Below a great oak tree stands two stone pieces. If one would examine them closely, you would see that the weather and time has aged them. One of the pieces is of a light pink granite. The other is made of a similar gray granite structure.

Once, long ago, there was words or perhaps names carved onto these stone slabs. Now, the once elegant characters are worn away to become one with the rest.

At the base of these two stones grows a large silvery bush. The thorns of this plant are enough to keep everyone and anyone away from picking the blossoms, but still, they come and visit this place to view the plant and to relive the tale.

Every year, in the winter at the exact same time as it always has been before, grows only two rose blossoms. First, a delicate red one appears, before being followed by a harsher black rose. The time between the two is only a few days apart. Both are vivid and beautiful in their own color.

The two stems are intertwined and locked together. The stem of the red one is oddly deprived of thorns, but the black one is not, as to protect the slightly smaller flower. The branches of the bush are actually of a pale white color, but it is coated with a silver-like gleam. The flowers are encircled by the greater protection of the branches.

The oak tree that towers above the scene below has not always been here, but that was long ago, far before the memory of those who exist today. The years clearly show on the characteristics of the tree. The bark is black, said be to be like that because of a lightning bolt from a thunderstorm years earlier. Deep grooves and scratches present the surface with great age.

A long time ago, an unknown writer was the first to stumble upon this now sacred place. Back then, this scene stood on a hill overlooking a clear valley like plain. To see that this was still standing here, when most of the others have gone, must have been quite a surprise.

This writer, claimed to have been inspired by an unknown force, wrote down on parchment on how this came to be. His words and thoughts are now famous and passed down the generations.

The story is that long ago a man with great social standing and wealth fell in love with a simple peasant. A curse brought down the peasant woman first, before the man brought himself to his own death. The woman was buried days before. The man hadn't been well liked and was thought to have been the cause of her death, but a dear friend of the woman's managed to convince the rest to bury him next to his lover.

The red rose is said to be like the flower he gave to her a while after the beginning of the relationship though it is without thorns. The black rose is said to have been like the flower given by the man to the base of the headstone of the woman's. Popular belief also says that the red rose represents the innocent and loving peasant. The black one is said to represent the cold harshness of the man, who was finally softened in the end.

The white branches are the sign of the frigid loneliness; he had experienced after her death. The silver on them shows the poison he had drunk in order to be with his love. The branches themselves also represent the pain experienced by the young couple in order to keep their love alive although the consequences were harsh. The position of them protecting the more delicate ones on the inside is also metaphorical.

The love between them was strong enough to unite them even in death.

Now, young hopeful couples visit this place for good luck and happiness in their marriage. They relive the famous story to remember the pain one couple went through before them.

It is also said that there is a way to test the love between to couples. If the two people truly love each other, then the two roses will fall at the mercy of them. If the couple does not have the endless love between them, then nothing would happen. No one so far has been able to claim ownership of the two famous roses, yet.


A young woman with wavy brown hair climbs up the path. A man with blonde hair follows up behind her. Though it is raining and snow covers the path, they seem especially happy. They have been warned that the test has been known to break up relationships, but the opportunity to declare their true love for each other surpasses anything else.

Finally, they come upon what they have been waiting long for. The towering tree greets them as they make their way up the last few steps. They stop and stand, quite a distance from the flowers, to present their respect. Thoughts of the story, creeps into both of their minds as they prepare themselves for the final moment.

The man holds the woman close as they make their way to the flowers. They hold their breath as they stand before the bush. A sudden silence falls onto them as they wait to be judged.

At last, the legendary roses fall.