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This is - Hentai Girl x Boy & Yuri Girl x Girl

Pairing: fem Naruto 'Naruko' x ?

/AC - Everyone here's my first Hentai & Yuri story! Please enjoy! You might notice a slight crossover with an anime called 'Green Green', I love that anime!\


Iruka twitched as he saw his blonde student sleeping soundly in class "Naruko, WAKE UP!" he yelled as he tossed a tea kettle and the girl jolted awake, but not because the tea kettle hit her. No ... she woke up when the guy behind her yelped as the tea kettle hit him.

"sorry, I couldn't bring myself to hit a girl" said Iruka as he scratched the back of his head sheepishly "now lets continue, many years ago the monks in a temple not far from here sealed away a dangerous spirit"

Naruko raised her hand "sensei why was the spirit dangerous?"

"it was an evil demon who was said to kill anyone who defied him" he answered and continued teaching.

Now the blonde girl was curious (I'm going to find that temple)

It took a little research, but she thought she found where the temple once stood, but it won't be easy to find after so many years. Of course, that won't stop her from trying! Spring break is almost here and when most people go home she stays at school so why not look around then?


"YAY Spring Break!" yelled a pink haired girl as she and all the other students headed down the long road that led to the bus stop, except Naruko that is. Naruko was an orphan and didn't have a place to go, but she made arrangements with the principle. She can stay on the school grounds as long as she helps the caretaker with the chores.

Naruko sighed "alone again ... oh well, at least I have something to do this time ... now lets see, do I have enough supplies?" the blonde went through the next few minutes checking that she packed enough food, water, her phone and an emergency medical kit. After helping the caretaker clean up the common area she was going to check out the temple.

The blonde shivered in disgust as she set a mop down "does anyone clean their own room or do they think the cleaning fairies do it? ... time to go" she told the caretaker that she was going to check out the Toad temple, which was a popular temple nearby.

The caretaker told her to be careful and she left ...


After trekking a couple miles towards Toad temple she veered south. It was more difficult than she expected cause of the density of the forest, but she finally made it to a clearing where she could take a break.

"ok, if I'm right then ... the temple could be around here ... I don't think I see any-AHHH"


Naruko screamed as the ground beneath her gave way causing her to fall into an underground tunnel. As she sat up she checked herself for any injuries.

"ow ow ow ... I think I'm ok" she checked for any injuries and was happy to see nothing broken, just a few scrapes and what will be a few bruises later "awesome, I'll be sore in morning, but other than that I'm ok ... Whoa"

Her jaw dropped as she looked around the place where she fell. It was an old stone corridor with very high ceilings and tall elegant statues. After checking her phone she was sad to see that she had no bars, but she decided to take some pictures and not worry yet.

She looked up and frowned "damn it's too high for me to climb out ... guess I have no choice" pulled out her flash light and proceeded down the passageway.

The blonde gazed at the intricately designed pots and old tapestries. She finally found an old staircase and carefully started climbing ... step by step she made her way up the stairs, she was almost at the top when ...

*crack* a step shattered making her lose her balance, but she quickly grabbed the rail and bolted up the last steps just as the stairs pulled away from the wall and started falling. She jumped grabbed hold of the frame of a door and rolled onto the floor of a room. As she laid on the floor she caught her breath and listened to the stairs crumble behind her.

"maybe this wasn't a good idea" said Naruko as she sat up and shined her flashlight around the room. There was an alter with a pot in the back of the room. It looked interesting so she went to check it out. there were words on the pot, but they were too faded to read. She took a few pictures incase she got to her computer where she could enhance them.

Gravity, however, was not her friend today ...

After stepping too close a floor board snapped and she fell into the alter. The pot smashed onto the floor sending fragments and dust flying every where.

Coughing and sneezing was the only thing Naruko could do until everything settled a couple minutes later.

A crash in the room next door made Naruko jump "oh *cough* great, now *cough*what?" the blonde moved her flashlight so it illuminated the other room and saw that a section of the roof opened up making an exit leading outside.

Naruko grinned "yes! Time to get out of here-" she froze ... Naruko knew she heard something. She turned around and heard it again ... a whimper from a small animal. She scanned the room with her light and there ... under a large fragment of the pot was a tiny silver/gray dog.

"Oh my god! I must've knocked the vase on you! It's ok, I'll get you out of here" she opened her bag and pulled out a blanket and placed it on top to make a bed. She carefully picked up the small dog and placed it on the makeshift bed. She dragged herself out of the temple and was happy to see she could see the mountains so she easily found her way back to school.


The caretaker, Sansho, was cooking up some food when Naruko came back "dinner is almost done Naruko"

"it smells great, I'm going to wash up" she went up to her room and gently set the little dog down on her bed. After she quickly rinsed off she tried to drip some water into the dog's mouth with a spoon she had in her packed lunch. A smile crossed her lips as a tiny pink tongue flicked out to catch a dribble. Three spoonfuls later the dog went to sleep and Naruko went down to eat dinner. After Sansho went home she grabbed some leftover fish and went upstairs.

"oh crap!" the dog had rolled to the edge of the bed and nearly over the side, but she caught it just in time "how can someone cause so much trouble in their sleep?" she giggled as she saw that the clothes that were on the bed were now on the ground. She set the food on the bed and picked up the mess. The dog sniffed and whimpered as it tried to wiggle closer to the fish.

The blonde giggled and picked up the dog "here you go" she slowly gave small pieces of fish to the fluffy little animal. After all the fish was gone she gently washed the dog and curled up in bed with it …

At some point in the middle of the night a white mist of energy consumed the dog and it changed into a man!

This wasn't going to be a pretty wake up call …