Middle Earth and a Wolf

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Harry talking through his mind


Harry laid curled up looking at the prison door with dead eyes. He felt no will to live. Not after what had happened nor after he was betrayed. The guards would try to get a rise out of him by mocking and insulting but he didn't move. Since Harry had registered his animagus form they made sure he couldn't become human.

There were chains on all four of his legs as well as around his neck. They would put his food in a doggie bowl and place it in front of him before leaving. Harry never ate once and it had been three weeks since he had been placed here in Azkaban.

'I wish that I could be free.' Harry thought. 'Whether I be dead or somewhere else it doesn't matter since anything would be better than this.'

Harry fell asleep and missed the golden glow that covered his body as he disappeared from the cell he was in. All that was left behind was the chains that once kept him in there.

When he woke up he was startled to find that he wasn't in his cell nor was he in his animagus form. He was in a room that looked like a royal throne room with four chairs.

In two of the chairs were two females while the other chairs were two males. Harry knew that they weren't human. They were looking at him calmly.

"Am I dead?" Harry had to ask since it was the only thing that he could reason he could think of for him being here instead of in the cell.

"No young one you are not dead." The woman with golden hair on the right side. "You are here because we have a favor to ask."

"Who are you?" He asked.

"We are gods and goddesses. Some call us Valor. I am the goddess of destiny."

She had long gold hair that flowed down her back in waves and ended just above her ankle. Her eyes were the same golden color while her skin was tanned. She was wearing a white Greek style dress with a gold belt. Her feet were bare.

"I am the goddess of fate." The next one said.

This one had short silver hair and dark silver eyes. Her skin was as pale as the moon. She too wore a Greek style dress. She had only one sleeve and the dress was grey with a silver belt and she was wearing silver sandals.

"I am the god of sight." The first male introduced himself.

He had long blond hair and sky blue eyes. Harry saw that his ears were pointed unlike the rest. He was pale. He too wore Greek styled clothing. His were green with brown accents. He, like the goddess of destiny, was barefoot.

"I am the god of beasts."

He had dark red hair and chocolate brown eyes. His eyes reminded him of a cat. He was dark brown. He, like the rest, wore Greek clothes. His were blue with black accents. He, like the goddess of fate, wore sandals. They were black.

"What favor?" Harry knew he wasn't being nice but he has been betrayed too many times.

"You finished your task but in a place called middle earth there is a war brewing and the task has fallen on a hobbit's shoulder." Fate explained what a hobbit was and Harry couldn't say no anymore.

"You want me to help lighten the burden and I will." He told them.

"Thank you." Destiny said with a soft smile.

They then explained that he would be healed of all his wounds and he would keep both his magic and his animagus form. He would have all that he needed with him and he would land near the shire where the hobbits live. They also told Harry that he would know which hobbit it was immediately.

"Goodbye Harry Potter." Everything went black after that.