glance out the window and saw fire and sparks. "Forget power! We've lost the right wing!"

"Everyone, we are going down!" the pilot warned over the intercom. He was straining, like trying to pull something out that's stuck in the ground. "I repeat, we are going down! Brace yourselves for a water landing!"

In half a second, everyone was leaning forward with their head covered with something, be it their hands or their carry-on bags. There was that horrible whooshing sound and a screech before the plane hit the water, belly-first, and was immediately swept up in the storm.

"Everyone, quickly!" the flight attendant shouted. "Get to one of the emergency exits! Inflate the emergency life rafts! Get out now, before we sink!"

No one had to be told twice. Soon, each and everyone one of them were all piled into the two orange life rafts. T.K. and Matt were in one with the captain, while T.K. struggled with getting his bag untangled from his wrist.

"Hang on, everyone!" the captain shouted over the rocking and thrashing of the waves. "It's gonna be bumpy ride!"

A wave sent the small boat flying upwards in a spout of water. It crashed back down, only to be swept up again. The passengers franticly gripped the rubber sides as they were tossed about like a salad.

Then T.K.'s grip slipped, just for a second, but that was enough. It happened just as another giant wave was sweeping them up, and the young man was thrown head-first out of the raft and into the storm waters.

"T.K.!" Matt called, leaning over the edge and searching for him. "Can you hear me?! T.K.!"

A moment later, T.K.'s head popped out of the water, gasping for breath. He grabbed onto a floating piece of debris and clung for dear life. "Help!" he called, coughing up seawater. "Over here! Help!"

"Hang on, T.K.!" Matt shouted as the captain rowed the raft as close as he could to the fighting boy. "Just hang on!"

T.K. spat out more seawater, only to be pulled under again by one of the waves. He popped back up, the raft only a few meters away.

"T.K.!" Matt called, leaning over the side. "Grab my hand! Hurry!"

T.K. managed to pull himself up on the debris and stretch out for his brother's hand. "That's it." Matt urged, leaning forward evermore as they got closer and closer. "Just a little…further…"

T.K. gripped his brother's hand, but just by a hair. Matt was nearly pulled over at the next wave, but the captain and other men onboard grabbed on to steady him. On and on the storm raged, sending both boat and boy bouncing and crashing. Several times it threatened to tear them apart, but somehow they managed to stay connected.

Through the sea, T.K. looked up at his brother. He and the other men were straining to keep him from being pulled in.

"If he keeps on like this…He'll fall in with me…" T.K. thought desperately. "We'll both drown…He…Can't…"


The older brother looked up. T.K. was staring at him, just staring, with big, sad, pitying eyes. "The letter…you'll give it to her, right?"

Matt swallowed. "What…What are you talking about? Who?"

"Kari…You'll give her my letter, won't you?" T.K. continued to whisper "It's still in my bag."

Matt swallowed again. His throat was tightening so bad he could hardly speak. "Don't be…silly…You'll give it to her…It's yours…"

T.K. smiled at Matt one last time. One last sad, longing, weary smile that burned in his heart from that day forth. "Goodbye, brother."

With that, he released his brother's hand.

"T.K.!" Matt gasped, watching his brother float away on the waves. "No…T.K.! T.K.!"

"Hold him back!" the captain shouted. Several of the men obeyed, barely holding the young man back from leaping in after T.K. "Don't be a fool, boy!"

For a spilt second, Matt spotted his brother between the waves. He was unconscious, still clinging to the board, helpless in the middle of the sea. And with another, deafening crash, he was gone.

~ * ~ * ~

Kari and Tai hurried down to the dock, only just behind Mr. Ishida, who was right behind Mrs. Takaishai.

They'd just received the message half an hour ago: The plane Matt and T.K. had been on that afternoon had crashed into the Sea of Japan during a violent storm. The people on-board had been rescued from the rafts and brought back to Tokyo.

Through the windows, they could see the many people sitting around the dock, wrapped in blankets. Nancy ran forward, into the benches, her ex-husband right behind her.

The Kamiyas tried to follow after, but the guards stopped them. "Do you have any relatives in here?"

"Our friends…they were in the crash…" Kari tried to explain, but the guard shook his head.

"Family only, I'm afraid." he said gruffly. "You'll have to wait out here."

Kari sighed. "Damn…" Tai whispered. "Rats…"

A few minutes later, the family emerged from the building, and they could tell something was wrong.

Mr. Ishida was grim-faced as he came out. Matt followed, leading his mother, who was sobbing into her eldest son's shoulder. No one else was there.

The brother and sister pair approached the family cautiously. "Matt…What happened?" Tai asked his friend.

"Where's T.K.?" Kari whispered anxiously.

Matt wouldn't look at either of them. Mr. Ishida answered instead: "Kids…T.K. didn't make it out. He's not coming home."

~ * ~ * ~

Two weeks later was the funeral. Kari and the others were upset, disbelieving, and sad, but Matt still hadn't spoken to anyone, not even his parents. He blamed himself for his little brother's death. In his mind he could still see that last longing smile T.K. had given him…that last glance of him lying there, exhausted and helpless…Those images would burn in his mind forever.

After the funeral, he tapped Kari on the shoulder. When she turned he was holding out a note, folded tight into a small square.

"Here…" he muttered, voice cracking. "T.K.…Wanted me to give you this…"

Kari took the letter and ducked into an empty corner where she could read it quietly. What could it be? Why would T.K. have written…to her? The day he was supposed to come back? Her eyes scanned the page and widened as she read:

Dear Kari,

You have no idea how long I've waited to say this…but I've always been too afraid… scared you'd laugh, I guess. But now…I can't keep it in anymore. I've known since we were little…back in the Digital World, remember? When you suffered that relapse from the fever you'd had…When you got so sick…When I saw you there…and felt like you needed me…I fell for you right then and there.

Kari, what I'm trying to say is…And trust me, I'm not lying…Kari…I…

I love you, Kari.


Kari swallowed hard. Her hands shook and she hugged the letter close. "He…He loved me?!" she whispered low enough that no one else could hear. Her whole body shook with the surprise and grief. "Oh god…T.K.…I can't believe he's…T.K.…"

~ * ~ * ~

At the end of the summer, the people traditionally put paper boats out into the waters of the bay and ocean. Each carried a candle, and some letters or paper presents for the dead, to light the way home or give messages to loved ones.

Several the DigiDestined took part in this every year. Izzy always sent two, one for each of his biological parents. Cody sent one out for his dad. This summer, both Kari and Matt sent theirs, too. As the wind blew them into the sea, you could almost hear the messages over the water.

"Forgive me, brother…" Matt's boat whispered in the wind.

And Kari's said simply: "I love you too."

But neither could know he might not be as dead as he now seamed.

This chapter can be very misleading…most importantly…THIS IS NOT THE END!!!