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"Embry! Be careful with that box!" Bella stood on Sam's front porch, her arms crossed over her chest. A light drizzle was adding just enough frizz to her hair to be annoying.

Embry leaned the box in question against the leather seat of her truck and tilted his head backwards to peer at her in dismay. "When I agreed to help you move into Sam's, I didn't know you'd have this much stuff."

"You were going to help her move into my house whether you agreed to or not." Sam's voice rumbled from above her head, raising goosebumps on Bella's arms. She stretched up on tiptoe and kissed his waiting lips.

Embry rolled his eyes. "Oh, yeah, I forgot. Oh powerful mighty Alpha."

Sam chuckled and rubbed his hands over Bella's arms. "You're cold, baby. Go inside. I started a fire for you."

"Maybe you can grab a few boxes now," Jacob grunted as he appeared from the other side of the truck. He had four boxes in his arms that piled so high he had to lean backwards to keep them balanced. His footsteps crinkled in the gravel.

Paul brushed past Bella and skipped down the stairs, on his way back from carrying his own portion of Bella's things inside. "Oh, please. Sam's too worried about Bella's temperature dropping a degree to actually lift a finger and do some manual labor."

Sam's hands slid around his mate's waist and he pulled her close, so that her back was pressed against his front. Sam's lips pressed against her temple and he leaned down to whisper gently in her ear. "I promised Charlie that I'd take care of you. I can't go back on that promise before you've even spent one night in your new home."

Bella smiled, remembering. Charlie hadn't been thrilled at the original suggestion of the move, but Billy and Jacob had played an essential role in bringing him to accepting it. At first, Charlie had thought Bella and Sam were moving too quickly, becoming too serious and not thinking of the consequences that their current choices would have on their future. Billy eventually coaxed him into realizing that everything about Bella and Sam's relationship was serious and had been since the moment their eyes first met. And so there they were – the entire werewolf pack helping Bella move into Sam's cabin in La Push.

Jared leaned against the threshold and shoved his hands into his pockets. "Kim just called. Her class just ended and she and Leah are on their way here to help you . . . uh, 'girl-ify the Alpha's house.' Her exact words."

Bella smiled and rested her head against Sam's chest, exhaustion tugging on her eyelids. She wished she could lie down for a nap, but that would only send Sam into a worried frenzy. Lately her body had been almost dysfunctional, but her doctors all promised her it was all completely normal. Not that Sam believed them.

His hands protectively cupped her stomach. "How're my children doing in there?"

Oh, yes. Pregnancy had made him far more protective. Bella's being pregnant with twins made him a little crazy, which was why Bella wasn't even allowed to help carry her own belongings inside. Stress isn't good for the baby, and neither is heavy lifting.

Bella's pregnancy was just far enough along that her baby-bump was noticeable in almost anything she wore, and having two babies made it even more defined. It was terrifying to think that she would have a baby in her arms in four short months, but knowing how absolutely thrilled Sam was to be becoming a father made Bella excited, too. They'd gotten pregnant on purpose; starting their family had been Sam's initial suggestion. If Bella was being honest, children hadn't even been on Bella's radar until Sam had brought it up . . . after an evening of love making.

Sam was twenty-six years old, turning twenty-seven in just a month. In the past, Alpha's have stopped phasing at age forty-five, passing control of the pack down to his son. If Sam wanted to do that as well, their son would have to be of age. By the time Sam would be ready to retire, Theodore Evan Uley would be eighteen and ready to control the future werewolf pack of La Push. And Carolyn Elizabeth Uley would hopefully be following her own dreams.

Sam hadn't exactly approved of those names, but Bella wasn't going to back down. After all, it was her body being taken over and ballooned up.

Bella rested her hands over Sam's. "They're just fine. Maybe a little hungry."

"That makes three of us," Quil called out. He was inside, watching the football game while he was supposed to be helping to lessen the load that the others had to carry.

Sam peeked his head around the corner and rolled his eyes at his pack-mate. "If you weren't so frickin' lazy and you'd volunteered to go and pick up the pizza instead of waiting for the sixteen-year-old, zit-faced delivery boy to bring it to us, we'd have dinner by now."

Jacob bounded up the steps with his last load, the porch steps creaking under his weight. As he passed, he tossed Bella a grin. "I think most of these boxes are kitchen stuff. Want me to put them in there?"

"The dining room, I think," she told him.

Jared, who had been following behind the Beta with a bedside lamp and her color printer in his arms, paused. His eyebrows shot up. "Sam Uley has a dining room?" he gasped, doubtful.

Bella giggled. "Well, not really – yet."

Jared chuckled. "Oh, right. I forgot – Mama Bear is taking over."

"You'd better watch out, Alpha. Your wolf den is about to be invaded," Brady teased. He and Collin were tossing a football around in the yard, carefree and relaxed. Somehow they'd managed to avoid move-in duty.

Collin hooted. "Tomorrow we're gonna show up and every wall will be pink!"

Everyone thought that was funny – even Sam, to Bella's surprise. His throaty laughter was still rumbling as he bent to kiss her cheek. "I don't care what my fu-" He cleared his throat. " – frickin' house looks like. As long as Bella is in it, I'll be happy. Overjoyed."

Bella's heart warmed. She reached up to rest her hands against his chest and batted her eyelashes innocently at him. "So you won't care if I put my purple polka-dotted toilet seat cover and matching shower curtain in the master bathroom?"

His eyes widened in mock-fear, his mouth dropping open. "Awe, jeez," he grumbled jokingly, "I can feel my masculinity falling to ruins at my feet already." He kissed the tip of her nose to emphasize his mischief.

Jacob, now hands-free and spunky, strutted back outside and onto the porch. "Alright, let's get this bookshelf inside and finish this job up." He clapped his hands together once, capturing everyone's attention.

Paul walked by and bumped Sam's shoulder with his own. "That includes you, too, Oh Mighty Alpha." He glanced at Bella. "Mama Bear – I love you like the sister I never wanted, but I'm not throwing my back out trying to get that giant-ass piece of furniture into that house." He gestured to the living room with a jerk of his head.

Bella grinned and shoved Sam away by his stomach. "Sam will absolutely help you."

Sam sighed. "What good is being the Alpha if my pack is just going to mutiny and turn my own imprint against me?" The two jogged down the steps. The gravel crackled under each step they took on the driveway.

Jared cupped his hands over his mouth and hollered, "Hey, Quil! Get your lazy ass out here and help us carry Bella's favorite form of entertainment!"

Quil's response was less than enthusiastic and definitely not gentlemanly, but he reported for duty nonetheless.

Once the bookshelf was perfectly in place, a bright yellow car with pepperoni all over the sides stopped in the driveway and all of their difficult labor was forgotten.

Sam Uley's house was absolutely adorable. Not that Bella would ever say that while he was within hearing distance; a bachelor pad wasn't meant to be charming.

It was a log cabin that had once been a vacation house for a rich family from California – because only a wealthy Californian family would actually want to vacation in Washington. Obviously, since Sam had been able to afford to purchase the building at age eighteen with no bank loans, they'd been desperate to be rid of it. But really – who wanted to spend the summer in La Push when they could be in San Francisco or Las Angeles?

Sam and Paul, when they'd first began to phase and it was just the two of them, had spent long hours tucked away in the woods, renovating Sam's new home. They'd added a beautiful mahogany porch, big enough for a comfortable lounge chair and a rocker to rest on, where Bella imagined the two of them would watch many a sunset. It was two stories high and had eight windows that overlooked the front yard, allowing tons of natural light to illuminate the hallways, bedrooms, bathroom, living room, and kitchen. A sliding glass door would grant access to the backyard through the kitchen. The backyard was fenced in – a trend on the Reservation.

Sam was ashamed of his house – always comparing it to those that they passed on the way to fancy dinners in Port Angeles or on rare trips to Seattle. But Bella thought it was cozy and welcoming and homey, and she loved it.

Perhaps because, when she and Sam were there, the world just seemed to stop.

The fireplace was their favorite place to sit near. A layer of blankets and row of pillows supported them as they lay in each other's arms. There, with the flames crackling in the background and her head resting on Sam's bare chest, Bella felt safe and loved and wanted.

"I have to be at the garage at eight tomorrow morning," Sam sighed into her hair.

She pouted a little. She'd imagined they would spend the entire morning, lazily watching TV from the comfort of their bed – or maybe sitting on their front porch, drinking coffee and eating cookies – or pickles! Oh, Bella had been craving pickles since practically the day she got pregnant.

Bella sat up on her elbows. When she looked down at him, her hair brushed against his cheek. As she spoke, he pinched a lock between his fingers and stared up at her adoringly. "Well, be extra quiet when you get up because I have the weekends off, and I want to sleep," she gloated.

Sam glared at her playfully. "Not all of us have teaching degrees, Ms. Swan. Some of us have to do the manual labor jobs."

Bella had attended the University of Washington State, where she'd earned her bachelor's degree in Secondary Education with a concentration on Language Art and a minor in Creative Writing. Staying in Forks, living at home with Charlie, seeing Sam every day, being a part of the pack was the best choice Bella could have made. She felt badly for changing the plans she and her mother had made so long ago, but she was happy. What was the word Sam had used that afternoon? Overjoyed. She was ecstatic with the direction her life had gone in. "I love your job," she told him. "You're sexy when you're all covered in grease and sweat."

His eyebrows shot up. "Oh, yeah?" Before Bella could respond, another part of his body was talking.

She blushed a deep shade of red. "What are you going to do when we've got two little toddlers running around here and you can't drag me to the bedroom every ten minutes?"

He brushed a hand through her hair gently. "It's not my fault," he said innocently. "It's your scent. Your being pregnant makes your scent much more . . ." He searched for the words. "Potent to me. It's like . . . sweeter. Stronger." He kissed her mouth. "But just as sexy."

Bella laughed and settled back down against his side. His arms, muscular and powerful yet ever-gentle, secured her to him.

A comfortable silence fell over them. Sam's steady breathing almost lulled Bella to sleep, especially as his index finger drew patterns on her back.

"Are you happy, Bella?"

She smiled. "Of course I am." She paused. "Are you?"

He reached down to press his hands against her growing stomach. "Of course I am," he echoed. "I love you." His warm hands caressed her belly lovingly, protectively. He was going to be the absolute best father the world would ever see.

Their eyes met, and then their lips locked.

And their happily ever after began.

"So – can we discuss these baby names of yours?" he grumbled.

"You don't like Carolyn for our daughter?"

"No, I do," he corrected her. "It's our son's that's got me worried."

"What's wrong with Theodore?" she demanded. "C'mon – we can call him Teddy for short, and he can have the cutest little pajamas with Teddy Bears on them, and –"

"He's gonna be an Alpha werewolf one day," he interrupted. "He's gotta have a strong name – powerful. A powerful name brings a powerful reputation."

"Oh, please," she said. "I think you and I proved that around here, a reputation means nothing." She pouted. "Besides – I've had these names picked out since eighth grade."

Sam chuckled. "Of course you did, Ms. I'm Always In Control."

She blinked innocently. "Who, me?" But, despite being teased for her past behaviors, Bella felt an overwhelming bliss settle over her.

Oh – and the giant glistening diamond on her finger certainly added to it.

And . . . that's all, folks.

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