Chapter 13,

Sam's POV,

Arriving home without Ness was weird considering I knew where she was and what she would be doing as much as I wanted to stop it I really couldn't. On the journey home I was thinking about the vision Ness had when I asked her to show me Emily's future, I'm going to discuss with Jared tonight ways we can stop this vision from coming true. I would also be discussing the vision she had this morning, I knew when she told what she saw that she was leaving something out and I had feeling I knew who shot her.

I pulled up outside my house, climbed out of the truck and walked to the front door. All without telling Jared to come in cause I knew he would anyway, he always knew when there was something wrong with me and I needed to talk it was a bond we had got the moment Ness was taken out of our life's and its only got stronger over the years.

I walked into the kitchen grabbed two beers out of the fridge, gave one to Jared and sat down. I took a big pull of beer to try and help order my thoughts a little bit I then took a deep breath and launched into what I wanted to say.

"Jared the day I told Ness to break my fake imprint with Emily, Ness had a vision. I wasn't going to say anything until I saw the way Kim acted with Ness now I know I have to tell you at least. Whatever happens Jared we have to stop this vision from happening there is no way I want to see our baby sister in that kind of pain."

I could see what I said had an effect on Jared from the frown on his face and the worry in his eyes.

"OK what was the vision?"

"Ness showed me three visions, it's the last one though that's important. So I'm going to tell you about that one only.

I was sat in the kitchen at the table, I could hear Emily and Kim in the sitting room talking negatively about Ness and how Emily had demanded she not be allowed in my home anymore, Kim agreeing with her and backing her up.

I saw you walk in looking as sad as I felt, you sat down next to me not smiling, you looked at me and I saw how heartbroken you were.

"I tried talking to Ness again today" You said

I could see the tears and hear the soreness of your throat from your tears.

"How did it go? Did she talk to you?"

You shock your head then continued speaking

"No Sam, she wouldn't even look at me. We've destroyed her Sam, she thought for all of us. Protected every single one of us even Emily and Kim with all the vile and harsh things they have done and said to her she still protected them. Our mates, our wolves, our family she protected them all. And how do we thank her? We left her when she needed us the most, we all know she had that vision of Jasper dying months ago, but she could of saved him. Because Emily and Kim couldn't do as they were damn well told Ness our baby sister not only lost one mate, but she lost them both. She never got to spend more than six months with her mates, our mates did that to her.

Even though we know that, we still walked away from our sister left her to deal with that alone. None of the pack talk to her, not even the imprints she's all alone Sam and it's our fault. I just never knew our mates could be so hurtful to someone else. Emily the worst of them both, she laughed Sam bloody laughed when Ness screamed in heartbroken agony and we still walked back to our mates.

I had to see what you saw, I had to see what we did to our baby sister, so I asked you to phase and show me. What I saw in her eyes will forever haunt me she looked dead.

Vision re tell end

What I saw in that vision Jared it killed me, Ness didn't even know about that vision until she had it. When she came out of it she was a mess, there is no way on this earth we can let that vision come true."

Jared just sat there staring at me with so many emotions on his face, I knew he was processing what I had just told him, so I left him to think. I can't believe what I heard from Emily and Kim in that vision I never thought they could be so damn heartless and hurtful. I always knew there was something different about my imprint with Emily I always thought it was because I still had feelings for Leah.

I didn't love her in the same way anymore but I did still care for her deeply, the imprint didn't change my feelings for Leah, Leah changed my feelings for her I saw the real her and I really didn't like who she was the imprint and the whole wolf business was a just the thing I needed to break it off between us. Your probably saying what a coward why not just end it with her if you weren't happy? The truth is I did try a few times but she seemed determined to stay in my home and I am not one to lay a hand on a woman no matter the situation.

It always surprised me that I imprinted on Emily because I had met her a few times with Leah and I never liked her she just wasn't for me. I was bought out of my thoughts by Jared sighing I looked over to him with a raised eyebrow.

"Ok sorry I had to process all you said. I don't think that vision will happen now though you've already changed that by breaking the bond with Emily"

I knew he was going to say that, I had been thinking about that all night.

"I don't think I have though, the vision came even after my decision to leave Emily was made. Ness hasn't really explained her visions to me in so many words, but from what Bella has said in the past about the future seeing pixie vamp. She said the visions were decision based. If that's true for Ness as well then no I may have actually bought that vision on myself by breaking the bond"

"You have a point there, maybe we should ask Ness about her visions. I mean we can still make a plan so the vision doesn't happen but I think we should talk to her before we go jumping to conclusions about this, cause her visions could be different to the pixies."

I was nodding along to what he said he did have a point but at the same time he didn't cause I knew I didn't know how I knew but I knew this was just the beginning of something big coming our way and it was heading towards hurting Ness the most and I couldn't let that happen.

I stood up checked the time and saw that a good four hours had gone since leaving the bar so I'm probably waking them all up, I grabbed the phone and dialled Paul's number, he answered on the third ring.

"What's up Sam?"

"I need to speak to Ness real quick can you put her on?"

"Yeah…Baby Sam's on the phone for your" I heard come through the phone this had me smiling because Paul was the most lethal wolf we had in our pack and he was whipped the minute he said yes to my sister.

I heard some shuffling then I heard Ness speak,

"Hey Sammy, what's up?"

"Hey baby girl so to wake you, I have a question about your visions and I really need you to answer it for me."

"Ok what is it?"

"Are your visions decision based or set in stone?"

I heard her take a deep breath and knew she really didn't want to answer that, but she would because of the way I asked her.

"My visions depend on who triggers them. If they concern the pack or myself directly then they are set in stone so to speak but can be changed. No one's future is set in stone we don't have paths drawn out for us we decide that for ourselves and the people we have in our life's. So, no there not set in stone but that doesn't mean they won't happen. Does that answer your question?"

Is she serious? Did that answer my question? Well no not really, I'm more confused now than ever but at the same time I could kind of understand what she was saying. It didn't make me feel any better, but I did understand them a bit better now.

"Thank you baby girl"

"Sammy, are you ok? "

"I'm fine baby girl get some rest."

I then hung up the phone and looked to Jared, I could tell by looking at him that he picked up on what wasn't said, some visions could be changed not all. Before I could say anything more to Jared my phone rang, thinking it was Ness ringing me back I answered without looking at the caller I.D


"Hello Mr Uley, you don't know me but I know you and your little sister. Your father Joshua owes me payment for a spell I did on you no need to keep it secret now that your sister is back in your life. I have been waiting for this day for a very long time. You see that fake imprint was put on you by me at request of your father. You may ask yourself why am I telling you this? There is nothing you can do to prevent me from getting my payment for this spell.

When your father came to me he made a blood oath to pay me and blood oaths can not be broken or all involved will die"

What the actual fuck? Who is this dude?

"Who are you? What is this payment?"

"Who I am is not important. The payment is simple…Your sister for the spell"

I almost dropped the phone in that moment I have never hated my father more than I do now. How dare he use Ness as payment for some screwed up spell that didn't even work.

I swore then and there that I would find Joshua and he would explain why he did this.

"You won't get near my sister to have her. If you so much as step foot on this reservation you will be killed no mercy shown, no questions asked."

All he did was laugh, I looked at Jared who was barely keeping it together and I was no better myself. Did this fucker think I would just hand her over to him? Cause that shit would never happen I am not my father or my mother they both turned their backs on her from a young age and I swore I never would and that is still in my heart today. Over my dead body would anyone take her from me again.

Before he or I could speak again the door burst open and in crashes Paul, carrying a sobbing Ness with Jasper hot on his heals, I looked over to Jasper who seemed to be the calmer one and raised an eyebrow at him, he shook his head and just stood behind Ness. I had a feeling Ness hasn't said anything to them just demanded they bring her here. Paul was only in his boxers and Jasper we he at least had a tshirt on.

Before any of us could say anything the voice on the phone spoke up.

"I'm coming for your sister"

The line then went dead.

All of us looking at each other with different emotions on our faces but the same determination in our hearts to protect Ness.


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