Author's Note: My friend, Corvus Draconis, complained that there aren't very many good Vampire Severus stories. I have to, unfortunately, agree. My take on vampires is far more dark and nasty than cute and sparkly, so please be warned, there may be some mature themes and sexual parts (I'm fairly certain they won't get too graphic, but I'm rating this story M just in case and will do my best to warn you in advance).

Please let me know what you think! :)

Chapter 1: There Will Be Blood

If it hadn't been for Draco sodding Malfoy, none of it would have happened. Perhaps if the blond Slytherin boy was less oblivious to the impact of his words, he would have prevented everything as well. But fate has ways of twisting even a tragedy into comedy.

And vice versa.

It had started out as a prank, really. Pansy Parkinson would never have admitted that it was anything else. But the dark truth was that she hadn't cared about the extent of the fallout for her actions. All that mattered was getting her revenge on that damn mudblood.

That damn, perfect, bushy-haired vixen who was stealing away her boyfriend's heart without even knowing it.

It was all that Draco would talk about when they were together. Granger did this. Granger said that. Granger and her brilliant, stupid smile. Pansy hadn't realized she'd gotten off easy when he'd merely been obsessed with going on about Potter. But the last straw had been when he'd nonchalantly mentioned how fit Granger was getting now that she had begun jogging daily around the Black Lake.

Pansy had promptly turned a violent shade of purple and told a very shocked-looking Draco that he could go wank himself off from now on, not that she did such things often for her boyfriend.

After all, a pureblooded lady had to keep her dignity.

A week later, when she had calmed down, she'd considered forgiving Draco for putting his foot in his mouth. After all, he was a young wizard and boys were like that sometimes.

But he was not in the Divination classroom by the time she got there after her Arithmancy class had ended. Looking out the window with a despondent expression, she saw a flash of Slytherin robes and white-blond hair as the very boy she'd been looking for sprinted toward the Black Lake beyond. There was only one reason he would go out in the early autumn chill alone.

Pansy's eyes burned with fury.

Taking the stairs two at a time and racing out the front doors of the castle, Pansy followed Draco out to his little viewing spot by the Black Lake. When she had seen what he was doing in the bushes as he watched the bushy-haired Gryffindor girl bouncing and panting around the lake's edge, she'd nearly hexed Draco's bits off.

After all, they were right there, within feet of her, in plain view.

At the last minute, though, she changed her mind. Pansy stilled her wand, though her hand was still shaking with fury, and melted back into the foliage. A very wicked idea indeed had occurred to her and she strode off with solemn resolve to begin putting her plan into action.

Draco had not suspected a thing. It wouldn't have mattered much even if she had made noise, though. His flushed face and faraway eyes betrayed just how far gone he was in lusting after Hermione Granger. When he finally reached that elusive peak, he called out her name huskily before hastily Scourgifying himself and flipping his robes over his lean, well-toned body.

When he returned to the Slytherin common room with a marked spring in his step, Pansy sneered at him from the couch by the fire.

"Taking up bird watching, are we?" she said venomously, delighting in how his eyes narrowed.

"None of your business," he shot back, heading up the stairs to the boy's dorms.

Pansy's fingers ached as she squeezed her hand tightly into a fist.

"Damned Princess of Gryffindor and her damned shapely body," Pansy hissed, looking down disparagingly at her flat chest and narrow, boyish hips.

She finished scrawling a note out on parchment and rushed to the owlery to send out her message.

Pansy's mouth curled up into a cruel smile as she waited for the reply. She was going to enjoy cutting that bushy-haired know-it-all down to size.

When questioned about the incident afterwards, Sirius Black insisted it was all a prank. He swore up and down that he didn't realize that he had locked Severus Snape into the large, windowless closet that just happened to be occupied by a visiting vampire named Sanguini, who had been invited as a special guest for the upcoming Slug Club Halloween party.

In fact, the only reason anyone had gone looking was because Sanguini had not shown up at the pre-party soiree that Slughorn had thrown and he had been so upset at the state of things that Dumbledore had finally become involved.

The lock had been blasted with several spells that had turned it to molten metal that had frozen in place, and Sirius had managed (or at least, so he maintained, being the only one who was caught) to seal the entire door area shut so that it was soundproofed and nearly air-tight. Of course, there was no true way to plug out all of the tiny drafts in a giant ancient castle. Even Sirius Black was not that good. But as Albus Dumbledore watched over the aurors as they worked to finally pry the door away from the stone of the castle itself, he almost wished that the poor Slytherin boy had been left to suffocate.

It would have been a kinder fate than what awaited him.

For a hungry vampire locked in a small space with a living human can only have so much willpower.

The door finally pulled away from the stone and landed with a crash on the stone floor. The Aurors raised shield charms around the dark space in case anything decided to try and escape.

They needn't have worried.

"Do not punish the boy. It is not his fault," said a smooth, cool voice from the shadows.

Sanguini emerged slowly from the gloom, his dark eyes full of sadness. Attached to his leg was a whimpering, wide-eyed Severus Snape. His skin had gone deathly pale and papery thin, which only drew more attention to the fang marks all over his pulse points. He was shaking pitifully as though he were incredibly weak, but when they tried to separate him from Sanguini's leg, he clawed at them like a wild animal and cried out to the vampire not to leave him, not to stop giving him the maddening pleasure that made him feel better than anything he'd ever felt in his life.

He never thought that he'd feel that way about a vampire, much less beg one to bite him. When Sanguini had finally succumbed to his hunger, Severus had worried it would hurt. He'd read about vampires. Fighting one, especially in close quarters while starving, was asking to be mauled. And so, he did what any Slytherin with an ounce of self-preservation did. He bided his time and made the best of the terrible decisions that were offered him.

When Sanguini's fangs slid into his neck, it did the opposite of hurt. His mind went far away. He felt warm, happy, sated. He was untouchable in a world that had never done anything but hurt him. And after that, he kept begging for more, though the vampire refused, doing his best to fight his baser nature, feeding only when he had to in order to survive.

But Severus was clever. He was good at arguing and cajoling his blood-sucking co-prisoner. He began to dig his fingernails into his skin until the blood welled up, causing Sanguini's pupils to blow wide, his much touted self-control as nothing. The vampire had been disgusted with himself when his mind returned to him, and he did what he could to help Severus stay alive in return.

It had been a long, bloody week.

"Quick! Send him to the infirmary and get him blood-replenishing potions!" Albus cried as he pointed his wand at the seventh year Slytherin and immobilized him with a Total Body Bind.

It took a bit of creative maneuvering for Sanguini to get his leg free, but eventually, they managed.

"I've taken too much," Sanguini said sadly, "He gave his consent, though. His sacrifice kept me alive. I can at least feel no mark upon my conscience for having reduced him to such a state."

Albus made a noise of agreement. Severus Snape was seventeen years old and therefore considered an adult by the Wizarding World. He was within his rights to freely consent to feeding a vampire.

"What will happen?" Albus asked, though he already knew the general details.

"He will either dieā€¦." Sanguini's eyes darkened for a moment before he continued. "Or...he will I live."

Albus frowned and then nodded slightly, releasing the vampire from his side.

"I shall go to Slughorn and explain my rudeness," Sanguini said softly, disappearing silently into the shadows.

But Albus Dumbledore was busy watching the gurney being rolled in the opposite direction and the frozen face of naked hunger that lay upon young Severus Snape's face. His brow furrowed and he pinched the bridge of his nose, closing his sad, blue eyes.

He felt a twinge of self-loathing as he hoped that the poor boy wouldn't make it through the night. It was bad enough having to provide accommodations for the werewolf.

And unbeknownst to anyone, Albus Dumbledore fainted at the sight of blood.