The warm rays of sunlight filtering through my window woke me from my sleep. Groggily, I opened my eyes and yawned, before lifting my hoof to wipe the sand from my eyes. Wait, hoof?! Looking down at the limb in question, long black legs had replaced my arms. Panicking, I scrabbled to my feet, which was easier said than done, due to the fact that I had four legs instead of two! I raced over to my mirror and stood paralysed in shock.

There, looking back at me, was a large black Pegasus.

All of me was solid black, except from a white blaze that ran down the centre of my face. Turning slightly, I looked at my neatly folded wings before gingerly stretching them out. The sheer size of my wings alone stunned me, each wing was easily 2 metres across! In truth, I was quite magnificent, my coat shone in the morning sun and my brown eyes sparkled with bewildered excitement.

Confused, I wracked my brain, trying desperately to think of what had caused this transformation. I began to pace the room, stopping when my hooves clattered noisily on the floor, I didn't want anyone coming up and finding me like this. I turned back to where I had first woke, books littered the floor around me. Turning to the first one, I nudged it with my hoof until I could read the front cover. Animagus Training: From Beginners to Experts. Memories from the day before flashed through my mind; Professor McGonagall talking to me about becoming an animagus, her giving me the book, my hours upon hours of reading and soul searching to reveal my animagus form. I relaxed slightly as the realisation sunk in, before my panic returned tenfold. How did I end up like this? I hadn't performed any spells! How on earth was I going to attend class, or eat, or sleep, or talk?!

I am not sure how long my panic raged in my mind, but a sudden wave of thirst hit me like a bludger. I desperately searched my room for something to drink, quickly unearthing a small bottle of water in my backpack. I reached to get it, before my body quickly reminded me that I no longer had hands. I snorted in frustration before resorting to using my teeth. It took me a few minutes, but I was able to pull the bottle out of the bag and set it down on the floor. Carefully, I lifted a hoof and began to tap the lid gently, my taps becoming harder and harder as my frustration mounted. When that reached its peak, I stomped my hoof down hard in anger, wincing as the plastic immediately split and the water gushed out onto the floor. I stood motionless, watching as the precious liquid seeped into the red and gold rug.

I sighed softly as the realisation hit me that I would have to leave Hogwarts, at least for a little while. I eyed the door doubtfully, knowing full well that I would never fit through it. I then turned towards my glass window, analysing the best way to get out while being as discrete as possible. I closed my eyes, praying that my idea would work, before casting a silent vanishing spell. I opened one eye slightly and sighed in relief when I saw that the glass had gone. Now time for my escape. I walked over to the open window and snorted in frustration as I realised that the gap was still too small! Damn it, why was I so big?! I shook my head, desperately trying to think of the easiest way to get out of here. My thoughts were hastened as another, stronger wave of thirst hit me. O for merlin's sake, there was no easy way out of this. I took a few steps back and whispered mentally.
"Bombarda." The noise was deafening as a huge hole was punched in the side of the wall. It took a few minutes for the dust to settle, but even then, I could hear the sound of raised panicked voices below me. I shook my head to dislodge the dust, ran to the enlarged window and, praying that my wings would not fail, I brought my hindquarters underneath me, and launched out of the window and into the morning sun.

Flying was fantastic! I had never cared for flying on a broomstick, or on a hippogriff, or a thestral, but this I loved. My wings pounded the air effortlessly, lifting me higher and higher and into the clouds. Once I reached a safe height where I couldn't be seen, I stilled my wings and glided through the sky. During my flight, my mind wandered, once again returning to that fateful day when I first laid eyes on her in the Ministry. Her wild raven hair, her menacing cackle, her beautiful face. I thought back to how she had taken my breath away the moment I saw her, and how terrified that had made me. She was a death eater, not just a death eater, but the death eater. The most notorious death eater ever to have lived, the right hand of our greatest enemy, a murderer, insane, beautiful. I shook my head in an attempt to remove her from my thoughts, my front leg twitching in the memory of the mark she had left on me on our second encounter.
Even in this form the degrading mark haunted me, acting as a constant reminder of that day. My thoughts then shifted to my decision to return to Hogwarts, of Ron`s heartbroken expression when I told him and Harry that I would be leaving, of their desperate pleas to get me to stay, and of that kiss. Ron`s last ditch attempt to get me to stay with him. My mind delved deeper into the memory.

"Please Hermione, stay with me, with us." My heart ached as I looked into his pleading eyes, knowing full well that my words would hurt him.
"I`m sorry Ron, but I can't, not after what she did to me. I need to go, I need to feel safe, I need to go back to Hogwarts."
"But, you`re safe with me Hermione. I, I love you." I smiled sadly at him before turning away, I didn't have the heart to tell him that I didn't reciprocate his feelings. I hadn't taken one step forward before being stopped abruptly by a strong hand on my wrist. My arm was yanked painfully, causing me to spin around and be ensnared in his arms. No sooner had I regained my bearings when I felt his lips crash forcefully against mine and my back slam into a tree. I struggled to get away from him but his hand moved to grab the back of my head and push me deeper into him. I thrashed violently against him, misunderstanding my struggles for passion, he gripped me tighter and moved the hand that was holding my wrist to my jeans zipper. My eyes opened in panic and I thrashed around wildly in a desperate attempt to get free, but it was useless. So instead I closed my eyes and shut down, praying that he would soon stop. After a few minutes, my tactic worked, sensing that I had stopped responding, he pulled away and looked at me with lust filled eyes. Composing myself, I drew myself up to my full height and glared at him coldly.
"If you ever do that to me again, I will make what Bellatrix Lestrange can do look like child's play! Goodbye Ronald." Fear flickered in his eyes momentarily at the icy tone to my voice, leaving him stunned, I turned around and apparated into the night.

I was brought out of the memory by an icy wind, biting at my body and numbing my wings. I sighed softly at the realisation that I had to land, if only to return feeling to my wings. Slowly, I tilted my wings downwards, and began my steady decent back to the ground. Moisture droplets clung to my skin as I glided down through a cloud, a soft gasp escaped my mouth as I emerged. The view was breath-taking! I could see for miles, below me lay a mix of fields, woodland and rivers, and dotted here and there was the odd house. I chose an area near to a river, and in my eagerness, tilted my wings abruptly downwards, causing me to plummet towards the ground. Paralysing terror consumed me as the ground rushed to meet me, faster and faster until it all became a blur. My terror lessened as I felt a strong gust of wind tear open my wings and slow my descent.

Time seemed to pass in fast forward, I remember the pain wrenching through my body as the wind tore at my wings, the relief at feeling my body slow down, the mind numbing agony as my body felt like it was being broken in multiple places, and then, nothing.

This is my first Bellamione fan fic, reviews and critiques are welcomed and encouraged :)