Kasamatsu and the 7 Miracles

Prologue & Chapter One: A Lone Student

It is lonely. Not that I would ever admit that out loud. The only close friends I had during middle school both had to move away. Kobori moved all the way to America and Moriyama had moved to some quiet small town, out in the country, far from where he used to live. They left me, tearfully and sadly, but I just offered each a smile and a hug before watching them leave.

For two years into high school I was alone. I kept to myself and studied hard, never once going to hang out with any classmates because it was never the same. I had fallen into a quiet rhythm; go to school, come home, then study. Repeat. Just when I was finally used to being alone, finding myself better off alone… My parents had me transfer. We did not end up moving or anything, but they had said that it was only for 'breaking me out of the shell I had shut myself in.'

I transferred to this new school just before I began my third year. My parents told me that I should try to be more open and social, but I did not know if I could do it. I did not think that I would be able to do it as easily as they said I could. I expected my third year in high school to be the same as my previous two years; to be alone and to let it pass by in a blur, hopefully.

However, little did I know that what I expected turned into the unexpected, sending my life into a whirlwind of confusion and emotions…

"Have a great day at school, Yukio." A woman who appeared to be in her mid-30's had said with a wistful tone in her voice. The woman gave a soft smile, running her hand through a younger teen's hair.

Kasamatsu nodded, offering his mother a faint smile before departing from home. Despite his thoughts about how this year would turn out for him, Kasamatsu had believed that it would just be the same as before. He did not understand why his parents went through the trouble of transferring him.

The black haired teens grip tightened on his bag, his eyes glued to the ground as he followed the mental map he created for himself just a few days prior. He crossed the road, making a face as the smell of burnt rubber flowed into his nose. Kasamatsu rubbed his nose and chose to ignore the heavy, distracting scent as he continued on his way to school.

With the view of the school in sight, Kasamatsu took a deep breathe in before exhaling slowly. He neared the gates of the oddly prestigious-looking school, hating the way his stomach twisted from his nerves. Once Kasamatsu entered the gates, he was nearly shoved to the side by a group of squealing girls. Kasamatsu stumbled, quickly regaining his balance, and stared at the group of excited girls, glaring and huffing in annoyance.

The third year walked past the girls who were busy crowding around a tall blond boy, and proceeded inside the school. Kasamatsu pulled a slip of paper out of his pocket, wanting to double-check that he was going to the right classroom. His steel-blue eyes grazed the paper, nodding as he put it back in his pocket, walking into the open and bright classroom.

There were only a few students present at the time, Kasamatsu paying no mind to them as he chose to sit at a desk near the back row, next to the window. In a matter of five to seven minutes, the classroom began to fill up with the remaining students. Just a minute after, the teacher entered.

The teacher introduced himself, saying that he would not only be teaching them English, but Mathematics, as well. He eventually got around to having everyone introduce themselves. When it came to Kasamatsu's turn, the teenager had stared blankly at the teacher before his gaze fell to his desk.

"Kasamatsu Yukio." Kasamatsu said quietly – almost coldly – in a way. There was a faint murmur from one of the students, but it was silenced the moment the teacher clapped his hands, telling the next student (a black haired, glasses-wearing boy) who sat behind Kasamatsu to introduce himself.

The rest of the class seemed like a blur and soon the teacher left, only to be replaced by their science teacher. Classes proceeded normally, going over things they all should have learned from their previous year and what they are expected to learn this year. Lunch time rolled around and Kasamatsu found himself wondering what he should do.

'Should I go outside? Maybe I should just stay in the class…' Kasamatsu decided to go for the latter, but some of the students had gathered around another's desk and they started to talk to each other. Suddenly feeling out of place and in the way at the same time, Kasamatsu opted for leaving.

He did just that, grabbing his bag which contained the bento his mother had made, and left the room. Kasamatsu walked down a crowded hallway, ignoring the people as they called out of one another, laughing and talking noisily. He seemed to drift past a sea of blurry faces, their voices loud but oddly unclear to him, as he could care less. Pretty soon, Kasamatsu found himself standing on the rooftop of the school.

The steel-blue eyed teenager felt a gentle welcoming breeze brush past him, leading Kasamatsu to take a deep breath of fresh air. Kasamatsu felt the soft breeze ruffle his hair, cooling him off from the mob of people he had never seen before, giving him a sense of calmness. The third year glanced around the empty rooftop and picked a spot to sit down.

He sat next to a rusty, silvery ladder that lead up to the top of another part of the roof. Despite his mild curiosity, Kasamatsu resisted the urge to climb to the top and instead focused on eating his lunch. The only sounds that the black haired teen was aware of were the ones that did not bother him – the wind rustling through the trees, birds chirping among themselves and the almost non-existent sound of his own breathing.

After Kasamatsu had finished eating, the teen put his bento box away and pulled a book out. The book, assigned to them by their English teacher, was about a Prince. The Prince had to go through a long, terrifying, sad, and harrowing journey. Or something like that. Kasamatsu figured that he might as well get started on it, since they all had to read the first three chapters by next Monday.

To enthralled by the book, Kasamatsu was startled when the bell rang loudly, pulling him from his thoughts. He glanced at his cellphone, surprised to see that lunch was already over. Kasamatsu began to pack up his book, making sure to place a sticky note on the page he left off on beforehand.

Just as the third year was about to stand, a foot had seemingly come out of nowhere and stepped on his shoulder, causing him to cripple and jolt forward from the sudden weight. Kasamatsu fell forward, nearly smacking his face on the hard surface of the roof, If not for putting his hands out to brace his fall. The one who stepped on him, however, was not so lucky. A pained grunt flooded Kasamatsu's ears, making the third year look to the right of him. His eyes met with dark, royal blue orbs; pain, anger, annoyance, and even something a little depressing were etched into the person's eyes.

The guy who stepped on him pushed himself up off the cold bottom of the roof, wiping a smudge of blood form the corner of his mouth. He had tanned skin and dark blue hair, although at the moment it appeared lighter in comparison to his blue eyes. Kasamatsu stared at him before looking away, dusting himself off silently.

"Oi," The deep voice of the taller male jostled Kasamatsu from his thoughts. "Aren't you gonna apologize?"

"You stepped on me!" Kasamatsu blurted out, without thinking.

"You got in my way!" The tanned teenager replied, glaring down at Kasamatsu who had stood up to leave.

Kasamatsu stared up at the blue haired boy incredulously, frowning after a moment and averting his eyes away, "Hmph."

"Tch." The guy clicked his tongue in annoyance, turning around. "Whatever." He muttered, waltzing away and out of sight.

Kasamatsu did not know for how many minutes he stood there, trying to calm his racing heart. He knew that he would be getting into trouble as soon as he went back to class. Deciding to get it over with, Kasamatsu made the decision to face the music sooner than later, and left.

Thankfully, Kasamatsu did not get into as much trouble as he thought he would. The most he got was a quick lecture on being on time.

It was now after school, and Kasamatsu is currently making his way down the hallway, wanting to get back home as soon as he could. He rounded a corner, keen on pushing past the flow of the students who were all beginning to talk to others about what clubs they wanted to join and what ones they were actually going to join. Kasamatsu seemed to freeze in his footsteps, a memory of his middle school days suddenly flooding into his mind…

"Hey, Yukio," Moriyama called out, waving enthusiastically as he approached Kasamatsu with Kobori at his side. "Do you think all the girls would flock towards us if we joined the basketball club?"

"Why would I care, idiot?" Kasamatsu hissed out, his cheeks darkening at the appalling thought.

Kobori laughed at the two of them, however going silent as he stared down at the three forms in his hand. "We should do it." Kobori stated suddenly, smiling. The tallest met Kasamatsu's curious stare, then Moriyama's, "Seriously."

Moriyama and Kasamatsu shared a look, grabbing a form each from Kobori after hesitating for a moment.

"We really are joining, aren't we?" Kasamatsu asked, even though he had a feeling he already knew the answer to his question. Despite this, Kasamatsu snorted, taking a pen out of his bag, "This is insane. We know nothing about basketball."

"Yet you're signing the form, Yukio." Moriyama teased, poking Kasamatsu's cheek with his pen.

"Shut up."

"You know, that isn't very terrifying with a smile on your face." Kobori laughed.

Kasamatsu pouted momentarily before hastily turning away from his two best friends, still filling out the necessary information needed on the form, "Hmph."

… An arm wrapping around his shoulders sent Kasamatsu crashing back into reality, jolting him from his false sense of comfort. Rudely, Kasamatsu elbowed the person who put their arm around him and turned to glare at the offender. Just as Kasamatsu was about to explode, the guy in front of him started laughing, careless and free.

"Haha, man. Sorry!" The slightly shorted male apologized, waving his hand about casually, as if shaking his careless actions away. "I was just getting a closer look at the board behind you, kinda wondering if you were-"

"Sorry I was in the way." Kasamatsu interrupted, walking away swiftly in the now half-empty hall.

"Heh? No, that wasn't what I-…" The black haired boy fell silent, watching Kasamatsu quickly make an escape. 'I was hoping that you were interested in joining the basketball club because of the interesting face you were making, however…' His thoughts went silent, glancing back at the cork-board that had every sport listed, except for basketball.

If it wasn't obvious by the title, then this is an idea I got from watching Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches) xD Also, if you're curious as to why I chose Kasamatsu... It's because Kasacchi is my favorite~~

Anyway, expect a lot of kissing 8D