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Harry talking through his mind


"Dobby?" He breathed out as tears gathered in his eye.

"Hello Harry." The person smiled.

"What? How? I-" Harry was so confused.

The elf hugged him. "It's okay. Calm down."

"You're alive!?" That caught the attention of everyone.

"I am. Come back to my place and we'll talk." He said.

"One second." Harry slapped himself in the face, hard. "Ow."

Everyone except the hobbits stared at the young wizard in shock and confusion. The hobbits were staring at the elf in shock. They knew exactly who Dobby was. The others had no idea why Harry would hit himself in the face. The teary eyed man looked at Frodo.

"You see the dark haired elf in front of me, right?" He asked as he pointed at Dobby.

"I do." He confirmed.

"Good, that's good." Harry muttered.

"Follow me Harry." Dobby said. 'Guess finding out I am alive was a bigger shock than I thought it would be.'

"Okay." He followed Dobby.

"What just happened?" Boromir asked.

"I don't know." Aragorn said.

"Dobby? As in THE Dobby?" Pippin asked Merry in a whisper.

"I think so." He muttered back.

"No wonder Harry was shocked." He said.


"Would you two like to fill the rest of us in." Aragorn asked.

"In Harry's old world wizards and witches had grown jealous of elves so they killed as many adults as they could. Few escaped to other worlds. They had trusted the wizards and witches. The children of the elves they killed, they magically bound them to themselves as slaves." Pippin said.

"By the time Harry was born elves had been renamed house elves. They turned into small, hideous creatures. At birth they were automatically bonded to a witch or wizard and had to be in order to stay alive." Merry continued.

"Harry met Dobby when he was twelve. His master was planning something evil and so Dobby warned Harry despite not being ordered to." Frodo spoke next.

"He tried to keep Harry from going to school but it failed. At the end of the year he met Dobby's master. He kicked Dobby and Harry saw that." Sam told them.

"To give a house elf clothes is how they break the bond between them. Harry was pissed that Dobby had gotten kicked so he put a sock into the diary. The diary was one that the man had previously snuck into a housemate's books. He gave the diary to the man and he handed it to Dobby." Frodo said.

"Harry motioned for Dobby to open the book and there he found the sock." Merry said.

"Since the man had technically given Dobby the sock it meant that Dobby was free. Unfortunately he was no longer bound to someone and he began to lose his sanity and was slowly dying." Sam said.

"He told Harry what was going on. He bonded with Dobby and researched a way to free him and all the house elves." Pippin said.

"His attempts killed Dobby or at least that's what he thought." Merry said. "He's carried that guilt with him this whole time."

"He couldn't even look at an elf after that." Sam said.

The elves stared at the hobbits in shock. The tale they told was a sad one. They felt for the wizard. None of them could even fathom how it felt to kill a person they had tried to help. The elf lord looked at them.

"Give those two some privacy." He said. "We should get back to the matter at hand."