A/N: To all my readers: For anyone chiming in here, I lost all my fics and this account was wiped. Thanks to the efforts of you guys I was able to recover a lot of my stories and they have been posted slowly to my new account, Banen. Tearoom, Barbie Boy, White Chocolate will be updated there. Go read the links on my profile to know where to find me. PMs still disabled to this account because I will answer questions to the other one, tyvm for being understanding and not abandoning me, lovelies.

I'm still writing, damnit, so don't count me out of the game. I've even got some new stuff! Although I'm still missing some of the oldies. Anyone have backups for Your Hand in Mine or When Life Gives You Lemons? T_T I want my stories baaaaaack *cries*

I officially have control of this account again, but I don't know if I should publish anything here or completely from the other account.

Oh and because this needs to fucking be a fucking story, doesn't it? *sigh* Before someone goes and reports me again for breaking TOS or some shit*

Also, if you're wondering, I'm not censoring one damn fic on the new account. TOS can eat my fucking ass for breakfast if they feel like. I will seriously post some MA+ rated shit if I fucking want to! Anything in the M-section on my new account is fair game for super explicit stuff that I wouldn't have dared in the old days. I don't give a fuck anymore about being careful. What they gonna do? take my fics down? I've already had that experience once mother bitches.

FFNET didn't take my shit down from here though, so don't get mad at them. It was my brother. I don't want to talk about it though because it makes me crryyyyy.

Matt and Mello were sad that Miharu is Haruka's Love Child had her account wiped. It was Kira's doing, so they added that to their list of shit to pwn his ass for. Way of censoring the fucking media and shit, all fan fiction writers who showed love for the Wammy's boys got their stuff mercilessly removed.

It was a damn shame, that's what it was.

"What will we do, Mels? Where will people read about what happened to us? Or the Alternate Universes where stuff could have happened to us? "

"We'll subscribe to Banen and read the fics there. So she's taken yet another pseudonym? We purged our identities when we entered Wammys' too."

"Like a phoenix from the ashes, Mihael?"

"We will rise again, Mail."

And the two lovers embraced each other, knowing that Banen would keep the torch and tell their stories to the world.