Chapter two...


Muffy had been awake the night before checking facebook. Arthur Read was on her mind and she was scanning his profile.

"Good, still single" she squealed to herself.

She twirled her long hair and puckered up her lips. Placing some strawberry lip gloss upon them she thought of how she was the most impressive and seductive young woman on the planet, or at least along the halls of Elwood city High school.

"He wont be able to resist me" she cooed to herself.

"Now lets see who is on his friend list..."

"WHAT?" she screeched. "Who the hell is Ariana?"

Back at Arthurs house.

I was replaying a song on my ipod. Its an old one but it seemed to fit the way I was feeling.

"I want you to want me"
"I need you to need me"
"Id love you to love me"
"Im begging you to beg me"

"Ill Put on a brand new shirt, shine up my old black shoes
"Id come home early from work, if you say..that you love me"

"Woohoo" I spun around in my chair.

"She accepted my friend request" I happily cheered. Humming along to the song by a band named Cheap Trick, yeah i think that is what they were called.
Catherine Frensky would listen to them. So they must be old.

"Arthur keep it down up there" "Kate's asleep" Dad called.

"Whoops sorry" I replied. I then looked at her pictures. She was a beautiful musician who played guitar. There were pics of her back in Indiana playing for live audiences with some guys strumming behind her.

There were a couple of pictures of her with some friends.

It was obvious she was older than me, I need not even ask that by her photos and comments.

"I guess not everyone goes to college" I said with a shrug. "Good for her"

I then dared to look at her relationship status.

There was nothing. It did not state she was in a relationship but it was not obvious that she was single either.

My profile had the option to "Ask" as did hers.

Did I dare ask?

"No" I shook my head. It was an open invasion of privacy and I barely knew the girl, err young woman.

"Its only been two weeks" I said to myself repeatedly.

"What has?" DW asked, peering in through the door.

"Go away" I grunted.

"Oh do you have a crush?" she ran up toward the computer and looked at the screen.

I quickly switched it off and looked her firmly in the eye. "That is none of your business"

She folded her arms and huffed. "As if anyone would date you" she scoffed.

"Just piss off would you?" I growled.

Just then Mom came in and asked that we both keep it down.

"DW, leave your brother alone please" She asked firmly.

My little sister rolled her eyes. "Fine, but don't be getting jealous because I actually have a boyfriend" she sneered.

"Oh for the love of..."

I didn't even finish my sentence, it was not worth it.

DW was similar to Muffy in many ways. She knew what boys liked but unlike Muffy she was no promiscuous boy hungry female which was a relief to my parents.

James had liked DW for years and after a bad date with Liam at the ripe oldl age of eleven and then a supposed break up with Bud Compton after a whole two weeks, she finally decided to let the boy who had always liked her take her out to the sugar bowl. Molly was happy but I was scared...for James!

Right now however? I had other things on my mind.


The next day at school

Muffy was sauntering down toward us which caused cringes between Sue ellen and Francine. Buster sighed and George ignored her.

"Anyway Ariana said..." I was about to keep talking when the red headed Versace laden brat walked toward me.

I did not realize until then she had heard me talking about Ariana and my friends were in agreement that she was quite a cool chick.

Muffy abruptly interrupted me.

"Pfft what sort of loser works at a coffee shop full time at 20?"
"Talk about a drop out, eww and did you see that hair?" "Does she think she is Capri?"

"Actually Muffy" Buster firmly responded. "Ariana does not look or act like Capri at all."
"Yeah" Sue ellen said, her arms firmly wrapped around Busters waist.
"She really doesn't give off that fake superficial impression at all." "The opposite in fact."

I smiled inwardly. I loved how loyal my friends were. They might not yet know I liked her but the girls certainly had an inkling.

Muffy scoffed and then started glaring at Francine and George. "Well come on, you two must agree."

Francine was busy letting George whisper sweet nothings into her ear against the lockers. George then stopped.

"Actually no, not at all" George replied. "She is an alternative singer, well that is her dream, similar to mine."

Francine nodded. "Yeah, maybe you should give her a chance." "She wants to hang out with us, and she wants to show us some of her lyrics." As Francine spoke she looked over at me with a sly wink.

I blushed. "Oh crap she knew." "off course Francine knew, she was a teenage girl, they always know."

Sue ellen then bit her bottom lip. "Arthur's been invited to watch her play" She beamed. I could see Muffy getting ready to explode.

"Oh well lets all roll out the red carpet for her" she spat. "Arthur" she pointed her finger in my direction. "Be careful, older girls are not like older guys..."

"Well, you'd know" Buster muttered under his breath.

Muffy just glared at my best friend. "You are all idiots, what a shame you had such potential.." she sighed, walking away toward a group of seniors including Molly and Prunella.

"Ah Sue Ellen, Francine" I hinted for them to come over toward me.

George and Buster shrugged and walked off to class.

"They smiled at each other then looked at me."

"Okay you can stop your giggling." "You know I like...her right?" I whispered.

Francine played with her silver hoop earring while Sue ellen twirled her long auburn pig tails.

"Uh yeah we do." They both replied. "Its totally obvious."

"We have been going to that coffee shop every afternoon" Francine sighed. "For the past two weeks, all you have done is ordered mocha's" "You're gonna be broke, and hockey season is coming up" she then looked at Sue ellen and they gave me that sympathetic look. "Its worth it though right?" she said with sly wink and a nudge.

"Okay so you both know" I sighed and slumped onto the floor.

Off course they knew, they were girls, teenage ones at that. Girls have this radar that lets them know when guys are attracted to another one of their own, well by own I mean gender.

"So what do I do?"

The girls both looked at each other then at me.

"Hmmm, let us figure something out." Sue ellen replied.

"Now, we know she is interested in friendship at the very least" Francine said, scanning her phone.

"I will add her to my friend list and..." she pushed a button and then gasped.

"Oh?" she looked at Sue ellen.

"Did you know Ariana was friends with Buster?"

Sue ellens eyes widened. "NO" she frowned in dismay.

I gulped. My mind then went back to last weekend...

Buster had been swiping his tablet alot that Saturday night at Georges place.

While Francine was busy making out with George, Buster was busy on facebook...

Sue Ellen was in the kitchen making something vegetarian since she did not want any pizza we had ordered.

"What are you doing?" I asked looking over with curiosity.

"Oh um nothing" He replied.

His eyes remained focused on facebook.

"What?" I gasped, glancing at a picture of Ariana holding a guitar.

"When did you become friends with her?" I growled with my arms folded.

Buster sighed and placed his arm around my shoulder.

"Pipe down buddy, I'm doing this for you." He grinned. "You'll see"

I started biting my nails in front of Sue Ellen who was angry that her boyfriend had not informed her of his friendship with the girl I admired so much.

"Oh its not what it looks like" I replied quickly. "I uh oh dammit" I face palmed myself hard.

Just the both girls narrowed their eyes at me and rose their voices..

"HE KNOWS?" they yelled.

I bit my lip.

"He must do." "Ah am I that obvious?" I grimaced.

"Well it would seem so" Sue Ellen replied with a shrug.

"Anyway we had better get to class but we will see you at lunch okay?"

"Okay" i replied. "Thanks guys and please, dont tell anyone"

They shook their heads and informed me that they wouldn't.

I closed my eyes and excused myself. I think I would miss first period this morning...