Chapter 1,

Sam's POV,

I was sitting watching the guys pissing around after a long night of patrol, I could see Emily with a smile on her face and knew she was enjoying the playful side of the guys just as much as I was. I was just about to call time on this game because I wanted to discuss something with the guys when the phone rang. I got up to answer, I could see all the guys looking at me wondering who it could be only Billy phoned me.


"Hello, Can I speak to a Mr Sam Uley please?"

Okay so that was a shook,


"Mr Uley, my name is Minnie, I am a social worker in Seattle. Do you know a Venessa Marie Uley?"

I sucked in a breath, Venessa Marie Uley or Ness as she liked to be called is my baby sister, well not so much a baby but you get the point. I haven't heard or spoken that name in so many years.

You see me and Ness share the same dad but not the same mum, her mum is actually Jared's mum, so she is also Jared's little sister. My mum put her up for adoption when she was five, because she said she couldn't stand to see her anymore. I tried to fight for her but I was only 11 myself.

I looked over to Jared who had the same shocked look as me on his face.

"Mr Uley are you still there?"

"I'm still here, Ness she is my little sister. Is she okay?"

I kept eye contact with Jared, even though we haven't spoken about her in years we never stopped loving her. She is our little sparrow, she used to call me Sammy, she was the only one aloud to call me Sammy back then, and that hasn't changed now.

She called Jared J-bird.

"Mr Uley I am afraid to tell you that your sister has been in an accident."

I felt my heart miss a beat,

"What kind of accident? Is she okay?"

"There was a fire at her home, her adopted parents have both died. Ness has severe burns covering her face and arms. You are the only family member we have been able to contact and that is because Ness told me your name and that you live in Washington. She has asked for you and her brother Jared."

"What hospital is she in?"

"Seattle Emergency hospital"

"Were leaving now, we will be there as soon as we can be, my fiancé will be with me if that is okay?"

I looked to Emily who nodded her head in agreement. She will come with me I knew she would.

"Mr Uley I am sorry but Ness has said she doesn't want to see anyone but you and her brother Jared. Her words were people will look at her burns and not her"

"Okay me and Jared will be there soon. Start the paper work for Ness to come and live with me."

I didn't let her say anything back to me, I put the phone down and looked at Jared who looked like he was going to cry, yeah I knew how he felt. I mean this is Ness, I remember her screaming at me begging me not to let them take her away, and I tried to stop them but mum had said something to dad and he didn't even fight to keep her.

I looked to Emily, she knew about Ness, she knew how messed up I was when they took her away. I was bought out of my thoughts by Paul

"Since when do you have a little sister? And why have you not mentioned her?"

"I didn't mention her because my mum put her up for adoption when she was five, I remember hearing her scream my name, running down to see what was going on and seeing them pulling her away, I remember her reaching her hand out to me and begging me not to let them take her, screaming at me, "Sammy please don't let them take me" I never spoke about her because it was to painful, she is my little sister and she will be coming here to live. You all better treat her with respect"

I could see the shock on Paul's face, I didn't mean to say that but damn it I was pissed! Ness had been put up for adoption when she was five, the day they took her I broke. I didn't look at my mum in the same way anymore. And I hated my dad, how could he do this to his daughter?

He used to call her his little princess and she called him king daddy.

They never spoke about Ness after that. I remember Jared come running through the front door, screaming wheres Ness, he looked at me and all I could do was cry. Jared's only a year younger then me, and we always got on no matter what.

When we lost Ness we grew closer and in growing closer we both hated my parents.

Jared's mum Kammy, didn't know what my parents planned she came running in after Jared screaming for her daughter.

My mum walked up to her slapped her around the face and said in the coldest voice I have ever heard from her she said "Your bastard child has been put up for adoption. I can't stand to look at what you and my husband created anymore! Now I suggest you take your other bastard child and leave my house. Keep your son away from mine!"

Me and Jared only hung out when my mum didn't know. I lost all respect for my mother that day.

I was thinking things over in my head, planning. The pack still had to be looked after while I was gone. I was brought out of my thoughts by Paul putting his hand on my shoulder.

"Sam don't worry about anything here I will look after the pack and Emily. You go get your sister and bring her back to her family."

Paul could be a hard ass but deep down he had a heart of gold more do for his family and thats what we are a family.

"Thanks Paul. Jared go and get a bag we don't know how long we will be gone. The rest of you listen to Paul he is acting Alpha until I get back."

With that I went up to my room to pack some bits. I didn't want to take much just enough for two days at the most.

I couldn't wait to bring Ness home.

Ness's POV,

I've been sat in this hospital bed for almost a week, thats how long its taken Minnie my social worker to find my brothers Sammy and Jared.

I couldn't wait for them to get here, I could then tell them I am a supernatural being just like them. I have powers, so many powers and I know Sammy and Jared are shapeshifters.

And I can't wait to get out of this hospital so I can heal these burns. I bet your all wondering what I am? Well in a way I' m like a witch I have powers. My kind are called Scriptures, there isnt many of my kind left in the world, when I turn eighteen I will ascend into all of my power and become the scripture queen.

I couldn't tell many humans about what I am, some know like the ones I have helped.

Its been so long since I last saw my brothers. I was five, I am now seventeen. I have missed my brothers so much over the years, at first I was mad with them, mad that they let me get taken away. But then I realised thay couldn't do anything to stop it. They were kids themselves

I remember that day like it was yesterday, my dad stood in the kitchen not even looking at me, just telling me this was for the best he couldn't hurt Sarah anymore. Sarah is Sammys mum. He couldn't hurt his pathetic wife but he could hurt his daughter.

I called for Sammy and he came running down the stairs, as soon as he saw me he tried to run to me but his mum wouldn't let him. I remember begging him not to let them take me but in the end there wa nothing to be done. Sarah didn't want me anymore and my mum Kammy had no choice but to go with it.

I was bought out of my thoughts by a nurse coming into my room, I looked up and she smiled at me.

"Hey sweetie I'm here to redress your burns and make sure there not getting infected"

"Okay. Can I have a bath or shower then?"

"I will have to check with your doctor first. Let me check your burns and then I'll go speak to your doctor."

I just nodded my head. I didn't have the strength to speak anymore, I just wanted to go home, my real home with Sam and Jared if they wanted me to of course.

I would have to make them aware of what my responsibilities were as a Scripture, I know that as Shape shifters they are protectors of their people. I know that they protect people or humans from vampires.

I closed my eyes while I was waiting for the nurse to redress my burns, I mean this is silly I could just heal myself and this wouldn't even need doing. But these humans couldn't know what or who I was I could only tell people I was helping or other supernatural beings.

I have guides, well their not really called guides, their called white lighters, they are there to help me. They know all there is to know about my kind, when I'm ready to ascend they will be there for me, in a protection circle around me. You see it's painful to ascend, it's like getting a thousand knives stabbing you all over your body.

So Leo, Wyatt and his brother Chris will be there protecting me in their circle of light. They did it when I first got my powers, which if you ask me they should of told me about. I got my powers when I was 10 years old, so I am used to them now, but they grow. I can go weeks without getting new powers but then I can go weeks with getting new powers.

Apparently it's all about whether the elders think I am mature enough to receive a power, all because when I was twelve I got a bit out of hand and used one of my powers on the school bully who was picking on the new kid. I never got bullied at my school, I was one of the lucky ones but that didn't mean I supported the bullies either. The girl had just started a new school she was nervous enough.

So I used two of my powers to make him look like the fool, it was hilarious everyone thought so but the elders they told me that I couldn't use my power like that and that they were punishing me for it. I at the time laughed at them thinking they couldn't actually punish me.

The nurse was still here pulling me around, taking off all the old gauze and putting new ones on. I just went to my happy place because if I didn't I would just heal myself and walk out of this hospital to go find Sammy and Jared myself.

It took about fifteen minutes for her to reapply new gauze, she made sure I had plenty of water, told me she was going to ask about the shower then left.

I was laying back down to go to sleep when Minnie walked into my room, Minnie is my favourite social worker, because she listened to me. She didn't tell me I was stupid and shit she just listened and that was nice.

She came over to the side of my bed and grabbed my hand.

"So I've been in touch with your brother Sam, him and Jared are on their way and will be here sometime this afternoon. They still live in La Push so it should only take them a little over eight hours to get here. Once they are here I will meet them and bring them straight to you. Also your brother Sam has asked me to start the paperwork for you to go home with him, which will make him your legal guardian. Is this something you want?"

I didn't even need to think about it, I knew the answer and so did she.

"Hell Yeah!"

"I thought that would be your answer, so I have already put the paperwork in. All we need to do is get Sam to sign it, and I will need to see where you will be leaving to make sure it is safe and you will have your own room."

I nodded my head,

"I don't know whether Sammy still lives in the house he grew up in. But I am pretty sure I will have my own room. But I understand that you have to check these things. I just want to go home."

"Well I'll leave you to get some sleep. I will come to you as soon as they are here"

I rolled over to my side and closed my eyes, thinking about all the things I have missed while being away from Sammy and Jared, did they have girlfriends? Were they married? Did they have kids of their own? Does Sam really want me to live with him?

All this was whirling around my head, and making me more anxious to see them to know that I was actually going home.

Sam's POV,

Me and Jared were making good headway, we have been in the truck for almost two hours, it would normally take eight hours to get from La Push to Seattle but with me braking the speed limit I was hoping to cut out at least two hours in our journey. We just wanted to get there now.

I did phone Charlie Swan the chief of police in Forks Washington to let him know that Ness had been found and was in the hospital. Ness was always welcome in Charlie's home, she reminded him of his daughter Bella, and he had hoped that they would be friends as they grew up.

He offered to take us in the cruiser but I declined I didn't want to overwhelm Ness with all the people wanting to meet her or re-meet her. It would be hard enough introducing her to the whole of the pack when we got back. But it would have to be done because they are a big part of my life.

I was in two minds on whether I should bring her into the secret, I mean on the plus side it would mean I didn't have to lie to her, and if she accidently saw something it wouldn't hurt her.

"Hey Jared, what do you think about telling Ness the secret?"

He looked at me shocked!

"I hadn't even thought about that. What do you think?"

"I think we should tell her, because she will be living with me so she may accidently see something and with Paul being the hot head he is you know that is more than likely. At least if she does see something she won't be hurt that we didn't tell her."

"I hadn't thought about it like that, but yeah I think that maybe a good idea. But I think we should consult the rest of the pack, you maybe Alpha and me Beta but you know Paul will kick off if we don't ask their opinion."

He has a point of course; Paul could be the biggest hot head, losing his temper most days, over stupid stuff as well. I didn't want this hanging over our heads all the way there and all the way back. I wanted our reunion to be amazing, I wanted to hug Ness and never let her go. Not worry about whether I should or shouldn't tell her the secret so I pulled over onto the side of the road and fished my cell phone out of my pocket.

I dialled my home number knowing that is where everyone was going to be, I put in on speak phone so Jared could join in the conversation to, although with our wolf hearing that wasn't really necessary. Emily answered on the second ring,


"Hey Em, it's me can you put me on speaker phone please I have something I need to ask the rest of the pack"

"Sure Sam, everything okay?"

"It will be,"

I heard rustling in the back ground and knew the boys were getting comfortable,

"Okay Sam your on speaker what's up?"

Paul always to the point

"Well me and Jared were talking and we both want to tell Ness the secret, she will be living with me and more than likely see something then be hurt because we didn't tell her. It would just be easier to tell her and we wanted all of your opinions on this."

"You want to tell your baby sister who hasn't lived on the Rez for thirteen years our biggest secret? Are you mad? Don't you think you should talk to my dad about this, he is after all the chief of the tribe"

"No Jacob I do not, this is not a matter for the chief of the tribe, this is a matter for the members of my pack"

Before anyone else could say anything Paul beat them to it and what he said shocked me more than Jacob's outburst.

"Tell her Sam, she is going to be a part of your life which means she will be a part of ours and to keep her safe she needs to know."

"Thanks Paul"

With that I hung up the phone, and pulled back out onto the highway. We would still make good time that conversation only lasted twenty minutes. Me and Jared didn't talk there was no need, we would soon be with Ness again.


After four hours we were finally pulling into the parking lot at the hospital. I found a space turned the engine off and got out the truck, stretching my legs in the process. I walked into the reception, straight up to the desk and spoke to the nurse on duty.

"I'm here for my sister Venessa Marie Uley?"

"Your name?"

"Sam Uley and this is Jared Cammeron"

"Okay take a sit and I will phone up for her social worker to come and grab you,"

I nodded and sat down, I would soon be seeing Ness again and I couldn't wait.

Five minutes later and a small petite woman was walking towards us, she stopped in front of me and offered me her hand.

"Mr Uley I am Minnie, Ness's social worker."

I took her hand and shook it

"Nice to meet you"

"I'm sure your both eager to see Ness so I will talk as we walk. I have started the paperwork for you to have legal guardianship of Ness, it has been provisionally approved which means your approved I just have to check the place you will be living and make sure your fiancé is okay with Ness other than that there is no other concerns my end."

"When will I be able to take her home out of here?"

"You can discharge her today, she has only been here so long because she has been waiting for you."

I nodded my head, that was good we stopped walking at room 344 on the third floor, she opened the door and I could feel my heart trying to beat out of my chest. At the sound of the door opening Ness looked up and she looked straight into my eyes, and I swear my heart missed it's beat, she has grown up into a beautiful young lady.

I took a step towards her when all of a sudden she threw herself into my arms, and I a second to catch her before she fell.

She pulled herself so close to me that I could feel the tears on my shirt.

"Sammy you're here"

"I'm baby girl, I'm here"

We were bought out of our thoughts by Jared.

"What do I not get a hug little sparrow?"

She turned to look at him and climbed from my arms to his. I saw Minnie leave to give us some time, Jared walked over to the bed and sat down with Ness in his arms,

"I can't believe you both came, Minnie said you would but I didn't think you would."

"Ness your aloud to leave with us, shall we get your stuff ready?"

With that we got her stuff ready, and gave her some clothes to put on, she went into the bathroom and came out ten minutes later, we grabbed her hand and all walked out of the room, towards where Minnie was waiting for us with the doctor.

"So I have your discharge papers. All that we need to do is make a time for me to come see where your living then you can go"

"How about in a week's time? That gives us all enough time to settle in"

"That's great I will ring you with a time"

She pulled Ness into a hug,

"Ness it has been wonderful working with you, you are a fine young lady."

With that we walked out of the hospital and got into the truck, Ness sat between us, I pulled out of the car park.

We were pretty quiet to begin with than Ness broke the silence,

"So your both Shape shifters, who change into wolves and I am a scripture that needs to heal herself."

We both just looked at her!

"How do you know what we are?"

"I can smell it on you, can't you smell it on me? You know the supernatural smell"

When she said that me and Jared both took a deep breath of her, and yes she was right there is a supernatural smell to her.

"Okay now we have that out of the way, I am going to heal myself because these burns hurt like hell"

With that a bright gold light came out of her and her burns disappeared