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He spent a lot of time trying to find her, maybe too much. The Doctor didn't know why, but that girl was appearing through the universe over and over… "That is impossible!" was the only thing the eleventh doctor could think while he tried to understand its meaning.

At first, he only sought a coherent response. She was a mystery beyond his knowledge, and that was improper for a Time Lord. Later, he became truly obsessed with that puzzle. After all, she was the woman who died twice trying to save him.

Maybe He would never understand it, but the Doctor wanted to return the favor in some way. So when the girl called the Tardis, it only took five minutes to materialize his ship next to her door. That was the day he found her again, the same day the Wi-Fi lost its control over humanity.

His two hearts were shattered at the sight. He had returned only to witness her death, again. "Oh no, you won't. Not this time Clara…" he said, typing on the keyboard as fast as he could, trying to send back the girl's consciousness. "…I promise you."

The final code was sent and her body exhaled for air. "It's ok, It's ok… you're fine, you're back…" Carefully, he hold her head and looked at the last message sent through the computer screen:

Under my protection. The Doctor.


She looked at the screen of her phone: 14th January. It was the only proper way to know how much time she had spent aboard the Tardis. "Three weeks since Christmas and the dream crabs."

Clara had changed for sure and even the doctor was a little less grumpy than usual. But even that didn't change the fact that she didn't want to celebrate that festivity. A lot of losses to remember, and of course, she know that the Doctor didn't like it, for heaven's sake, He spent a whole millennium trapped in a town called Christmas! Who would want to remember it? Therefore she was surprised when he took her to New Paris, in 2075, to celebrate it. "The holographic fireworks were fantastic," Clara thought smiling as she finished packing her bag.

When she got to the console, she hoped to see the Time Lord playing with cables and causing a short circuit, but the room was actually quiet. Only the ambient noise of the ship could be heard. "This is weird." Clara climbed the stairs to find the entire wall full of symbols and handwriting. "Sometimes, I wonder why you allow him to do this vandalism in your walls. You really should hide the chalk." The Tardis hummed in response. The girl followed a trail of books scattered on the floor until she reached the old armchair.

She opened her mouth to speak but close it again. The Time Lord was asleep. "Yeah… definitely really weird." She had never, ever, seen the doctor sleeping. In fact, didn't know if his kind could do it. He was always running, philosophizing about trivial things or playing with his impossible devices, but there he was, leaning back in his armchair, with a book about to slip from his hands.

A warm smile appeared in her face. It also was the first time she saw him so relaxed. Even his eyebrows were less furrowed than usual. Clara dropped his bag aside and took a small blanket, which surely, the Tardis had left there on purpose. She come closer and began to cover him with it until she heard a low voice very close to her ear. "Do not dare to hide my chalk." The girl jumped back as the Doctor's eyes opened.

"Oh my god… Don't do that again!" she said recovering her breath. "Wait a minute, your chalk? Do you know how childish it is? And how did you hear that if you were sleeping?"

The doctor closed his book and stand up "Of course I wasn't sleeping. I was meditating. The only time my brain goes to sleep is when other people speak."

She crossed her arms. "Sure… but for your information, I'm not cleaning this mess."

The Time Lord approached the bookcase when he noticed the bag on the floor. His eyes looked up to Clara and the eyebrows frowned again. "Eh… Doctor there is something I need to tell you…"

He practically ignored her and went downstairs to the console. "Ok, I can admit that Feraxus wasn't the best place to go," he said starting the engines "But this time I found an incredible planet, you'll going to love Raela. It rains up, can you imagine that?!"

"Feraxus was ok but…"

"Well, in that case, I think you're trying to carry too much luggage to Raela, which would be inappropriate because the gravity is considerably higher… and I didn't want to mention it, but your weight has increased in recent weeks." A heavy sigh was what he got for an answer. Even the old box was remaining silent.

"Ok…if that is what you want I'll get you home," he said simply, typing down new coordinates.

She would have taken his arm, but remembered that his new self didn't like the human contact at all. "Doctor, I want you to know that last weeks have been amazing… despite when that big slug spat on me."

"Clara, that is the usual greeting from Feraxurians, they were being kind." A shadow of a smile appeared on his face just for one second.

"Sorry, did you just smile?"

"Of course not, my brain is trying to understand how your little humans' pudding brains could be more interesting than the anti-gravitational rain from Raela…"

"Doctor, we talked about this."

"Well… maybe my brain was sleeping in that precise moment. It could happened you know and…"

She just needed him to shut up so she gentle grabbed his arm. It worked. He tensed like if her fingers were burning him. "You know that I've to go back. Just for a week. Please…" After a few endless seconds The Tardis made her characteristic sound. Clara took his bag and went to the doors, knowing that her flat would be on the other side.

The Doctor looked up, at her. "Clara… just be careful."

The girl smiled at that. "Don't worry, I'll take all the tipped scissors from my students and won't let them sharpen their pencils."

He looked annoyed "I'm serious, Clara."

She just nodded, and exited the blue box.

Although the Tardis had gone into to the time vortex several minutes earlier, he was still looking at the door. "So… We're alone again. How about a little trip to Raela my old friend?" He was about to set the coordinates when the phone rang.

He just rolled his eyes. "Really… Someday I'll have to put that damn thing back into the console unit…" he said, heading for the door and picking up the phone. "This is the Tardis and no, it's NOT your courier service, so if you have left here your toothbrush…Hello? …Clara is that you?"

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