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Chapter 10: Lost Love

"Any idea what's the matter with him?"

Izzy and Joe both glanced at each other. Knowing that a traditional doctor would never be able to cure anything from the Digital World, they'd brought the unconscious child to Kari and Tai's house. T.K. was lying spread out in Kari's bed, face flushed with a fever and occasionally moaning.

"It's some sort of poison." Joe finally sighed. "But only very weak, it's not life-threatening. However…"

"However…what?" Kari breathed.

"I don't think MagnaDevimon was planning on it affecting his age-changing spell like this." Izzy nodded to the boy. "Take a close look at him."

Tai and Kari both leaned over the boy. His face did look…a little different. "His clothes don't fit anymore." Tai noted. "They're too tight."

It was true. The green outfit his mother had neglected to throw away for six years looked about a size too small for him now, tightening around his arms and legs in particular.

"Exactly." Izzy noted, chewing on the end of his pen. "He's aging rapidly. He's gotten about a year older in the four hours he's been affected. If he continues like this, he'll be back at sixteen years old by 10 o'clock tomorrow evening."

"Will he stop after that?" Tai asked.

"I hope so." Izzy sighed. "This may just be curing his condition for all I know, or it could turn him into an old man in a couple of days."

"Will…" Kari looked up. "When he gets to be…13 or whatever…Will his memories come back?"

"Well…" Izzy paused a moment before answering. "I don't know."

"What? Izzy, you're supposed to be our info guy!" Tai exclaimed. "You're messing up our expectations here!"

"Even a genius can't know everything, Tai!" Izzy snapped. He sighed again, sitting down in a chair. "He could remember everything about who he really is or he could just have amnesia again."

Kari gazed back at T.K. longingly. "I'll take it he'll have to stay here?" she whispered quietly.

"He'll have to." Izzy shrugged. "His apartment was totally wrecked, wasn't it?"

"Yeah…" Kari suddenly gagged and sat straight up. "Oh my god! I just remembered…I forgot to tell Matt, or Ms. Takaishai!!"

"WHAT?!" Tai leapt to his feet. "Aw, man! Matt's gonna kill me!"

Kari rushed out into hall and snatched up the phone, quickly putting in the number of Matt's cell. The boy sounded rushed and out-of-breath when he answered. "Hello?"

"Matt, it's Kari…" he cut her off.

"Kari! About time! Where the heck are you?! What happened, and where's T.K.?!"

"Relax." she soothed through the phone. "We had…a little problem…T.K.'s safe, he's here with us, but…"

"'But'?" Matt echoed. "But what?!"

"Well…It's complicated." Kari finally sighed. "But I'm sorry the apartment got wrecked. T.K. needs to stay here for a while, okay? Can you guys stay with your dad or something?"

"Sure…I guess." Matt muttered, impatient. "But what's wrong with T.K.?"

"He's…" Kari gulped, then rushed into a barrage of excuses. "Ican'treallysayrightnowbutI'vegottagocallyoulaterbye!"

She hung up the phone without waiting for his answer, then went back to Tai's room. Izzy and Joe had already left, and Tai was setting up a coat next to his own bed.

"What's that for?" Kari asked.

"Izzy suggested that one of us stay with him at all times." Tai sighed, putting sheets onto the cot. "He probably won't regain consciousness for a while, but he could still be having problems…"

Kari looked down at the cot. "Can I stay in here, then?" she asked quietly.

Tai did a double-take. "What?"

"I wanna stay here." Kari's voice was more determined this time. "I wanna make sure he's really okay. Please, Tai, please let me stay in here!"

Tai sighed, looking at her hopeful face, then shrugged in defeat. "Okay." he let it go. "Fine. You can stay here. But no funny business, you got it?"

Kari smiled a wide smile, throwing her arms around her brother and kissing him on the cheek. Tai grinned as she got the cot set up so she was comfortable, then sighed again when he looked up at the boy in his bed.

"Jeez…" he muttered to himself. "Matt is gonna kill me."

~ * ~ * ~

Kari spent the night in Tai's room, occasionally being awoken by a soft moaning. She kept a caring watch over T.K. through the whole time as he grew gradually older.

About 10 o'clock the next morning she woke up on her own and dressed as quickly as she could. Then she gazed over T.K.'s comatose form.

He looked to be 13 years old, the clothes Tai and Izzy had changed him into earlier were starting to fit much better than they had. He was breathing hard, gasping and occasionally muttering to himself.

"Kari…" he groaned, slurring the words. "You have no idea how long…I've been afraid… scared…But…I can't keep it in anymore…back in the Digital World…You got so sick…needed me……Kari…I…I love…"

"T.K…" Patamon whispered, curling up next to him.

"The note…" Kari whispered. It was still folded in her drawer, back in her room. She'd memorized every line out of grief. Now it rang again in her ears.

The boy's face changed to an expression of fear and pain. "H-Help…" he whispered. "M-Matt…H-help…me…"

"He must be reliving the crash…" Kari realized with a shock. She knelt by his bed and gently ran her fingers through his hair, soothing him gently. "It's okay…Don't worry…It's okay…"

His hand groped sleepily for hers, finally grasping it. It seamed to fill him with some sort of relief, despite being a good three years younger than he should have been. She smiled a bit, feeling almost like a mother to a child.

The window next to her sudden blew open. She ducked out of pure reaction, still holding his hand. There was a horribly familiar laughter filling the room and both Digivices started going off wildly. "Well well well…"

Kari dared to look up. Patamon took suddenly to the air, hovering between the girl and MagnaDevimon. "You stay away from them!" he shouted, firing a Boom Bubble attack.

It bounced off the evil Digimon with little to no effect. The door to the bedroom was flung open and Gatomon bounded inside, Tai sliding right behind her. "Kari!" he gasped, grabbing onto the doorway. "What the heck…?"

"It's been a while, goggle-boy." MagnaDevimon laughed. "But we're busy right now, so if you'll excuse us…"

He swiped his hand in the direction of the door and it slammed shut, unable to open otherwise. Then he turned back to his victims. "Now then…" he chuckled. "I'll be taking that boy."

"Over my dead body!" Kari and Patamon exclaimed at the same time. Gatomon hissed like any normal cat, bristling all over.

MagnaDevimon narrowed his eyes. "That can be arranged, girl." he growled, and all of a sudden his hand shot out in the same manner as his old Touch of Evil attack.

Gatomon and Patamon stood ready and took the whole blast. Neither one could stand against it and crumpled instantly, Gatomon into Kari's lap and Patamon into the bed next to his own partner.

"Now…" MagnaDevimon smiled evilly. "We'll be going…"

Kari scooped her partner up in one arm and set Patamon on T.K.'s chest. She then began trying to pull the unconscious boy out of the room as quickly as possible, but it soon became obvious that they'd never make it out.

"T.K.…" she whispered, tears springing up. She dropped back onto the bed and clutched the three close to her, she felt the huge monster closing his hand around them before everything went black.

To be continued…