I don't know why, but my best ideas always seem to come when I'm half-asleep. I'm not kidding. I honestly had no idea how to begin chapter 2. Then, laying in my bed and falling asleep, ideas came to me. I had to type them in my notes on my phone to make sure I didn't forget...

As the sun rose to give light to the Empire, three people walked through the forest surrounding the Capital.

"You know, since you didn't make any move to come, many people thought a small army would meet with the squad stationed there rather than you two." Najenda was leading the way to a different base. A base for an assassin squad.

"Sorry. If we left at any other time, there was a decent risk of being caught." Tatsumi's monotone voice answered her. He and Akame were completely silent unless spoken to. In fact, Najenda had mistakenly thought several times that they were no longer behind her, only to find them trudging on behind her. It unnerved her, though she would never admit it.

"I figured." As they continued on in silence, the trees briefly opened up to reveal where they were going.

"Is that the base?" A hint of awe was in his voice. When she looked back she saw both assassins had stopped, and we're looking at the building with slightly wider eyes. She found herself smiling at the scene.

"Yes. Not what you expected is it?"

"No not really."

"It's so... open."

"Yes Akame, it's very open. But it has remained hidden from the Empire yes? So I think it's perfect." Najenda had a hint of pride in her voice as she to, looked up to the massive base.

As they continued on, a few questions came up.

"How many members of this assassin squad are there?" Akame asked.

"Including me and you two, six. And by the way, our official name is Night Raid."

"Six... Who are the other three?" This time it was Tatsumi who asked.

"Lubbock, my personal aid and Night Raid's imformation gatherer, used to serve under me in military before I defected. He came with me and is still very loyal to me.

Then there's Bulat. He also defected from the army after seeing the corruption. You two know about him right?" They both nodded.

"Right. But Tatsumi, be aware that he's gay okay?" His puzzled look caused Akame to chuckle slightly. To which he immediately fixed his expression, but Akame still smiled slightly at his mistake.

"Anyway, then there's Schele. She's very kind but she's also an airhead. Don't be suprised if you find her making very obvious mistakes."

"If you say so." Tatsumi said bluntly. Akame nodded her head in agreement.

By the end of the conversation, they had reached the base. As Najenda led them through the halls Tatsumi and Akame were silent.

After a few minutes of silence, Najenda stopped in front of a door, leading the two to stop as well.

When they walked through the door, as Najenda said earlier, there were three people sitting at a table, clearly waiting. As they walked into the room, the three at the table stared at them. Two were in suprise, the other was just blank.

"Najenda-san aren't these two..?" The green haired speaker trailed off. The other man spoke up.

"I don't mean to be rude but why are they here?" He eyed the assassin duo cautiously. From what he knew, these two were very loyal to their group, and in turn, the Empire.

"Why, Bulat, they are new recruits!" The green-eyed teen, very dramatically, fell out of his chair. Even so, newly-named Bulat just nodded his head knowingly.

"N-Najenda-san are they the infamous assassin duo of the Empire? Why would they even want to come here if it's not to kill us?! Or maybe it's a mission. They'll give secret reports about us to the Empire!" (A/N: Reference? Anyone?) An accusing finger was pointed at Tatsumi. In turn, both Tatsumi and Akame narrowed their eyes.

"Lubbock! Are you doubting my decision? I myself was their target! If they were loyal to the Empire they would have killed me then! However I convinced them not to. If you doubt them, then you're doubting me." Najenda was annoyed if the tone of her voice said anything.

Lubbock, however, looked like a deer caught in headlights. Akame was staring at him. Tatsumi was glaring at him. His most important person was yelling at him...

Lubbock closed his eyes for a few seconds. When he opened them his attitude went in a complete 180.

"Sorry. So, Najenda-san can really convince someone right?" A slightly nervous smile was on his face but even so he held out his hand to shake. While Tatsumi cautiously shoke his hand, Akame was silently looking at the other two.

The man was Bulat, that much she was sure of. But he looked very different from what she remembered. It must be the hair.

The other was probably Schele. Even after Lubbock's short-lived argument or Bulats cautious question she still stared blankly at them.

Afterwards, Najenda held out a thin book to them. "It's okay if we record your Teigu in here right?" They both nodded.

Akame drew her katana and carefully held it out. "One-Cut Killer, Murasame. Even the smallest of cuts will lead to death." Najenda nodded and took the sword with her metal hand.

Tatsumi also drew a sword, however this one wasn't a katana. It was dual-bladed. The entire sword was black. Despite the color, though, it was very plain. A darkened version of an Imperial sword. "Shadow of the World, Yugure. It allows me to control shadows." Najenda took this one as well and gave them to Lubbock.

After writing details Lubbock looked up as if remembering something, "Oh yeah, do they have Trump Cards?" To which Akame and Tatsumi looked at each other, "Yeah both of them but we can't use right now." Lubbock nodded and held out the two swords, which their respective owners took.

Najenda decided to break the slightly akward silence, "Okay so now that that's done, how about something to eat?"

As if on cue Akame's stomach growled. Instantly Tatsumi turned away to hide his laughing but his shaking shoulders said more than enough. Akame not quite knowing she should be embarrassed, took to glaring at Tatsumi.

"A-ah, if you wouldn't mind, can we take over the cooking? Akame is honestly a glutton and she's never satisfied with certain foods." Tatsumi turned around the only sign of his fit of laughing was Akame's solid glare.

While Lubbock seemed to have backed into a corner Najenda just smiled at them, "Of course!"

"N-Najenda-san?" Lubbock questioned awkwardly.

"Yes, Lubbock?" Her voice was sickly sweet and a not-so-sweet smile was on her face.

"N-nothing." He slumped over in defeat.

"Well then! You two can go look for what you want to cook!" Tatsumi nodded and left the room with Akame in tow. When they were gone Lubbock looked up to Najenda.

"Najenda-san how are you so sure that they won't poison the food? Or try to kill us in our sleep..?"

Najenda lit a cigar before sitting in her throne-like chair. "I can relate to them in many ways, that's why I gave them this offer to work for us instead of just trying and probably failing to kill them both. If you look through their emotionless facade, you can see two kids not professional assassins. Give them a chance."

Two "Yes ma'am"s were her answer. She didn't need to worry about Schele, she'd probably accept anybody.

With Tatsumi and Akame

It took a bit of time to figure out where the exit was, but once they found it, they set off to hunt. Their silent footsteps crept up on a rare species of Evilbird that makes its nest in the ground. It blended in with the ground but that didn't cause trouble for the two hiding in the bushes.

Tatsumi and Akame looked at each other. They both nodded at the same time. Tatsumi drew his sword and vanished in black fog. Reappearing behind the bird silently, his sword found its way through the birds heart.

As the Evilbird went limp, Akame came out from the bushes carrying a large amount of sticks, soon enough, a fire was going and the Evilbird cooking. That was when Tatsumi decided to speak.

"Hmm, so what should we get for the others?"

Later on That Day

It was after about an hour that the two recently-turned traitors returned to their new base. They brought Koga Tuna from a pond that they found. The table was mostly silent while they ate. Then Lubbock walked into the room.

"Najenda-san! We got a request!"

As everyone looked to him Najenda smirked. " Who is it?"

"A Captain named Rojin. Seems he regularly steals girls off the streets... The guards are guilty to since they get to share sometimes."

"Was it confirmed?" She asked, knowing what he was implying.


"Very well Night Raid accepts this mission. I want you all to go. But only Akame and Tatsumi can fight. I want you three to see what their capable of."

"Okay, Najenda-san."

"That's all right! Maybe I can train with them!"

"Hmm? Okay?"

That Night

As if on display five people stood on metal wires, looking as if they were floating. The crescent moon almost seemed to glow red as if foreshadowing the demise of the targets. Below them was an office building where their target regularly slept.

It had only been about a minute since they got up there, but already guards were streaming out of the building. Shouts of, "Assassins! Assassins are here!" And the like could be heard. Even a shout of Night Raid was heard.

"Akame-chan, Tatsumi-kun, there all yours." Lubbock said.

"Eliminate." They said in unison before dropping off the wires. They landed side by side and calmly drew their swords.

"W-wha? Aren't they..?" As one guard came to his conclusion a horrified look came across his face. "G-guys... What ever you do... Don't touch that katana. And keep your eyes on the boy!"

"What do you..?" Before another guard could finish his sentence, Tatsumi vanished into the night.



A black sword stabbed through his neck, silencing him forever. Akame dashed forward within seconds a dozen guard had their throats cut. Akame made to deal with the guards while Tatsumi assassinated Rojin. As Tatsumi appeared in front of the entrance ha destroyed the lock and ran in. Not seeing any guards he walked into the door shadow and disappeared.

In minutes he returned to Akame's side, seemingly appearing out of thin air. "Target eliminated."

She then turned to the people waiting on the wires, "All targets eliminated."

Lubbock's response was a gaping mouth and awestruck expression. "Are you serious? It's only been like five minutes! There's no way you can kill all those people in such a short time!"

Akame tilted her head in confusion, but with her emotionless facade it didn't have the desired effect. Instead Tatsumi asked the question.

"Well then, how long do you guys usually take?"

"If it isn't serious usually 10-20 minutes..."

"Well that means their both strong and fast! Let's go give our report!" Bulat had quickly accepted them. As they jumped into the forest, Tatsumi and Akame smiled at each other, another mission finished, not a single wound.

I was so bummed out when Until The End was published... But I'm not going to hold it against the author. Supposedly he didn't steal my Tatsumi-from-Akame's-group idea. That story seems to have gotten romantic very quickly... I won't do this like that. Only problem is, he's using some of my ideas for this story before I could even finish this chapter. So now I have to like revise my thoughts for this story, or at least a few of them.

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