Alex was looking around the room then he said," Umm, can I ask a question?" he said.

"Umm,…sure "I said confuse.

"Who are you guys?" He said.

-Alex POV-

When I ask that question the people there froze why? I mean that's a basic question.

"Sto-stop joking Alex I know you're mad that we didn't believe you about Athena, but that's not funny" Said the boy with black hair nervously.

"Joke? Athena?" I said confuse why would they think I'm joking do I know these people? The first person to answer me was the girl with blond hair.

"Alex do you… do you not remember us or what happen" she said nervously.

" Alex? Is that my name and sorry I don't know who you guys are do we know each other?" I said nervously.

The girl with brown hair started shaking, "Amnesia, the battle with Athena must of c-cause h-him Amnesia" she said.

Amnesia, if I remember correctly Amnesia is when someone loses their memories do to a psychological shock or blunt trauma.

"Amnesia? I have Amnesia….well if you guys are here do you mind introducing yourself and how close we were" I said.

They looked uncomfortable well I guess if I was close to them before the incident I would be uncomfortable if a friend were to be talking to me like a stranger.

"I-Im K-Kusanagi Godou I'm your best friend" he said shakily.

I frowned, He's my best friend Kusanagi Godou? Something in my mind feel like I know him, but I can't tell clearly what the feeling is.

"I'm Mariya Yuri, I'm your friend from school Nagamine-san" she said nervously.

Nagamine? Is that my last name, so I'm Japanese? No I don't looked Japanese am I mix blood?

"If you're wondering that's your last name Alex" said the bo-I mean Godou. I nodded

"I'm Erica Blandelli I'm your friend….and Ex-girlfriend" she said.

I choke in my spit and started coughing," I had a girlfriend?" I said surprise.

They all looked at me weirdly," Yeah why? Is something the matter" said Godou.

"No, no everything is fine am just I didn't think I had a girlfriend, and a friend that were really pretty I don't know why I just have this feeling that i…." then I covered my mouth.

Did I just said pretty to an Ex-girlfriend, and a friend really come on you don't called your ex-girlfriend and female friends pretty in public like that it sends mix signals. Wait how do I know that am I some sort of playboy?...Nah I doubt it.

I looked at them and saw that Mariya was blushing and Erica had a smirk. I just groan and lay down again I saw that Godou was smiling.

"Will let you rest and come back tomorrow with your mother and Shizuka, that's my sister by the way, I'm pretty sure they'll be happy to see that our awake again" said Godou.

"Yeah, thanks well I guess I'll get more sleep for now see you tomorrow Godou, Erica, Yuri" I said sleepily Then I close my eyes and fell straight to sleep.

-Godou POV-

"What do you guys think about this" I said as we were walking away from the hospital.

"I'm pretty sure that last attack from Athena caused his Amnesia" said Erica.

"The best we can do is tr-try to jog his memories of us with something that he values emotionally" said Mariya.

We all agree to meet up in the hospital afterschool and we separated from each other and we decided to go home.

I arrived to my house and saw that Shizuka was making dinner.

How do I tell her that a person she considers a brother does not remember her.

"Hey Shizuka can you come here for a second I have some news about Alex" Shizuka immediately came running towards the living room in a second she was right in front of me.

"News about Alex-Onii-chan what is it!" she scream.

That was fast! "Yeah, I have some good news and bad news which one do you prefer first."

"The good news first" she said.

"Well the good news is that Alex has woken up from his sleep and that we are going to visit him tomorrow." I said.

"REALLY Alex-onii-chan has woken up that's great" she said happily.

"Yeah this is the part that I tell you the bad news….Alex woke up, but he has Amnesia" I said nervously.

For a while Shizuka didn't say anything until I saw that she was starting to cry.

"Yo-your sa-saying that Al-Alex-onii-chan no lo-longer remember u-us" she said shakily.

I hug her and let her cry in my shoulders is strange seeing Shizuka cry since she never cries these days ever since the day our grandfather passed away.

"Shhh, it's okay Shizuka we only need to jog his memories to make sure he remember us. You'll see will have the old Alex back in no time at all" I said looking straight in her eyes she nodded and she wipe her tears away.

After that we had a quiet dinner and went to bed afterwards.

-Alex POV-

"I'm so boreddddd there's nothing to do here" I said.

"It's a good thing the doctor said that i will be clear to leave the hospital tomorrow, but I still can't remember anything of my past."

I kept staring out the window staring at the clouds. Until I saw the door to my room open and came In Godou, Erica, Yuri, and a lady, and a little girl.

The little girl must be Shizuka, Godou's little sister if I remember correctly, and according to what Godou told me yesterday this lady must be my mother so where's my father?

I wave at them "Hello there Godou, Erica, Yuri" I said smiling and they return the gesture.

The little girl came up to me and hug me making me surprise, but I return the gesture nonetheless.

"I'm glad you're awake Alex-Onii-chan my name is Kusanagi Shizuka" she said making my eyes widen in surprise.

"Onii-chan? Umm Godou are we related I thought you said that we were best friends not brothers." I said confuse.

He laugh for a little bit along with the others," No were not brother's by blood, but me and Shizuka treat you like a brother that's why she calls you Onii-chan."

"Oh, ok it's nice to meet you imouto" I said with a smile.

She freezes with her eyes wide I started to panic.

What's wrong did I said something wrong did I make her mad or did I ma-

I did it finish my thoughts because she came back and gave another hug a much stronger hug then the last one.

"That's the first time you called me imouto, onii-chan I'm happy you finally said it out loud" she said smiling.

I could not help it I smile right along with her. She got of the bed but she was still smiling even if I can still see sadness in her eyes.

Wait how can I tell she's still sad I'm pretty sure that's not normal. Can I read person better that a regular person?

"Hi there Alex-Kun my name is Shizuru Nagamine I'm your adopted mother" she said smiling.

WAIT adopted ohh that's why I looked different than everybody else I'm just a different race.

"Hello there mom I'm sorry I can't remember you I'm pretty sure your sad because I can't remember you" I said sadly.

She grabbed my face and made me looked in her eyes," Yes, I might be sad you don't remember me, but your still my son with or without your memories" She said smiling.

For some reason I felt lighter when she said I guess I was worry she would looked at me differently.

"Either way I adopted you when you had Amnesia back the first day we met this is just like that time" she said.

I froze in my spot, I had Amnesia before? Can you even get Amnesia twice in your life. Before I can ask a question Godou asked one before I could.

"Wait he had Amnesia before he never told us about it before" he said.

I didn't? Why would I hide that from him I thought he was my best friend.

Mother gave him a sad smile," That was a sore subject with him, so we never talked about it but the day before his was put in the hospital I overheard him say something about telling the truth. I think he was going to tell his friends about it, but never got the chance".

Erica, Godou, and Yuri had wide eyes when she said that but Godou and Erica's then turn to sadness.

Before I could answer, the door open again and the doctor came in again but this time he came in with a girl with beautiful silver hair. For some reason when I saw her I blushed why?

"Sorry for the interruption everyone there's one more person to visit Alex she said that she wanted to wait after everyone was done, but I insisted she come because the more people he knew before the accident are in the same room the better for his memories" Said the doctor.

"Hello there I'm Alex's mother may I ask what is your relationship with my son" she said

My head started to hurt after I saw her then I saw something a memory come back for some reason it was me and this girl sitting on top of a roof that looked like a school. It looked like we were talking about something that I can't figure out what it was about then the voices became clearer.

"I don't know it just I feel like I can trust you please keep that Lying amnesia thing to yourself Kranjcar-san only say it when you feel is absolutely necessary" I said.

"You can just order me to keep it a secret you know you're a Campione" she said.

" No I won't order you to do anything if I did than I won't be any better than that bastard Voban and beside i wouldn't do anything to make a beautiful lady do something she does not want too" I said.

"That's the reason I came to talk to you how do you know about Voban Nagamine-san" she said.

"You can call me Alex Kranjcar-san, and to answer your question I know many things and I'll tell you how I know about him after we defeat Athena I know one way or another she will get the Gorgoneion" I said with a sigh.

She look reluctant to accept my answer but eventually she did accept," very well Al-Alex I will wait and you may called me Liliana as well." she said.

I smile," Thanks Liliana, do you mind keeping me company until school is over I really don't want to go back to class and one day of missing class won't affect me very much." I said

The silver hair beau-I mean girl started to fidget, " I'm Alex's friend it's nice to meet you my name is-"

"Liliana Kranjcar" I said still holding my head dammit this pain is starting to really annoyed me, but then the pain started to leave and then I gave a sigh of relief because the pain was gone. Then I turned I looked at the people and they all had shock looks in their faces especially The gi-I mean Liliana if I remember correctly.

"How did you I mean" she started to stutter and she looked like she did not know that to say.

"Well, this is great news looks like looking at this young lady cause Alex's memories to come back tell us Alex what else you remember?" said the doctor.

I looked at them they all had hopeful faces that I would remember something about them.

What was that what I meant about the lying about the Amnesia did I lied to my own mother about having Amnesia when she met me but why. Also what's a Campione? And who is Voban? Uhhhhh too many questions that I don't know the answer to what do I tell them I have a feeling that I should not mention the Amnesia or this Voban person I'll ask Liliana about it when we are alone.

I shake my head to get my thoughts in order," Umm I remember something me and Liliana were sitting atop a rooftop talking about something what was it again something about Campione." I said frowning trying to remember.

All the people there did not know what I was talking about, but 4 people did if the shock faces did not give it away.

"Campione? Said Shizuka" What is that?".

" It means Champion in Spanish maybe is a word that was close to him before he lost his memories the first time" said my mother.

They all had a variety of different faces, but I knew those 4 know something about this Campione business.

"Well I think we should give him time to rest, so he can process what he remember but this is good progress not many Amnesia patients remember something this early it means the memories are coming back faster than expected or this young lady is someone very important to him to cause some of his memories t to come back only by seeing her" Said the doctor smiling.

Liliana only stand there with a blush not talking when my mother saw this she had a look in her eyes I could not describe what it was it looked like mischief?

My mother walk towards to Liliana and grabbed her shoulder than she said," Please take care of my son Liliana-chan" she said smiling.

"Wait I don't i mean I didn't" she try to said, but my mother only gave her a smile and left the room.

Everyone started to leave, but then I said," Liliana, Godou, Yuri, Erica can you stay here for a moment I want to talk with you" They looked at each other and then said Ok.

Everyone left and the only people in the room were me and those four, "Ok when I said the word Campione you 4 had a looked of shock and recognition that I did not see on the others why?" I said.

Erica spoke first," The word Campione is a tittle giving to certain individuals that achieve a certain action" she said.

I raised an eyebrow, "A certain action? And what action is that?" I said.

"To kill a god that is the only way to become a Campione" said Yuri.

I blink," To…kill a God are you kidding me how do you kill a god and most importantly how did I kill a God" I said.

"There's many ways to kill a God, Godou here killed Verethragna by using a grimoire and your help. How YOU did it well you never told us how you did it in the first place." Erica said.

I blink again," Wait wait wait I helped Godou killed a God, so that means I become this Campione before I met you guys".

Godou nodded his head," Yeah, you told me you were a Campione since 6 months before you met me."

I frowned, Wait that means I killed a God without any help and without any assistance how? I looked at myself There's no way someone like me could killed a God.

Yuri then decided to speak," Yes you never told us how you defeated her, the only thing you told us what's the name of the god, she was called Tamamo no mae a god that uses various shields. When you killed a God you get their powers."

I grab my head in pain, That name is sound familiar who is that I thought I saw someone for a minute, but I could not tell exactly who it was.

"What's wrong Alex" said Godou in a panic

"Nothing, I thought I remember something but it went away before I could tell clearly".

"But wait that means I have the power to create shields at will" I said confuse.

Erica then answer," Yes, so far you have come up with two different powerful shields beside your regular shields they are called Shield of Aegis, and Reflector Shield they are pretty good and those shields save us from a dire situations multiple times" She said smiling.

I nodded," but with my memories gone I have no idea how to make those shield" I said.

Erica froze then began to talk," Yes…. That's true and if a god comes to battle you or another Campione decided to challenge you, you'll be in a pretty dangerous situation."

"Can't someone teach him how to use a weapon in the meantime that he regains his memories" said Godou

Erica starts thinking, " That's a smart idea me and Liliana can probably find him a suitable weapon and train him enough, so that he knows how to use it properly" she said.

"Hey, who said I'll take orders from you" said Liliana scowling.

"Oh, are you saying you won't help our dear friend Alex in his moment of need?" she said in a fake voice of sadness.

"Wait, I didn't say that" said Liliana quickly.

"Great, then we'll get started as soon as we can" Erica said smiling.

Everyone looked at her then sweat drop on the clear manipulation she just pulled.

"Ok, so we have a plan but I have one question though" I said.

They all looked at me, "When I ask who you are you said that I was mad at you because of this Athena person why did you said that?" I said

Erica and Godou froze and their expression turn to sadness," Well we had a disagreement about some of the things you did and we began to have doubts In you, but we eventually learn that your actions were only made because you wanted to help us and we never did apologize for that" said Erica sadly.

"My actions?" I said confuse

" Before the battle with Athena, the battle that cause your Amnesia, we thought you were working for her, but it turned out that it was just a baseless accusation made by us and when we discuss it we parted ways with bitter feelings" Godou said sadly.

I hum to myself so they thought I was working for someone right know I want to ask them why would they think that I would turn against them, but another part of me is saying that there's more to this story, but I won't find out my side of the story until I recover my memories.

"It's ok you don't have to explain yourself it's better if we talked about that subject after I regain my memories"…. The part if I regain them was left unsaid.

Godou and Erica hesitated but eventually agreed .

"Now Liliana there's something else that I didn't tell the rest of the people that left I asked you to keep a secret for me what was it" I said.

She just froze for second before she answered," You told me not tell anyone unless I really have to, because you wanted to tell it yourself" she said.

I frowned but nodded anyway," Ok I'll leave it to your judgment whether or not you reveal it if I don't get my memories back" I said.

She just stood there shock," Why?, I mean you told me this was an important secret for you why would let me tell it to my own discretion." she said

I smiled at her," Well I feel that I could trust you and the fact that I told you means that I trusted you back there too." I said

She just nodded slowly but I turn around before I saw the blushed covering her cheeks.

"Ok, well I guess that's it for today we'll start those lessons tomorrow if we can" I said.

Erica and Liliana nodded and then everyone left the room, now it was only mean and my thoughts.

"What kind of life did I lived that involved killing gods" I said before I fell asleep.

-2 A.M.-

I woke up to sounds in my room I try to open my eyes, but I was still sleepy I rubbed my eyes to adjust them. When I could see clearly again I saw two shadowing figures in my room.

"AHHH, who are you people" I said in a panic voice.

"Relax child we won't harm you we just came here to give you a certain gift for surviving this long" one of the shadowing figure said.

"That's right it's been entertaining watching you since you arrived here" said the other figure.

"Since I arrived here? Who are you people did you know me before I lost my memories" I said worried.

"No, we did not know you personally, but we KNEW about you if that's what you're wondering"

"Still have not answer my question of who are you?" I said irritated.

"You may called us Alpha and Beta" said Alpha

"Alpha and beta those are not real names" I said confuse.

"It matters not you only names to identify us with" said beta

"Here" said Alpha throwing me something round.

"Ahh, hey watch what you throw…..wait is this a mirror?" I said looking at the mirror in my hands.

"It's not just a simple mirror Alex this mirror is the key to bring back your memories" said Alpha.

"Wait how can a simple mirror bring back my memories back?" I said bewilder.

"You are in a world where humans can kill Gods and you won't believe a mirror can restore memories?" Said Beta amused.

"…..Touché" I said

"But be warned that mirror is a double edge sword that mirror can restore your memories, but not in the way you think" warned Alpha.

"Why this mirror is dangerous what does it do" I said now afraid of the mirror in my hands.

"Now we can't tell you everything now can we? You need to figure out yourself. Now choose you can keep the mirror and have a clue on how to restore your memories, or choose to give it back and wait until your memories come back normally…if they come back." Said Beta

I winced he said the one phrase I did not want to acknowledge since I woke up. Do I want this mirror, they said that this mirror can help me get back my memories but it's dangerous on the other hand there's no guaranteed that my memories will return if I wait normally.

"What is your choice God Slayer" said Alpha.

"I…I'll keep it there's no guaranteed that my memoires will came back normally, so I don't want to waste an opportunity because I was afraid" I said.

" A wise choice we will leave for now Alex, you'll see us again if you reclaim your memories but a word of advice don't mention us to anybody that you know since there's no way they can find us unless we want to be found" Said Beta.

"Also is better if you keep that mirror a secret trust me is would help you much better in the long run" said Alpha.

"BUT WAIT what if I don't ever learn how to use this mirror to regain my memories" I said

"Ohh, don't worry you'll definitely know if it's working in the future you can be sure of that" Said Beta.

"Well will part ways here Alex I wish you good luck in the future…..you'll need it if you want to get your memories back using the mirror" Said Alpha.

Before I could ask them another question they left via the window I got up from my bed and looked outside the window nobody was there.

"Once again what kind of life did I have before I lost my memories" I said afraid of what my memories hold and if it's a good thing if I get them back.

"NO, I can't think that I have people who are worry about me so I'm pretty sure I'm not some evil person or something I just have a more interesting life than some people" I said.

With that situation resolved I close the window to my room and went back to bed I looked at the mirror in my hands," Let's hope I can regain my memories back with this thing" I said.

What I didn't see in my reflection when I turned around to go back to sleep was that my reflection was smirking at me.