"Come in." called Minerva McGonagall, headmistress of the newly rebuilt school of Hogwarts. The school semester had just begun and though the witch expected few students, the opposite had happened. Several students flocked to the school after the war. Among them, Hermione Granger. Unfortunately, a curse caught the girl and she was struck mute and blind. Consequently, she always wore dark glasses and carried a cane everywhere she went. Minerva suspected the girls eyes were sensitive to light or perhaps her eyes were disfigured, but that did not stop the two witches from meeting for chess and tea nightly. Already setting up the chessboard, Minerva called for the witch to enter. When she heard the door close, she took her seat and spoke,

"Hermione dear, please have a seat and prepare to lose. I've been reading and have discovered a strategy that is sure to succeed this time." Minerva said without looking up.

Hermione smiled and shook her head. Since the war, Hermione also refused to open her mouth, and the rare times she did, she would always place something in front of her mouth. Her smiles were always toothless and the woman would not eat in public. Taking her seat, Hermione held up her hand, stopping Minerva from making her first move.

"What is it dear? Delaying your defeat won't make it any easier, I'm afraid." Minerva said.

Don't be so cocky Minerva. You've yet to win.

Minerva's eyes nearly bulged out of her head. Hermione had spoken but her lips never moved. When she heard a chuckle she realized the sound was in her head.


Yes Minerva. You're crazy and I am talking to you telepathically in a way. It's like legilimens except I am outside of any wall you put up. I'm inside your head just enough to communicate my thoughts.

Minerva was so shocked, she completely missed the shot at her.

Can you-

Yes. I can hear you only because you want me to. Any thoughts projected toward me will be heard, regardless of distance, as well as any minor thought that slips past your wall due to strong emotions like shock.

Hermione smiled and waited patiently as Minerva absorbed and contemplated the information. Both witches were the same when it came to their thought process, however, Minerva's mind was quicker and sharper when it came to asking the right questions.

"How long?"

Hermione stiffened slightly and she sipped her tea.

Minerva scowled, "The general idea of drinking to avoid answer requires you to be able to talk with your mouth, Hermione."

Hermione put down her cup and blushed slightly,

Touché. I've always been able to communicate in this way, but I needed time to...Hermione paused, to adjust and perfect this technique.

Minerva grew slightly less angry as Hermione explained her reasoning, but couldn't help but feel hurt her student didn't let Minerva know she could communicate. She spent many nights wondering if the mute woman was okay, or if she was being bullied. "Why now, Hermione?"

Hermione sat back deep in thought about how best to answer without playing her hand.

The timing was right. I could see your worry and it has been awhile since my last debate. I don't plan on telling anyone else quite yet. Also there is no way I would be so cruel as to let you think you could win.

Minerva decided to accept her answer and table the subject for the night. She raised an eyebrow and smirked,

"You seem to be all talk Ms. Granger. I guarantee that tonight you are going down."

A beautiful sound echoed within Minerva's mind, and the witch looked around for a split second before realizing it was Hermione's beautiful laughter.

It's good to hear you laugh dear.

Hermione smiled, Make your move, professor. And don't try to claim the voice in your head made you lose. Minerva laughed and the game began.

And so as school went on, their nights continued as usual, Minerva losing everytime, except with the pleasant addition of conversation. One night however, in the middle of a game that Minerva thought she could win, Hermione admitted,

I'm not blind, at all.

Minerva's head shot up, "WHAT?"

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