Unrequited Love…. Perhaps?

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Chapter 1 New Teacher

"Hotaru! Hotaru! Wait for me!" I shouted as I ran to catch up with my best friend.

A short, black haired girl stopped abruptly and turned around with a vicious glare evident on her cold violet colored eyes. "Stop screaming my name like that, Idiot. You will make my popularity go down in a second."

I pouted. Hotaru is always mean! I wonder, why on earth I choose a best friend like her in the first place. "It's because4 you are too fast!"

"Baka." Hotaru said while rolling her eyes. "I don't want to be late."

"But it's still half past 7 for goodness sake! Our class starts at 8!"

"I don't care. I need to go do some things first. It's better early than late anyway."


Hotaru lifted one of her perfect eyebrows. "Say that again?"

I quickly clamped my hand over my mouth. I don't want to taste the wrath of her baka gun. "Nothing." I answered in a muffled voice.

We continued walking down the hallway, until we reached a pair of big oak doors. Hotaru simply opened the heavy door and motioned me to go in.

I really like the structure of our class. It's simple and the taste of vintage could be seen clearly, but not all our classes are like this in our lovely campus, only calculus classes – which I was going to attend right now – use these vintage-style classes

I know from my best friend – miss know-it-all – that we were going to have a new teacher for calculus class in our third semester. I can't wait to see him / her! Seeing new faces is always fun you know.

"Mikan! Hotaru! You're here!" shouted a giddy voice which I knew so well from the time we spent high school together. A bob styled, pink haired girl was bouncing over to our table.

"Hey there Anna." I greeted her with a wide smile stretched across my face.

"Hi Mikan!" The pink haired girl replied with so much enthusiasm that I was taken aback. She is the first human that I have ever seen with such a high spirit on Monday morning. "Do you know that today we are going to have a new teacher?"

"I know. Hotaru already told me."

"Always knows every thing. That's Hotaru." A new voice suddenly interrupted.

I turned my head and saw a smiling face of a waist long blue haired girl.

"Hey Mikan." She greeted, taking a seat beside me.

"Nice to see you, Nonoko." I replied, smiling back at her.

"Nonoko! I want to sit beside Mikan!" Anna protested at her twin sister.

"Just sit beside me, Anna." Nonoko sighed while rolling her eyes. "I saw the teacher walking here."

"The new teacher?" I asked excitedly.

"Yes, the new teacher!" Anna laughed, taking her seat beside Nonoko.

I looked at her questioningly. How could she know that? Nonoko was the one who saw the teacher, not her.

Anna grinned at me. She knows what I'm thinking right now. "It's a twin thing, Mikan." She answered while shrugging nonchalantly.

Right. A twin thing. I would never understand that anyway.

"Good morning class. Please take your seats." A heavy voice boomed throughout the room.

I froze on my seat. No no no. This couldn't be happening to me.

My eyes literally bulged out at the sight of our new calculus teacher.

Those familiar, messy raven tresses, that infamous handsome smirk which always graced his lips, but the most important thing are that pair of tantalizing crimson eyes of his which were looking straight, right at me. It felt like they were boring into me as he scanned each student from the front class.

And here I thought that I could finally move on.


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