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Ten things that Leo, Raph, and Donnie know about Mikey.

1. Mikey isn't that scared of fighting monsters. He's scared of fighting them, on his own, when his brothers have left because of him. He may not know it, but they've sworn that they'll never leave.

2. Mikey can't whistle. No matter how many times he's tried, he can't force the air between his teeth in such a way that it makes a sound. Half of him is jealous of the gap in Donnie's teeth that allow his genius brother to whistle like a pro.

3. Mikey once broke three ribs, dislocated his left arm, sprained his right ankle, and got a concussion while skateboarding. He isn't allowed to skateboard without an escort anymore.

4. Mikey never wants a girlfriend. Why? Because he doesn't think he'd ever meet a girl without first thinking of her as his sister, and he does not want date anyone that he considers a sister.

5. Mikey feels guilty about causing Ice Cream Kitty to become a mutant. If he hadn't been the first one to grab her, she might still be able to walk around with ease, and wouldn't have to constantly live in the freezer.

6. Mikey hates the color orange. He thinks it's a hideous color. That being said... (see below)

7. Mikey would never trade his mask for any other color. That's because even though he hates the color of his mask, he loves the fact that its tails are short enough not to get tangled in his nunchucks, the way the soft fabric rubs around his eyes, and the way it perfectly embodies his personality.

8. Mikey doesn't even need one hand to count the number of times he's felt real anger toward his brothers. It's simple. He never does and he never will.

9. Mikey's mind attunes itself to his brothers' emotions in such a way that he experiences every mood they do. Every second of Raph's rage, every one of Leo's greatest fears of failure, and Donnie's heartbreak over being rejected. Sometimes, when they're all feeling down, he just wants to explode because he feels so much emotion at once. But at the same time, it's a gift. He knows exactly when they need a hand, and exactly how to give it to them. In his own way, he uses his connection to save his bros from themselves.

10. Mikey will be the first one to go, if he gets the choice. If, when the ultimate decision comes into play, Mikey gets to choose which one of them will go, he's going to choose himself. The way he figures, he's not the leader. He's not the strong one. He's not the brains. He's the guy who kind of floats in the middle. If any of them isn't one hundred percent necessary to the team, he figures that it's him. His bros disagree, but... If he gets the chance, he'll go. No questions asked, because he knows he can't live without his brothers.

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