After Rita delivered the message, Andy made his way to Jr's room, not sure what to say. It's not that he wasn't real good with words, he just wasn't sure what words to say at this particular moment. He took a breath, and slowly walked into his room and memories of all the people he had lost in the past flooded him... Him holding his lifeless, bloody son in his arms, him crying and kissing his partner Bobby Simon good-bye before he slipped away, him holding his wife with blood all around her as she tells him to take care of Theo for her, and him having to see his last partner Danny, dead after they found him...

And now, having to see his fourth partner lying in a hospital bed after almost being killed.

"Why? Oh god, why?"

Jr. opened his eyes and looked over at Andy, who looked like he was going to break at any second, something he never thought he'd see out of Andy Sipowitz. "Andy, are you okay?"

Andy stood there in a daze for a few moments. "Huh?"

"Andy, what's wrong?"

Andy cleared his throat and quietly walked over to Jr.'s bed. "Nothin', I was just thinking about some stuff."

"Really? Such as...?"

"Just uh... You know, about everyone I've lost over the past few years. Just seeing you in-"

"-In here kind of freaked you out?"

"Well, yeah, I guess, I just didn't want the death toll to rise and look like the biggest loser ever. I mean, that would have been three partners. I would have been surprised if anyone wanted to be my partner again."

For a moment both didn't say anything, both men just thinking their own thoughts. Jr. then slightly smiled at Andy and Andy shrugged.

"And not only would it be bad to have that many partners gone, I... Well, it's just that no matter how many partners I have, I learned to like each one of them as if they were a member of my family. And you would be like a second son to me. You know, or somethin' to that effect, anyway."

Jr. smiled and nodded. "Thanks.. Pops."

Andy shook his head. "You know, why is it you have to constantly be annoying like that?"

"Isn't that how sons are supposed to act to their old fathers?"

"Old? Are you calling me old?"

"Na. Just... More experienced."

"You know... Ah, just shut up already."

They both smiled and gave each other a hug, both of them finally able to breath a sigh of relief after a few long suspenseful days.

"Well, I'd better go. I gotta get home to Theo and the baby. We just hired a new babysitter. Who at the time seemed okay because our minds were on other things, but now that I think about it, seems like she doesn't really know anything about kids."

Jr. laughed. "Well, don't worry, I'm sure Theo kept her on her toes."

"Puh. Yeah, no kiddin'. Well, I'll see ya later."

"Okay. Goodnight."


Andy made his way to the door and suddenly turned around. "You look like hell you know."

Jr. grinned. "Thanks. You, too." ** "Freeze, NYPD!!"

It was now two months later and Jr. was fully recovered and back on active duty. The thugs that kidnapped Jr. stood trial and got ten to fifteen years without parole. He had also talked to Rita and they had decided to get married next year in December and have a Christmas wedding, something Rita had always dreamed of.

And now here he was, doing the same old thing, but with a new and revived attitude.

"Going somewhere?" he said, grabbing a suspect and slamming him down on a car.

"Man, I didn't do anything!"

"Sure, of course we believe you. Because everyone tells the truth, right?"

"But I swear, I-"

"Shut up!" Jr. said, dragging him to the car.

"Boy am I glad to have you back," Andy said.

Jr. smiled and nodded. "That makes two of us." **

Note: Well, hoped you liked it! And a special thanks goes out to ShadyLady and movie-mania for their interest and loyalty to this fic. I couldn't have done it without you, guys. Thanks a bunch!:-)