A/N: 'Tis the season to write fanfics, la la la la, la la la la. *hangs up the non-denominational seasonal winter lights (long story)* This here fic is my darling Katalyst's Christmas present, and thusly the title was taken from a line in one of her kick-ass poems and there's lots of existential angst and yaoi ta boot- plus a Paradise Kiss-inspired plot twist.

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Sesshoumaru's POV.

"Tales of Their Mortality"

I wake up to the faint scent that whispers "snow" and the priceless feeling of being in your arms. Your warm, strong arms. Yet next to mine, though they look far more powerful, they are much, much weaker.

You sleep more nowadays than you did when we first shared a bed. Then, you were wild and always moving, forever with a smile across your face. And after Naraku's death, you became even happier, and I don't think I ever saw a day go by where you didn't spend most of it laughing.

Now, though . . . it's been so many years. I was never the sort to keep track of things like time, but your age has begun to show. Your hair, once inky black, is now streaked with gray and slightly thinner, and the strength of your body fades ever so slightly. Soon, you will grow brittle and become truly old.

But still . . . you are so happy, and so beautiful. Even growing older and weaker and with lines beginning to crease your face, just the barest glimpse of you is enough to make me smile.

I know you're starting to be afraid that I'll grow tired of you as you age, but I honestly cannot imagine such an occurrence. It's you who will leave me in the end, not the other way around. It's you who will die, my dear monk, and leave me here alone forever.

I hate you for it. Hate you for making me watch you die by inches.

Except I love you. I love you more than anything.

Even if you are going to leave me.

Even if I have to watch you die- I don't mind, so long as you stay with me for as long as you can.

And I still love you. I will always love you. Even when you're dead and gone. Even when I'm alone. Even when this body of mine grows as weak as yours and finally goes to ash. Even when I fall down to Hell and can't even have you in the afterlife . . .

Even then, I will always love you.

You stir awake slowly and meet my eyes. "Mmm . . . Morning, sugar," you say drowsily, your smile slow and languid.

"Good morning, koibito." I bury my face in your neck, breathing in your sweet scent. My Miroku. My heart.

"What, you wanna do it already?" you ask with a faint chuckle. "Wait 'til after breakfast, at least. I'm better after I've eaten, honest."

You're always so happy. I'm so glad to see you like this.

I kiss you, and you laugh again as you return it, pulling me atop your body. Outside, it's still snowing, and I know the difference between a snowflake and a glacier, and which we both are.

But as I've said: I never did care to worry about time.

* finale *

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