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Faster. Harder. Longer. She had to get away. She was a freak they said. She was an abomination they said. Where was she to go? Did they know she was gone? Did they notice the 10 year old girl has disappeared?

That was the first and last time Emma Swan let her fear of her body get in the way of living. Now at 28 she is one of the most influential artist in America. She got out of the first foster home after that night and after that it only got worse. Yet no matter the circumstances, Emma Swan didn't take it lying down. She was no longer the lanky, weak scared girl who ran away 18 years ago.

No. She was an artistic extraordinaire, Emma Swan. She had her spirit and heart broken more than once in life and had walls that would put the Hoover Dam to shame, but she was right where she needed to be. Except today, she was running very late today.

Running through the streets of Chicago, she was late to a shoot and her prime lighting time in the day was running away from her. She got in late and her friend Ruby, who she hadn't seen since high school, had a very convincing argument on why they should celebrate it. So now here she was, running through the streets with the phone to her ear yelling at her assistant that she would be to Millennium as soon as she could.

"I get it August. Yes, I know they have the right to get restless," she sighed exasperatedly when a piece of hair fell into her face. "I'm 3 minutes away."

"Emma, they are bunch of kids so there's not much I'm gonna be able to do here but wait for you. You're lucky I love you! I'm hanging up now to do my impression of Pinocchio." August said with fake enthusiasm.

Emma laughed at her friend's distress. August was there for her when Sophia was born. In turn he was also there when Emma lost her fiancé, Jade. Jade was the only person to ever except her the way she was and they started a life together and even had a daughter on the way. When Sophia, their daughter, was born there were complications during birth and Jade died. Emma was never the same when it came to dating. Sophia is now 8 years old and she couldn't ask for a better girl to call her daughter.

When she got the park the kids were laughing and playing so she decided to set up her cameras before announcing that she was there. She turned to her daughter.

"Soph, why don't you go play with the kids while I set up?" she said casually even if she knew what the answer would be.

"Nah not today, Mom. Maybe at a different shoot. I'm just gonna read today," she said and opened her copy of "Keeper Of The Night". Just as she said every time Emma tried to make her socialize with really anyone.

Emma let out a quiet sigh. "Sophia you say that at every shoot! Every new place we go. Come on we are going to be here for at least the next two months! Would you please try to make friends while we are here?"

Sophia rolled her eyes and nodded not looking away from her book when she answered with a mumbled "Sure, Ma, sure."

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