Misery's No Crime

"I should have turned you into scrap when I had the chance," Knock Out snarled, slamming Smokescreen onto the wall.

"Hey, we all make mistakes, doc," Smokescreen replied. His tone was flippant in spite of the servo on his neck cables.

The two of them struggled as Knock Out chuckled bitterly. "And what was yours? Trying to be the hero you failed oh so miserably to become?"

"No. Not anymore," The Autobot replied, his optics taking in every detail of that familiar face. "My big mistake was you."

And with one heave, Smokescreen pushed him onto the ground.

The Decepticon, stunned, sat there for a moment. Then he grimaced, and wiped the Energon from his mouth.

"I guess we have that in common then; an eye for an eye, as they say."

And for them, misery was no crime.