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If he was always this annoying, she had to wonder if this Holy Grail thing was even worth fighting for anymore.

And yet, for some reason, she was chosen as a contender by it.

"What an interesting 'Master' I have found," The Archer-class Servant known as Gilgamesh (or King of Kings as he constantly insisted as), "Not a Mage, but a Priestess?"

Kagome barely even glanced at the Heroic Spirit, not wanting to engage the blond male in any sort of conversation any more than she absolutely had to, 'He's even more arrogant than Sesshoumaru!'

And that was saying something.

"A Priestess is a human Servant to the Gods," Gilgamesh smirked, his crimson eyes gleaming haughtily, "And I am a God. Now, mongrel, what does that make you to me?"

"I am called the Master for a reason," Kagome sighed in irritation, rather tired of hearing her Servant talk so damn much about himself, "You might be right about that for others like myself, but I serve no one," She then glared, "And don't call me mongrel."

"Oh?" Gilgamesh raised a brow, rather amused at her bravery (or audacity as it was), though he was willing to forgive her because she was his current entertainment, "You may be the 'Master' in name only, Ka-Go-Me," He mocked, "Do not forget who owns you."

"Excuse me?" Kagome huffed, moving her hand so that he could clearly see the Command Seals that had been tattooed on her skin when the Holy Grail had chosen her to be a Master, "I have only a vague desire for the Holy Grail. I can forfeit my right as Master at any time and then you can go find yourself another one."

If he continued to be so irritating, then perhaps that was what she would do.

The feel of fingers caressing her cheek in a possessive manner almost had her falling over in shock and she jumped from shock to find Gilgamesh standing right in front of her (and right in her personal space), "D-don't touch me, Goldie!"

"I have decided," He declared with a smug smirk, "It may be an honour for other Gods to possess their own Priestess, but you will find that it is your honour to serve me, Ka-Go-Me."

"Go die in a fire!" Kagome spat, about to slap away his fingers from her face, only to find that he had seemed to dissolve in a shower of golden sparkles before she could do so, "Bastard." She bristled when his voice echoed in the room before his presence disappeared completely from her senses.

"Never forget that you are mine, Priestess!"

The Holy Grail was so not worth this.

Definitely not.