Nothing Left to Say
Written by Colonel Karl L Schubaltz

Dedications and Dankes

I like to thank RaVen0us formerly called Ori Oscuro for the first ever Karl/Thomas lemon fic I seen on I like to thank Naomi Hunter, Dread Wulf, December and Maelgwen for making my position in the Zoids fanficion writing biz as cushy as possible Alica Tylon A.K.A The Almighty Dana for getting me into the wonderful world of Zoids Andy Deane, Gopal Metro, Tony Lechmansky, and James Warnock, the members of the gothic rock band, Bella Morte for inspiration unnumbered The Creators of the anime series and for the model kits. *bows and grovels* I'M NOT WORTHY! I'M NOT WORTHY!! I'M SCUM! I SUCK!! The Goddess, yes, I'm a Born-Again Pagan. My muses, Cacophony, Melpomene and Eratos. And, Red Rum... reviews do boost my self-esteem, fuels my right as an artist. I write fanfics to silence the muses in my head, they need the Prozac... not me =P

This is my first Irvine x Van ficcie... No Karl =pppppp

He stands in the chill of night
With snow swirling down
Memories lurking in his eyes
Blood is on his hands
She still lives inside of him
She still holds his eyes in thrall
She still softly sings to him
And she still owns his soul

And he will live forever more
The walls of his world crashing down
Alone in the dark
The walls of his world crashing down
Shadows in his mind
The walls of his world crashing down
Sanity has gone

Tears of blood roll down his cheeks
As she cried his name
Trapped he stood and watched her fall
Screaming in the rain
He still hears her crying there
Sees her pictures on the wall
He still sees her lying there
And he still hears her call

The amber liquid in the shot glass full of ice thinned out with time's passing. He ran his fingers through his rough, brown hair, greasy from days of not being in a hot shower. His eyepatch set gently off to one side, giving his eye some air to breathe and cool off. He stared aimlessly into the scotch, thinking of someone who he thought at one point as a potential lover and business partner. But he smeared those emotions in the ground when he thought of her. Taking the drink into his hand, the mercenary drowned the remaining shred of true love he felt for him with scotch. Slamming the glass on the counter, the handsome mercenary looked up at the bartender.

"Another scotch."

"Slow down, pal. No need to get plastered..." The bartender's collar was grabbed, the mercenary stared coldly into the older man's eyes.

"I just found out that the man I once loved got married to a blonde hussy in a pink dress. Fill the motherfucking glass up or you'll be needing a medic really fast..."

"Y-y-yes, sir... right away, sir." The bartender took the man's glass frantically. The mercenary sighed sadly and waited for his drink to arrive. A man next to him muttered something, causing him alarm.

"Faggot." The man snarled.

"What did you say?"

"I called you a faggot. Got a problem with that, queer?" The man turned around, then was shot in the gut. He fell down dead, the mercenary put a pistol on the counter. "" He answered coldly, then sipped his newly-arrived drink. Continuing to listen to the churning of the jukebox, the brunette mercenary went into a dream-haze.


The stars shined overhead, Thomas, Moonbay and Fiona were asleep in the Gustav. In the safey of the forest, in a small lagoon, two bodies entwined in passion. Their clothes were frantically discarded aside, their weapons further apart, the moonlight were their only light. His tongue tickled his lover's tan nipple, his fingers brushing through his brown hair passionately. His teeth playfully nipped at the younger man's left nipple, causing a startled reaction.

"I-irvine!" He yipped but the taller man's mouth cupped over his own, his tongue forcing its' way in.

"Shut up, you wanna get us caught?" Irvine joked dryly, his arms encompassing around Van's muscular body. "Fiona wouldn't be too happy if she saw us fucking in the water."

"Then stop biting me!" Van exclaimed, his boyish face twisted in an angry scowl, but it was a half-hearted scowl. It was more playful than angry.

"How else do you want me to make you ragingly horny? Do the teapot dance wearing a bra and panties?" Irvine joked, his arms still around Van's waist.

"Now that you think of it, that does sound a little amus--!!"

"Dipshit." Irvine playfully and teasingly slugged Van, causing the Republican GF pilot to laugh into the night.

They were lying down in the water now, the water rushing over their naked bodies. Irvine leaned down to kiss Van on the lips, their tongues wrestled for control.

"You're getting hard, Flyheight. Are you getting horny for me?" Irvine pinched Van's shaft, smirking in his cool-boy style.

"Stop it, that actually hurt."

"Hurt so bad that it felt so good?"

"Well, I.... I guess... but..." Irvine got back on top of Van, the brunette pushed him further down until it was Van's head and knees sticking out of the water.

"Then let me make it worth your while."

"I-irvine!!" Van felt Irvine's hard member entering his tender opening, he let out a loud gasp of excruciating pain. But that soon melted into feelings of pure ecstasy as Irvine starting to push and thrust in and out. Digging his fingers into the clay-like lagoon bottom, Van tipped his head all the way back, moaning and gasping. His black hair let out of the normal scruffy ponytail, then looked up at Irvine. Irvine was snarling and grinning at the same time, his face and muscular arms covered with a fine layer of sweat. The mercenary thrusted in and out harshly, but to both of their surprise, it felt so good.

"Irete!! Irete kure!!!" Van cried out, his fingers grasped Irvine's dark hair. (Translation: Shove it in!! Please shover it in!!)

"You're so cute when you talk dirty." Irvine grinned, then nibbled passionately and erotically on Van's jawline.

"I-irvine!!!" The 18-year-old shouted to his male lover, his fingers clawed into Irvine's back. "Itchau!! Itchau!!!" (Translation: I'm coming! I'm coming!!)

The water soon became sudsy with the climax of esctasy, Irvine and Van sat up from the water and laughed as they breathed deeply.

"Ii ko da." Irvine jested, grinning like the fox that he was. (translation: Good boy)

"Irvine... y-you... you bastard!" Van slugged his arm, sitting back against the water. "We could have awaken the others!"

"Ha ha ha ha!" Irvine laughed, then reached for the satchel by the shore. "Fat chance, you know Schubaltz's brat brother and Moonbay sleep like the dead."

"True... but Fiona or Zeke could have been paying attention...!!"

"They were in for one helluva show." Irvine lit a cigarette and started smoking, lounging against the log in the water. He stared off into the moonlight, in deep thought. Van snuggled up to the taller man and smiled. "You did make me feel so good..."

"I knew I would, kid. You know I love you." Irvine stroked Van's soaking black hair, smiling thoughtfully.

The night was blissfully silent...


"Irvine! There you are!" Moonbay rushed in with a bag of supplies. "Come on! We're going to be late for Van and Fiona's wedding!"

"Go on without me, Moonbay." Irvine turned in her general direction, his expressionless eyes piercing into hers.

"Why? You promised you'd be there for Van!!"

"Because, Moonbay..." Irvine put his eyepatch on and walked for the door, slinging his bag over his shoulders. As he passed her, he spoke in a low voice. "...there's nothing left to say."

"I-irvine?" Moonbay watched her former bodyguard walk off into the night...