It began with a cold

According to Exorcists, there are only two realms, two worlds that exists: Assiah the world of the living and where humans reside and Gehenna an empty void inhabited by demons. Travel between the two is impossible however demons often get this tendency to posses matter in Assiah and thus enter the world of humans. This was the way (or something similar, I dunno it's not like people make these things public!) that the sons of Satan were conceived. Half-human and half-demon twins, with their true heritage of the Blue Flames residing in Gehenna while their material body is in Gehenna. A terrible miracle indeed as these boys now offer to be the perfect vessels for Satan to enter the realm of Assiah by possessing either of their bodies. However, Satan's sons aren't as complying as one would expect them to be. After all name one person who would have anticipated that either of them would become what demons fear and loathe the most:

An exorcist.

The story begins on a particular fine autumn day, in this rather bizarre little town,- Oh okay it wasn't little but it was bizarre, where high above the everyday struggles of humans, the same Mephisto Pheles was moaning from the atrocities that he had to deal with: Demon Flu.

Demon Flu is like the flu, except its worse. It's like flu on steroids. Thankfully it only effects demons and not humans. But we have plenty to deal with anyway so thanks but no thanks!

Meph was sitting in his office and the usual clown outfit was replaced by a white robe, pyjamas and some pink polka dot house slippers. He had a sack of ice melting on his forehead while Amimon ran a few laps on the squeaky hamster wheel.

That's right our favourite eccentric Demon King of Time was coming down with the flu. His nose threatened to leak while his eyes were blazing red from inflammation. His eyes were teary as he slumped against his chair. Let's face it: he looked damn right miserable. The continuous squeaking of the hamster wheel became irritating to Meph's ears and he began to clench his teeth. But the squeaking just got louder, and louder until he-

"Could you Please cut that out!" but was cut short by a sudden fit of coughs.

Amimon abruptly stopped and exited the wheel.

"Sorry brother, I didn't actually realize I was bothering you." He replied. He edged a bit closer."Man you sure look terrible. Your eyes look as if you-"

Amimon did not get the chance to finish as Mephisto shot him a glare. Amimon swallowed.

AUCHOO! He sneezed.

"Ah Dammit!" he cursed as he took a tissue from his pink tissue box.

"Never mind…" he squeaked, "Anyway, do you need any medicine or something?"

"No, I don't know if you have noticed but you can't exactly cure demon flu with medicine, while the symptoms can be lightened, I'm afraid- AUCHOO! … You just have to put up with it." He sniffed and sunk back into his chair, a look of total defeat written all over his face.

"This is strange brother, I don't even remember the last time you or even I got demon flu." Explained Amimon.

"Me neither…" replied Mephisto, blowing his nose loudly.

He exhaled exhaustively and set down the ice pack on his oak desk, shortly after he thumped his head on the desk too.

"Oh my actual heavens." He complained, "This is worse than hell…"

A metallic shrill sounded beside his desk and Mephisto just glared at it. It was on these rare occasions that Mephisto regretted becoming the head of the Japanese branch of the Knights of The True Cross, but whatever, the show had to go on whether he had the demon flu or not. He reluctantly picked up, his usual unnecessary enthusiasm was absent from his voice.

"Hello?" he inquired, flatly.

The voice of the person on the other side was muffled. However a moment later Mephisto's eyes squinted.

"Unknown miasma…" he repeated thoughtfully, "And there aren't enough exorcists to investigate?" He sniffed as a drop threatened to escape his nostrils.

The voice on the other end sounded desperate and flustered, almost as if he was both overwhelmed with fear and respect. The voice continued blabbering, causing Mephisto to pinch the bridge of his nose. He couldn't deal with this right now...

Without a warning he sneezed again, but this time with such a force that the little stacks of paperwork on the edge of his desk fell off and spread across the floor in a messy pile. Mephisto just stared at them, with an 'are you even remotely serious' look. Like for real...

After staring at the papers on his floor for a while, Sir Pheles cut the man short, making an effort to sound flamboyant, "Please do not fret, I will send over the Sons of Satan to investigate. If it's anyone can handle it's them."

An evil smirk appeared on his face as the voice on the other end fell silent at the mention of the phrase, 'Sons of Satan'.

"Au revoir!" He hung up.

Then dialed a number on his archaic black telephone, rolling his eyes at Amimon as he did so. After a few quirky turns of the dial the phone began to connect. Amimon began to clean his whiskers as he listened.

"Yes, Okumara speaking," came an almost instantaneous and confident reply.

"Ah, Yukio, by any chance could you and Rin please come to my office after you finish teaching~?" he asked, his voice sounding strange as it was contaminated with the flu.

"Yes, of course. Now if you would please excuse me." Replied Yukio, his voice clearly meaning business.

"Why yes, yes of course~" Finished off Mepisto.

Mephisto set the phone down and sighed deeply and his head suddenly began to throb as if he had monkeys boxing in between his ears.

"Amimon," he whined, "What am I going to do with- AUCHOO! Meph did not bother to finish.

"I don't know brother, I suppose you will just have to stick with it for a week."

Mephisto emitted a deep groan before he sneezed again.

Yukio his brother made his way to Sir Pheles's office along the creepy yet decorative corridors of True Cross Academy.

"So~ do you know what the clown- sorry the head master wants us for?" asked Rin, making quotation marks with his fingers as he said head master.

Yukio simply sighed at his older brother's immaturity.

"Like I said before, he did not state on what business he called on us." He replied coolly.

Seeing that he wouldn't be able to elicit anything useful he slammed his hands in his pockets, muttering under his breath.

"You know you really ought to show him more respect, he is not only the Head Master but he is also the head of the Japanese branch of the Knights of the True Cross as well." Stated Yukio.

"Huh, if you ask me he is nothing more than a clown with magic powers." Replied Rin.

"Whatever, he still runs this place so bare with it." he stated, in annoyance.

Rin just sighed and Yukio arched his brows at him challengingly while he knocked on Meph's office door.

"Come in~!" came the reply.

When the twins entered the room Rin was shocked to find the powerful individual of their previous conversation dressed in his pyjamas drinking some hot herbal tea and his face looking like as if he is only after crying.

Even Yukio was slightly taken aback but quickly recomposed himself. He cleared his throat before adding.

"Sir Pheles," he began.

"Yes?" he replied, with a fake smile on his face.

"Excuse me but you sound as if you aren't feeling well…"

"My guess is that he ate his own cooking…" Rin whispered to Yukio, which he chose to ignore. However Yukio couldn't help but to eye Mephisto's current horrifying state and he silently swore to himself that no matter what, will he ever eat a meal that Mephisto cooks on his own...

Mephisto's fake smile vanished before he began to explain. "Why yes, I have unfortunately caught the demon flu. It is not often that I get it but- AUCHOO!

"Excuse me," he sniffed, "But it does happen, even to the best of us..."

Now that made Rin very uneasy… what if he caught the demon flu?! He discretely covered his nose and mouth with his hand. Just in case.

"I understand Sir, I hope you will make a full recovery." Stated Yukio.

"Of course, of course, thank you."

The Head Master straightened in his chair, or more like made an attempt to do so.

"I haven't called you here because of my current condition, I have received an urgent call that a mysterious miasma has been oozing from underground and that, due to low numbers, you were selected to investigate this occurrence." He ended his briefing with a long sniff.

"I understand," stated Yukio.

"Your job is to investigate and exterminate the source of the Miasma." He continued, "It shouldn't take you longer than a few days maximum."

Mephisto took a tissue from the tissue box and blew his nose so loudly that you would think a herd of elephants passed by.

"Where exactly has this miasma appeared?" Inquired Yukio suspiciously.

"Oh do not worry about that, I can- AUCHOO!

This time even Yukio squiremed worriedly.

"…I can take you there in a flash," he offered as he held a hand up in the air, in a position to click his fingers. "You ready?"

They exchanged a few glances before Yukio nodded. Rin lowered his hands and his face adapted a serious expression.

"Ein, Dreiw, Tw-AHCHOOOOOOOO!"

Before he knew it, Mephisto Pheles clicked his fingers and the twins disappeared in an amorphous pink cloud. Mepphy wiped his nose intently as he stared after his younnger siblings.

"Oh dear…" he sniffed, "I hope they made it just fine..." But as his headaches began to torment him again his head collided with the desk.


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