Dennis smiled and sat up a little straighter when Jenny's eyelids flickered. Taking her hand, he held it tightly. "Hello, sleepyhead."

Jenny smiled and slowly opened her eyes. "I still feel like I could sleep for a week."

"Well you can, if you like. When I called your mother to tell her what happened she insisted on coming down and has taken over our house, our daughter, and for some strange reason next doors cat."

Jenny groaned and shut her eyes. "Will we ever get time to ourselves, do you think?"

Dennis dropped a kiss to her hand. "We've got all the time in the world to spend together."

Jenny nodded and her eyes flickered shut again.

When Dennis thought she'd fallen back asleep, she suddenly said, "I hope you're going to apologise to Alison."

Dennis frowned. It had only been an hour since he'd spoken, rather harshly, to his sister. "You've spoken to her?"

A ghost of a smile pulled at Jenny's lips. "No. But I know you."

Dennis lowered his head and gave a sigh. "I will. Go back to sleep, I'll stay here."

The scot dropped a kiss to his wife's head and stroked the damp hair from her face. When the doctor next came to check on her, Liz found Dennis with his head resting on the bed, fast asleep.

"Uncle Dennis, do you think mum will have done a roast for dinner?"

It was four months since Jack had been sent to prison and it was two days until Thomas' birthday. As promised, Dennis had taken him on a camping trip, and it seemed to have gone some way to mending their relationship.

Now, they were pulling up outside Alison's house. Dennis was still working on mending that relationship.

Leaving his uncle to carry everything inside, Thomas rushed inside. He was hoping there was a party waiting for him. "Mum! Aunty Jenny! I'm home!"

His face lit up when he saw his best friend Peter and several other friends from school, who all cried, "Happy Birthday Thomas!" He was torn between running to the table full of his favourite foods and the table that groaned under the weight of his presents.


When Dennis entered the front door with their things, Jenny was there to greet him, but wrinkled her nose. "I take it you caught some fish, then?"

"Well lovely to see you too, Jen. Hug?" As he approached with open arms and a grin, there was the noise of small feet rushing towards them, and a second later a grinning Sarah appeared in the doorway wearing her party dress.


When Dennis bent to catch her, she stopped and wrinkled her nose exactly as Jenny had just done. "Daddy stinky!"