Getting in and out of trouble

"We finally made it to land! God I am so hungry. Zoro-nii I am going to go look for a bakery k". Zoro walked along the road with Sachi that would lead into town.

"Fine but don't eat too much sweats and come meet me at the town bar. Also try not to cause any trouble". I nod as I run into town. She hummed as she pass so many people and found one small bakery. Her stomach growled as she open the door and her mouth water at the smell of cakes and pastry's. At the counter there was an older lady reading a backing book. I smiled as I spotted the chocolate cake on display.

"Excuse me. May I pleas buy three slices of your triple chocolate cake, a dozen of your peanut butter chocolate cookie, and one strawberry tart pleas". I smile as the lady got me my order and thank me for the purchase. Luckily we have money because we just caught a criminal last week. I walk through the town and found the only bar I spotted earlier. As I walked inside people look worried and in the middle a worried mother was hugging her daughter. Strangely enough people were looking at me with a curies look as I sat by the counter. The lady who looks like the owner of the bar came and went across the bar.

"Sorry about the wait. We had some trouble earlier. What can I get for you"? I should get something my brother would make me eat.

"Can I have anything that a meat and a vegetable pleas. Also have you seen my oniichan? He said he would meet me at the bar. He looks just like me but carries three swords". I watch as the women stiffen a bit and her daughter answer for her.

"Your oniisan was so nice. He saved me from Helmepo pet wolf. He made a deal with him that he will last one month at the marine base without food or water. He did this so my mommy bar can be left alone". I rub my forward but smiled. At least he didn't let anyone get hurt. I better check on him when I am done eating and bring up my sugar level just in case. A few town folks came up to me and thanked me for having a brave oniichan. By the time my food arrived I have spoken to almost everyone in the bar. I quickly eat my food so I can get to the best part. I pulled out the first slice of cake on the counter and dug in. It was delicious and I hummed as I took bite after bite. I pulled out my second slice as the owner came up to me.

"If you don't have anywhere to stay as a thank you, you can stay in our spare room upstairs"

"That's very kind of you. I would gladly take up your offer but if I am going to be staying here let me at least help you serve customers". The owner agree and I pulled out my bag of cookies. The little girl from earlier came up beside me and smiled.

"My name is Ricka. What yours"? I pull out a cookie and give one to her which she gladly accepted as I munch on my own.

"My name is Roranoa Sachi. It is a pleasure to meet you Ricka-chan. I will be back. I just want to go check on my oniichan". With that in mind I left the bar and walked up the path to the marine base. I have my twin gut feeling that Zoro to the left of me. I walked over to the wall and climb up only to frown at the sight in front of me. I jump down to the other side and I run to my brother.

"Nii-nii are you ok? Where are your swords"? He looks up and smiles up at me. I only use Nii-nii when I am worried. Oniichan hates when I call him that.

"Oh I am fine imouto and that brat took my swords but will give them back when I am free. Is the women and the girl ok"? I smile knowing that Zoro had a soft spot for kids like me.

"Ya their fine. I will actually be staying with them until your month up. By the way you are a baka! Do you know that as humans we can only survive a week without water? Unless they are giving you water then you can only last three weeks without food. You know I will have to come feed you since you can't feed yourself". I frown as my brother rolles his eyes at me. He shouldn't be rolling his eyes at me since he is the one tied up.

"Thanks bookworm but I will be fine. I can last a month because I have a strong will. I don't want you near me because you could get hurt. So don't bother coming around. I will be fine". I smile at how worry my oniichan is.

"Fine I will leave but I will be back to feed you and give you water. I don't want you to die on me. But you know I brought you this strawberry tarts you love so much but since you don't want anything". I watch as zoro-nii blushes. He loves anything that a desert with fruit. He just won't eat it when people are around. Something to do with swordsman's are manly and don't eat deserts. It is stupid if you ask me.

"Oh. Fine you can feed me but make sure no one around first. Ok"? I node as I feed him the tart. I rube my oniichan hair as I run and crawl over the wall. That is what I did for three weeks. Like a ninja I fed my brother and helped around the bar. Rika and her mom are really nice and a good cook. One afternoon it was the lunch rush and I have no time to go feed my oniichan, so Rika is going to do it for me. She even made her own onigiri. Before she left I stop her.

"Rika-chan I want you to be careful ok. Make sure no one around before you go over the wall and again pleas be careful". Rika nods as I gave her a quick hug and I went back to serve the customers. An hour has pass and the lunch rush has slowed down. Rika finally came back with two new people in tow. The younger boy looks to be a little older then Rika, has pink hair, and wears glasses. The other boy for some reason makes my belly do flip flops. Maybe I am getting sick. He has black hair, he looks a little shorter then oniichan, there a scare under his right eye, he is wearing a red vest, shorts, and a straw-hat. I walk over to see who Rika new friends are. As I get closer I can hear that Rika is telling them how Oniichn got stuck at the marine base.

"Rika-chan who are these people". Rika looked up but we turned to see straw hat pointing at me.

"What happen to you Zoro? I just saw you tied up and now you are here and you look like a girl"! I giggle at his comment.

"The one tide up there is my twin Oniichan. My name is Sachi. What are yours"? The straw-hat boy eyes lid up in amazement!

"That is so cool! My name is Monky D. Luffy and I am going to become the king of the pirates"! I giggle some more and smile at him.

"That's an awesome goal! I have a feeling that you can do it. It is nice to meet you Luffy-sama". The pink hair boy nervously smiled up at me.

"Nice to meet you Sachi-san. My name is Coby. You know people call you bloody rose but I can't see why". Before I have the chance to answer the question that dumb blond Helmep something grab a seat and put his dirty feet on the clean table I just wash. I felt annoyence and then he open his big fat mouth.

"I'm hungry~ Let us all eat for free. HeaaHeaa! Hey! Bring me some booze". I really feel like punching that smug face into the floor because he treating the other workers so poorly. God it would feel so good!

"Quit dawdling! Hurry it up"! I walk over and poor the wine into the glass. What he said next made my blood boil!

"Oh, Yes, I've been bored lately so I have decided to execute Zoro tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Heaaaheaa". I oh so accidentally poor the wine over the rich ass boy head. He stood up and angrily pointed at me. I give him my best glare back that Oniichan has taught me oh so long ago. I smile as he shivers.

"How dare you poor wine all over me. I am going to tell daddy"! I walk over and pick him up from the collar.

"Oh do tell you daddy. I don't care because you are a dead man for thinking you can kill my Oniichan". I watch as he pales and I throw a punch at his face. That felt so good. I was not expecting though that Luffy would punch him also. He slipped out of my hand and falls into the wall. I cross my arms as he held his cheek.

"Why the hell did you hit me"? I watch as Coby held Luffy back from hitting that smug face again.

"Luffy-san pleas stop". Colby yelled as he continues to struggle behind Luffy.

"This guy is scum". I nod at Luffy comment. I would have punch his face but Rika was behind me holding my hand.

"Don't you know I am Captain Morgan's son"! God I hate people who let power of their family get to their head.

"So what"? Luffy yelled back and I held Rika hand tighter.

"I'm going to tell my dad and he is going to execute you". His voice was getting really annoying and giving me a headache. Someone should shut him up!

"Fight me yourself". I turn around and run up to my room and grab my stuff. As I run back down the stairs Luffy and Coby are already gone. So is that ass too.

"Thank you very much for letting me stay here. I am going to go get my oniichan out of there before they kill him". With a quick bow I run to the base and drop my bag at the wall. I pull myself up to see that Luffy was arguing with oniichan and was loosing. I jump over and watch as Luffy run off and stretches his arm at ridicules length. I awe and smile knowing that I am not the only person who has a devil fruit power. He the second other person I have meet that has one. A small blush sweeps across my face at the memory of not the time to think about that.

"Gomu Gomu no rocket". I watch as he flies through the air to the marine base and I only wonder how awesome that feels to glide through the air. I jog over to see what that was all about.

"So oniichan what was the argument about? It look like you lost". Zoro gave me an annoyed look.

"Sachi-nee that brat that flung himself is black mailing me to join his pirate crew. He gone to get my Katanas". I can't help but burst out laughing. Zoro gave me an even bigger glare.

"Hehe! You know you could have just said no and I would have set you loos and we can go get them together. I was coming here anyway because there is no way in hell I am letting that brat kill you". Zoro look at me then it struck him and he grumbled under his breath. All of a sudden half of a statue of this ugly man fell from the top of the tower Luffy flung up too. I watch as it broke into tiny pieces and look up to see someone was pointing to the field I was in. I followed his hand to see Coby running towards us. I watch as Coby struggled with the rope. I wanted to help but I sort of want to join Luffy crew and I want to see why Coby helping us in the first place.

"Please escape, Zoro-san". Oniichan yelled back out of concern for the young boy.

"You'll be killed for doing that you know". Coby continue to struggle with the rope.

"I can't stand to watch the navy like this anymore. I want too be an honorable marine"! So the kid has a dream too huh. I think his heart in the right place and not like the one running this place.

"Stop! I can't escape yet! I still got 10 days until-"

"They're going to executed you tomorrow"! Surprise washed over oniichan face even though I just said that like a few minutes ago.

"What"? I walk over to my oniichan and face him.

"Like I said earlier there is no way you are going to die on me. I don't want to be an only child! That Helm guy was never going to keep his promise and our maybe new captain punch him in the face after I did. Man did it feel so good"! Oniichan looks confuse and a bit surprise.

"He did"? I nod as I try to untie the other arm from Coby. Man these nots suck. I go to pull out my knife that I always carry on my hip to find its not there. Oh crap it is in my bag since the costumers hated me caring it around on my thigh. Crap.

"Hold it right there"! I turn to see a bunch of marines and the boss was in the middle. God he was ugly with his mettle jaw and an ax as an arm. How stupid can you be.

"For the crime of treason agents me. I will now execute you three where you stand". Man he is full of himself. I turn around and stand in front of my Oniichan to protect him.

"Oh what the hell are you doing? You can't take all that bullets"! I roll my eyes.

"God you are way over protected". I can hear Coby start to cry and that does not make me very happy. I watch as the navy raises their guns and point it at us.

"This is some interesting stuff you guys have pulled off. Were you three and the straw-hat planning a coup or something"? Zoro ticket at his words.

"I have always fought only with imouto and no one else. Unlike arrogant bastards like you who hid behind your cronies"! I move my left leg behind me, bend me knees a bit, and raise my hand to get into my fighting stance.

"That's right oniichan. Arrogant bastards are cowards and can't fight for shits". I give him my own evil glare with a crooked smile to put the icing on the cake.

" Roronoa zora and Roronoa Sachi… don't you dare underestimate me! You may be strong but before my authority you're as good as scum! Aim".

"Maybe you should look into the mirror and see who the real scum is". I smiled as I saw the annoyance wave off ax man over there. I put my hand in my mouth and bite down hard as I taste my blood.

"Fire"! Before I took my hand out Luffy was in front of me and I watch as the bullets bounce right back at the marines.

"Shishishi! That doesn't work on me"! The marines look like they are about to shit their pants.

"Luffy-sama. That was so cool! You can bounce off bullets". I smile excitedly to know I am not the only one immune to bullet power! Oniichan did not look all that surprise since he has been around me for so long that it seems almost normal for someone to stretch but still a bit shock.

"I told you I was strong"! I loved the way Luffy laugh because it make me want to laugh with him.

"Who the hell are you"? Wow. He just saved your life and my oniichan already being rude!

"My name is Monkey. D Luffy and I am going to become king of the pirates"! I turn back to the marines in case they try anything funny. My hand was still bleeding but the pain was gone. My blood ran down my arm and I smiled at the beautiful color. Luffy looks at me with a bit concern.

"Sachi-san are you ok? Did they hurt you"? I lough at his adorable confuse face.

"I am fine Luffy-sama. I bit my own hand". Luffy looked confused but walked over to the front of oniichan with his three swords.

"Here's your treasure! Which is yours? I couldn't tell so I brought all three".

"All three of them are mine. I use the tree sword style". Luffy pulled them back and hum in thought and smiled back.

"You'll take them all right? If you take them right now, you will be a government- defying villain! Would you prefer that or being killed like the navy like this"? I smile at his sneakiness. What a smart boy. Now we both have no choice but to join. Yes!

"What are you? The devil son"? I snort at his remark.

"Well whatever. I'll be your pirate, if I'm gonna die here instead". I smile and internally do a happy dance.

"Yetta! So you'll join my crew? Alright! Woo-hoo. This is great! Alright"!

"Okay! Now untie these stupid ropes already"! I turn back to the marines and hear them coward in fear.

"They can bounce bullets back. We have no chance"! Even ax man looks like he is sweating bullets.

"He is no ordinary human, that straw hat…Must have eaten one of though rumored devil fruit. If anyone defines me they are dead. If bullets don't work then we will cut them up"! The marines start to charge and this is my time to shine.

"I got the marines. You guys do your best to untie Zoro-nii"! The marines look at me as they continue to charge.

"Did you know the reason people called my bloody rose is because my green hair mix with my devil fruit mixes together so well. Blood Blood Rose Bomb". My blood from my hand turned into mini roses as they floated towards the running marines. They stop to admire the flower. Three..two…one.

"Boom"! They exploded and half the marines are fling away now with burns.

"Oh god. She a devil fruit too. I forgot Zoro has an imouto. I never heard that she ate one too"! I smile as I allowed my blood to form a whip that looks like a rose steam covered in thorns.

"That is so cool"! Luffy has stares in his eyes and I watch as the marines are stunned or blasted away are running back at us. I get back into my stance.

"If you could be so kind and hurry up"! Luffy went back to fighting with the rope.

"Huh, that's weird? They have gotten tighter". Zoro-nii quickly yells at Luffy.

"Give me a dame sword". So Luffy did just that. Stuck it right in his hand and cut them like butter. He cut the marines down and I smiled at him.

"Sorry, Sachi-nee for taking so long. You alright"? I give him my thumbs up. I stop my blood flow a while back so all that left is my wipe. I can hear Luffy and Coby watch in amazement as my brother stop all the blades.

"Move and your all dead". Marines cried in fear for their life.

"I'll be a pirate. I promise you that. Were officially criminals since we both fought the navy! But I will tell you this right now. I am only going to fulfill our ambitions.". Luffy tilted his head in confusion.


"To be the world's great's swordsman! If I wind up having to give up my ambition then you better accept responsibility and apologies to me at the end of my sword"! I wrinkle my nose in disgust. That is just gross.

"The world's greatest swordsman? That sounds great! The king of the pirates would need no less on his crew". I walk a bit forward and stand beside my oniichan.

"We come in a package. Since Zoro-nii is becoming a part of your pirate crew then so am I. My goal is to complete my bucket list. You have to help me tick off my goals. Do you have a problem with that"? I watch as Luffy laugh.

"Shishishi. Nope. I have two new nakama now. Whoo. What a bucket list"? I grin at him.

"Good. I will tell you when we get out of this mess". He seems to accept my answer as he grins at me.

"You sure talk big. At this point, whether it is a criminal, or whatever else, I will spread my name throughout the world". I roll my eyes and Axy over there had to ruin this touching moment.

"What are you all standing around for? Slaughter them this instance"! I glare back at him and smile as he takes a step back.

"Oh, Zoro…Sachi duck! Gumu gumu whip"! I dive for the ground as I watch our new captain extend his leg and kick all the marines behind oniichan. Morgan jaw drop as I pick myself off the floor.

"Y-you did it. Incredible". I grinned as Coby cheered! Oniichan got up and glared at Luffy.

"What the hell are you"? God that's mean. I watch as Luffy swung his knee back and forth through the air.

"I ate the Gum-gum fruit. What about your imouto"?

"I ate the blood-blood fruit". Luffy eyes shined in amazement.

"A rubber person and a person who can control their blood. So they are a devil fruit user". I really want to shut Morgan up and I am getting tiered of all this crap. One of the smarter marines spoke up to his captain.

"Captain! We don't stand a chance against them! This is crazy! We can barely handle Zoro alone"! Man these guys need some training. What Ax man said next sent rage through my veins!

"This is a direct order! Everyone who spotted weakness right now….must now shoot them self in the head"! I watch in disgust as marines actually put guns to their heads. Don't any of them have a back bone? That's just wrong.

"These troops are mental"! I nod as Luffy rushes forward and tries to punch him but gets his ax. Ax man through his jacket into the air to try to look all macho.

"Rankles, low status bums, have no right to defy me! I am navy captain Ax-hand Morgan"!

"Hi I am Luffy. Nice to meet ya"! I couldn't help but snicker and smile at our new captain. Our new journeys are going to be awesome!

"Die"! Luffy jumps over the Ax and ducks away as ax man swings down on his head. It surprisingly leaves a crater in the ground. With Luffy high up in the air he kicks him right in the face. I cheer for him. As Ax man swings again Luffy twirls in mid air and kicks him which sends him flying. Luffy lifts him from the collar of his shirt.

"This is for running Coby dream"! Luffy threw a nice punch into the kisser and I turn around to check on oniichan and Coby and angrily glare at the brat again.

"Hold it, straw hat! Check this out"! Helmeppo has Colby gun point to the head. That little coward. I pull my wipe back to get ready to use it on him.

"I said stop it"! Luffy glares upwards and it is just as good as Zoro-nii!

"Pay attention! I have a hostage! If you value this guy's life then don't move! One move and I will shoot"! I allow my anger to seep through me and marines close enough back up. Oniichan put his hand on my shoulder and told me to calm down. On the other hand Luffy just gives Coby his huge smile. That must have click something in Coby because he suddenly stud a bit taller.

"Luffy-san! I don't want to get in your way! Even if it mean dyeing"! I have to say Colby got more balls then all though marines combine! Luffy just raises his arm.

"Ya I know. Give it up, stupid son. Coby really is ready to die". Luffy gets into stance and pulls his arm back to punch. While my Oniichan rushes towards ax man. Two things happen at once. One Luffy hits the brat in the face and two Oniichan cuts ax man down. I miss out in all the fun!

"Thank you, Zoro". Zoro-nii turns to Luffy.

"My pleasure, Captain". With him down the marines looked shock then they threw their hats and weapons into the air.

"We are free! Free from axe hands Morghains wraith. Woo-hoo"! I was a bit stump but then rush to my brother as he falls to the floor.

"Zoro-nii are you ok"? He moans.

"So hungry"! With Luffy help we pick Zoro up and walked back to the bar. I grab my bag and pulled out two special lollipops I make for my devil fruit. One is red and half a rose and the other is yellow in the shape of a star. I plop the red one in my mouth to help my body re-make new blood cells to the one I lost and the yellow one went to oniichan to give him an energy boost. He gladly accepted as we walked back to the bar. When we got back I grab him some clean cloths and kicked him to the shower.

"Don't come out until your clean and throw out your old cloths"! I grab a seat with my new captain and order enough food for an army. By the time Zoro made it back the food is on the table and he dug in. I followed but ate mostly pastries and cakes.

"I am full! Being tied and not eating for three weeks has made me hungry"! I gently knock on his head.

"Did you forget something? I thought I was a big help in making sure you don't die on me"! Zoro gently rubs my head.

"Goma. Ya you help. Sorry for causing you any trouble". I smile back in my way saying it is nothing.

"Huh? Your finish already"? Luffy continue to shove food into his mouth as I finish off my fifth slice of cheese cake and starting my six.

"How the hell can you have a bigger appetite then me? I know my sister eats a lot of sweets but you can top her in normal food".

"It taste good, right Coby"? Coby sheepishly rubs the back of his head as he looks up at the owner.

"Thank you for the free food"! She smiles down as she dries a plate.

"It's no problem at all! You guys freed our town but I just don't know were I will find a waitress just as good as you Sachi-chan". I give her my best apologetic look.

"So where the rest of our crew? You said you are in the middle of gathering a crew. To be the king of the pirates, you must have a good number gathered". I was wondering that too since I have not seen anyone else.

"Nope. Just us three". Shock was an understatement at what I felt this moment.

"Luffy-sama. Do we even have a ship or anything"? I ask hoping it was one with a bed at least. Luffy pointed to a dingy that will barley hold all three of us. Fantastic. Oniichan looks out the window and tried imagining it was better.

"We'll have a ship this big before long"! Zoro couldn't help laugh at our predicament.

"And how that"? We rub our heads in aggravation as Luffy laugh at his imagination.

"I think Luffy-san was born without any sense of planning". I think Coby made a good point. Wherever the road will take us. The end will always be a surprise.

A marine walks in and stood proud.

"Are you guys really pirates"?

"Ya. We gained two new members and became a pirate crew just now"! Luffy smile as he sat relax in the chair.

"We appreciate that you have saved our base and town from that tyrant. However, knowing that you guys are pirates, the navy cannot stand by and we ask you to leave". The town's people did not like that and boo at the marines.

"Well I guess we should go. Thank you for the food lady"! Rika walked up to me and gave me a hug.

"You guys are really leaving"? I hug her back.

"Ya it is time to go. You be good Rika-chan ok. I will see you again". I let go and follow oniichan and my captain to the door.

"Isn't that one with you"? I turn to Coby wondering what he is going to do.

"I know what he has done until now. There was this really fat pirate lady, I think her name was Airhada. She was like supper ugly. Like 500 times uglier than Sachi-san". Luffy walked over and started to poke Coby in the cheek. I think this is not really helping him out all that much.

"He was part of her crew for two years, this guy was hers.." Then Coby punch him right across the face. That's some guts. I frown but oniichan smirked as Luffy punch back.

"Stop it! We won't allow you to cause any more trouble in this town. It is very clear to see you guys aren't crew mates". Zoro pulled on Luffy collar out of the bar and we ran to our so called boat.

"That was a pretty lame act. I would not be surprise if they saw through it". Zoro said as we reach the boat. I on the other hand punch Luffy in the arm.

"You didn't have to beat up the kid so much"! I yell and smile in satisfaction as Luffy rubs his arm.

"Colby will handle the rest on his own, I just know it and Sachi-san that hurt". I roll my eyes as I jump into the boat.

"Luffy-san. Thank you and I will never forget all you have done for me"! Colby has saluted us and I never thought I would see the day of that happening. We sail away as Luffy waves back to them. I wave back to Rika and her mother.

"Thank you for everything"! I yell over Luffy scream of joy.

"Let's meet again someday Colby"! I awe as the rest of the marines salute behind him.

"Bye bye"! Shells Island gets smaller as we sail further along to our next adventure.

"Alright, our pirate crew finally sets sail"! I smile.

"I can't wait to see where we will end up next! So excited"! I sit beside oniichan as sleep starts to wash over me.

"Looks like some pretty interesting adventures will be waiting for us". I didn't get to hear the rest of the conversation because I fall asleep to the sound of Oniichan heart beating in excitement for what to come.

To Be Continue…..

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