How the World of WII Began Description: Ever wonder when you play WII you hear a voice, to show you did a good job? Who is currently speaking? should we be concerned? read and find out my theory.

Just as technology was being discovered, a young boy was given birth to two parents, under the last name of Wii unfortunelly the mother died of child birth, but before she did die, they named their first and only child Conner. Conner had red hair, blue eyes and always wore glasses. As a child it was hard for him and his father to survive. But to make matters better, Conner's father realized that his son had great wisdom and imagination. Conner always had good grades and tried to behave himself, especially through the times his father and him were going through. One day, Conner decided to find a way to help his father, he started brainstorming and thinking about ideas. He tried getting jobs by helping neighboors, by walking dogs, raking yards and many more. But that was too much on Conner at the time, the fact that Conner's grades went down ruined the surprise for his father. His father, luckly was proud of his son's attempt to help the small family moving, but told him when he behaved himself and focus on his work, was the best he could do to help his family.
Seventh grade was the hardest for Conner and his father. Conner was always being bullied for his wisdom, and his clean behavior, while meanwhile his father went jobless for two months, which nearly made them strave. Due to an infection, his father died when he was in eighth grade. He was sent to an orphanage alone. He tried to be happy, but he never was. This world is cruel and heart breaking, he thought to himself. So one day after school, Conner took a piece of paper and a pencil and created something. He drew a strange looking person. He had long skinny arms, with no fingers on his hands. He was a little plump and his legs were skinny like his arms. He looked at his artwork and he thought of what to call it. While that happened, he showed everyone at the orphanage what the picture looked like. They all called him wierd for what he made. Finally he got a name for this person. ''I will call you a Mii, it's like me, but instead of e at the end put two I'' He explained to everyone there. Highschool started and finally Conner was adopted by a family. This family wasn't cruel to him or anything like that, except they really didn't care about what thier children were doing. Conner kept the picture of the Mii. He enjoyed to look at someone that was always happy besides the people outside in his world. One day when he was a senior in high school, he met a girl. Her name was Isabella Stone, she had brown hair and brown eyes. Conner loved this girl very much, one day on thier date, he showed her the picture of the Mii he created. Isabella asked if he could make one that looked like her, and Conner did. Things weren't going well for his new family, so he ran away. As he did he ran into the woods and was accidently shot by a hunter. He fell into a sleep that he knew was death. But he opened his eyes again and everything was extremely bright. He saw two people like the ones he drew. Nethier of them spoke, but motioned him that he was the leader of thier world, that's where he's been and always will be. He lived a happy life as a king. The End.