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And so Dean and Castiel went for the coffee date, which then turned into a lunch date, followed by an afternoon walk in the park date and on to a dinner date. They talked and laughed and kissed and held hands, and generally just enjoyed the knowledge that they were with the one they cared about and who cared about them in return. And so that was the start of the beautiful relationship of Castiel and Dean.

After that it was a common sight to see them together. Gabriel liked to claim it was all his doing, but those in the know ignored his comments. Dean and Castiel finally met Gabriel girlfriend who they both decided was a little bit scary and definitely not someone to mess with. Dean then introduced Castiel to Jess, Sam's fiancée, and that seemed to go better. Jess was lovely after all.

Sam was happy that his brother had found someone to be with. And Gabriel? Well he was ecstatic that Cassie had finally found someone to keep him grounded.

He was also glad that being with Dean seemed to smooth out some of Castiel's rough edges and he even started being slightly more polite to there clients. Not completely, but it was better than he had been before.

Then came the wedding of Sam and Jess, the one in Hawaii which had started it all. The one which required Dean to get into a plane.

While his fear seemed to have gone, or at least lessened when Castiel was in the pilots seat, the idea of getting into a plane being flown by someone else still horrified Dean. As such Castiel 'borrowed' (he so wasn't going to ever pay it back) some money from Gabriel and hired a plane that would carry the wedding party out to island. As such he flew them all out there, and while Dean was supposed to be sitting in the back with his brother, that didn't work for him, instead he took shotgun to Castiel and watched him work. Flying a machine that was so much more complicated than his angel's angel. And yet Cas made it look easy. Dean couldn't quite believe that Cas would do that for him. His boyfriend really was the most amazing man ever.

And Castiel sat there and allowed Dean to stare at him in that distracting way, knowing that once he had landed and they got to the hotel he was going to make the other man pay, with kisses and other things. Yes he was happy with Dean, in his relationship with Dean. Having Dean at his side felt right in all things in his mind.

And later once the ceremony had been and gone and Jess had become Mrs Samuel Winchester, the speeches had been given, Dean embarrassing his little brother with stories of his childhood as was the job of the best man, and the first dance danced, Dean and Castiel slipped away from the celebrations to walk along the beach hand in hand, in the moonlight. Both marveling at their luck at having such a man as the one beside them in their life. And Dean knew, the time was right to say what had been burning his tongue for a while.

"Cas, I love you." He whispered pulling his boyfriend to a standstill and turning to face him.

Castiel, hearing the words smiled. He had known for a while that they were true but this was the first time Dean had spoken them. Now all that was left was for him to return the sentiment.

"I love you too Dean. More than anything." He whispered against Dean's lips as he leaned forwards to kiss him but Dean raised his finger and put it over Castiel's lips making him frown.

"Even more than angel?" Dean asked mock seriously making Castiel throw back his head and laugh before he answered.

"Maybe not more, but definitely the same amount." With that Castiel pulled Dean to him and kissed him with all the passion he held for his man. The kiss continued as they slowly sank down onto the sand, arms and legs entangled with each other. If someone had been watching they would not have been able to see where one man finished and the other began, and Dean and Castiel felt that was a highly accurate description of there relationship. They weren't two individual men any more, but a couple, a unit. They completed each other, made each other better, and brought out the best of themselves. They were without a doubt perfect.


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