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Part 0

What if...

What if there are certain people that is given a chance to live again?

What if...

What if there is a way to make one person's sole wish a reality?

What if...

What if...


The people who are given a chance to live again have to kill each other for the sake of granting their sole wish?

The Holy Grail War is such ritual.

Seven Heroic Spirits of legends are summoned by seven Masters to engage in a bloodbath, in which the victor will have their greatest desire granted by the Holy Grail, the spoil of the war that has the ability to grant anything. Be it money, fame, or world peace, the Holy Grail can grant those wishes...


What if...

What if those Heroic Spirits were to be replaced by people who lived in the present?

What if...

What if those people had unimaginable powers and abilities bestowed to them through Highly Advanced Technology and Magic based on Tales of Yore?

What if...

What if...




This is gonna be fun!

Part 1

It all started...

Wait, how did it start?

All he saw was...

Wait, what did he saw?

And then he...

Wait, what exactly did he do?

And then there was...

There was...

Wait...What the hell is going on...?


"_e_ _a_ _! T_ _t _ h_i_!"


"_ _ f_ _u _ m_ _ i_ _l_ _ _h_..."


"_ _r_..._ w_ _t_ o_!"

And then the scene shifted to...


Blinding light surrounded...whoever that figure belonged to. Kneeling in prayer...That figure...was alongside...




Inside a dark, dust-filled storage shed, a red-haired teenager abruptly woke up from a dream he had never had. Breathing heavily, he wiped the sweat that slid down on his dirt smeared face as he tried to remember the contents of the dream he had, but failed to do so.

'What was up with that dream? It's unlike anything I had in the past...Damn, forgot it again...'

The weird dream he had first appeared a few days ago. But unlike the other dreams he had in the past, he kept forgetting this particular one, as if it never occurred in the first place. He knew he had the dream, but the contents and details pertaining to it seemed to pop like a bubble, never to return until the next time he sleeps.

Of course, some dreams were like the rest: forgettable. But for Shirou Emiya...

'This is starting to bother me a little...Then again, it's just a dream. Nothing to worry about...'

He looked around and saw to his right side the heater he worked on as requested by someone. His tools were scattered all around him, along with other materials.

By the time he turned his head to the metal door, a purple-haired girl opened it as she entered the shed. Looking at the direction of the bright sunlight made him wince and blocked it with him hand.

"Senpai~! It's morning- Oh, you're awake already?"

"Sakura? No, I just woke up."

Seeing his underclassman made him realize one important thing: breakfast duty was taken away from him again by Sakura.

Stretching the loose muscles of his shoulders, Shirou gradually stood up from his makeshift bed and faced the girl.

"Sorry...Looks like I slept here again. You made breakfast already?"

"Yes! But it's really unusual for you to wake up this late, especially in the past few days...You really should stop staying up so late at night."

'It's actually the opposite...'

He tried to repair the busted heater, to no luck, but he would at least dedicate some more time to train his body before calling it a day. He would still wake up early at some point in time, depending on how much time he took to finish said training and repairs. But, thanks to the unusual dream he had lately, he slept longer than usual. As a result, his underclassman would come and try to wake him up. He would still wake up early thanks to her, but for him, he doesn't want to bother her even further.

But for some reason, he found it comfortable sleeping inside the dirty, old shed. It must be relaxing for him to sleep near dust and rust.

Also, he's the Master of the house and he should have taken the role of serving his guests! Sadly, said guest, Sakura Matou, who also happened to be his friend's younger sister, was the one serving him instead. That reminded him of the time when she first stepped foot inside the residence.

He wasn't feeling well at the time and she offered her assistance. All things considered, she would have been a good housewife if only her cooking skills were to be improved. Since then, she would come to the residence to help around with the chores and, at the same time, teach her the Emiya Art Culinary Skills. He already considered her a part of the family, in a sense.

"I'm really sorry...Anyway, go on ahead! I'll clean up here and follow after I'm done!"


And so Sakura went back to the main building, leaving the door open as the cold, winter winds blew some dust to his direction, making him feel more awake and a bit blind. Rubbing his eyes with his dirty hands would just make it worse so he left it alone. He set aside the still broken machinery and started to pick up the tools and items he used last night, placing each of them to where they belong.

As he went further inside the shed, his eyes wandered to the magic circle that his dad probably used in the past. He still wondered what it was used for, as Kiritsugu Emiya had never told him much about his life before they met.

'Can I really help people with Reinforcement Magecraft alone, Dad?'

Ten years ago was when they first met. Kiritsugu saved him from the flames that consumed everything that belonged to him. His family and home burned to the ground and turned to ash. He discarded his humanity to save himself as he turned a blind eye from those he passed by, asking for his help.

The Fuyuki City Fire Incident.

It was the biggest tragedy that took the lives of many when an unknown mass of fire appeared out of nowhere.

Shirou Emiya was one of the only few survivors that escaped death.

It was in the hospital when they formally introduced each other. Like most orphans, they would be sent to an orphanage. Kiritsugu, at that time, gave him options to where he wanted to stay: to live in the nearby church or to live with him and get adopted as his son. Choosing the latter, a simple smile appeared on the adult's face as he packed his things.

At that same moment, he also revealed to him a secret: He's a Mage and Magic exists.

A few years later, at Shirou's insistence, Kiritsugu taught him what he knew about Magic. He learned a few tricks, starting with Reinforcement Magecraft.

Reinforcement Magecraft, also known as Strengthening Magic, was considered a low-level spell most Mages could cast. It strengthens the object the spell was cast on, making it more durable. By changing the item's composition, the caster could make it as hard as steel. Also, along with Reinforcement, he can also do a quick analysis of the structure and make-up of an object.

He also knew how to do Projection Magecraft, although Kiritsugu told him it was a useless spell since not only was the Prana cost higher, but also the objects copied and made were hollow and useless.

As an Informal Magus, or rather a Spellcater, he had a really low pool of Mana and a low number of Magic Circuits. Add to that the painful process he needed to go through just by opening one of his Magic Circuits.

Just. One. Circuit. And it hurts like hell!

He wasn't a pure, full-fledge Mage like his adoptive father, but he trained himself and practiced using Magecraft, so that one day he would become what he dreamed of and uphold his father's ideals.

Sadly, he can only use two spells, one of which is still imperfect.

He sighed as these thoughts went to his mind. Even then, the most alarming concern for him at the present was that forgettable dream/nightmare he had lately. What it was about, he couldn't remember. Keeping a dream journal would still be useless.

People say that people tend to forget unimportant stuff. He felt that dream was important to him for some reason and yet he kept on forgetting it. If that was the case, why could Shirou not let go? Why does he want to remember the contents of that dream?

There must be something important about that dream.

Something that involved him.

'...I have to prepare for school. Maybe I'll remember when I least expect it?'

After he placed everything where they should be, Shirou Emiya stepped out of the old, dusty workshop of his and shut the metal door.

Part 2

"Well then, see you guys at school! Don't you dare be late!"

After she ate most of the breakfast Sakura cooked and slightly ruined Shirou's trust in oyster sauce, Fujimura Taiga drove her trusty scooter and noisily zoomed out of the Emiya Residence.

Even if the two students of Homurabara Academy got left behind by their high school's most energetic English teacher, Sakura and Shirou started preparing to leave as well.

A few minutes later, after they locked up the house, the two went and followed their usual route to the high school they attended in. Breathing in the cool, fresh air of the early morning, Shirou cleared his mind with worries and walked slowly to his destination with Sakura.

Planning his schedule, he thought that today may be a good day to do part-time work, as he remembered that he was about to hit rock bottom with his funds. He also confirmed that Sakura would be preparing tonight's dinner, so he will try to get home early and looked forward to it as they also talk a bit of how things were going for the two of them at school and other stuff.

Once the two of them reached and waited for the signal light to cross the pedestrian lane, Shirou saw from across the street a short girl.

Part of her long, silver hair hid under her white wool cap, with its string-like decoration hanging to both sides of her head. Wearing a white sweater that matched her petite build, her green eyes slightly wandered around to see her surroundings. She also seemed to be like someone who wouldn't mind the cold, as seen with her short, white skirt that revealed her bare legs. For someone who looked like a lost kid, she looked rather composed and relaxed.

Something about her felt familiar for the boy, yet at the same time, she was not. It was like he had seen her before somewhere. It was even possible that she might have been traversing the commercial side of Fuyuki City, Shinto. A total stranger that he might have seen as a customer to Coppenhagen, the place he worked part-time in.

Of course it still went down to her being a total stranger.

The pedestrian signal light finally switched colors from red to green, although there weren't much passing cars on the streets earlier. The only people there were Shirou Emiya, his underclassman, and the oddly familiar girl on the other side of the street. They walked at the same time, passing by each other as they reached one another in the middle of the lane.

And that was supposedly it. Nothing weird was supposed to happen. Two people, stranger to one another, were supposed to cross the empty street and reach both ends of the lane.

And yet...

The boy stopped in the middle of crossing the road.

'...Huh? What was that feeling I had just now?'

He shouldn't have felt anything. Crossing the street was part of his normal routine. But what he felt was not part of it when he crossed just now.

Turning his head back to the sidewalk he came from, he still saw the girl in white, albeit in a hurry. Once she turned to the corner, her montage was gone.

'No, it wasn't from her...What's going on?"

First, it was that weird, forgettable dream. Now, that strange feeling he had as he crossed the street?

There was no way those two events were connected. It might just as well be considered as a coincidence. Yet, Shirou felt worried that something life changing will happen to him soon.

"Hm? Senpai, is something wrong?"

Sakura, who already reached the other side walk, called to him, curious as to why he stopped midway.

"Ah. It's nothing. Let's go."

Trying to forget whatever the hell happened at the pedestrian lane, he hurried along with his companion to their destination, although he knew he was too early to go to school.

Little did he knew, there was another person nearby who came out once the place was cleared of people. The person only whispered one line before making a move.

"I finally found you..."

Part 3

After separating with Sakura at the school's front gate, his successful attempt to fix one of the school's heaters as fulfillment to the request of Issei Ryudou, his friend and the student council president, and a short chance encounter with Rin Tohsaka, the school's idol of sort, the two boys went to their assigned classroom to attend their Homeroom Session.

Opening the sliding door, the first thing Shirou saw was the weird atmosphere that surrounded his friend and classmate, Shinji Matou. Even though it's already weird that his blue, seaweed-style haired friend would usually be surrounded with girls, he found it even weirder that there was an utter lack of them.

In fact, none of the girls in the class even tried to approach him and just walked past his seat.

Alone, Shinji just sat there with his head on the table, awfully quiet like a little sheep being kept guard by a shepherd so that he wouldn't get way.

As much as he liked to ask the forlorn person, Shirou left him alone and continued to proceed to his seat. Issei, who was with him, also thought there was something wrong with Shinji and started a conversation with his companion.

"Emiya, do you think something happened to Matou? He seemed down lately."

"Well, last time I saw him like that was when he slipped on a banana in front of the many girls he was with. That was back in middle school."

"Something like that happened?"

"Yeah...Embarrassed, he stayed away from school for a week. When he came back, he acted like nothing happened. It may just be the same case."

"Really...That was rather intriguing."

The school bell rung, which alerted everyone that classes were about to start. Wishing each other good luck, the two proceeded to their respective seats. Shirou placed his bag on top of the accompanied table and sat there like the other students as he prepared for class.

Looking out the window while he rested his chin with his right hand, he thought that this day couldn't get any weirder. He's also worried about the fact that Shinji felt down.

In times of frustration, the possibility of Shinji hurting his sister, Sakura, was rather high. As much as he wanted to punch him, he would only make things worse. In short, he can't do anything. But if he could help solve his friend's problem, he might be able to save Sakura from being abused. Again.

'If that's the case, I'll talk to Shinji during lunch break.'

As if on cue, the class' homeroom teacher came rushing in from the entrance as she loudly greeted everyone...


...And suddenly tripped as soon as she reached the short platform.

'...Is it hard trying to be careful for once, Fuji-nee?'

He thought first-hand before class continued onwards.


"...Hm? What is it, Emiya?"

As soon as fourth period ended, the red-headed Emiya approached the down-trodden Shinji. The boy looked at him with a bored, depressed expression, while his head rested on top of the table. It might have been worse than he thought.

"Yo, Shinji! Wanna have lunch together at the cafeteria?"

He still held the same expression, with a tinge of intrigue present on his right eyebrow as his friend looked at him.

"You, Emiya? Asking me to eat lunch with you? Are you joking? What about your other friend? Won't he be lonely?"

"I forgot to bring my lunchbox. Don't worry, this'll be quick!"

The truth was that he had his packed lunch with him all along. Also, he already had plans for him and Issei to have lunch together. But that promise will have to be broken for the sake of possibly saving a person from physical maltreatment. Maybe he'll promise him to have him continue fixing the heaters tomorrow.

"? Fine..."

Accepting his request, Shinji exhaustedly stood up from his seat and followed the person who asked to become lunch buddies with him. Was he actually tired or was it the depression turning him into some sort of a sorry-looking wimp?

As the two quietly walked through the hallways leading to the cafeteria, some of the students looked at them, particularly at Shinji. Some even whispered to each other.

"Hey, why is Matou depressed? Did somebody die?"

"Maybe he got turned down? There was that time last week where he confessed his feelings for Tohsaka..."

"Really? THAT Tohsaka? He still hasn't gotten over it?"

"But he had always been surrounded by girls even after that, so that's not it?"

"So why is he alone with Emiya? What happened to his harem?"

"Dude, now that I thought about it, I saw him walking around with another person wearing some strange costume. He was shouting those childish super finishers you would hear when watching tokusatsu shows!"

"Tokusatsu? You mean Sentai Nininger and Kamen Rider? Isn't that for kids?"

"Shinji, A Tokutaku? Hah! Now that's funny!"

"He's still watching those kinds of shows? Lame, bruh!"


The more he heard the people around them just made him more confused. In fact, the part about him being a Tokutaku surprised him more than he should have. Was that really true? Even though they were friends since middle school, he didn't know of his friend's childish side, although he was as petty as a kid. He'll have to find out once they reach the cafeteria.

To be honest, the rumor about Tohsaka rejecting Shinji seemed way more interesting to talk about. Of course, as a fellow Tohsaka fan, he didn't want to pry open a comrade's recently closed wound, or things might get worse.

Once they reached the cafeteria and the two of them got the food they ordered, they sat on the table near the entrance.

As the two of them quietly ate their lunch, Shinji jumped the gun and questioned him, suspicious of his intentions.

"Hey. What exactly are you planning, asking me out to eat here?"

Not making him wait any longer, Shirou laid out the very reason he called him out for lunch.

"Tell me, Shinji, were those rumors true?"

His mouth agape, Shinji suddenly stood up from the seat across him, garnering the attention of the other students.

"Wha- Did you really call me out here to make fun of me?!"

"That's not it!" I just want to confirm something! Also, keep it down! You're disturbing the others!"


Calming himself, Shinji sat down again, this time being more wary of him. He needed to thread carefully here or he might lose the only chance to stop Shinji from using his little sister to vent out his anger.

'Now, where do I start? How about...'

Remembering the rumors he heard along the way, he first thought of asking about the Tokutaku thing, since that seemed pretty recent and the thing that's probably bothering him the most.

"Shinji, are you being bullied just because you like Tokusatsu?"

Silence overcame the two as he asked the one thing that might have been bothering his friend. He had a rather stern face as he looked at his troubled friend who had been quiet since he asked that. He wasn't exactly shocked, but Shinji looked at him blankly, unsure of what to say to him. Waiting for the reply, the seaweed head finally spoke.

"Huh? Is that all? That's the rumor you wanted to confirm?"

'He's taking the issue lightly than I thought. Wasn't that it? Then was it really the Tohsaka-'

"I'll tell you this right now before you misunderstand, but there's no bullying."

"Then what-"

"That bastard just doesn't appreciate what I'm doing for him."

...Shirou got more confused. Shinji actually tried to help someone? That's rare-no, more like, is the world ending?!

With him now wearing the shocked expression, he continued to question his friend.

"Let me guess. You tried helping this person, but that person declined?"

"More like denied my wonderful suggestions to him. Why won't he like Kamen Rider Drive's Basic Finisher? Or Kamen Rider 1's Lightning Rider Flash Kick? Or Kamen Rider Kabuto's Clock Up Finisher? How about Kamen Rider Black's Punch-Kick Combo? Those finishers would actually suit him, based on his outfit! It's designed for speed and agility!"

...Shinji was not making himself even more clear.

"Huh? What? You lost me Shinji..."

"Wait! Now that I thought about it I haven't seen his Rider Machine, so Drive's Finisher may not work on him...But *mumble**mumble*"

With all that talking and mumbling, there was only one thing he could confirm about Shinji Matou:

He's a BIG fan of tokusatsu shows, especially the Kamen Rider Series.

Shirou looked at his friend with confused, swirling eyes as he started ranting about stuff he couldn't fully comprehend, like how Ryuuki's Final Vent wouldn't work since it needed the contract monster's flames, how it's even more impossible to use Wizard's Strike Wizard finisher since it needed magic rings, especially Fourze's Rider Rocket Drill Kick since there would be a lot of attachments, and so on and so forth.

The more he kept yammering, the more Shirou wanted to ignore him even further and continue biting onto his meal. It started to get cold, to be honest.

But as he listened on, he realized this was actually the first time he saw his friend talk about something he actually liked, even though the franchise was aimed for kids. When he was younger, he only saw one Kamen Rider show, which was the first original Kamen Rider from the Showa Era. He did enjoy it a lot, but that was it.

In other words, he wouldn't be able to help Shinji much as their scope of knowledge for the popular series differed from each other. If that was the case...

After finishing his awfully, long explanation about how all Kamen Riders were possibly connected, Shirou cut him off as lunch break's about to be over, massaging his temples as he tried to decode the problem.

"So, in summary, you tried to help a fellow fan by giving him ideas, but didn't like it? Isn't that a little shallow for you, Shinji?"

"Kuh! Shut it, Emiya! You don't know how much effort I tried to put into those finisher ideas! He's the clueless one, not taking advantage of the situation! For a Kamen Rider look-alike, he has no idea how the system works!"

"Maybe he had his own ideas for a finisher?"

Shinji slammed his hands on the table, to emphasize his point. It made him flinch as it was sudden.

"He doesn't have a single one! The reason I'm angry is because he didn't even acknowledge MY ideas! What a clueless fool! That useless Se- I mean, idiot!"

No matter how he looked at it, Shinji's in the wrong. He's looking down at the other party and just shoved in his own ideas, telling them that it was more superior than this 'friend' of his. He will have to resolve his problem now or somebody would get hurt, particularly Sakura.

"Then what did he say about his preference? Was there actually a Kamen Rider finisher he liked?"

"Huh? Are you taking his side?!"

"I'm not. Just tell me."

Bitterly looking at him, Shinji tried to calm down and held the most ridiculous thinking face he had. Trying not to laugh, Shirou held his poker face and waited. That was when a light bulb lit above his friend's head.

"Actually, he did tell me he wanted it to be as simple as possible. No special effects and other complicated stuff. He said he liked Kamen Rider Ichigo's since it could be plausibly used and is basically just a high drop kick, but he added that he can't replicate whatever effects it was supposed to be included. Well, that's what he told me, but I denied it since it looked really weak."

Weirdly enough, whoever Shinji's other friend was, he and the other person seemed to have the same preference. Of course, the later Kamen Riders he had no idea about might have been a better choice. But, because the other party mentioned something that they liked, he could just tell his friend to accept it.

Sometimes, Shinji Matou need to learn how to accept other people's opinions. With that, Shirou gave his suggestion.

"Let him do that then. If Ichigo's Finisher is simple and doable, that's your only choice. As both of you are fellow fans, you two needed to at least agree on something, right? Besides, he's the first Rider that spawned other heroes who fought for justice. Wouldn't that be a good homage to the first series?"

Shinji was about to say something, but stopped and considered what he said. A few seconds later, the bell rang, signifying the end of lunch break. It's time to go back to their classroom.

"Ah, gotta finish the food! Shinji, you too!"

"Don't tell me what to do!"

The two teenage boys quickly munched on their lunch, Shirou beating his friend to the finish line. As they cleaned out their plates and prepared to leave, Shirou gave Shinji a quick remark.

"Shinji, if you ever have a request, no matter how ridiculous it may be, just tell me and I'll do what I can."

Feeling satisfied that his suggestion would help his friend, he tried to return to class first. Shinji then grabbed his friend's wrist to stop him, his head lowered to hide the expression he wore. Turning his head to the one who grabbed him, Shirou waited for the boy's response.

"...Fine. I'll consider your's and his suggestion."

After saying that, Shinji Matou went ahead of him once he let go of his wrist. He thought that his friend had more things to say, but left since it might have been embarrassing.

'I hope that's enough to cool him down..."

With him solving his friend's problem, Shirou left for his classroom, feeling full yet wept for the wasted packed lunch. He regrettably thought to himself that he should have at least took it with him to the cafeteria.

But what was done was done. He will have to do something about that later when he returns home.

Part 4

Classes finally ended for the students of Homurabara Academy. During after hours, students would either attend to their respective club activities or head straight home.

For Shirou Emiya, he chose to head to his part-time work. Apologizing to Issei about missing lunch with him, he promised that he would work on the heaters the next day.

As he was about to step out of his classroom, he was blocked by a blonde girl, her hair styled in twin drills.

"Shero~! Why did you leave me during lunch~? I was searching for you, you know~!"

"Wah! Edelfelt-san! Don't pop out of nowhere like that!"

He recognized her as Luviagelita Edelfelt, a foreign, second year transferee that belonged in Section 2-A, the same class as Rin Tohsaka. For some reason, she kept latching onto him since the first day they met.

During that time, he interpreted her actions as her way of being friendly in accordance to the culture she grew up in. He thought that that was how they did things in her country of origin.

From the small information he had gathered regarding the girl, she came from a rich family. She was also the current head of her family, who decided to do business here in Fuyuki City since her arrival four weeks ago, the day the third term started. He wasn't sure what kind of company she led, but he heard they were rather influential.

Yet for a rich girl like her to approach him, a simple man trying to survive through part-time wage, just what did she have in mind?

Luvia went and clung onto his right arm, as Shirou almost lost his balance and felt something soft brushing onto him. A boy his age would surely blush profusely from this kind of action. He was really confused at the moment. Luvia caught onto his expression and asked away.

"Ara? Is something the matter, Shero?


As much as he wanted her not to do these kinds of things in public, a girl is a girl. In that case, he would have to thread nicely so that she wouldn't hurt her feelings. Also, he will be late for work if this went on any further.

Carefully slipping himself out of the girl's grasps, he scratched his head and looked at his make-believe wristwatch.

"Ah! Look at the time! I'm sorry, but I have to get going! I'll be late for work if I don't leave now."

And with that he-

"Wait, Shero!"


-was grabbed again on the arm, causing him to tumble over the floor along with Luvia.

As the end result, the two of them were sprawled down on the floor. Shirou got smothered even further, this time, to the face with the girl's soft pair when she fell on top of the poor redhead.



Luvia quickly stood up, covering her bosom as she took a few steps back from the boy. Shirou, to show how sorry he was, prostrated in front of her.

"I-I'm sorry Luvia! That was an accident just now! Please forgive me!"

Honestly, for a teenage boy his age, it felt rather nice. Problem being was that incidents like the one earlier happens almost every time they stumble upon each other. Apologizing afterwards became a sort of a routine check for the two of them.

"I-it's fine...Y-you don't have to worry about it...At least it was you..."


Shirou didn't clearly heard what the blonde girl said at the last part, as aforementioned girl quickly changed the topic to help them recover from the short, embarrassing incident a few seconds earlier.

"P-putting that aside! Did you mention that you'll be late for work, Shero?"

"Y-yeah! That's why I-"

Before he could finish what he was supposed to say, the golden, twin drills spoke up in a loud, elegant voice that seemed to ignore the passing students in the hallway. Holding out her hands, she announced to him her true intentions.

"If that is the case, then I, Luviagelita Edelfelt, propose to escort you to your workplace!"


Time froze for Shirou Emiya.

All the students around them during the time the curled blondie said those words, especially those that belonged to the male sexuality, felt something negative that flowed into their being. Shirou wished he might have imagined those stares that pierced though his whole body, giving him chills.

At the very moment he felt that, he quickly formulated complex combination of words that would help him escape those death stares. The option of sentences he could address to her contained, 'It's alright, I don't want to trouble you, Edelfelt-san!'. Another option was to respond to her with, 'Nah, it's fine! I can reach the place in time!'. The last option included, 'They felt really soft'.

..Wait, why did he think of the third one?! Sure, they felt great, but it's better to shut up about this kind of honesty or he will further fuel the anger that lingered within each male student around the two of them.

Time didn't stop. His brain did.

Of course, there was only one answer that he could give her.


Time passed by so quickly, yet the situation remained the same.

Even for Shirou Emiya, the deafening silence inside the luxurious limousine was too great a burden, making the atmosphere between him and Luvia seemed awkward. Gripping his knees with both hands, he thought to himself if there was an underlying motive behind the transferee's actions.

Complying to his classmate's bold request, he currently rode together with said classmate on their way to Shinto. The limousine was rather spacey, enough to fit eight to ten people on the passenger side alone. To one side was a small fridge and a glass rack.

He became more amazed at the Edelfelt person herself. Since entering the transport, they hadn't held a single conversation. She wasn't the same person she was with him back at school, which Shirou found really weird.

What happened to her forward personality, like she was back at school? Could it be possible that he was in the presence to another side of the person known as Luviagelita Edelfelt?

'Should I say something? I think it's been around 10 minutes since we left...Then again, she might have been tired from school work...'

Opposite of the foreign student, Shirou glanced at Luvia as she sat on her side of the seat, quietly staring at the scenery outside as if she was deep in thought.

Shirou wasn't the type of person that become shy around girls. In fact, he was used to it thanks to Fuji-nee.

The problem was the complicated relationship between the two of them.

He never really knew Luvia, as it had been a month since her arrival, a pretty weird time to get transferred. She had a rather proud and approachable aura surrounding her, making the students look at her in awe as she passed by them. She had that "Milady" thing going on with her too, being followed by her butler, even though they were inside school grounds. Did she have so much influence that the school actually permitted the butler, or she just did what she wanted?

He still had no idea what piqued her interests on him though.

Their first contact started with that accidental bump with her at the school hallway during the second day of her stay. Of course he said the usual words used for apologizing, but what struck him as weird was the expression she held when their eyes met for the first time.

It was then followed by a refreshing laughter to hide her earlier expression, then she reverted back to her usual, high and proud self as she continued to walk away.

In hindsight, laughing like that as she traversed the school hallway was both weird and distracting, as it garnered a lot of attention.

Even then, what seemed to be an accident not worthy of reminder developed into string of events that had evolved into the current situation.

Speaking up, Shirou initiated a conversation with his female escort.

"So, Luvia-san, what's going on? Was there a reason why you asked me here?"

Her attention was called upon, Luvia glanced to his direction and a smile arched on her face. She seemed excited to answer his question.

"I see no problem with assisting a classmate of mine, Shero."

"I-I see..."

Twirling her hair, she continued her reply to the boy.

"A reason was created because a person had an underlying motive for their actions. As someone born from the Edelfelt family, an act of goodwill does not deserve a proper reason, especially if it was for the sake of their subjects and those who need it."


Seeing the confused look on his face, Luvia cleared her throat and gave the easy to understand definition.

"In short, as one of those who belonged in high society, it is our duty to provide help for the needy. We call that Noblesse Oblige."

She sounded proud and formal with the way she spoke Japanese, not that it didn't hinder the message she wanted to convey.

"Noblesse Oblige? So rich people have that kind of principle, huh? Didn't expect that at all..."

He sounded impressed from her explanation. Politics-wise though, that didn't really apply, since it was obvious that rich politicians only help to get the citizens votes, not because they have a duty to do so.

Even so, hearing this from Luvia might have given him a higher opinion of her. Although...



She then motioned her arms, reaching out to him with her right hand while she placed her left hand above her chest, as if for emphasis to what she was about to say.

"By doing this, not only will you be indebted to my actions, but this will give us more time to be together alone, My lovely Shero!"

He knew it.

No action was without reason. There would always be a reason or motive to a person's actions, no matter what the situation. That was how he understood the human psyche worked, at least.

Even then, there was no way to predict whatever was in this girl's mind and actions.

The only thing he did after he heard that ridiculous response was to dryly laugh. There was just no way he could properly respond to that.

Being constantly guarded by her servant made her a recluse to the other students. There was also the impression of her being a high class nobility that nobody can reach her position, resulting to them not approaching her at all. There might have been some people who dared approach her, but were not successful because of how intimidating her butler looked.

And then there was him, the only person who made contact with her, the girl who could rival Tohsaka in terms of popularity.

Really now, what made him so different from the other students? Was it because of that small accident back then?

The limousine finally reached its destination, as they were notified by the Edelfelt's handy butler.

"We have arrived, Milady."

"Huh, that was quicker than had I expected. Are you sure we are on the right place, August?"

"I have my utmost confidence in mapping the whole city through memory, Milady."

Luvia spoke what she thought as a reaction to her driver's notification. Shirou, on the other hand, still felt the weird atmosphere their earlier conversation produced. Even then, this is the part where they wish each other good day.

He heard the door open to his right and saw Luvia's butler, August, assisting him. Taking a closer look, he observed how age had managed to reach the old man with pointed ears that made him look like an elf, but not really. Not a single wrinkle on his black uniform showed how much he cared for his image as someone who serves the Edelfelt family.

"Thank you, uh, August was it?"

"It's my pleasure, Shirou-sama."

"P-please drop the -sama. It's kind of embarrassing..."


Shirou stepped out of the luxurious vehicle and saw in front of him Coppenhagen, the shop where he does part-time work. The door was closed and the butler returned to the driver's seat. The passenger window opened as it showed the owner of the vehicle. He faced her and bowed to express his gratitude.

"Thanks for the ride, Luvia-san. I woudn't have made it on time if it weren't for your help."

"It's my pleasure to help those who needed it, especially if it's you, Shero."

Hearing her mutter his name, he felt himself correcting her pronunciation of his name, but left it alone. Besides, it did still sounded like 'Shirou'. He then turned to the direction of the shop, ready to enter the premises.

There was really nothing much to say, since they were about to part ways. But...


Hearing the girl call his name, Shirou turned his head as he held onto the shops's glass door. He saw Luvia slightly open her lips, but withheld whatever she was about to say and continued.

"It would be nice if we could meet tomorrow for lunch! I'll prepare the most delicious meal you will ever have tasted on the face of this earth!"

Shirou nodded in response. Luvia can cook? That was an interesting tidbit.


The window went up, fully covering the interior and face of its passenger as the luxurious vehicle drove off to wherever it might head to.

'The most delicious lunch? Looks like a competitor. In that case, I'll have to prepare as well!'

Ready to start working for his wages, he opened the door and greeted his boss.

Shirou made another promise to another person. But to him, it wasn't much of a big deal. As long as they were happy, he would feel the same way as them.

Part 5

Mion River divided the two districts of Fuyuki City, Shinto and Miyama. Over it was the famed red bridge that connects the business and residential sides of the city. Beside the river was a park that a few people would use so that they may be able to relax. The riverside park also offered to those who didn't have transportation and entrance to the bridge walkway.

Among the few people in the park was a girl that looked like she was trying her best to survive the cold by placing her sweater above her lap, shivering like a little kitten as the night drew near. Sitting on one of the park benches, she looked to her left, where the horizon was painted orange.

Lost in thought, the girl named Index stayed there without moving an inch, except for the constant chill due to the cold temperature. Staring at the empty sea, she realized what troubles Fuyuki City will be facing for days to come.

The Holy Grail War.

Raising and slipping out her right hand from her sleeve, she saw a symbol composed of three parts. She recognized these as Commands Spells, a mark which signifies the person's participation in the said ritual.

"This wasn't supposed to happen, yet...Why?"

She whispered to herself, trying to reason out the possible reasons why she was in this dilemma.

She understood that the Master was considered by the Grail to be deemed worthy of their wishes to come into fruition.


But nothing came to mind. She had no desires that she wanted to come true, except maybe world peace. Or a bountiful life surrounded by many kinds of dishes.

Thinking about it again, maybe she did want a wish of hers granted, although she had no idea which one it was.

"Why me...?"

She had doubts regarding the prize of the ritual, and decided that she wouldn't rely on it.

If that was the case, what were her intentions for coming to Fuyuki City?

Realizing she was going to get left behind again, she sneaked out and followed her roommate, along with some other people she knew, to the airport. Changing out of her pin-filled habit, she rode to what was supposed to be the plane where the suspicious boy went into, only to find out too late that he wasn't inside the aerial transport once she arrived to this city.

Her arrival to Fuyuki City, for some reason, made Command Spells mysteriously appear on her right hand, accompanied with the loss of her belongings. With an empty wallet and a growling stomach, she was left to sleep on the very same park she was currently in.

This was what she was truly worried about in the first place: Sating her hunger.

"*sigh* Anyway, did his misfortune rub off on me? No, that's impossible...If so, why wasn't he on the plane?"

She speculated on possible reasons why the boy wasn't one of the plane's passengers. Considering his luck, it's possible he went out to check on something just before the doors closed. Another possibility would be that she rode the wrong plane. Or maybe, it might be something even more outrageous.

Blaming her misfortune to another person, especially him, who she engaged with it on a daily basis, wasn't nice of her. It had been more than half a year since they first met, but their relationship hadn't changed much. If described with a popular RPG term, her support with him didn't go up from Rank C to B.

If their relationship did level up in a way, it could be considered by others as her being his little sister, no pun intended.

"It's not like figuring that out would actually help me with my current situation though..."

She ran out of cellphone battery, making it useless for her to call someone. Then again, she ain't the master of the portable communication tech either. With no way to contact people she knew, Index got stranded in the city of Fuyuki.

"Also, there was that strange feeling from this morning..."

Alarming as it was, she was also targeted.

It happened while she looked around the residential area of the Miyama District. In the middle of crossing the street, negative feelings suddenly overcame her well-being, as if the person purposely gave out his or her presence. If the stalker did was intentional or not, she had no idea.

But that person was definitely after her. It could be the knowledge regarding the grimoires she had that might be the person's true objective. The only way she would know was through meeting the person.

Of course, she had the skills to protect herself. Confident that she could take down whoever that person was, as long as they're magicians, she went back and thought about her upcoming survival challenge in Fuyuki.

"Aaaaaah...Does that mean I'll be sleeping here again tonight?"

She fell sideways to the bench, anxiety and fatigue fell upon her.

"...I'm hungry...I haven't eaten since I arrived here..."


To be honest, she got sort of fed up with it.

She had been used to it since her roommate would always disappear to somewhere she had no idea about, only to find out that the boy landed on the hospital again and again due to injuries that came from adventures untold.

"Touma...Come here already. Index is lost, you know..."

Whispering the person she wanted to see the most, she saw his face in her mind, thinking that he might come and help her. But...

"...No. This is something I brought upon myself. I should try to figure out for myself how to get back."

Regaining a bit of courage to move, she whispered this to herself as she shut her eyes for a short nap. Trying to reserve some energy, she finally decided that tonight may be the good time to visit the churches in the city.

She figured that there should at least be a church that would take her in, specifically those that belonged to the English Puritan Sect. She will ask for their help to get back to Academy City, so that she wouldn't get dragged in the upcoming conflict between Magicians and otherworldly beings.

As for how she's going to explain her sudden absence and arrival to Fuyuki City, she would have to deal with it when she gets questioned to that point.

Darkness fell and the bright, not so full moon ascended above the partly clouded sky, reflecting the wide river in front of her. The red bridge lit up brightly as it guided drivers from the dark. The number of people passing through drastically dropped, leaving her almost all alone in the park.

Another half an hour had passed and she woke up from her short slumber.

She had no idea what the exact current time was. She figured it was around early to mid-evening, based on the positioning of the stars in the sky. She stood up from the bench and looked around to confirm that she was alone.


She wasn't entirely alone. She felt a presence coming to her right side, to where the bridge was. As the clap of those shoes got closer, she saw...


"Man! What a day! I wonder if Sakura and Fuji-nee are home already..."

Partly tired from his part-time work, Shirou Emiya said that to no one as he was on his way home, excited to see Sakura's dinner for tonight. He wanted to cook tonight but finished work late, as usual.

He was about to reach the other end of the bridge when he glanced to his right. He saw the moon illuminated over the dark, night sky, as if it was using stray clouds as its blanket. He leaned his arms on the railing and decided to take a short break, pondering on the things that happened earlier today.

First was that he fixed some of the cultural club's heaters as a request from the Student Council President, Issei Ryudou. There was also that lunch date with Shinji, as he gave him an advice to help him reconcile with another person and protect Sakura from abuse. And Luvia, who escorted him for the first time so that he wouldn't be late for work. There was also that small accident with her that he would rather forget.

He muttered under his breath the words he never expected to tell himself of all people regarding his current lifestyle.

"...A time where all of this would end, huh?"

Staring at the sea beyond, he wondered if normal days like these would continue, that there would come a time his normal daily, life would end.

'If such a time comes and abruptly end my normal everyday life, what would I do at that situation?"

Shirou already knew about the existence of Magic, a hidden element considered by the world as non-existent and abnormal. Him secretly training to become a Mage was not normal in itself, but it still became a part of his daily routine. In other words, Magic became a part of his normal life.

If so, thinking about it, was there something that existed which was more outrageous than Magic?

Would he consider that unknown element a thing that would end his normal everyday life?

"Aah...The breeze felt nice. The moon looked brighter than usual, too..."

He uttered these words with a distant look in his eyes, feeling rejuvenated for the first time in his life, while he watched the moon hide behind the blanket of clouds.

Shirou Emiya, a person who was more worried about the safety of other people than his own. This might be the last time he would feel such sense of liberty for himself.

"Ah! I got distracted! Better get going or they'll be worried!"

Surveying the seascape before leaving...


A spark of light appeared to the left of his scenery, where the riverside park was located. He recognized it as the kind of reaction made when metal made friction with another metal. He then noticed that some parts of the park were dark, making it harder to see. Staring closely with a rather confused expression, he suddenly saw a strange scene.

From far away, he can see, from under the spotlight of one of the lampposts, a silhouette of a person in white. There was another person facing the one in white.

That was when something happened that made him mobilize from his position.

"What's going on?! Hey, what the...Just, What the hell?!"

He quickly ran to the two's destination with a worried expression. He felt the need to stop the ongoing conflict.

Magic is a secret element in the world where a few people believe exist. The current society finding out about its existence will definitely cause an uproar. He had kept that fact from the people he knew so that they won't get dragged from the darkness contained in that world.

Sadly, he hadn't realized that not all Mages had the same idea as his, and he had to see it for himself. The worst part of it was that someone's using Magic to kill a person.

Even then, what he saw was not something akin to magic at all. It was a purely brutal attack that had a high chance of killing a person.

Shirou Emiya hurried, hoping he wasn't too late to save the person that received the heavy blow.


"Will you just die for me already, Forbidden Library? This is getting boring..."

The person Index faced was someone she did not expect at all.

For him to recognize her without her famed outfit, it's both amazing and frightening. That would mean there wass a way for him to identify her even with the most elaborate disguise.

A few minutes after waking up from her nap, the lack of people pretty much gave her the warning signals to notify her that she would be ambushed in the open. Lights started to flicker and die out, as the lampposts got sucked into some kind of vacuum hole that surrounded her attacker.

Fang-like cracks appeared around the Magician, around four to five in number. It might be possible that he could generate more, but she will have to last to see the person's full potential.

Identity still unknown, Index quickly analyzed the structure of her opponent's Magic and realized she can't defeat him with only her Spell Intercept. The same could be said to the enemy Magician, as his spell involved creating those fang-like cracks that can distort the flow of a spell's energy, making it useless, and absorb physical objects.

Someone like her who didn't have Mana couldn't invoke magic spells, thus assuming for their Magic battle to go into total stalemate.

However, her stamina greatly deteriorated due to the ordeal she had faced since her arrival in Fuyuki, making the situation disadvantageous to her in terms of physical condition.

Gasping for breath, she quickly countered each and every crack the enemy made to suck her like a black hole with a few cryptic sequence of words.


"Hey. Just give it up already and let me kill you. Make things easy for me, will you?"

But no matter how many times Index countered the spell, the cracks reappeared as if they didn't disappear in the first place.

The monotonous voice that originated from the young man went closer, baring his fangs and ready to devour his prey. His form was revealed under the illumination of the lamppost that was a few steps away from the one the nun stood under. His clothes looked appropriate for the winter season, a brown hoodie protecting him from the cold with both hands in his pockets. Without the hood, he appeared as a young man with white ruffled hair, with his upper left fang sneaking out of his mouth. He looked at her with a smug face, as he realized he was on the dominating side of the fight that was supposed to be a draw.

Cracks continuously appeared as he slowly approached the keeper of the 103,000 grimoires from around the world. She also continuously intercepted her enemy's spell by reciting a string of letters meant to shorten the invocation process.

With the vacuum that originated from the cracks, the surrounding lampposts started flying to the young magician's direction, crunched once the metal poles came into contact with it and closes.

Making sure to keep her distance, Index started to formulate plans to devolve the situation as quick as possible. There was a high chance of wandering citizens passing by the park since people pass through it to get to the bridge connecting the two districts.

And then she noticed something strange about the magician's movements.

'He could have already taken advantage of the situation by dashing to my direction, yet he didn't do so. Was it the cracks he kept on creating? Was its only purpose to protect himself from incoming attacks by diverting the flow of Mana?'

She also noticed how strong the cracks were when sucking in the things near it, with the gust of wind blowing to his direction. She can see how his feet were firmly planted on the ground as he slowly moved to her.

'Could the spell be the reason why he's constricted with his movements, as he's also affected?'

Based on the current situation, she started to construct a counter measure to stop her attacker.

"Then I'll just have to run back to the residential district to keep him from using his Magic to a more public area!'

That was until the man, whose plan she reserved for, suddenly stopped in his tracks. A question mark appeared above her head, keeping watch of the young man's movements.

"Now that I thought about, you have the ability to disrupt a spell's structure, right?"


And then the cracks disappeared after addressing this. If he knew the risk, what was the point of using his magic? Was he an idiot?

"If so, then I'll have to use my sharp claws to finish the job!"


He dashed to her direction without delay. Taking notice of him, She saw him pull out his hands from his pockets, adorned with a weapon.

Index saw him wearing some sort of gloves, with each finger acting as its claws. The materials for it was mostly made out of leather, the claw part was either from wolf claws or from wolf fangs, as she suspected that his magic involved the motif of a wolf character.

Even with the sharpness of her eyes, things happened so quickly once he was free of his movements. No words could describe how screwed Index was the moment he pulled out those claws.

With no way to defend herself, she blindly received his attack head on.


Something stabbed her stomach. Looking below, she saw the man's claws as it dug into her abdominal area. After seeing the wound was when the pain started to register in her mind.

Sadly, even the privilege of screaming in pain was robbed away from her, as she was thrown aside by the river. She hit her nape on the railing, causing her to nearly pass out.

Clutching on to the railings for dear life, she supported herself, wobbling as she used the last of her strength to stand. She gasped for breath, trying to gain her bearings to where the young man was, only to be answered with a choke to the neck. His grip was strong it almost broke her neck.

"With this, I finally got part of my revenge against Othinus."

"...So...you really were..."

Without much of a second thought, Index was thrown to the icy cold river.

She felt her body sink slowly to the depths of the Mion River, with possibly no chances of survival.

Slowly running out of breath, Index muttered the name of the person she wanted to see the most as her sight started to fade to darkness.


Between The Lines 1

Somewhere in the Miyama district of Fuyuki City, there stood two figures who had the same colors for their eyes and hair.

With the exception of height and bodily condition, the boy leaned both his back and his crutch on an electric post, nodding off as he felt sleepy. His female companion on the other hand stood patiently in the middle of the narrow road, expecting a certain passerby.

As much as the albino boy wanted to ditch the girl he considered his Master here and now, he will surely get an earful from the maid back in the castle if she found out the girl was left behind by her very own Servant in the middle of the urban jungle known as the residential district of the city during the cold, winter night of February.

For the 'young', silver-haired girl on the other hand, she was rather excited to finally see one of the people that caused her grief, even though she only planned to give him a warning tonight and quickly leave after everything was said and done.

And so they waited for the boy...

And still waited even further...

Time passed, and they still waited, except for the boy that started to snooze, as if he thought to himself 'Fuck this, I'm going to sleep.'

Minutes and seconds passed until the girl eventually snapped out of her anticipation and swapped it with irritation.

"GAH! He's supposed to be here by now! What's taking him so long?!"

Stomping her feet as she shook her body from rage, Illyasviel von Einzbern had reached the limit of her patience. Accelerator snapped out of his short nap, groaning as he saw the smaller girl's fit of rage.


"Here I am, lying in wait as I was about to do a warning introduction so mysterious, he'll think, 'Oooh...What does she ever mean by summon my servant soon?' Accompanied with a poor excuse of a confused expression because his long, lost, older sister, to which he had no idea existed, disappeared before he could get his much awaited answers... And this is what I get?! Wasn't this his usual route?! In fact, this road leads to his home! I never thought he would be THIS late! Maybe I should have killed him while he was at home sleeping...Those days of surveillance was such a waste..."

Accelerator facepalmed at the sight of his Master going around complaining about her plan to intimidate their- no- her target, Shirou Emiya.

He had no beef whatsoever with the clueless boy and the accidental contract between the two of them only involved him protecting the brat. In short, he was supposed to be unrelated to this mess called the Holy Grail War and to whatever shit that was about to go down in the city.

He did wonder what this Emiya person did to deserve such hatred from the rather psychotic brat that stood in front of him.

Even then, he couldn't escape the situation because the contract was already established and all he could do was to follow whatever the brat ordered him to do.

How they ended up in this situation lay within the string of events that happened two months ago, starting with key event which would then be known as the first contact between Accelerator and Illyasviel von Einzbern.

Remembering their meeting made him cringe and made him initiate a conversation with Illya as a distraction.

Approaching the girl that finally calmed down, without moving his lips, a robotic voice leaked out from his thought translator, a feature added to his choker due to the loss of his ability to speak human language as a result of him becoming the Servant Berserker.

"Done with your rant, little miss brat?"

Turning her sights to the anemic-looking boy, Illya couldn't get used to the lifeless and static sound the contraption around his neck produced. Not that his gruff and incomprehensible voice actually sounded any better.

"So what if I am? It's not like you did anything to stop me, you useless Esper. Also you started calling me brat again."

"Yeah, yeah, the most powerful Esper is the most useless Servant, yada yada yada."

"Are you mocking me again, Berserker?! GAH! First him, now you!"

Leaning on his crutch, the white-haired teen gave the young girl a smug look. Illya seeing his expression just added fuel to the fire.

"Was there any need for you to do this childish introduction?"

"I already told you that this is to establish my character for him. I would be the mysterious little girl who left him a vague message, which will then be a key element to actually make him summon his Servant."

"And yet that boy didn't even give you a chance to introduce yourself?"


Illya turned silent after she heard this from the boy, who then sighed and raised his left shoulder, accompanied with a side head shake, as if saying no.

"Situations like these are bound to happen, you know? Heck, It's actually funny to see this petty plan of yours go down the drain."

"So you're telling me that this was bound to fail in the first place?"

"Not exactly."

After she heard him say this, a blank expression suddenly surfaced on the boy's face as he turned to a certain direction. The girl also faced to the same direction and that was then she finally noticed it.

"...There's a faint trace of Mana leaking to that direction...! You don't mean...!"

"I felt small tremors while you were yapping. Let's just say it could be related to the reason your boy's not here yet when he's supposed to be."

"Eh?! When did you-"

She then saw that the small light from the boy's choker-styled electrode was green, meaning he was using his ability, making it possible for him to discern the tremors he mentioned.

"...Hey, how much time had passed since you used your abilities?"

'If you're curious, this was on since we came to this street. Now that I thought about it, It had only been 15 minutes before you-"

"You wasted 50% worth of battery?! Why did you do that without my permission?!"

"Do you really think this is the right time to argue about using my powers?"

At that moment, not a single word was shared between the two of them. It had always been like this ever since they met. Illya would always mock him and Accelerator would find a way to return the favor. A possibly never ending cycle of mockery existed between the two of them.


Sighing in exasperation, Illya went to the boy and tugged his long sleeve. The action could only mean one thing for the albino teen.

"...Let's go, Accelerator. If this is related to that boy, then we have no time to lose. There are things I needed to do that involved him."

"...As you wish, Miss Illya."

Accelerator carried Illya and started to leap from one roof to another, heading to the destination where Shirou Emiya might have been involved.

Unlike their banter earlier, these statements sounded more sincere than sarcastic. True, these two's relationship only involved mockery and insults for each other. But when the going gets tough, they might be the most formidable duo the world will ever face.

The Strongest Servant and possibly the Most Powerful Master of the Holy Grail War now joined the fray.

"I gotta ask though, why are you so obsessed with that kid? You like him or something?"

"Less talking, more jumping."

Chapter 1: The End of Daily Life

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