Chapter 1 Prologue

Here it is. The sequel collaboration story to Skyler the Elf Owl's and my story, Happy Feet: Alternative Version. This story will be taking place during Happy Feet 2, but with some big changes. It will be mostly going around the chicks from the film and from the previous story, which I recommend you read if you've haven't.

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The sun rose up over the ice, illuminating the frozen icy landscape once more. After months of pure darkness and fierce winds bringing cold blizzards, this was a welcome sight to see. Icicles began to shrink and drip water, the ice covering the ground began to crack and break apart, and that wasn't the only thing cracking.

The penguin egg, carried all throughout the winter had begun to break open, revealing the little penguin chick inside to the world. The dads of the chick were overjoyed to finally see their children, the very thing they had struggled to protect all throughout the winter, facing freezing cold temperatures and starvation. And no penguin dads were more overjoyed and anxiously awaiting their chicks hatching than Mumble HappyFeet and Seymour, the heroes of Emperor Land.

The two had chosen a nice spot near the edge of Emperor Land, near the sides of the barrier, to deposit their load, three eggs each, a rarity for there specie. Each egg was around the size of, let's say, a cantaloupe and was perfectly oval. The sunlight bounced off of its pearly white exterior, making it appear like the were glowing. In one of Seymour's eggs though, the sunlight shone through the egg and on the opposing side the silhouette of a chick could be seen.

Mumble kept staring at his three eggs, tapping his foot impatiently and quite rapidly, I might add. Seymour tapped his foot too, but at a slower pace. Finally, Seymour spoke up.

"You know, tappin is not going to speed up our chicks' hatching any more than now," he said. Mumble turned to him and sighed.

"I know- but! But what if something went wrong? What if I was careless and didn't give them enough heat? What if I tapped so much they got exposed to the cold? What if-," Mumble cut off as Seymour lightly punched his flipper. "Ow," he muttered.

"Look Mumble, my brother," Seymour started, putting a flipper around Mumble's shoulders. "Look at all those other dads with their chicks. Don't you think that they had any worry that they're eggs weren't going hatch anymore than you and I?"

"I guess, but what if they do hatch? What then? Will I be a good father? Will I show them enough love and affection? What if I'm a horrible father? What will I-." A cracking sound cut both of them off. Both males froze and slowly turned her focus back to their eggs. One egg in each of their three was beginning to wobble and cracks were becoming to form right on the surface.

"It's happening," Seymour whispered, quietly as to not to distract his children from breaking out of there shells. Their egg was beginning to crack more and rock faster and faster, side to side. The other eggs were beginning to wobble and crack too. Mumble and Seymour were almost jumping out of their feathers in excitement. Both leaned down to there eggs and watched as cracks spread out like a spiderweb on the shells.

Seymour was transfixed by his eggs. One in particular, the first one, started cracking and cracking rapidly until finally- Crack! A hole appeared in the egg. A tiny beak poked out and in a tiny, child voice asked "Da?" Seymour wanted to whoop and holler with joy, but instead he called out to his son, tapping his beak lightly with his own beak and telling him to break out of his containment.

Mumble watched attentively as his egg cracked until a hole appeared too. He lowered his head and dipped his beak into the hole made. He instantly retracted it as another beak tapped his and poked out of the hole as soon as Mumble's was out. The hole widened until a face peaked out from it. Pure blue eyes, the same color as his, locked on to his.

"Pa," the chick asked. Mumble grinned widely.

"Y-yes. I'm your pa," Mumble replied.

"Pa! Pa," the chick gleefully said. The rest of his egg broke under his enthusiasm and the newly-hatched chick fell on to his father's feet. Mumble instantly helped his new son get up and get warm on his feet and belly.

More cracks appeared on the rest of Seymour's and Mumble's eggs. Another hole appeared on another one of Seymour's eggs, just as the first chick broke out of his egg. The same went for Mumble's egg. Two voices yelled "Daddy," and two females broke out of their eggs. Seymour's little girl had his eyes, but most of her mom's features while Mumble's chick had his eyes and Violet's, her mother, features. Both ran to their daddies and hugged her legs while joining their brothers. Seymour and Mumble grinned and watched her last egg that had yet to hatch.

Both eggs stood still for a moment, but then resumed cracking and rocking to all sides. Finally, the cracks grew large enough and a hole appeared on both of them. The already hatched chicks cheered their other sibling on as the crack grew wider and pieces of eggshell started falling off. Seymour peeked into his egg and his chick stared back with... blue eyes? Seymour gasped as the chick, completely obvious of why her father was gasping at her, giggled and started breaking more out of her shell. Mumble was in for the same shock as his chick pecked out of her shell and met him with brown eyes. They only could watch as both pecked out of their eggshells and ran towards them and their siblings.

"Hi daddy," both called at the same time to them. Their siblings giggled at their synchronization as both chicks looked out from their father's leg and stared at each other, before joining in laughing as well. Seymour and Mumble looked at them before looking at each other.

"Blue eyes," Seymour whispered.

"Brown eyes," Mumble replied. Finally Seymour turned and gave a sheepish grin at Mumble.

"Well... it appears your chick probably inherited them from her grandparents, as for mine, well, I'm not sure where she got hers from," he said.

"I got what from where, daddy," the odd-eyed chick asked from his feet below. Seymour looked down surprised at her and smiled.

"Nothing sweetheart." The chick looked up at him with curiosity in her aqua-blue eyes.

"Is my name 'sweetheart', daddy," she asked again. Seymour held back a snicker at her expense. "Um, no dear. 'Sweetheart' is not your name. Speaking of which, I'd better give you guys some names."

"Me too. Let's see. Um, your name," Mumble said, pointing at his son, "-will be Erik. And you," pointing at his second-born, "-will be Erika." Both chicks giggled and begin saying there own names and their sibling's names.

"Erik and Erika? Let me guess, you're naming the last one 'Era'," Seymour teased.

"Nope. Her name will be-," Mumble crouched down low to her, "-will be Skyler."

"Skyler? Might I ask why you chose that name," he asked.

"Because she looks like a Skyler. Plus Violet liked it," Mumble replied. He smiled as his newly-christened chicks as they kept saying there names. "So, what are you naming yours?"

"Oh, mine? Well, I was thinking Atticus for my little man right here," Seymour said, pointing to his son who grinned back. "As for my two girls right here, I'm thinking Boadicea and Veronica," he said, pointing at the brown-eyed one, now dubbed Boadicea, and the blue-eyed one, now know as Veronica.

"Nice. Where'd you get those names?"

"Gloria got them from our old teacher, Miss. Viola, and liked them, so I'm going with them."

"Well, I think there good names. Congratulations brother."

"Thanks, and congrats to you too, bro," Seymour replied. They moved closer to each other and let there chicks interact with one another. Their youngest chicks both jumped off there feet first and went over to one another. Veronica smiled and waved at Skyler.

"Hi! I'm Veronica. What's your name?"

"Hi! I'm Skyler."

"Skyler. That's a pretty name. I like it. Hey, you do know you have brown feathers on your head, right," Veronica said.

Skyler reached up and indeed found some brown feathers, beginning to dip over her right eye. She then looked back at Veronica. "So do you," she said. Veronica immediately began looking for her brown feathers.

"Where are they." she asked.

"Um, there kinda on the top-back of your head," Skyler replied.

"Oh," Veronica replied. Skyler giggled a bit. The two were soon joined by both of there older-by-a-few-seconds siblings. Atticus, Erik, and Boadicea went up to each other while Erika went behind Veronica and soon began talking to both her and Skyler.

"Hello. My name's Boadicea. What's yours," she asked Erik. Erik looked at her and blushed before looking down again.

"Oh, I-I'm Erik," he stuttered. Both chicks smiled at him.

"Erik. That's a nice name, yo. I'm Atticus," he introduced himself. Soon both groups were talking with each other nicely. Mumble and Seymour smiled warmly as they saw their children getting along with each other.

After awhile of playing, the chicks and Mumble and Seymour turned to where some footsteps were crunching the snow beneath. Four penguins started walking up to them. It was the chick's grandpas. Memphis(Mumble's father), Maurice(Gloria's father), DJ(Seymour's father), and John(Violet's father). All four new grandpas spotted their sons and son-in-laws and started walking over to them.

"Mumble." Memphis called as he went over to his son and hugged him.

"Hey pa," Mumble replied, returning the hug back.

"Seymour, what's up my man," DJ said as he went over to Seymour and hugged him.

"Hey pop," Seymour replied. Both of them slapped flippers with each other.

"Hey you two. Where's our grand-chicks," John called out, followed by Maurice. Mumble and Seymour smiled and separated there chicks from each others and presented them to their grandfathers.

"Children, these is your grandfathers, grandpa Memphis and grandpa John," Mumble introduced. "These are my chicks, Erik, Erika, and Skyler," Mumble said while pointing them out.

"Hi," all three chicks said at once. There grandfathers smiled at them an went over to get a better look at them. Meanwhile, DJ and Maurice went closer to meet there grand-chicks, Atticus, Boadicea, and Veronica.

"They're just precious," John said to Mumble.

"Nice job son. First day and I can already tell you're going to be a great father," Memphis praised.

"Thanks pa," Mumble replied.

"Oh Guin, son. Your son is so rad. And your girls, I can tell they're going to be straight-out beauties when they grow up," DJ complimented.

"Yes, they're really quite amazing," Maurice said. Seymour smiled and thanked both of them.

After awhile, the sun was beginning to set on the first day of the chick's first had begun to yawn and go to there parents to sleep. DJ, John, and Maurice had said there goodbyes and left, but Memphis stayed.

"Mumble," Memphis said quietly as soon as the chicks were fast asleep on his son's feet.

"Yes pa," Mumble said quietly. The older penguin looked down towards his feet and shuffled them slightly before looking up slowly at his son.

"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry," Memphis said quickly.,

"For what, pa," Mumble asked, shock filling his voice.

"I'm sorry that I wasn't that good as a father when you were a chick, my boy. I was just so focused on wanting you to sing when I should have supported you with your dancing," Memphis said.

"Pa," Mumble whispered.

"And the fact that I let Noah exile you. You! My son! My own flesh and blood! I allowed him to exile you and only if you gave up your friends you could stay. I'm just so sorry for being such a Guin-awful parent," Memphis said. Two tears trickled out of his eyes and fell down his face. Mumble carefully leaned over and wiped away the tears from his father's face. Memphis opened his eyes and looked confusedly at his son.

"Pa, I forgive. I forgave you the second I went back to Emperor Land. I know you could have been a better father to me, but you did all that you could for me. I love you pa," Mumble said. He gave his father a hug, which Memphis, though first hesitant, eagerly returned.

"I love you too, son" Memphis whispered. After a while, they both separated. "Thanks son. You have a wonderful son and daughters. You'll make a great father, I know you will," Memphis said.

"Thanks pa," Mumble replied.

"Your welcome. Now, let's get some sleep. We have a big day tomorrow. The females are returning and I'm pretty sure Violet would like to see the chicks and Norma Jean would like to see them too."

"Violet," Mumble murmured, remembering his violet-eyed wife. Memphis chuckled lightly.

"Good night, Mumble," Memphis said quietly, before walking away.

"Goodnight pa," Mumble replied. He looked at his chicks one more time, watching them snuggle and sigh contently against him. Mumble then dipped his head over his chest and closed his eyes, thinking on how tomorrow would go.

The next day

Mumble's POV

All the males in Emperor Land are gathered near the entrance, awaiting the arrival of the females back from their fishing trip. I stood with my chicks and Seymour and his chicks. Memphis, Maurice, DJ, and John stood by us, there to help if something went wrong and also awaiting their wives.

I looked around, trying to see the group of females where Violet, my wife and mother to the chicks, was. While looking, I spotted an old classmate of mine, Cole. He was standing with his two boys, Andrew and Nathan, and was looking out for his wife, Krista. Mumble shivered lightly, not from the cold but from the memory of Krista.

Ever since my and my friend's first day at school, Krista had been there to bully us. Whether it was calling us freaks and rejects or to humiliating us from our chick-hood to the mating season and to our return to Emperor Land, Krista had really shaped up our childhood through her words and actions. Until recently, after the colony had danced together for the aliens and brought back the fish, Krista had become nicer. I mean not nice nice, but nice civil. She had married Cole and now had two boys.

"All's well that ends well," I thought to myself.

"Pa," a voice from below asked. I looked down to see Erik, Erika, and Skyler looking up at me.

"Yes son," Mumble asked, looking at Erik.

"When are we going to see our mommy?"

"Yeah. When we gonna see her," Skyler asked.

"As soon as Noah gives the signal. Then we go out and find your mom from all the other females returning," I replied.

"What's she like, pa," I heard Skyler asked.

"What is your mother like," I repeat. Skyler nods. "Well, she has bright beautiful violet eyes, just like her name. And she's very sweet and very brave. You'll like her a lot," I explain. The chicks are in awe and immediately look out to the horizon for any sign of her.

Then, from behind us, I hear Noah call out and from out in the distance, the group of females starts to show from the fog and snow. The other males repeat Noah's words and begin waddling towards the group. I do the same, moving with my chicks to the group.

We move across the snow and into the returning female's group, trying to locate the one we need to find among all the other mates trying to find each other. We pass several girl penguins, but none are the one we're trying to find. I keep my eyes peeled for her violet eyes among all the other brown eyes.

"Violet! Violet," I call out, trying to find her.

"Mama! Mamma! Mama," my chicks call out, trying to find their mother too. I'm getting too crammed in from all the moving penguins, so I move towards the outer rim of the group. I search everywhere from the spot I'm in, trying to find my love.

"Mumble," a sweet voice from behind me asks. I turn completely around, and right before me is the most beautiful penguin I've ever seen. Her violet eyes twinkle in the sunlight and her face is so lovely. She smiles at me and giggles and little bit.

Violet," I whisper. "Violet," I call out, saying it louder. I immediately waddle over to her, hugging her tight when she's close enough.

"Oh Mumble," she whispers back.

"Mama," my three chicks cry out, hoping from my feet and onto hers and began hugging her legs. She looks down and laughs with them, and she hugs all three of them with her flippers.

"Oh my darlings. Just look at you. You're so beautiful," she says to them, before looking up at me. "What are their names," she asks me.

"Well, I thought Erik for our son, Erika for our girl, and Skyler for our youngest," I reply.

"Hmm. Erik, Erika, and Skyler. They're perfect," Violet replied. She then leans in and nuzzles me. "I missed you," she says.

"I missed you too," I reply.

"Hey mama," Skyler says. "Can we eat now? I'm hungry."

"Sure thing, dear," Violet replies. And you already know what happens next so let's move a few hours later.

Violet snuggled against Mumble while their chicks slept on their feet. After a long day of bonding and 'feeding', both parents were ready for bed. Norma Jean and Kathleen(Violet's mother) had come over to look at her grand-chicks and Gloria had stopped by to see her friend's chicks before going to spend time with her own and with Seymour.

Right now, Violet and Mumble wouldn't want to be in any other place than in each other's presence. Tomorrow would bring a new dawn and probably new challenges as there chicks would go and experience them.

This is just the beginning for there new adventure.

Hope you all enjoyed this first chapter, next time we'll go into the movie's timeline, but with possibly some big changes. For those who haven't read "Happy Feet: Alternative Version" and don't know what's going on right now, I suggest you read it before going on to this. This is the sequel you know.

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