Coffee Girl
Chapter three

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Yes people do become friends within days, thanks to social media Arthur and Ariana had been facebook messaging each other a mere few days after Arthur first met her at the Coffee place in Elwood city.

This weekend was going to be an exciting one for Arthur. His friends would come along for moral support, plus they wanted to listen to Ariana sing and George was good on guitar.

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I dragged my feet, with my hands in my pockets and a glum look supposedly on my face.
I walked out of school that Friday, depressive and annoyed.

It had been a week from hell. First off, Muffy was hovering around like a fly that you just could not swat, no matter how many times I tried. Even Buster tried to shoo her but she stood firm and pestered me for information on Ariana.

Why did she care so much? I know Miss Crosswire has no time for actual school itself as an education to her can be tossed away with her billions getting her into any college or corporate company she wanted, however I needed to learn and wanted to study. I also wanted some time alone to think...

Then there was Buster who tried to help me out on Wednesday which prompted Sue Ellen to snap at buster for the bad advice.
George then scolded Francine for getting involved and both the moose and cat agreed my two best friends were being nothing but a pair of "interfering jerks".

Whats worse? I was then blamed for the arguments between the two. Francine accused me of in sighting the fight with her boyfriend and Buster huffed at me and refused to talk to me for the rest of the day because it was apparently "my fault" Sue ellen was upset with him.

I called both Buster and Francine out and they simmered down.

"Im sorry Arthur" Buster patted me on the shoulder that Thursday afternoon.

He nudged Francine. She placed her hands in her purple jacket pockets and sighed.

"Me too Arthur" "It wasn't really your fault."

I shrugged. " Its cool, I guess"

I was then given a hug by my friends. Which offered some reassurance.

"Anyway guys" I said glumly. "Im heading home" "See you tomorrow?"

"Yeah, we cant wait" Francine smiled. "Its gonna be great" Buster added.

Good things

It was then when I entered home I had a realization. Well, it may have been the facebook messages from Ariana which made me light up before the streetlights on the road did under the foggy sky.

What were good things?
They were different for everyone.

For Kate it was the smell of fresh toast in the morning on a Saturday, when she didn't have to go to school.
For Buster, it was a hug from Sue Ellen after an argument or a lovely whisper from her saying "I love you" " No matter what" followed by what I can only imagine would be some form of affection from Buster...
For Francine it was a text every morning from George, even on the weekends. "Morning beautiful" "So you forgive me?" She woudl reply. "Always" he would text.

For me, it was when the girl you like sends you messages without you even realizing you were going to receive any.
My mind raced and yeah I admit, my heart skipped a beat, if only a little.

"Hey Arthur, you still on for tomorrow?" " I hope so"

I ran upstairs toward my bedroom before Mom could even ask me how my day was. DW was inside on her phone plotting something, most likely.

"Hey Ariana"
"Yes, I am" "It will be good to see you"

I gulped when I hit send and bit my lip. "I hope she did not take that the wrong way" I said aloud.

"Great" She replied. "It will be good to see you too"
"Are your friends coming too?"

I frowned. I guess I was expecting a little too much from a girl..well woman who did not know I liked her to say "Arthur I only want you there"

"Yes, they will be there" I replied. "George is bringing his guitar" I added and hit send.

"Coolness" She responded. "I like his style"

"Anyways Arthur, I gotta go" "Its really nice meeting friendly guys like you, being new in this town it can be hard making new friends you know?"
I could feel my cheeks grow red and I was excited again.

"Yeah it must be but I am glad we met uh I mean I am happy we're friends and that you're liking Elwood"

"Yeah" "I am" She replied. "Work is good and I get to sing so its all good" "See you tommorrow" xxxx Ariana

I gasped. XXX?

I forced myself to shrug it off. Its something everyone does, well females did anyway. I was naive and did not know much of love or relationships.
I was about to find out though...

Muffys entrance...
things were about to go from good to...not SO good.

chapter four up soon