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A field of destruction. Everywhere as far as the eye can see, crumbled buildings, broken windows, fire, smoke, but no blood. If you looked in the middle of it all, you could see three figures.

The one standing opposite to the two others, had white hair and one purple eye. The other was covered with an eyepatch and, along with a mechanical arm, were scars from a fearsome enemy. She held a gun and stood, waiting.

The other two had similar cloaks on. Both were bright white, but while one had a high collar the other had a hood. The one on the left was taller than the other. His hood was down, revealing dark brown hair and forest green eyes. The other had long black hair, and red eyes. The green-eyed boy was standing at the girl's side, glaring at the woman. Said girl was gripping her arm as if in pain, yet no blood could be seen. She too was glaring.

The two of them had many similarities. For example, that 'fearsome enemy' to the eyepatched woman was an ally, since they worked under the same people. They both had lost many friends, as well. But above all, both of them looked tired. Not just of fighting this woman, but also from working under the veiled corruption.

Both grew up in the wild, were sold to the Empire, had been trained as assassins, and many other things. Right now, both were confused. The other person had told them words that defied all of their beliefs, and all they worked for, yet the truth of her words was obvious. Go into any village or city, and you would be able to see the Empire's dreaded marks.

Should they follow the place they grew up in? The Empire. They were sold off by their families. It was the only place they knew, but it was filled with corruption, far too woven into a previously mighty Empire. If they followed the Empire, would they fall? Just like their comrades, that died separate deaths, yet were grieved the same.

Or, should they follow this woman? A former general, defected from the Empire after seeing the corruption. A woman who said she did it for the oppressed civilians of the Empire. A woman who held her hand out, promising their cooperation with them would perform the goals they had been led to believe they were already doing. Same job, different enemies.

"Your names are Tatsumi and Akame, am I right?" The former general spoke up.

"Yes." The two spoke in unison. The glares they had leveled onto her were now stares. Much less hostility.

She seemed to notice this, and smiled softly. "Have you decided yet?"

The two best friends looked at each other. While their friends had fallen, they had not. While normaly friendship was a weakness for assassins, their bond strengthened them. Whatever decision was made, involved both of them.

The girl, Akame, looked to her companion. Tatsumi slowly nodded to her, he accepted. She looked back to the woman, Najenda. "Yes. We accept."

Najenda looked joyful, before shaking it off and turning serious. "The Revolutionary Army will appreciate your help. They will likely send you to our assassins group. Here," She held out a small piece if paper, "Come here and you will be escorted to a small side base. It won't have any maps or documents. They want to make sure we can trust you before sending you somewhere important, sorry."

Even though her words were bothersome, both nodded and Tatsumi accepted the piece of paper. After opening it up and inspecting it, he spoke up, "It's fine. Betraying such a place won't have them throwing a party or anything." Despite his words, no hint of annoyance or anything else was on his face. Emotionless. Akame was the same. They spoke in monotone as well.

Najenda had noticed this but neglected to say anything. It was how they were trained after all.

A few minutes later, it was decided that they would tell the Empire that she had planted a trap and escaped. "It has happened before. You, being known for you cleverness, would likely do something like that. It will not be questioned." Akame spoke the first and last sentence while Tatsumi spoke the second. They were in perfect sync.

Ten minutes later, all traces of the three being there were gone. Only the destruction left, said there was a fight there.

A Week Later

The Revolutionary Army was beginning to think they had been tricked. Only Najenda's words kept them from withdrawing the people waiting for them at the small base.

While on a mission near the previously said meeting point, was when the two defected. They acted normally at first, but after first watch, they were gone. Akame made an attempt to convince her sister, who was on the mission with her, to come with the two. She was, much to her disbelief, firmy denied.

Time was quickly growing shorter, since a messenger had found their tent empty. Tatsumi ended up convincing Akame to leave her sister.

In no time at all, only Kurome knew what had happened to Akame and her partner. The two disappeared into the night. With black cloaks on and a new moon out, they were practically invisible.

When they got to said meeting point, Najenda was standing in the middle of a clearing, smiling triumphantly. "Who said they wouldn't come?"

It was apparent to the two that the Revolutionary Army had spies in the Empire.

The two were quickly let inside.

Twelve days later, after extensive searching and finally giving up, the Empore branded the assassins as traitors. Wanted posters were placed around every corner of the Capital. Even some villages had them.

Two days afterwards a duo could be seen running on the rooftops. Either leaving or going to the place of their target's grave. Afterwards returning to Night Raid's base, where they had found and assortment of people unique in weird ways.

Their ultimate goal had switched. Before it was to end the Revolution. Now it was to kill the cause of the corruption, the Prime Minister himself.


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