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This continues Ranma's journey into the original Star Wars saga... Yes, this is his part in Episode VI, aka "Return of the Jedi."



Ranma Star Wars: Return of the Tomboy

Episode VI-II (ver 6.2)



Chapter 7 – To The Future Dark (ALTERNATE ENDING)



On the moon of Endor, a somber ceremony took place as two Jedi and a young woman lit a funeral pyre. The armor of Darth Vader burned on that isolated pyre, far from the festivities. Burned along with the armor was the dark outfit Kasumi wore as Enaka, Imperial agent and apprentice of Darth Vader. Ranma had found her white robes and he admitted that, as sexy as she looked in black, white suited her better. Kasumi countered that white showed dirt a LOT better and that for some reason the light color always attracted stains, too!

Luke sighed and shook his head at the inane banter. This was like Han and Leia all over again!

The trio made their way to the area where their friends were celebrating. Ranma introduced Kasumi to the others (without telling them about her former occupation!) and the nervous ex-Sith apprentice fumbled her way through the pleasantries. She wasn't quite back to her old self – not that either she or Ranma believed that she would ever completely be the 'old' Kasumi again – but the old aura of charm and serenity seemed to have snapped back on as soon as that awful Sith uniform was taken off and burned.

"She's on her way back," he thought. "A few more months and we'll be seeing those forest creature scenes from Snow White recreated around her."

He did have to admit... Good Kasumi equalled cute. Bad Kasumi was sexy. "Man, my life is messed up! At least the girl of my dreams didn't end up killing me... Akane, Mark II, dodged after all!"

Most of the group loved her. Chewie thought she smelled awfully familiar but wrote it off. She just seemed to be too cute and nice to have been that female Sith apprentice he saw at Cloud City, right? She couldn't have been the bitch that tortured his buddy, Han...? Oh, well. It's not as if he hadn't forgiven Lando after almost choking him to death for giving Han up to the bounty hunter, right? Some things were just better left to the dustbins. Everybody else seemed to think she was okay.

Artoo was not as forgiving and brought her identity up to his protocol counterpart. Threepio wasn't having any of it. "There is no way she is Enaka, you pustulating scrap pile! I was around Enaka far more than you were... Her bearing and enunciation are completely different. I don't have the sensor equipment to verify this but as humans would say she has a completely different aura!"

Artoo was beeping wildly and shook his sensor dome. Luke figured out what it was and did something he normally didn't do to calm Artoo – he used the codeword overrides to settle the astro droid down. Ranma appeared a moment later and tapped the droid's head. A panel opened up in the top and out popped a spare lightsaber. He thanked the little droid who almost seemed like he was glaring at his master, Luke. The rebellious little droid was sure to get his revenge on the young Jedi in the future. There was a price to be paid for NOT doing periodic memory wipes on droids and the R2 units were NOTORIOUS for getting a bit adventurous and willful in personality.

Much as he liked Luke – oh, he was a thousand times more pleasant than his father and nowhere NEAR as suicidal as Anakin seemed – he was almost TOO nice for his own good and the little droid could get his kicks and minor revenges playing pranks on him. Even as a Jedi Knight, Luke still wasn't aware of the crap that Artoo got away with! The little droid laughed like a melodramatic super-villain in his electronic beeping language. Ranma noticed Artoo's chatter and frowned lightly. Maybe it WAS a good thing that his R3 unit didn't socialize much with Artoo after all! Sometimes the little guy acted like he was related to Happosai.

Ranma made his way back to Kasumi who had settled 30 feet away from the rest of the group and presented the spare lightsaber – Qui-Gon's old weapon – to her. "Here's a loaner... until you decide to make yourself a new one. The blade's green. I take it you won't be taking up any more red blades in the near future?"

Kasumi hit him lightly on the arm before she accepted the lightsaber. She frowned lightly which made him back away a bit. "That's not funny, Ranma. I would have preferred magenta but the Sith only use red blades..."

She saw Ranma still looked nervous and smiled. "Green is very nice, though..."

She smacked the lightsaber in her hand and tested its weight. "It's a very well-built weapon. Too bad it won't be used by a Jedi anymore."

Before Ranma could react, she slammed the head of the saber hilt into his chest and activated the weapon. The green beam passed through his chest and out his back.

The beam snapped off.

He dropped to his knees. He gasped in bewilderment at her. She'd fatally wounded him...! There was no way anyone would be able to get him back to a medical ship before he succumbed to his injuries.

She looked coldly at him. "It's too late for me, Ranma... If you had taken me back a year ago, maybe we could have had that happy ending. Since then, I swore I'd stand over your broken body and avenge my family, or I'd take us both into oblivion."

She got down on her knees and hugged him. "I wish things had been different, that I had been brave and taken that chance the first day we met. There's been too much pain since... I guess I'm not a very strong person after all."

She removed a thermal detonator she'd hidden in her robes and placed it between them. She activated it.

Ranma shook his head. He begged her hoarsely, "Don't do this, Kasumi... There's still a chance for you!"

She shook her head. She teared up and looked regretful. "Dear, sweet Ranma. We don't always get what we want..."

She leaned in and kissed him one last time before the thermal detonator exploded and reduced them both to ashes...


Author's Note: I'll be honest... I PREFER happy endings but once in a while you have to have a sad ending.

If I were Ranma, I would hope I'd be smart enough to NOT hand over a weapon to someone who is MOST LIKELY still emotionally disturbed.

Sometimes, it's hard to say which direction people will take.

Kasumi was NEVER the most normal person in the Tendo household (at least by the standards of the Tendos). Depending on the story, she's a ditz/complete idiot or very sensitive person. I've even read a few fanfics where is downright scarily sociopathic and probably even sicker in that sense than Nabiki's generally portrayed. It's arguable that in both the manga and anime that she's darn right sadistic where Ranma is concerned (something I touched on in the 'Preferred' ending) at the beginning of the anime/manga. Her behavior during the original Neko-ken story arc is a good example of this. Remember that cat she literally threw in Ranma's face?

Take the other example of Nodoka Saotome, Ranma's mother. Half the fanfics I've read portray her as rigid and crazy enough to actually hold her son to the seppuku contract. In a few of those cases, she bends enough to give Ranma room to wiggle and avoid having to use the tanto in the end. In the other fanfics, she of course never intended for Ranma to held to the contract and used the slip of paper to try and get Genma to behave more responsibly during the decade-long training trip. Of course, Genma still screwed up, promise or no promise of seppuku.