A Daydream Detour


Set in Hermione's sixth year, this began as a one shot that grew into a story. It's set directly following this exchange between Hermione and Fred in WWW in chapter six of HBP:

"You know," said Hermione, looking up at Harry, "that really is extraordinary magic!"

"For that, Hermione," said a voice behind them, "You can have one for free."


(Pairings: HG/FW/GW).


The characters of the Harry Potter Universe are the property of J.K. Rowling and Scholastic. All canon characters, plots, quotes and situations are not owned by me and I make no profit from this story.

Rating warning:

Rated M for scenes of a potentially explicit sexual nature


Chapter 1

Hermione looked around the busy shop - a bit flustered and taken aback at how much she wanted to buy one of the 'Patented Daydream Charms'. She knew if she did, however; that both Ron and Harry would take the piss if they found out, relentlessly teasing her for days. Something she was keen to avoid.

Glancing around surreptitiously, she saw neither of the boys, nor any of the red-headed family anywhere near or paying any attention to her, so, acting on her desires and the rare unobserved moment, she quickly took a box up to the front where Fred was manning the till after he'd finished giving Harry a tour of the shop.

"Well hello there Granger, fancy seeing you again so soon." Fred drawled charmingly, looking down at her purchase. "I'm delighted you've decided to try this product out - you won't be disappointed," He flashed her a grin as he rang her up, adding another box to the pile. "Here's the free one I promised, in thanks for your high praise earlier. The total for the first charm, my lovely, is 1 galleon, 14 sickles."

Hermione rolled her eyes at Fred's flirting, handing over the money. The twins were always in high spirits regardless of whom they were speaking to, and as such she never let herself get worked up or drawn in by their teasing or flirtatious comments. No matter how attractive they were, she just couldn't take their attentions seriously.

"My my, is prefect Granger buying one of our products? Has she finally been ensnared in our web of mischief and mayhem? Be still my heart Fred – this may just be, one of the happiest days of my life." said George dramatically, clasping a hand to his chest as he sidled up beside her.

"Oh hush, you," She grinned at George's enthusiasm and humour, just as Fred leaned across the counter, moving his head close to hers. George followed his twin's lead, leaning his head down towards hers as well.

Fred lowered his voice conspiratorially and murmured in her ear, almost brushing her lobe with his lips, "You know, Hermione…We don't do this for just anyone, but, seeing as it's for you…"

"And that we would rather retain you as a happy customer, than see you be uncomfortable or teased mercilessly by those two prats you call friends," George continued in similar gravely tones in her other ear, his nearness almost, if not closer, than Fred. She lifted an eyebrow when he gave a nod towards the area Harry and Ron were standing towards the rear of the shop.

"We can transfigure these boxes to look like some benign swotty product from another store you frequent instead, using bland beige wrapping so Harry and Ron are none the wiser. Would that be...preferable?" Fred finished, pulling away to look at her face, to gauge her reaction – she assumed – to their offer of discretion.

"That would be brilliant! Thank you!" Hermione replied, slightly breather than she meant to. Their proximity and the timber of their voices had sent unexpected tingles down her spine. She was thrilled and a little touched that they were offering to make things easier on her; not exploit her possible discomfort for their amusement. Sometimes the twins surprised her with their insight, and how they could make her feel unique or appreciated at random moments. At others, their behaviour infuriated her to the point her hair would appear to stand on end with the embodied friction of her rage.

"Here you are Ms. Granger, one bland beige what-not. We do hope this meets your expectations, and would delight in hearing your review of our product." Fred waggled his eyebrows at her as he handed her the wrapped package, causing her to chuckle, her cheeks heating slightly.

"Always an experience, Fred, George." She nodded her head at them, "This time, I must say an enjoyable one. Thank you for your… kindness. I'll let you know what I think once I've used it. It is quite an extraordinary piece of magic… I'm eager to try it out."

The twins exchanged a look, one she'd never previously seen on their faces; before drawing back around and near her once more.

"A caution, if we may..." George began, halting her as she began to pull away from them. Once again bringing his head closer to hers as he positioned his body in a seemingly nonchalant yet surprisingly protective fashion.

"We advertise that use of these charms is virtually undetectable, so that those who wish to can use them in class or detentions." Fred continued. "But, knowing you, we don't see that happening. You would hate to waste the chance of learning something." They all grinned at the truth of that statement.

"So we suggest maybe the prefects' bathroom for your first foray – somewhere private and relaxing. Wouldn't want you to suffer any possible ill effects or…. potential embarrassment, depending on how, let's just say – descriptively detailed – your daydream is. Someplace you can be comfortable..." George trailed off, giving her a knowing smile as if he could imagine how thoroughly her brain would rise to the task.

"….While you figure out how your brain prefers to manifest your daydreams," Fred finished.

Hermione nodded, looking a bit flummoxed at their unsolicited willingness to assist in reducing her risk of embarrassment, and in their apparent appreciation for her brain. Not everyone was so complimentary – in fact unless she was helping someone, most just harped on her about her attention to detail and thorough mind rather than praise or encourage it except for their own benefit. Considering her and the twins history of infuriating each other – her with her rules, them with their aversion to them – she was touched that they seemed to be watching out for her; albeit while supporting her purchase of their wares. Still….

"Erm…Thank you…that is, really quite... insightful…and surprisingly thoughtful." She caught sight of the others, who seemed to be wrapping up their window shopping. "Oh, got to run… I'll speak with you soon."

With that, she waved and headed towards where Harry, Ginny and Ron were finishing up pursuing the shelves.

"What was that about?" Whispered Ginny, noting her friend's slightly pink cheeks and bright eyes.

"Oh, just talking with the twins about some of the charm layering they've used for some of their product developments. It's actually kind of brilliant." Hermione waved off her conversation with the twins, minimizing the importance – at least she attempted to. Ginny didn't seem to buy it, if that glint in her eye was any indication.

"Ok... If you say so," Ginny smirked at her friend, though held her tongue, in case the two boys in front listened in on their conversation. "You'll break to me eventually..." She whispered sweetly before the four Gryffindors made their way out of the store to meet up with the Weasley parents.

Hermione glanced back in the direction of the till before she exited, and felt a jolt of surprised delight at realizing both twins were in the same spot she'd left them, their eyes fixed upon her, watching her leave. Excitement bubbled in her stomach as both of them caught her eye and winked, before turning away to help other customers.

'Curious,' she thought to herself, before joining the others to apparate home to the Burrow.


The next week flew by, and Hermione found that the WWW package was burning a hole through her trunk. Her fingers itched to use it, if only because of the twins' peculiar actions earlier in the shop. Their package camouflage had worked like a charm – Ron and Harry had taken one look at it and rolled their eyes.

"Another book, Hermione? It's not healthy, all this reading – no relaxing. It's like you're building your own library at Hogwarts." Harry shook his head, looking like he wanted nothing to do with this conversation.

"Ho Ho," Hermione mumbled, a secret grin dancing over her lips at the thought of what Ron would say if he knew the true identity of the package he was sneering at.

Upon arriving at Hogwarts, once the start of terms frantic pace had slowed, Hermione lasted only days after her birthday before she excused herself from the common room where she, Ron and Harry were studying and made her way to the prefects' washroom.

Remembering the twins' precautions about her being in a private, comfortable area; Hermione cast a locking charm on the door and a silencing charm on the room so as not to be bothered or interrupted while bathing. She had made the mistake last year of not locking the door - much to her and the male sixth-year Ravenclaw prefect's embarrassment - and she'd walked by enough times when others hadn't silenced the room to know that even a slight whisper could be heard outside these walls.

Stripping down, she folded her clothes neatly, placing them beside her book sack on the stone ledge to the right of the door. She took the bland package out of her book sack and opened it. Inside was a single tiny tablet, pink in colour, wrapped in foil with a decorative swirled etch, scrolled around the edging. There was also a printed instruction sheet inside the package, folded neatly in half with the WWW logo on one side.

Making her way towards the massive sunken tub – instruction sheet and product in hand – Hermione flicked her wand to turn on her favourite taps. She loved the taps that poured liquids smelling of sandlewood and vanilla, and the one that created different sized bubbles. There was also a tap that infused a serum into the water that left her skin feeling silky smooth and rejuvenated. As she waited for the tub to fill, she sat down on the edge and read the instructions.

"Patented Daydream Charm"

For those who wish to dwell in dreams, we present to you our latest and greatest "Patented Daydream Charm."

One tablet, taken with a full glass of water, will allow you to escape into a blissful surrender for 30 minutes. The boxes cover themes are for those whose imagination need a bit of suggestive prodding, however, ultimately you - our wonderful customer - are in control, and you influence where you wish your subconscious to lead you. At the end of the 30 minutes, you will feel your senses gently awaken to the world around you, with those near none the wiser as to your wandering mind and thoughts.*

So please sit back, relax and enjoy your daily reprieve.

Hermione, curious as to what the asterix referred to, let her eyes roam over the instruction sheet for the errant text, not wanting to continue reading until she'd found it. She always read the fine print first – that was where most of the important information was often hidden.

She finally found it, written in extremely tiny lettering, near the bottom – almost unseen due to the words wrapping around the letters of the WWW logo – easy to miss unless one was purposely looking for them. Reading the footnote, she let out a surprised laugh at their cheek. *Unless, of course, you dream of something… particularly invigorating… then, you may have some pesky identifiers to relieve – hopefully with discretion and decorum! We are running an upstanding business after all.

Smiling broadly, Hermione continued reading the remainder of the instruction notice.

Our Legally Required Warning:

Because apparently some users are quite thick headed!

Due to the potentially addictive nature of the ingredients that can arise from excessive use, a delay charm is activated once the tablet is ingested. If you are to consume another "Patented Daydream Charm" before 36 hours have passed, the product will not work and will result in immediate and violent vomiting, the purpose of which to ensure none of the product is absorbed. You have been warned, therefore, no refunds for acts of ignorance, stupidity or greed.

~ Fred and George Wealsey, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes – Purveyors of Ingenious Magical Products~

Hermione sighed, half-heartedly rolling her eyes at the last paragraph in exasperation and appreciation - not only were the twins smart enough to acknowledge their product's limitations and put in powerful, creative and effective fail safes, she also didn't know anyone who could imply or direct thinly veiled insults at their customers and have them repeatedly return – though it was apparent by the twin's flourishing business they could and did - wracking in the galleons.

The tub now full, she accio'd some towels from the upper shelves along the far wall – she'd discovered the house elves kept all the softest towels hidden there for some reason – and transfigured a pen into a water glass. Quickly filling it with cold water, she drank the whole glass along with the tablet.

Lowering herself into the tub, she closed her eyes and allowed her mind to drift.


It was a subtle pull into her subconscious, her senses seeming to project internally rather than externally; but she couldn't put her finger on what, if at all, had changed. So subtle was the shift into the product's grip that Hermione remained convinced it hadn't worked.

Slightly disappointed, she began scooping bubbled water towards her, running it up and down her arms, the serum in the water caressing and softening her skin. The warmth of the water was already relaxing her muscles, releasing them from the constant stress and typical tightness she carried around each day.

'At least I'll get a nice relaxing bath out of this. Must be a defective batch. I'll have to let the twins know.' Her mind replayed the look she'd received from Fred and George as she'd left their shop and a moan escaped her mouth. It had been a look of anticipation; of a predator to its prey. It was a look that spoke of hunger. She wanted that look again, wanted to find out what it meant.

Suddenly, with a slight scrape that shattered the quiet as effectively as a BANG, the door behind her opened into the room. Startled, Hermione whipped around, blushing in her attempt to hide her exposed chest and body with the numerous bubbles that danced along the surface of the water.

'I'm quite positive I locked that…,' she thought to herself, her eyes widening as two wizards came into view.

Fred and George Weasley, clad in sinful dark denim trousers and tight muggle t-shirts – sauntered through the door and closed it – locking it thoroughly behind them.

"Oh look Gred, Granger's here! What are the chances?" Said George, looking pleased yet unsurprised to find her in the tub.

'And why wouldn't he be pleased?' she mused a bit smugly. She was a young, single, fit, and very naked girl in a bathtub. She'd be surprised if he wasn't thrilled at the sight in front of him. 'Whoa – where did this confidence come from?' she was slightly taken aback at her own thoughts; wondering if the heat from the tub had slightly addled her brain, reducing her typical anxieties.

"Looks like it's our lucky day, Forge ol' boy." Said Fred cheerily.

"How did you….What are you both... you can't be in here!" Her flustered sputtering ended on a slightly panicked note, even as she tried to keep her eyes from visually devouring the two wizards in front of her.

"Well Hermione, dearest. We never like to… insert ourselves… where we aren't wanted. If you'd prefer, we will take our leave. But…." Said George.

"….We do think you'll want us to join you, we do make everything much more fun. See, Granger, we fancied a swim, and we thought to ourselves," Fred began.

"What better place than the prefect washroom at Hogwarts." George said.

"So we classed ourselves up, and ambled our way on up here. We had hoped, given our last conversation –"

" – That you would be here at the same time, and look! Here you are, how fortuitous…" George beamed.

Now, we know what you're going to say," Fred said, holding up his hand to stall the comments she felt balanced on the tip of her tongue, ready to spew forth.

"You'll say you're naked, we aren't even students let alone prefects," his voice shuddered a bit with distain at that word, "And that we can't just barge in when another student is bathing." Finished George confidently.

She silently nodded – 'were they mind readers now?' Oh goodness, she hoped not – otherwise they'd know she was currently doing her hardest to refrain from pulling them into the water with her – barely listening to their words. Her eyes were overheating at the sight they presented. 'Oh how I wish I was one of their t-shirts,' she thought, then forced herself to refocus on their words again and not the lips speaking them.

"Well, being the considerate blokes that we are, we brought you some swimwear, as well as our own, in the hopes you'd actually be here. So that we can all be decent." Fred rolled his eyes on the word decent, like it repulsed him to even utter such a prim term.

"A very prefect move, wouldn't you say Fred? Hermione, we haven't been swimming in ages. Please? Will you let us join you?" George turned beseeching eyes her way.

'Since when does their begging have ANY effect on me?' she thought, flustered beyond belief, and beginning to feel herself letting go of her indignation at being interrupted along with her inhibitions about sharing the bath.

"We'll even turn our backs while you change." George dangled another persuasive carrot.

"Though I dare say we might try and catch a peek in the window," Fred promised with a roguish grin.

"Oh honestly," Hermione exclaimed, reaching a decision, "Just give me the damn suit. You two can sell ice to a person living on an iceberg, you realize that don't you? Now, give it here." She briefly wondered why she wasn't more upset or put out by this situation, but then realized that she trusted them, and was finding that she really enjoyed their company the longer she was in their presence. Plus, her eyes were quite enjoying the sight in front of her, and a little part inside her couldn't wait to see what water did to those two.

As she attempted to dip below the bubbles lining the surface to don the – 'bloody hell, they called this a bathing suit?' As she donned the two scraps of fabric that wrapped around her breasts and chest and a minuscule pair of drawstring bottoms, she glanced up and saw two pairs of heated eyes staring back at her through the reflection in the window to the side of the tub.

She was nervous about showing this much skin, especially as she'd never even worn a one piece around the Weasley clan, however, their obvious and appreciative reaction did wonders to bolster her confidence in the matter.

"Ten points to Gryffindor," she heard George murmur.

"Ten, pfft, fill the whole damn hourglass with rubies," Fred replied – both their voices sounding almost awestruck in tone.

Her face flushed and she muttered at them to come into the tub, which in all honesty was the size of a small personal pool. They would be able to swim to their hearts content while she continued her previously relaxing contemplations.

The twins had shucked off their pants and were now in their swim shorts and t-shirts. The two waded down into the tub, and did a couple laps, flicking water at each other and laughing, before heading her way. She noticed the material of their shirts was moulded to their stomachs – outlining and displaying tight quidditch honed chests. She felt her breath hitch, her tongue wanting to taste those ridges and valleys their shirts accentuated.

"You two really don't understand the notion of personal space, do you" she quipped as they moved to sit on either side of her, sandwiching her between them. Her body began to thrum at their enticing nearness. 'What is going on with me? Since when do the twins cause my stomach to go all fluttery, or my fingers to yearn to reach out and touch them?' She tensed up her muscles, forcing them to refrain from attempting their desired wanderings.

The twins noticed.

"Why so tense Hermione? It's only been two weeks since school let in! Surely your body hasn't worked itself into knots as of yet?" Fred queried.

"Come here love, these hands have been tying string all afternoon. They need to be worked out a bit. Let me work them out on your muscles." George motioned that she turn, so he could give her a back massage.

Shrugging, realizing she was overly tense and that there would be no other relief for her muscles here in Hogwarts, Hermione complied. She knew how much she loved getting massages during the summer when she was in muggle London, and she hoped this would relax her as much as those did.

She turned, giving George her back. Fred reached down and pulled her legs into his lap. As George started working the muscles at her neck and shoulders, Fred started at the balls of her feet.

She was in heaven. She couldn't help the moans and drawn-out breaths that were escaping her. She knew she must sound horribly wanton, but their hands were making her tense muscles sing. Each twin moved lower and higher respectively on her body - George was now kneading her arms and lower back, Fred her calves.

She was all but squirming as they continued their wonderful relaxation of her body. As she squirmed again, she felt something harden, pressing along her back. She moaned and moved backwards without thinking, feeling a low mumble escape from George's chest, vibrating against her back.

She felt her hair brush the side of her neck as it was moved to her other shoulder; feather light kisses begun trailing down her left side from her ear down lower. Lower… As George kissed and licked his way down to her collarbone, Fred's hands continued to move higher still.

'This is not like me at all! Why am I allowing this?' Hermione thought, her mind muddled as her body lit on fire under their hands.

As George sucked on her earlobe, nipping it gently, Hermione decided she didn't care – this felt amazing, better than anything she'd ever felt or done before – and sod it, for once she wanted to play on the wild side and not be the uptight enforcer left to clean up messes. She'd deal with the fallout later. Right now, she wanted this, and what Hermione wanted, she made happen.

She turned her head so she could fit her lips to George's, their sweet embrace quickly turning into a duet of heat and fiery tongues. His mouth tantalized and conquered, teased and played. She was drowning in the feelings he evoked in her – along with those that Fred was awakening simultaneously. She could feel that distinct hardness behind her fully now, as well as another pressure under her calves as Fred moved his massage higher still.

His fingers were now running along her inner thigh, tantalizingly close to where she wished his fingers would explore. But as close as his fingers would appear to skim, he was frustratingly staying just shy of the border of her swim bottoms. It was enough to drive her uninhabited with need; she felt hot liquid pool between her legs as she whimpered at how Fred and George were able to make her body feel. She broke off from George's mouth, reaching out to caress Fred's stomach muscles through his soaking wet t-shirt.

"Mmmmmmm…" she purred, then demanded imperiously, "Off with these, both of you!" She didn't like that her view was impeded, even if it was by a sexy wet shirt. The twins quickly divested themselves of the sodden material and she was treated to their lean, muscular, naked torsos, covered in a smattering of freckles and light ginger hair that trailed and dipped oh so enticingly down towards and beneath the bands of their shorts. Where Fred appeared to have more muscle mass on display, George's muscles were more refined, the definitions sleek and taut. 'They are both spectacular,' she breathed to herself appreciatively.

Her mouth went dry – 'holy mother of….I really shouldn't give quidditch such a hard pass – it really does wonders for the wizard physique!' she mused.

Fred traced circles on her thigh with his fingers, his other hand running up to encircle her waist.

"'My turn now Georgie," he bit out huskily. "I want a taste."

Fred swivelled her head around and firmly took hold of her mouth. They battled for dominance, his lips familiar but oh so different than George. It was intoxicating, the mixed passions and styles of the two similar yet distinct men currently entwined around her.

She felt George's hand move, slowly and tortuously, down her arms, reaching around her front with deliberate slowness. He cupped one breast then the other, weighing them in his palm before flicking each nipple with his thumb through her suit. She gasped and again pushed her bum back against his hardness, grinding against what she found there. He moaned at her movements and she felt a flash of feminine triumph flow through her, that she could elicit such a sound from him.

As she was all for equality, and didn't want Fred to feel left out, she started moving her leg against the hardness she felt pressing into her thigh. He gasped and channelled his surprised appreciation into a scorching kiss that she knew would leave her lips bruised. She felt elated!

Fred's fingers, having stilled and left her legs when he'd grasped at and turned her face to his, started moving on her thighs again – all the while driving her out of her mind with his intense and deliberate kisses. Closer and closer his circles became to the edge of her suit bottoms. She squirmed in acute anticipation. He was so close – so close to where she needed him to be.

Her body thrummed with need. With heat, with desire. And all of it was directed at the two wizards currently treating her to the most exquisite caresses; who up until a week prior she had never fully entertained thoughts about; romantic, sexual or otherwise. How things had shifted!

George reached his hands inside her suit top, running his thumbs over her bare nipples as Fred's index finger stroked along the centre of her bottoms, straight between her thighs – then working his fingers under the band to stroke her directly. So close, she was so close! She let out a sound she was sure she'd never uttered before – past the point of caring what she looked like or how she sounded. George was working magic on her breasts, his mouth on her neck and Fred – oh how she didn't want his fingers to ever stop his exploring!

Then, just as George bit down hard on her pulse point below her ear and Fred's thumb ghosted over her most sensitive nub, she felt a sensation – like a powerful sneeze – overtake her.

Squeezing her eyes shut against the new pressure, she felt the sneeze-like sensation again – her head jerking forward momentarily, though the force she felt pressing behind her sinuses didn't manifest.

Opening her eyes, Hermione realized many things, rather quickly.

She was alone. The water was now tepid, and the bubbles had all but dissolved. There were no Fred or George, and no indication they'd been there at all. She was still naked, and no suit was anywhere in sight. And the daydream had, in fact, worked –boy had it ever!

She could still feel her body's response to the twins' attentions in her dream. She let out a frustrated, thwarted cry – Bloody hell was she turned on! – more than she'd ever been before. And now she was left to her own devices – which, compared to how talented Fred and George were – according to her subconscious anyway – she found herself sorely disappointed. As her body continued to hum, however; with no indication that anything but full release would suffice, Hermione realized that she really would need to take care of this herself before she headed back the common room!

'What a bloody brilliant piece of magic', she repeated to herself, after she took matters into her own hands, bringing herself down from her mountainous build-up of need. The transition between reality and her subconscious had been so seamless, so fluid, that she was in awe of their magical talents. She really had misjudged them academically before now, much to her chagrin.

She was also extremely thankful for the twins suggesting she try her first "Daydream charm" somewhere comfortable and private. She couldn't imagine how humiliated she would have been had this occurred in front of Ron and Harry – or even worse – in class! She shuddered at the possibility.

Then she realized something that gave her immediate pause, something her mind had repressed until it felt she was ready to acknowledge it – she was attracted to not only one, but to both men – she wanted them both – when did that happen? And, more importantly – what was she going to do with this newfound information?

She knew the twins were anticipating a review, and from their behaviour when they sold her the product, she hoped they'd be receptive to her response. But, oh honestly, how could she let on that they were the featured stars of her experience? That she was so blown away because of their presence in her sub-conscious foray that she had experienced one of the best orgasms of her life – just at the thought of being with the two of them?

Now that her brain had engaged in contemplating this new attraction from all angles, Hermione realized with dread that the mutual attraction felt in the dream was just that – a dream.

'What if they don't feel the same way as I do for them?' she thought, her earlier confidence receding into her typical, self-conscious thought pattern. 'Or, what if only ONE likes me and the other DOESN'T…. or, even WORSE, what if they both do, but don't want to share…?'

Hermione's mind started to thud and ache at how complicated could this get. Her body was fully sated, but her brain now vibrated with anxiety, confusion and hope. Knowing she needed to head back, so as not to arouse suspicion or questions from Ron and Harry, Hermione decided she'd sleep on this whole conundrum and decide how to proceed the following day after a good night's rest.


Sleep that night was nigh impossible – Hermione tossed and turned, her body still reliving the deliciousness of the dream while her mind went over all possible outcomes and ramifications.

Blearily, Hermione made out the hour on the ancient grandfather clock in the corner of the girls dorm. Well, she thought, 'Dream me did say she'd deal with the consequences later… I guess now's later… I need to send them a letter…'

A resigned sigh escaped her mouth as she pulled herself out of bed, readying herself for the inevitable trip to the owlery. But first, the common room. She had a letter to write and that was the best place to do it.

'They aren't going to know what hit them,' she thought a bit later, envisioning Fred and George's reactions to the letter she had just finished writing. She felt a bit proud knowing that she – bookish, rule-abiding, prefect that she was – would be knocking them sideways with her very words.


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