Chapter 15 Epilogue

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"And so ended out tale of of journey, far out into the land of the aliens, called humans where they lived. You guys know the rest of the story, what happened when we returned back," Skyler explained, standing on top of a chunk of ice before several chicks in her class and the other classes, eagerly listening to her re-telling of her and her family and friends daring adventure.

"But where are Lovelace, Sasha and Sven now," asked one of the other chicks in the audience. Skyler smiled and flipped back her brown bangs from her eyes before answering.

"They're back home in Adelie land with the Amigos, Carmen, Eria and Matt, but they'd promised they come visit soon," was the quick reply. A murmur of content penguins passed through them.

"Skyler," came a sudden voice. In an instant the blue-eyed, brown-feathered penguin was beside her, clutching her flipper in an insistent manner. "You gotta come see this." Before Skyler could respond, the other chicks beat her too it.

"What is it," asked a chick.

"It's a surprise," Veronica simply replied. An interested gasp went through the chicks.

"Can we see it," asked another, followed almost immediately after by a sea of begging from the others. Veronica shook her head.

"No, It's for Skyler only," she firmly replied, looking unfazed against the disappointed sighs. Skyler was about to respond again when she was suddenly pulled out before the words had a chance to leave her beak, leaving her avid listeners confused behind her.

"Why am I out here," Sky asked as she was suspiciously pulled by her flipper by her giggling best friend. Eventually they had come to the edge of their new home. Nothing but snow mounds and small patches of smooth land for miles around, staring past the ice walls of course.

All of a sudden, a buff chick with gold eyes popped out in front of her, smiling brightly at her. Before she could say anything again, Atticus interrupted her, going all out in a musical.

"Don't call it a comeback
I've been here for years
I'm rocking my peers
Puttin' suckers in fear
Makin' the tears rain down like a monsoon
Listen to the bass go boom
Explosions, overpowerin'
Over the competition I'm towerin'."

He tapped his foot while rapping, flashing a kind smirk towards her that made her heart flutter in her chest.

"Don't you call this a regular jam
I'm gonna rock this land
I'm gonna take this itty-bitty world by storm
And I'm just gettin' warm."


And just like that, she felt a throbbing ache in her chest making its way up to her throat. She felt a song trying to make its way out and she didn't hesitate to release it.

"Under dusk, dance in the middle of the night

Can see the night skies in the mirror of your eyes
If you don't dance, make sure you got the rhythm
Make sure that your heart beats
Beats with the rhythm

The nightime is the right time."

Her foot kept a steady tapping pace as she felt the melody surround the area and banish the quiet. She felt her heart beat sync with her feet as she sang, bringing forth what her heart had held for so long and hadn't released it till now.

"I wanna dance in the dark
And never stop
We're gonna light up the night
Like shooting stars
Whenever you hear the sound
Don't be alarmed
Oh, oh, oh, dancing in the dark

I wanna dance in the dark
And never stop
We're gonna light up the night
Like shooting stars
Whenever you hear the sound
Don't be alarmed
Oh, oh, oh, dancing in the dark."

"Oh, oh, oh, dancin' in the dark," Atticus sang back, "And rockin' all yo peers."

"Atticus," Skyler said. She tried to keep her voice in a scolding form of tone for his sudden rendition to the song, but she could not stop the giggling that erupted from her throat.

"We'll work on it. I mean, if that's alright with you, chicka," he asked politely, with just a hint of playfulness at the end. She rolled her eyes, thinking he might had spent too much time with the Amigos, but her beak and the sparkle in her brown eyes betrayed her feelings.

"I'd really like that," she replied sweetly. Veronica had left not too long ago, leaving the two by themselves.

The sun had began to set over their homeland, dying the sky a mixture of fiery hues, pinks and fuchsias. The first star could be seen, hanging brightly over the water. As the sun made its steady descent down, two penguin chicks watched it slowly fall, all while talking and laughing with one another.

No better way to end their journey and start a new one.

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