On The Run

In the small village of the Senju Clan, it was a quiet and peaceful night. Especially for one named Senju Kojima. He had found a flower in the forest. A true flower that had never bloomed before. She was a fox of strange origins, and a flower even down to her chakras. Her unique skills were incredible. Her scent delectable. Her sight magnificent. Her temperament cute, yet slightly rough. She had a clumsy grace. And he couldn't get her off his mind.

Her name? Uzukitsu Naia. An Uzumaki from another world. She had captured the man's heart with her naive cuteness, and her soft, yet fury attitude. She was a slightly spicy sweet. And she wasn't as demure as most women in front of men. She actually spoke against a room full of them, actually insulting them directly! Sure some women could and would, but not to a whole room she doesn't know…

He was brought from his thoughts when he felt a force unlike anything he had experienced before. It was thick, powerful, yet calming. Even as it signaled massive destruction from the possible force that should have released from such instant power.

Quickly he got out of his futon and pulled on his battle attire. Something was wrong, and he knew that chakra! Naia was in trouble. She should have been in bed! There was no reason for her to leave without cause. And even then, she would have notified him.

Leaving the house, he ran into his father, the clan head. his father. "Tou-san!" He nodded towards the man, and they took off together, even as a few others joined them in their run.

"..Do you know who could produce such force.?" Marama, the clan head, asked.

"Tou-San… the Miko I brought into the village… she has the blood of a distant relative. But her chakras are extremely potent. yet full of life. The aura around her is incredible. When I had first learned of her, she had a… collapse. In her words, she lost her entire world. Yet, she hadn't released any of her chakra.

But she was given a room far away from others. She had asked to be separated from anyone so long as…. her condition continued. It put her in a weakened state. My belief is that something happened to her. She should have been sleeping… I had even asked Nobuko to add a sleeping serum into a meal to help with her issues."

The clan head was obviously intrigued, yet confused. If she was weakened, how was she so powerful? What issues? His son hadn't elaborated, but Marama knew he wouldn't. The Miko would explain.

Soon, they came upon something they couldn't have imagined. From the direction where they felt the strongest concentration of chakras. They reached a deep drop in the earth towards the side of the mountain. A monstrous crater was formed, even as flora and fauna grew taking in the freshly compacted landscape it was covering. It was… a deathly beauty. So much destruction only to be healed moments later.

"Amazing." Was the single word the clan head released. And Kojima could only nod.

"Indeed. I had spent several days observing her, and it seemed as if she was averse to harming anyone, except while hunting… yet she had just been fed by Nobuko, and had medicine to help her sleep. How could she even be out here?" Kojima asked.

They headed towards the center of the clearing, only to come up with a little bit of scruffed grass heading off into a direction that abruptly ended. It hadn't been long since she was there. Deciding to follow the train, they quickly left the crater, and into a crushed area of trees.

Immediately they smelled the dense aroma of blood even as they came upon the gruesome sight of bodies. The corpses nearly unrecognizable. "They must have been right next to her…" Kojima stated.

"If she did this, she can't just be let free. Not only is she too powerful to just let go as an enemy, she has actually murdered two of our kin." The older man state.

Kojima could hardly believe it, the woman he had fallen for so fast had killed two of his own clan… But something still isn't right, and he couldn't help but think about it. So he took a thorough look around as the others tried to get the bodies out.

It didn't take long to find a severed hand and a few coils of rope and cloth. There was a small trail of blood leading away from the scene, that soon disappeared, only leaving crumpled grass in its wake.

"Kidnapped…." Kojima muttered in sad anger.

"HM?" his father barely heard the mutter.

"She was kidnapped… obviously she was in distress, and I can only imagine what they were going to do considering her current condition. It may have actually happened… in which case I couldn't blame her."

The elder was disturbed by the thought of his clan kidnapping a Miko, yet even more confused, "what is this condition?"

"... She is easily excitable by the male population, and they are pulled towards her naturally, when she is ready to bear children." Kojima stated flatly, "She has visible symptoms of possible impregnation, similar to animals."

The elder shook his head. He had seen stranger, but this was obviously high up in his list.

"But, the only person who even knew that she was there was… Nobuko!" Kojima turned towards his father as he talked. "She had to have set this up. I had specifically moved her alone without anyone knowing, and she was only told so that I wouldn't bother Naia with my presence in her state… We have to find her. If she ran from us because of our actions, she may never come back! I even offered her our protection... Yet this happens!"

"...if she could do this, she would be a powerful ally." The clan head said.

"I don't know about fighting, but she would even then." Kojima agreed.

"Indeed," Marama replied. "Send some men to retrieve her. We still do not know if she was attacked or not, either way, it would be best to have her return." He turned towards his son, "It seems you have found a powerful woman for yourself."

They began issuing orders, figuring things out, and preparing a strong few to go find the girl. All while Kojima was gripping his fists tightly in pain. The situation had gone from having found the girl of his life to losing her in a mere few days. All because he hadn't acted soon enough to spread word through the clan that she was to be protected. His heart clenched in pain.

It wasn't until sometime later they found Nobuko had fled the from area.

Running wasn't very hard, or even that tiring for my body. I wasn't traveling at too quick of a pace either. I knew they wouldn't follow me very easily. My body wasn't what they would expect after all.

Soon after taking off, I had merged my tails down to two, and shifted to a fox, my clothes disappearing into the form of my new neck ribbon, a close match for the one that flowed to sit on top of my head from my long fur. I looked like an adorable pet fox, or at least a friendly one. Nobody owned me after all! And I looked fashionable now.

It was an average fox size. My prints would be spaced out by my kunoichi speed, so they wouldn't connect directly. But traveling through the forest rather than on branches did slow me down considerably. Traversing over hills, under brush, between rocks, I had to avoid a lot of obstacles. A good reason to take a slightly sedate pace.

My pursuers would be much quicker, but they would be looking for a humans trail. Or even if they were looking for a fox trail, there were many. They had come out of the woodwork as they smelled me, yet I paid them no mind this time. I couldn't let myself get enraptured in a males scent while in heat… It was dangerous! It had already happened once so far too...something I wasn't proud of, 'not that I disliked it...'

I couldn't help but blush at my own thoughts. Yet the pain came back. Not only did I lose everything just a few days before, I had just lost my first true crush - something I had only recently realized. The man put butterflies in my stomach, made my heart flutter, and smelled good…

Again, I had to mentally smack myself at my own thoughts. It was hard to keep him out of my mind now. Every time I thought about the situation, he would seep back into my thoughts. The pain of losing even more was saddening, but I was handling it better than could be expected. Honestly, recovering from true loss was a helpful endeavor for other types as well. Building fortitude towards pain was a good thing.. right?

Traveling for a day without actual sustenance after having reintegrating it into my body put a slight strain on myself though. It wasn't as if I wouldn't get used to not having anything again, but would my body be able to increase its strength without it? There were many possibilities that not actually eating could cause. I was still flesh and blood, despite their formation from my chakra, and they changed as I trained. But it wasn't worth taking the chance.

So on the second morning from my escape, I went hunting. Smelling the air, rabbits were aplenty, deer were exquisite in my nose, and squirrels were… I couldn't even place it. They made my mind think of a chew toy… it was weird. But rabbits sounded nice, since I didn't want to chance a larger form yet.

Following the thick scent I quickly laid eyes on my prey, the emotions that came with such a small chase were obviously instinctual, the joy of the hunt, the excitement of the chase, the pride at my kill, and the meal itself seeping into my being. Even with the slight disgust of the raw meal, I couldn't help but enjoy it. Truly I was becoming a fox, and I didn't try to deny it. Humans used to eat raw meat as well. I just had to watch out for filthy meals. There was no way I wanted parasites… A shiver accompanied that thought.

Finishing the meal required a drink, something easily obtainable. There were always small ponds all over forests, creeks leading to and fro, and even springs. So it was easy to follow the scent of water in the area to a small creek. Only problem was that a male fox had apparently followed me…

Looking up from the water, I growled at him. Really, I wasn't in the mood. My heat had actually started dieing down right before my hunt, but my scent was still in the air apparently. Honestly I couldn't help but wonder why it was weakening despite smelling the fox in front of me. Usually it would heat up slightly each time I spotted or scented another fox. It wouldn't affect me in such small amounts though, or at least it hadn't yet, and I was truly enjoying avoiding them. And I needed to drive him off despite his...beautiful...and...sexy….and...'Dumb hormones!' My growl only increased as I came back to my senses.

But this spritely male wasn't getting the message, he slowly came around through the shallow water and attempted to smell my backside. My mouth went straight for his throat as he tried though. And he quickly backed off. My growling only got louder, baring my teeth at the spirited male. Eventually he whined as he padded into the forest away from me.

There wasn't any way that I was going to allow myself to get attacked again by some random fox. Not after I was nearly taken only a couple nights before. Truly, I was getting tired of all the sexual things that was happening to me. First with Gaara's crazed possession of me through that stupid tanuki, then Jiraiya's peeping, Kojima's eyefill then taking me, that old man's dirty wordplay before filling my kimono with dirt… 'Everyone's a pervert!'

Yet I still couldn't help my flushing face at my thoughts. I was just glad I wasn't going stir crazy trying to jump the males yet. There was no telling what prolonged exposure in a specific place and scents would do to me… No, it had nearly driven me back into bed with Kojima, I wanted him, and almost had him again. I didn't want to stay in one spot out of fear of myself. My own body was constantly building up telling me to mate, and I had honestly tried to avoid it. But at least it was cooling down, even days early this time.

Shaking my head, I decided to head upstream. There should be some settlement around any natural running source of water. So I padded along myself, taking a leisurely pace after gorging myself on a satisfying meal. Honestly it was strange I had taken to it so quickly, but it was a natural process of nature…of a fox... something I had been attuned to. And it meant I could sustain myself without ryo, not that I didn't want it. There were many uses for money.

But still, how would I even manage to obtain it? Miko… despite what happened, it is a good idea. I would be able to work little bits of good will for scroll and brush. Even food, if I don't hunt as a fox. There is a possibility of other issues arising as well. 'Miko of Life...' I couldn't help but think about it in my head. Still, I needed to work on my fluidity in this body. It would provide me safe earnings while I practiced hopefully.

After a while of thinking and padding up the creek, I had come upon a town. It was bigger than I would have expected, but it was a perfect place to start with.


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