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So after the Gilmore Girls reunion this weekend and all the great photos of the cast that came of that, I was inspired to finally finish what I started for the third installment in this series.

Just a little note: In this story, I wanted to delve into their married life so it doesn't pick up exactly where it left off in the last installment. Instead this jumps ahead a few months. Really it's just set around the beginning of Season 4.

Hope it's not too complicated for you to understand where this is going.

"I can't believe you couldn't get Luke to help us with this," Rory said as she and her mother walked through the town square, occasionally stopping by different houses to distribute the trinkets and gifts that they brought back from their backpacking through Europe excursion.

Lorelai shifted her overstuffed backpack around, trying to ease the pain that was beginning to settle in her shoulders. She knew that they would have to stop to take a break soon no matter how quickly she wanted to distribute all the gifts so they could finally rid of these backpacks. Distributing the gifts quickly meant more time to spend with her daughter and her husband.

"Oh believe me I pulled out some of my best tricks last night and again this morning and still nothing," Lorelai replied with a sigh. "I mean I even..."

Rory held up her hand to stop her mother from going any further. "Whoa, consider your audience here. Consider the ears that are listening, do I want to hear this? Is this something you're willing to share with your precious daughter?"

Lorelai smirked at her daughter, "Get your mind out of the gutter Rory. I just reminded him that he is my husband and that we took vows to be there for one another and care for another."

"And his response to that was?" Rory asked.

"That there was nothing in our vows about lugging around backpacks and distributing gifts that your wife and step-daughter picked up Europe," Lorelai replied. She adjusted her backpack on her shoulders again. "This marriage thing is not all it's cracked up to be."

Rory laughed, "Just because he refuses to carry your backpack?"

Lorelai nodded, "Exactly."

"I think you two will make this through this," Rory played along.

"Besides it's not like I'm the only person with a fella in her life that could have helped us with these," Lorelai said as she looked at her daughter. "I don't see your boyfriend anywhere around here."

"Luke scheduled him to work in the diner today," Rory stated. "I think he only did that so we were carrying us around all this stuff by ourselves."

"We shouldn't have left them alone all summer," Lorelai replied. "They probably planned all kinds of things against us."

Rory giggled, "I'm sure they haven't."

As they neared Luke's, they made the decision, without even speaking to one another, that it was definitely time for a food break as well as a break from carrying around their overstuffed backpacks. Entering Luke's, their backpacks found a place by the door, Rory made sure that they were out of the way of the other customers. They sat down at a round table near the door and near their backpacks.

"You know," Lorelai said as she waited for Luke to appear and notice that she and Rory were definitely there, "We could just set up shop here. You know, tell everyone that if they want their presents, then they must stop by Luke's at which point we will entertain them with the Pope story and hand them their gift then send them on their merry way. It eliminates the need for our backpacks."

"Yeah I don't think Luke's going to go for that one since he didn't even go for him carrying around the backpack while you distribute gifts," Rory replied. Her eyes flickered towards the diner counter where she saw Jess exiting the kitchen, she smiled at him before turning towards her mother. "Be right back."

Lorelai smiled and nodded in response, understanding her daughter's need to see her boyfriend after a long summer spent apart. They had just arrived back home the day before, a day that was solely devoted to spending time with Luke and Jess and regaling them with tales of their adventures even though they already knew most everything from the postcards, letters, and calls that were made during the trip. Still they just wanted to recount everything again and the men in their life didn't mind listening to them.

True to their plans for after Rory's graduation from Chilton, Lorelai and Rory had spent the most part of their summer backpacking through Europe. They decided to not just toss those plans aside since Lorelai was now a wedded woman. Of course Luke knew just how important this trip was for both of the girls even if he didn't care for the idea of them spending their time in hostels. But Lorelai insisted it was all a part of the experience. However, they got to really missing their lives at home so they decided that heading home a week earlier than originally planned was not the worst thing in the world.

Tired of waiting on Luke to show his face, Lorelai got up from the table, walked to the counter, interrupted her daughter and Jess smooching, and asked where Luke was. When Jess told her that he was currently in the storeroom, she told them that they could now resume their smooching before she disappeared behind the curtain.

Lorelai leaned in the doorway of the storeroom and watched as Luke unpacked boxes and began to shelve the items. "So inventory is more important than greeting your beautiful wife whom you haven't really seen all summer?" she asked.

Luke looked up from the box he was currently unpacking to see Lorelai standing in the doorway with her arms crossed and eyebrow arched. The serious look on her face broke out into a smile causing the same kind of smile to appear on his face.

"Hey," Luke greeted as he walked over to her. "I didn't even hear the bells."

Lorelai titled her head to the side as arms curved around his neck, pulling him close to her. "Getting old already?" she teased. "I didn't sign on for marrying such an old man."

Luke reached up and grabbed her left hand, his thumb ran over the two rings on her ring finger. "Well I think it may be too late now, you already have the ring."

Lorelai smiled, "That I do." She gave a casual shrug of her shoulders, "Besides it would be such a hassle to take it off and you're not that bad looking."

Luke rolled his eyes, "So sweet."

"Well you know me."

No more words were needed as Luke leaned in and kissed her lips softly. But that wasn't even for Lorelai as pressed her lips against his harder, deepening the kiss. Luke's arm wrapped securely around his waist as he pulled her into the room and managed to shut the door with his free hand, all the while keeping their lips connected. Her fingers twirled in the curls at the nape of his neck as he pressed her against the storeroom door.

Lorelai let out a soft moan as he pulled on her lower lip gently only to release it seconds later. His lips then descended onto her neck, expertly seeking out the sensitive spots he knew that she loved. She craned her neck to the side to give him better access.

She couldn't even put into words just how much she missed him over the summer. Yes there were phone calls made, and letters and postcards sent, but none of that was the same as actually being with Luke. And it wasn't just the attention he was giving her now that she missed, it was the small things like waking up in the morning, cuddling up to him, and just enjoying the peacefulness before they both had to start their days. Or coming home to him in the evenings and complaining about her day and the new ways that Michel found to annoy her. She quickly found that she loved the married life.

Lorelai moved her hand to cup the side of his face, bringing his face back level with hers. The neediness she felt just moments ago had dissipated as they melted together again with shorter, sweeter, more loving kisses. She eventually pulled back and flashed him a sweet smile.

"I've missed you," she confessed softly.

Luke smiled and pressed a kiss to her forehead. "I've missed you too," he said just as softly as Lorelai did.

Lorelai giggled softly, "So you proved last night a few times. And again this morning."

"We missed out on a lot of time together, we had a lot to make up for," Luke replied.

Lorelai nodded, "Mhm, so we did," she whispered before pressing a kiss to his lips. When she pulled back, she rested her forehead against his. "You know what else I missed?"


Lorelai flashed him a bright smile. "Coffee! And the cheeseburgers, the fries, the pies, the danishes, and pretty much whatever else I can get here. I mean, don't get me wrong, the European food was great, but I really missed your cheeseburgers."

Luke chuckled. "I should have known." He reached behind Lorelai and opened the storeroom door, he gently nudged her in that direction. "Go on Crazy Lady, I'll make your lunch."

"My hero," Lorelai swooned as she re-entered the diner.

Lorelai gave Luke her order of coffee, cheeseburger, and chili-cheese fries before she walked back to her table. Just seconds after she sat down, Rory walked up to the table but instead of sitting down with her mother, she knelt down and began going through her backpack.

"What are you doing there kid?" Lorelai asked. "I thought we were having lunch. I already gave Luke my order."

Rory continued to rifle through her backpack, "Well Jess is taking his break so I thought I would walk around town with him and he could help me deliver Lane's present to her," she said as she pulled the wrapped present for her best friend from her backpack.

"But what about lunch? I thought we were both hungry," Lorelai reminded her daughter. "What are you going to eat if you're leaving? You should know that I'm not going to wait on you."

Rory reached into the front pocket of her backpack and pulled out a small white bag. "Biscotti," she answered. "I'll eat this while I deliver the present to Lane."

Lorelai mock-gasped. "Our biscotti? You would take our special biscotti for our biscotti moments and eat it in place of lunch?" she asked to which Rory just nodded in response. She crossed her arms, "Fine. Just make sure that you save mommy some for later."

"Of course I'll save some for you," Rory replied. "I'll even fight off Jess if he tries to take away."

"If I try to take any of what?" Jess asked as he walked up beside Rory.

Rory held up the white bag, "The biscotti." When Jess tried to reach for the bag, Rory playfully slapped his hand away. "I'm serious, no biscotti for you. This is for Mom and me."

"Exactly," Lorelai chimed in. "For special moments, or for Rory choosing to leave her mother by herself in order to hang out with her boyfriend and best friend."

"She did just spend all summer with you," Jess replied.

Lorelai pretended to think for a moment. "Nope, not enough."

"Good thing that we have almost every single moment planned out from here until the day I have to leave for Yale," Rory replied.

Lorelai placed her hands over her ears, "Remember what I said, no talk of Yale until the day you have to leave. I don't want to think about you leaving just yet."

Rory laughed, "Well we do have every moment planned out until that day so you can let me hang out with Jess and Lane for a while now, right?"

Lorelai sighed then smiled at her daughter, "Just go before I change my mind."

Rory leaned down and kissed her mother on the cheek, "I'll be back to help you distribute the rest of the gifts later."

"You better," Lorelai replied.

Lorelai waved to the two teenagers as they walked out of the diner. She watched them as they walked across the street and went to meet Lane out at the gazebo. After a few seconds, she got up from the table and made her way over to the counter where Luke greeted her with a cup of coffee.

"Rory's not eating lunch with you?" he asked.

Lorelai shook her head, "Nope. She and Jess are going to spend a little time together, she's delivering her present to Lane. So you just have me."

Luke peeked over at her shoulders where he could see her and Rory's backpacks still lying on the floor beside the table she just occupied, "Planning on moving your bags?"

Lorelai shook her head again and gave him a sweet smile, "Not unless my handsome husband wants to move them for me." When she noticed Luke's frown she added, "Don't worry grumpy pants, I'll move them after lunch. Rory and I still have gifts to distribute."

"You know you could just split up the gifts so you don't have to carry them all at once," Luke pointed out.

"We could, or we could have someone who wears a lot of flannel to help us out but he refused," Lorelai reminded him. "Rory and I planned to get them all out at one time so we have more time to spend together. And if we get all the gifts out soon then that means you and I will also have more time to spend together."

"Can't complain about that," Luke replied.

"I didn't think you would."

Luke leaned across the counter and pecked her lips. "I'll be right back with your lunch."

"Thanks babe," Lorelai called after him.

With the sparse crowd in the diner and Luke now in the kitchen cooking her lunch, Lorelai was left alone with just her coffee and her thoughts. And her mind was racing with many different thoughts. All ones that revolved around just how much her life had changed recently and how much it was going to change in the coming weeks. It was easy to push some of it to the back of her mind while she was in Europe, like Rory going off to college, but now they were back home and everything was rushing back to her.

Rory was set to go off to Yale in just a few short weeks. Which Lorelai now knew was only 22.8 miles away thanks to Jess' handy research, which he claimed to not to have done. The thought of sending her baby off to Yale upset her but it was the next big step for her daughter. Rory choosing Yale over Harvard came as surprise to Lorelai and most people around her since Harvard was all Rory talked about since she was a little but people, as well as plans change over time. She knew that well. A few years ago she may have laughed if someone would have told her that she would fall madly in love with Luke and end up starting a new life with him because she would have insisted that they were just friends. However, now she couldn't imagine anything other than being with Luke. Besides pro-con lists never lied, especially not in the dire need of which college to choose. Frankly she was ecstatic that her daughter was going off to a college that was so close to home. Being close to home meant more weekend visits.

As for Jess, he wasn't going off to a college or even enrolling in a community college anywhere. Even though he stuck with it and graduated from high-school per Luke's request, he knew that college just wasn't for him. Maybe at one point it could be but for now it just wasn't happening. Luke made sure that Jess knew that he wasn't going to just waste his time doing nothing and that he was going to work. He already worked at the diner but also managed to secure a job working at the bookstore with Andrew.

Rory going off to college wasn't the only change occurring into what was now known as the Gilmore-Danes household, in fact the most major change in their lifestyle lie in the fact that they no longer had the Crap Shack to call home. Instead they had a new place to call home. A place called home that was a wedding present from Emily and Richard. With it sitting on 3 acres of land and containing 5 bedrooms, 4 ½ baths, a library, and a sun porch as well as a small pond and stables, Luke and Lorelai thought the place was perfect for them to start their married life in. Lorelai knew that the Crap Shack was too small especially since she and Luke wanted children but the house that her mother and father bought for them was just big enough for their soon-to-be growing family.

Restoration and renovating was started on the house a few weeks after Luke and Lorelai returned home from their honeymoon. The house was in pretty good condition already so there were no major problems to fix which meant Luke and Lorelai were able to move in a couple weeks before Rory graduated, giving them a chance to adjust to their new digs before they set out to on their backpacking adventure. The only problem they could find with the house is that it technically wasn't in Stars Hollow but right on the border. But with a little arm-twisting and maybe a threat or two, they managed to get Taylor to change the property lines so they would still have a Stars Hollow address.

Lorelai's career took a major turn as well, for the better of course. When Mia learned of Lorelai and Sookie's plans to leave the Independence Inn to chase after their own dream of owning their own Inn, she decided to sell since she received a few amazing offers. Seeing Mia sell the Independence Inn gave Lorelai and Sookie the final push to start working on their own dream instead of just talking about it. It was a long and stressful battle but the two finally managed to secure the Dragonfly Inn, the only place they could imagine opening their own Inn. Construction was set to begin soon.

Lorelai and Luke adjusted to married life quickly, both appreciating the balance they were creating in the marriage and loving to have a great partner to come home to every night. However they both felt that something was missing. A baby something. Both Luke and Lorelai agreed that they wanted to start on their family right away. And they did. Lorelai went off birth control a few weeks before the wedding and then after the wedding, they began trying to start a family. Their efforts had not been rewarded yet though. There were a couples times when she thought she was pregnant only to come up with a negative pregnancy test. They were not giving up hope yet though. A baby would come in time.

Lorelai was so lost in her thoughts of Rory going to college, their new house, their attempts at starting their own family, and beginning construction on her dream Inn, that she didn't even notice Luke standing in front of her holding out her plate of food.

"Lorelai," he called again finally getting her attention. "You okay?"

Lorelai nodded quickly, "I'm fine babe."

Luke sat down her plate and leaned down on the counter next to her. "You sure? You seemed pretty out of it there. If you need to talk about something, we can go up to the apartment. I know it Jess' now but he won't mind."

Lorelai gave him a reassuring smile, "I'm fine Luke, really. I was just thinking. You know about all that's going to happen in the next few weeks, a lot of changes happening."

Luke nodded, "I know." He have her hand a gentle squeeze, "But everything will be okay."

"I know, because I have you," Lorelai said, not intending her voice to come out as soft as it did.

Luke smiled, "That's right."

I tried to use this chapter to get you all caught up on what happened since the wedding and where I decided to start this story off. Hopefully it all works out. Excited to finally be posting this. I have so many ideas for this story!

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