Okay guys what's up, this is my new story to get me back into writing so I hope you like here's the full summary and opening explanation, please read as it will give some answers on the setting and events the prelude this story, this is what I assume to be a unique naruto harry potter crossover story, so I hope you enjoy.

Full Summary: On the day of the nine tails attack the fourth Hokage, his wife Lily, along with the third Hokage, Jiraiya, and Tsunade, successfully seal the nine tails into Minato and Lily's newborn twin children, splitting its power into the youngest, and it's soul into the oldest. While in the hospital the masked mans, partner, a snakelike man infiltrates the building in an attempt to kill the children and set the beast free again. He is stopped however when the killing curse he uses, rebounds off the eldest child and kills him. In the ruins of the attempted assassination, both children are found unharmed, though the youngest does possess a unique scar on her head. Thinking she is the one responsible she is hailed as a hero, by the people of the world, and doubly so by the people of the village, for containing the fox's power, and supposedly killing Lord Voldemort.

Years later, one child is a superstar of the world, while another is nothing. While the youngest rises to stardom, the eldest is left forgotten, and eventually begins to suffer. While the world may cry out the name of the girl-who-lived in happiness and joy, they whisper the name of the eldest twin in disdain and anger. What happens when her suffering reaches an unbearable level? What happens when the twin that was forgotten, holds more power than anyone could ever hope to imagine? And what happens when that child, the one who was abandoned, is pushed too far? And finally what happens, when the world realizes it's mistake? Is it too late to change things or is the rise of the Nindaime Rikudo Sennin, the mark of the end?

Cliches: In my story, there is no potter family, so no James. Because of these changes, there will be no Naruto or Harry. Instead, both will be replaced by their combined female OOC equivalent, and she will use multiple names in this story, for reasons that will be explained later, but her names are Narumi/Riley. This story will take place in both the elemental nations and Wizarding Britain. Beyond God-like Narumi. Sharingan, EMS Sharingan, Rinnegan, Juubi, Mokuton, both magical and chakra based techniques. Ron bashing, Minato/Lily Bashing, girl-who-lived bashing, Konoha bashing, council bashing, elder bashing, Sasuke bashing, Sakura bashing. Yuri/Futa Lemons Limes. Lot's of swearing, LOTS of gore... I luv gore. Grey Voldemort, Dark Narumi.

Pairings: Yuri Harem, mostly Wizarding girls, not yet sure on shinobi yet. Currently, Fluer, Luna, Daphne.

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"Demon Speech"/spell or jutsu

'Demon thought'

Broken Angel

Chapter 1: And so it Begins

Ruins, that's all he could see around him as he glided elegantly through what was once the greatest hidden village in the world.

'It's a pity so much magical blood had to be wasted.' the man thought as he sidestepped another dead body.

Most people ignored the man, or simply didn't notice him as he made his way towards his destination.

The man couldn't help but admire the destruction around him, the power of the Nine-Tails was truly astounding. It bothered him that so much magical blood was spilled but he knew that if this village wasn't taken down, all of his plans for the future would be destroyed. Ever since that blasted Minato Namikaze entered into his war, he and his Death Eaters hadn't won a single major battle. Minato didn't need to send his armies, as he could just go to the battlefield in an instant, no matter where he was previously. After he gave his special kunai to those damnable Order of the Phoenix members, his Death Eaters began being slaughtered.

Lord Voldemort was a smart man. He knew he couldn't take Minato in a one-on-one fight, that man was just too powerful and much too fast for the dark lord to contend with. So, he had to go with his 'partner's' plan. A tenuous partnership at best, but still, the masked man did have great ideas, and the devastation around him was a testament to how well the plan had worked. The two had prepared just in case the fox had been sealed and the village survived, to infiltrate and kill the new host, while the Fourth was weakened, thus ending the village for sure. Sadly, it seems his partner was not in decent health after the first attack, so Lord Voldemort was left to finish plan B on his own.

Voldemort elegantly strode into the busy hospital, he had placed a powerful notice-me-not charm on himself, which let him easily outmaneuver, and pass by the many shinobi and civilians present in the building. Eventually, he made it to the room where he knew the Jinchuriki were.

He opened the door and stepped in. Two Anbu black ops fell from the ceiling in front of him swords drawn, their eyes were on the door, but with the Notice-me-not charm still active, he appeared invisible to them.

The Dark Lord let out only the lightest of chuckles before he wordlessly sent two curses right at the Anbu, and given how close he was, they were unable to dodge. Both curses stuck true, right in the Anbu's chests. Both men wailed in agony, as they began to dissolve. Their armor and skin melted off, and soon their organs began to fall out of their bodies. With all the cries of pain echoing out all throughout the busy hospital, no one could hear the two warriors die in agonizing pain.

The Dark Lord strode past the pools of flesh that used to be the two ninja and made his way over to a nursery on the far side of the room. Two children awaited there. One was crying loudly, obviously startled from the deaths of the Anbu, while the other just stared at him.

Voldemort looked between the two children, it saddened him that innocent magical blood such as this had to die, just to kill one man. If that nuisance Lily hadn't managed to convince her husband to get involved in the war in Britain, he would have no reason to be here, and these two innocent children wouldn't have had to die. Sadly, however, he was here, and now he had to kill them. He gave both children a once over.

The crying child was blonde of hair and had deep blue eyes just like Minato, she wailed loudly and if it wasn't for the sizable power she was giving off, coupled with the slight trembling of the room from all the magic flowing off of her, he would have killed her immediately just to put an end to this. Yes, Lord Voldemort was a man of charisma and elegance, and he didn't enjoy hurting children, especially magical ones, but this was Minato's child, for her, he would make the exception, even if he wouldn't enjoy it.

He glanced over at the other child and was surprised to see her staring up at him. Only a day old and yet the look in the infant's eyes was intense. Voldemort sensed power in her eyes, they were a very dark blue, almost black if the light wasn't good. Her hair was a deep red nearly black as well. If it wasn't for her facial features, he would think that this child wasn't really Minato's. Obviously, she took more after Lily but still.

Voldemort stared into the child's eyes and was surprised to see understanding in them. She looked like she knew why he was there. This caught Voldemort off guard, but he quickly recovered, dismissing the thought as absurd. Still, he knew this would be something that would bother him for quite some time, this infant had an unnatural awareness to her, she seemed so aware, and content. It was surreal. Voldemort raised his wand and aimed it at her.

He stared at her for a moment more, feeling a pang of sadness echo through him as he muttered the words "Avada Kadavra."

He watched as the eerie green light shot from the end of his wand at the child, he saw the light impact her stomach, and he watched her flinch. But instead of going still, her eyes shot at him and in his last moment, Voldemort saw something that no one had seen in thousands of years. He watched in slow motion, the green light of his spell, still hovering in the air, as the child's eyes changed. Her pupils became tiny, and her iris turned white, and then to his awe, her whole eyes turned a lavender color, and black rings appeared.

In the half second that it took for this to happen, Voldemort became the first person in generations to lay eyes on the legendary Rinnegan.

Suddenly, he saw the green killing curse begin to contort, the energy coalescing against what looked like some kind of shield or barrier, that had appeared around her body. He watched her crib warp and shatter, and he watched as the barrier expanded and the energy of his killing curse came hurtling back at him.

And as the Shinra Tensei, infused killing curse slammed into him, the Dark Lord had but one thought, as his whole body was vaporized, as his mind and soul became a wraith, that thought was one unfitting a man of his station, a dark lord, head of an ancient and noble house, but it still happened. That thought was 'Bloody Hell!'.

As Voldemort's wraith hovered in the air for a second, it glanced around the now ruined room. It spotted the blonde child lying on the floor covered in blood red chakra that seemed to shield her from death. She had some splinters embedded in her skin, but they were quickly pushed out by the demonic energy and healed almost perfectly. For some reason, the demonic energy caused a mutation to occur, along her cheeks, three whisker-like marks appeared.

The other child, the one who had just killed him was lying on the floor directly before him, her eyes returned to their normal state, and she looked calm. Though the craziest thing by far for Voldemort was when the child looked his wraith directly in the eyes.

Voldemort knew that to stay was to risk true death, so with a swift motion, his wraith flew out one of the now open walls.

-A few minutes later-

"What the hell happened here?!" Minato shouted as he walked into the room on crutches. He was exhausted from sealing the Nine tails, and he was still suffering from the injuries he incurred from fighting the masked man.

"I'm not sure my lord. The room just exploded. We rushed in here and found the two children unharmed, but their Anbu guards have been turned into slag." One of the Anbu informed him.

"Where are my babies?" Lily Namikaze's voice could be heard as she entered the room.

"Here, my lady." a dog masked Anbu replied, he was carrying both children in his arms.

"Oh, thank god." Lily sighed as she stepped up and took both her children.

"What the hell caused this?" Minato asked himself aloud.

"Hm... perhaps an investigation is in order so that we may garner some information." A voice spoke from the doorway.

Minato glanced over and spotted an old friend.

"Headmaster." Lily greeted with a smile, getting one in return from Dumbledore.

"Dumbledore sensei," Minato said with a little happiness crawling into his voice.

"Minato my boy, it's been too long. I heard of the Nine-tails' rampage, I and the other members of the order came as quickly as we could. Though it seems the danger has passed already." Dumbledore replied as he stepped into the room.

"Yes, the Fox has been sealed. But it seems something is still going on." Minato replied as he glanced around again.

"I wonder if this has anything to do with Severus's mark fading." Dumbledore remarked aloud.

"Snape's mark faded?" Minato asked curiously.

"Yes, not more than a few minutes ago, his mark began to burn and then faded, he sent me a Patronus with the news." Dumbledore replied as he pulled out his wand and made a few motions in the room.

To his amazement when his wand passed over the ashes that sat in the center of the room, the dark mark appeared over them.

"My goodness..." Dumbledore's eyes widened in awe, as he looked at the mark.

"That's Voldemort?" Lily asked, recognizing the mark, and the spell Dumbledore used to identify who used magic in the room.

"How is this possible?" Minato asked as he too realized what was going on.

"Somehow one of the children must have done it." Dumbledore stated.

"That's impossible, these children are a day old, there's no way they killed a wizard as strong as Voldemort." Lily replied as she glanced at the two bundles in her arms.

"Allow me to check." Dumbledore stated as he stepped over to Lily, she allowed him to wave his wand over the two children, and to his surprise, the youngest, Naruko, began to glow red. They also took notice of how she now sported whisker marks on her cheeks. It only took them a moment to make the connection between the marks and what had happened.

"The Fox." Minato stated as he looked at his youngest. "Its power must have somehow deflected Voldemort's attack."

"I think you are right." Dumbledore said as he eyed the child with shock.

"She killed Voldemort." One of the Anbu stated in shock.

"She's a hero." Another said as the news of the Dark Lord's death began to spread through the ranks.

"Not only is she a hero for the village, but now all of wizarding Britain as well." Lily said with a gentle smile.

"Killed the strongest Dark wizard alive at the age of one day old, that's my girl." Minato said with a proud smile.

If any of them had bothered checking the sleeping older child, they would have seen her eyes glow with the Rinnegan when Dumbledore used the spell.

-Seven Years Later-

'Run!' The voice shouted at her, and so she complied.

Narumi ran through the streets and back alleys at a quick pace, she was more than fast enough to avoid the crowd of drunken fools behind her, but she didn't want to go too fast lest one of the ninjas notice and question her about her speed.

It wasn't long before she lost them and arrived at her favorite place in the village, Ichiraku's ramen shop. She didn't know why she just loved ramen, it filled her up, and it tasted great. Though it wasn't very healthy and the voice in her head, often forbade her from eating it too often. Still, it was quiet now, and that meant she was clear to eat.

She sat down and the friendly chef Ichiraku smiled brightly at her and asked if she wanted her usual. She nodded, and the man got to work making her food.

Narumi had grown a lot in the last seven years, she was tall for seven, though was slightly underweight. Her hair was now down to her mid back and was still the same color as the day she was born, whenever it was dark out, her hair and eyes looked to be black. Her skin was pale like her mother's, and she was quiet and reserved most of the time, unlike her sister, who was loud and boisterous. It was annoying to Narumi, so what if her sister was the Girl-who-Lived? It's not like she actually did anything. The Nine-tails did most of the work.

'True' The Voice remarked as Narumi thought about her sister.

The Voice had been with her since she was born, it was always there, offering her advice, training her into a better fighter, teaching her how to use her immense power. It was deep and gravely, definitely belonging to a man. And at times it could be harsh, and even antagonistic, but it was always there for her, and it often referred to her as it's grandchild.

After a moment more, Narumi received her first bowl of Ramen and quickly began munching. As she ate, her thoughts turned towards her ramen obsessed father and sister, the two loved the stuff, even more than Narumi did. You'd think it'd be a common bonding point, but you'd be wrong.

At first, it saddened Narumi when she thought about how little her parents cared for her, they never really talked to her or listened when she talked, no it was always about Naruko. Naruko this, Naruko that. 'Daddy, can you train me? No, I need to teach your sister.' 'Mommy can you show me magic? No, I need to teach your sister, maybe later.'

That's how it always was. She would ask, get shot down, and go cry about being ignored.

At this point though, Narumi was just beginning to move past it, she had stopped asking her parents for help, and just stuck with the voice, it never lied to her, and though it wasn't always kind, it did help her, and support her, and when she accomplished her task, she was complimented.

She stopped talking altogether with her parents and godmother, Tsunade, after a recent event. That event effectively cut her off from ever going to them for help again. When she first saw her father perform tree walking, Narumi immediately decided that it was a good way to impress her parents without showing off too many of her skills, and when she went to show her parents and godmother, what she had accomplished they were less than pleased.

They had screamed at her, for trying something like that without their permission, they had said she was ungrateful, and they said that she was just trying to outshine her sister. Poor Narumi was stuck under their hateful gazes for what felt like an eternity, hell, if it wasn't for Uncle Remus and Kakashi being in the room at the time, Narumi was sure her mother would have slapped her. She was glad they were there. Kakashi was her father's student and like an older brother to her, she really liked him, while Remus was one of her mother's friends from her school days, he was always kind and treated the twins equally.

Though out of all the bad that occurred that day, there was one good thing that came from it, she did cement her relationship with Remus and Kakashi. As when they saw Lily's hand raise, Remus let out an angry growl and was at her side in a flash, and Kakashi was immediately between Lily and Narumi.

"That's enough I think." Kakashi had stated.

"Kakashi what are you doing?' Lily asked.

"Stopping you from hurting your child. And you." Kakashi stated pointing at Minato who looked a little surprised by Kakashi's intervention. "You saw what she was about to do, you were really going to let your wife hit one of your children, your heir to be exact?" Kakashi asked with a dangerous look in his eyes.

"This is none of your concern Kakashi, she needs to learn to be patient, and not act out like this." Minato replied.

"Act out? She walked five feet up a wall! How is that acting out?" Remus asked with another growl as he eyed the two darkly.

"She could have hurt herself. She needs to learn that not everything happens when she wants it to happen. Gods, maybe we weren't hard enough on her when she was really little, but that changes now, if she ever wants to lead my clan, she will need to learn patience, I won't have an obnoxious child leading my clan. If she doesn't shape up then the role is going to Naruko. The only reason it hasn't already is because poor Naruko already has enough on her plate." Minato replied coldly.

Remus and Kakashi both stared at Minato with wide eyes, unable to believe the garbage the Fourth Hokage was spewing right now.

"I hate you." Everyone heard someone say. They all glanced around until their eyes fell on Narumi, who had her head bowed.

"What did you say?" Lily asked, unsure whether she heard her right or not.

"I said, that I hate you." Narumi growled as she looked up at them her eyes had taken on a crushing blue appearance, they almost looked like bottomless pits the kind that if you looked into them for too long, you would fall in and keep falling forever.

"You little brat! Don't you talk about your mother like that! Apologize now!" Tsunade barked out angrily. As she saw the look of shock and anger on Minato and Lily's faces.

Narumi glared at them for a moment, staring at each one of their faces and the angry looks they held. She didn't see any love in their eyes, any regret for the things they said. The lack of compassion and remorse was what put the nail in the coffin for her. Finally, she let out an angry huff.

"You know what? I'm done." Narumi muttered.

"What?" Remus asked.

"I'm done with those three. I couldn't care less about leading this stupid family. And I don't care about being your daughter anymore either. I'm leaving." Narumi stated as she turned and started walking out.

"Get back here young lady. You are not leaving." Lily shouted at her, as she broke out of her stupor.

Lily pulled out her wand but before she even had it raised Narumi vanished in a Body Flicker.

"She can perform the Body flicker at seven. That is astounding." Remus stated, to which Kakashi nodded.

"Well, what are the two of you waiting for? We have to find her." Minato ordered as he walked past them.

"Why?" Remus asked with a defiant look in his eyes.

"Remus..." Minato replied angrily, sensing his old friend's reluctance.

"Not a ninja, so... nope." Remus said with a smile and a wave as he walked out.

"And I believe you expressly told me to take the day off and have fun so... uh, bye!" Kakashi replied as he too vanished in a Shunshin, leaving a disgruntled looking Minato staring at where they'd been.

It had been about two weeks since then and she hadn't been home once. The anbu would sometimes corner her, but it was never really her, she had multiple shadow clones wandering the village, a technique the voice had taught to her, so they never were able to corner her. She was a master of pranking, and because of the viscous pranks she had already pulled on a few Anbu, they had since become wary of approaching her, and just decided to follow at a distance. It seems her father had adopted the approach that she'd see how hard it was to live alone and come crawling home sooner or later, as long as she didn't leave the village and his Anbu kept an eye on her, she could do whatever for all he cared.

Narumi actually found it easier to live on the streets, because she didn't have to deal with heartbreak every time she went home. There were times when she would be locked out of the house, they would forget to include her at dinner, or even forget to take her on their trips. Now though, she didn't have to deal with any of that.

Besides, by this point in her life, she had already taught the people of the village that it wasn't good to mess with her. She had been beaten by the villagers a few times when she was younger and ended up hospitalized, but she always got her revenge, though a lot of people saw her as the fox itself, they knew that to lay a hand on her would mean suffering for one's entire family. The Hyuuga were the flagship for this when Narumi rescued their Heiress from being bullied only to be slapped by the girl's bodyguard when he finally showed up. Subsequently, the clan then spent the next month, suffering prank after prank, until the head of the clan, Hiashi, cornered the girl, and in no uncertain terms told her to stop or suffer the consequences.

The following month, Hiashi was viciously tortured and turned into the laughingstock of the village to the point where when he approached the girl again, he dropped to his knees and begged her to leave his family alone. Narumi agreed but told him that if any Hyuuga so much as glared at her for whatever reason, she would revisit them, and their suffering would continue.

People learned fast after that, and now only the drunk or socially suicidal would dare mess with her.

Narumi smiled at that memory and downed the last of her ramen. She placed the money on the table, said goodbye and left for her next adventure. Whatever it was, she was sure it would be fun.

-To be Continued-

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