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Epilogue: 5 Years Later

Regina let out a breath as she rolled out of bed at the sound of her daughter's cries. It was nine in the morning and Regina had just fallen back asleep no more than twenty minutes ago. She hadn't been able to get a good sleep since they had brought their daughter home two weeks ago. She flicked on the light as she entered the vibrant purple and white nursery. Her heart clenched as she listened to her daughter's wails.

"Hey princess." Regina reached into the bassinet and lifted her daughter out of the crib. As soon as the baby was in the warmth of Regina's arms, her wails lessened. Regina made her way over to the rocking chair in the nursery. She placed the baby on her chest and rocked her gently. "Don't cry sweetheart. Mommy's here." While patting her back softly.

"Are you hungry Riley?" Regina asked, already knowing the answer as she had begun to suck on her fingers. Regina repositioned them both so that they were both in a comfortable position and then began nursing Riley. Regina looked down at her bundle of joy in awe and wondered how her life had ended up to be so perfect. Ten minutes later Regina felt a shadow in the room and she turned to see Robin admiring them from there door way.

"Good morning." Robin greeted his wife as he entered the nursery. He walked over and pecked Regina on the lips then placed a kiss on Riley's little head. He noticed that she was suckling at a fast rate. "Someone's got quite an appetite this morning." Robin commented.

"I wonder who she gets it from." Regina mocked, clearly referring to her husband who seemed to have a bottomless pit for a stomach. Robin only laughed but then he noticed how tired his wife looked.

"Why don't I take her and you can go back to sleep." Robin offered.

"She's not finished."

"I think she is." Robin said, motioning towards the baby in her arms that was fast asleep.

"Oh." Regina sighed and handed the baby over to Robin. After she adjusted her clothes she headed back to her room and practically dived into the bed. Another hour of sleep sounded wonderful but she soon realized that fantasy would be short lived when she heard the two toddlers bounce into her bedroom.

"Mommy what are we having for breakfast!" Reagan asked excitedly.

"What do you girls want to eat?" Regina asked as she rolled out of her bed for the sixth time that morning.

"Ice cream?" Reagan asked hopefully.

"Nice try." Regina said. "I meant real food."

"Waffles?" Eleanor asked. If they were lucky Regina would let them put whipped cream on it.

"Waffles it is." Regina agreed as she smoothed a hand over each of their heads.

"I swear you girls eat just like your father." Regina said, wiping the syrup from Eleanor's mouth with a napkin.

"Hey." Robin said, placing a hand over his heart, pretending to be hurt.

"Do we need to have another lesson on table manners girls?"

"No!" Both girls said in unison. Regina laughed to herself.

"Alright then." Regina concluded as Roland dragged himself down the stairs.

"Well hello there sleepy head." Regina greeted but only got a tired groan out of Roland as he sat down to the table. "Oh I see. Being ten must be so exhausting that you don't even have the energy to give me a good morning kiss."

"Mom." Roland whined as he got up and walked into her open arms. Regina wrapped her arms around him and kissed his forehead.

"Where's your brother?" Regina asked as he went to sit back down.

"On the phone." Roland asked as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"With who?" Regina asked.

"Violet." Roland asked, stuffing a fork full of whipped cream covered waffles in his mouth.

"What could he and Violet have to talk about so early in the morning?"

"Remember mom? They're in looove." Roland mocked as he let out a snicker. Robin tried to stifle his laughter at the sight of Regina's face.

"Mommy, what are we doing today?" Reagan interrupted.

"Well you and Ellie have ballet at twelve and Roland has a soccer game at three." Regina answered going over their schedule in her head.

"Can we watch cartoons before we go?" Eleanor asked after she was finished eating.

"Sure baby." Just then, crying filled the room through the baby monitor.

"I'll go." Robin said, as he got up from the table and ascended the stairs.

"Mom, why do they always get to watch the TV first?" Roland whined, not satisfied with Regina's answer to Eleanor.

"Because they leave before you do." Regina answered simply. "You can always watch TV with them." Roland scoffed at this.

"No way. All they do is watch stupid girly shows like My Little Pony." Regina rolled her eyes. He was so dramatic.

"Stupid is a mean word!" Reagan said and turned to her mother. "Mommy I thought you said we shouldn't say stupid."

"You shouldn't." Regina agreed. "Roland knows that. Don't you?" She asked as she turned to him.

"Yes mom." Roland said with a pout. "I'm sorry."

"You can watch TV in my room today." Regina told him.

"Really?" Roland pipped up.

"Yes but just for today." Regina agreed.

"I love you!" Roland exclaimed as he jumped up out of his seat and hugged her.

"We love you too!" The girls chimed in as they joined the hug. It was that moment that Regina realized she had found her happy ending.

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