Author's Note: This story is dedicated to Russell Johnson: the Professor who made the unbelievable believable, as well as to the rest of the beloved cast from this television classic. Also, to my Grand Uncle Peter, who was one of the many mathematicians to have unknowingly at the time worked on the Manhattan Project.


It had taken days for the Professor to get his hut back into the regimented order he preferred. But slowly, he was seeming more and more his old self.

Whatever had been said between Mr. Howell and the Professor remained a mystery to the others. They just knew that it had somehow helped snap him from his depression.

He had once again started taking his meals at the community table and not remaining isolated, even sometimes joining in the banter among the others, though still not as often as he had. It would no doubt be slow going, and everyone was still cautious about what they said and did.

"Mary Ann, that smells wonderful. What is it?" he asked, as the delicious aroma wafted on the breeze.

"A coconut and pineapple cream pie," she replied. "I hopes it tastes as good as it smells."

"I'm sure it will."

"I'll get it," said Gilligan, happy to be of help, and also hoping to have the first slice. He got up from the table, and hurried to the kitchen area.

Racing back with the pie, he tripped, and it unceremoniously landed in the Professor's lap.

"Gilligan!" yelled the Skipper, about to let loose with a tirade, when he was stopped suddenly by uproarious laughter.

Laughter that was loud and heartfelt. It was the Professor. Trying to salvage his dignity, as best he could, as the tears of laughter rolled down his cheeks, he scooped the remnants of the pie off himself and onto the table. His laughter was infectious, and the rest of the castaways couldn't help but join in.

"Little buddy," whispered the Skipper, "you've done it again."

~ Finis ~

© 2015 Dash O'Pepper